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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happiness is equilibrium. Shift your weight. -Tom Stoppard

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2.37 asteyapratisthayam sarvaratnopasthanam


A side comment on satya (sutrua II.36) which elaborates on truth or satya, and has a deep personal meaning to me. When I started my yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2006, she talked a lot of be “speaking...

2.36 satyapratisthayam kriyaphalasrayatvam


Iyengar: When the sadaka is firmly established in the practice of truth, his words become so potent that whatever he says comes to fruition. This is one of my favorite sutras because it reminds me of the magic that appeared...

Review: Yoga for Total Back Care by Yoga Journal


My husband has had back problems for several years now. In the past few years, he has experienced numbness in one of his legs. For the past few years, he has given up almost all physical activity because of this...

2.35 ahimsapratisthayan tatsannidahau vairatyagah


Iyengar: When non-violence in speech, thought and action is established, one’s aggressive nature is relinquished and others abandon hostility in one’s presence. I’ve certainly observed this sutra to be true in my own life. It doesn’t always work but it...

DVD Review: Jason Crandall's Yoga Journal: Complete Beginner's Guide, plus 360° Views of 35 Essential Poses.view


I’ve been curious about this 2-disc package produced by Yoga Journal, and was happy to receive a complementary copy of it for review. The concept is appealing: 3 beginner’s practices on one disc and 360º views of 35 basic poses...

Sensing anatomy: Don't Step in it.


SketchblogDayBooks: 7 x 14 in.; watercolor, ink, whatever on paper.

2.35 ahimsapratishtayam tatasnnidhau vairatyagah


Iyengar: When non-violence in speech, thought, and action is firmly established, one’s aggressive nature is relinquished and others abandon hostility in one’s presence. Peace in words, thoughts and deeds, whether awake or dreaming, is a sign of goodwill and love...

2.34 vitarkah himsadayah krta karita aunumoditah lobha krodha moha purvakaha mrdu madhyaadhimatrah duhkha ajnana anantaphalah iti pratipaksabhavanam


This sutra is closely related to 2.33 and continues the train of thought. I love the idea of pratipaksa bhavanam or having opposite thoughts to prevent the thoughts that cause pain. Iyengar: Uncertain knowledge giving rise to violence whether done...

Drawing anatomy: linea alba. linea blanca. White line.


Sketchblog: DayBooks Linea alba. It's that it marks the middle: organized. 7 x 14 in. double-page spread; watercolor, ink, whatever on Stonehenge paper.

2.33 vitarkabadhane pratipaksabhavanam


This sutra’s sankrit has a unique sound to it and I chant this one regularly after doing pranayama. I’ve been studying Sanskrit with Leslie Freyberg and on my own and I can read the sutras in Sanskrit now. Iyengar: Principles...