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Wedding Speech - How to Present an Effective Wedding Speech


Public speaking is a challenge in and of itself, let alone being effective at it. If it is under pressure like wedding of dear one then you need good preparation for good wedding speech. If you are going to make a wedding speech you should strive to make it an good and effective one.

Wedding speech both an art and a science. There are specific steps that can be taken to command attention and results. A scientific means of presenting your speech will have a lasting effect on your audience.

By adopting this procedure given below you will be able to make an impact on the people listening to your wedding speech.

Step number one - get prepared properly. Do your home work! Make sure that you have speech ready which is worth listening. Once you have completed completed preparing your speech get familiarize your self with the speech prepared.

An absolute must is that your presenting speech must be focused on your dear one and people surrounding you. Your whole wedding speech will be for this one specific celebration and wedding. If you have generalized speech you take the chance that your listeners will not listen to what you said.

Next, you will want to organize your wedding speech in a logical sequence. It must be free flowing and interesting talk for people around to be interested & understand (they may even congratulate you for wonderful speech). Your organization of your points should continuously support the big occasion you are celebrating that's wedding.

Once you have completed the previous tasks you are well on your way to an deliver a effective wedding speech (you may be father, mother, maid or bride or you may be bride or groom yourself) . Now, it is time to consider going to the podium to present your lovely wedding speech.

Write out your opening and closing remarks. You want to be sure that you know how you are going to get started and how you will end. I don't suggest that you write out your whole speech, but do write out these two areas.

At this time you should have the opening remarks on paper, the outline of the message, and the ending written out. Now begin to practice your speech. Determine if you are able to complete the speech within the allotted time given and/or you have enough material to take up the time frame.

People love real life stories! At this point you have a feel for the speech, now, it is time to add some illustrations or life stories to each point. Illustrations will enable your audience to relate to your speech remember it & enjoy it. After you have added your life stories practice it again to get a feel for your speech and to check the timing again (this is a factor if your celebrations are fixed as per time).

You are ready to present your message. If at all possible take only one sheet of paper with you. If you take too many notes you will have a tendency to read or pay too much attention to your notes.

Speak, don't read. Present your speech in a conversational manner, but be sure to speak up so that everyone is able to hear you. Speak to the furthest person away from you. But ensure that you are giving the whole audience eye contact. It is not necessary to look everyone in the eye, but you must be scanning them so that they get a feel that you are conversing with them.

It is time to celebrate your wedding or your dear one's enjoy(image)