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Christine's Internet Marketing Spot

An online resource network for entrepreneurs, solo and small business owners features premium search marketing strategies, product and service blog reviews.

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SOKULE Social Networking Business Revolution


Have you've heard the latest news that SOKULE is the hottest new community in social networking?Sokule is the brand new social network site designed specifically for business promotion. It gives any business owner the ability to use powerful applications to quickly and easily build a HUGE, highly TARGETED audience.Some research quickly lead me to finding out that Sokule is the brainchild of Jane Mark and Phil Basten, the creative geniuses behind JPE Advertising, JAM Marketing, and Joe and Mable. According to the Founders, SOKULE will be the most exciting technological innovation to hit social networking this year. Why is SOKULE the next BIG step in the social networking revolution?Short Version Answer: SOKULE is Twitter monetized.Yes, you read correctly, it means you can get PAID - You Post and Earn with their innovative Affiliate Program.This is an entirely NEW FREE Social Networking community where you can post your tweets on Sokule, Twitter and 40 other top sites instantly -- and lets you earn some money while doing it.SOKULE is being compared very closely to the Twitter Social Community. However, instead of having followers - SOKULE calls them "trackers". Instead of making tweets, you make "squeeks". Predictions are circulating all throughout the worldwide web that SOKULE is 10 Times Better than Twitter and actually in the preparation mode to surpass Twitter! I must admit - these are some very stealth predictions.Side Note: Just how happy can Twitter be about this new found competition. It will be very interesting to see as it unfolds.SOKULE Top Business Promotion Features 1. Your squeeks are posted on Sokule, Twitter, and 40 other TOP Social Networking sites INSTANTLY! Your friends and followers will never miss a word you have to say.2. Members are NOT limited to short tweets, your squeeks can be up to a whopping 500 characters long (if you are a paid member), enough space to really say something important.3. You can include LIVE clickable LINKS on your profile page.4. Share up to 5 of your photos in your profile.5. Include LIVE links on your profile page.6. Sokule lets you instantly invite all your Twitter followers to join you on SOKULE.7. Earn cash in an innovative Affiliate Program.8. Add video ads, text ads, and photos to your affiliate page.Browsing through all the links lead me to the conclusion that it does seem to offer many NEW features that are not seen on Twitter or other social networking sites - at least not all in one platform.Just in case you are wondering SOKULE is "SO KULE" or "Sooo Cool" for business.Don't you just love the name?Well, if you want to be part of the excitement that is building web wide, you can sign up to Get Your Own SOKULE Account FREE Right Here!. If you decide to become a "squeeker" come back and give your comments on SOKULE vs. Twitter. There's nothing like a lively debate!Happy Squeeking,Christine RangeFree Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

Common List Building Question


Should I build a list?

This a question that many internet marketers ask.

I found an interesting discussion on Kenneth Koh's Blog on this question.

Kenneth, the website owner of makes some very valid points that I thought would be useful in sharing with you today.

I particularly gained some insight into his views given about:

* Building a list vs. maintaining a list

* When is the right time to start a list?

You can read the entire blog post at Should I build a list?

When you visit Kenneth Koh's blog, be sure to check out some of his excellent solutions to drive more traffic to your website.

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Video Forward: New Video Sharing Online Income


Video Forward has a new revenue sharing program that enables you to make money by sharing videos with your family, friends and online communities.With just a few clicks, you can instantly create web pages on Video Forward using public domain videos AND you get paid from advertisers and new sign-ups. If you can surf the internet, cut and paste, you will definitely be capable of using this video sharing website.Ron Douglas, is the President and Founder of He is a New York Times Best Selling Author and an internet marketing expert. You can see a piece of his Fox News interview at Best Adsense Revenue Sharing Site.Video Forward Features:* Push-button access to create unlimited web pages on VideoForward using videos from YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, etc.* 100% of your ad revenue paid through the Google Adsense publisher program.* A recurring 50% commission on all new members who signup from your video pages and referrals.* Ongoing expert training and instruction on how to maximize your income with VideoForward.Special Limited Introductory Offer:For a limited time, you can join VideoForward for free today, test out the program, and make as much money as you can. After 21 days, you will be billed the special introductory rate of Just $49 Per Year (that's less than $5 per month)! I want to emphasize this is a limited time offer. This very low price may not be available tomorrow.I have to admit, I was really surprised you could get this video sharing hosting service with an income component at such a low cost. When I offer my payment card information, you can take it to the bank I’ve seen some real value in the program or service. So, don’t fooled by the low price. Ron Douglas, who worked for JP Morgan, quit his job to be with his children at home and pursue an online business. I’ve never met Ron, but he certainly appears to have had the average person in mind who may be going through a life transition and could use some extra money NOW!Because.....This has to be one of the easiest, most ethical ways to make money online - without selling anything.Sign Up For Video Sharing Income Here!Happy video watching,Christine RangeFree Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

How to Make Real Money Online With No Product in 5 Easy Steps


Article:By: Christine RangeIf you want to make money online but think that it is impossible without a product of your own then this article is definitely for you.I know there are people who will tell you that earning a comfortable living online without your own product is impossible but it really is not.While owning your own product makes it easier, you can do it with no product of your own.Let's get started making money online without a product of your own.Here is a step by step process.1.) Join an Affiliate ProgramMany sites have affiliate programs but the easiest way to get started is to go to Clickbank.Join them as an affiliate and they will provide you with access to thousands of products that you can market for commission.2.) Clickbank MarketplaceAt the top of the Clickbank page you will see a link that says "marketplace." Use that link to enter the marketplace where you can search for products that fit into the niche that you want to work in.3.) How to Pick a ProductWhen determining which products you are going to promote the big thing that you want to take into consideration is the commission rate.Pick products that offer a generous commission.A 50% commission rate should be the absolute lowest that you accept.The commission rate can be found in a group of numbers below the listing.In this case you are looking for %/sale.4.) Promote the ProductThe easiest way to do this without a website is to use Google AdWords.This is a Pay per Click (PPC) system that will allow you to send targeted customers to your affiliate link.While PPC is not free, you can keep your cost to a minimum by digging into the AdWords FAQ and learning how to manipulate keywords to your advantage.5.) Start a BlogStart a free blog at Blogger or WordPress as a "review" site. Promote your products by writing reviews for them and using your affiliate link in the post.Blogs are free and can be an excellent form of advertising.To make money online without a product use these 5 easy steps and you will be well on your way.Learn as much as you can about PPC and make the system work for you. There are affiliates that earn six figures per year and there is no reason that you cannot be one of them.If you're really serious about using this...Here's one of the BEST system you're going to get that goes into great step-by-step detail on how to make six figures a month using the plan outlined above - Click below to learn more...How To Make Money Online Without a Product - 5 Easy Steps[...]

Fix Nasty Registry Errors - Speed Up Computer Like Brand New


A while back, I made a blog post How To Optimize Your Computer Time. The post included an article by Jim Daniels "Discover Hidden Profits in Spare Change Time".

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach us and having enough time seems like a scarce commodity, it got me to thinking about a question Jim asked in his article "How often do you sit in front of your computer and wait"?

As Jim mentions, computers do represent a double edged sword - while they save us time running our business, the time saved is often outweighed by waiting for your computer to speed up, restart, unlock, scanning for viruses and registry errors.

My computer was running so slow at one point, I spent numerous hours just researching and comparing programs to fix registry errors, clean my windows registry and speed up my overall computer operations. At the time, I remember it was difficult to find "top registry reviews" so I decided it might be worthwhile to share product comparisions and reviews to elp others facing this time consuming problem.

Check it out...

You can find registry easy results and reviews by clicking below:

Fix Nasty Registry Errors - Speed Up Your Computer Like Brand New

At the site, read Complete And Detailed Reviews and Comparisons Of Best Registry Cleaners for Windows XP, Vista and pocket PC's.

I'm sure this information will help you to optimimize your computer time and make a wise product selection!

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Christine Range/Inspiration/Oprah Music Gift


Season's Greeting to all my loyal subscribers - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful song compliments of Oprah.

It's a Christmas duet sung by Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige.

The song is available until midnight EST for all to listen to...take a minute to experience it with your loved ones.

Music Gift From Oprah Winfrey

Much love, joy and peace!

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DesktopLightning Review - Strengths and Weaknesses


If you've been following what's been going on in the Internet Marketing scene then I'm sure you've at least heard about by now.A lot of people are saying really good things about the site, but are they true?I decided to write up an honest review of the site, covering what I believe to be its strengths and its weaknesses, just to clear it up once and for all...================================================================ - Strengths and Weaknesses================================================================ Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars (* * * * 1/2) In A Nutshell -------------A catchy new viral marketing tool, capable of broadcasting messages directly to people's desktops. Easy to use, and caters primarily to those who have something they want to promote and are looking for a better way to do it. (Read on for why I didn't give it 5 stars) 1. Initial Impressions ----------------------When I was first introduced to DesktopLightning, I wasn't quite sure exactly what to think. Everyone was saying it was going to be more powerful than e-mail marketing, but this seemed like too bold of a claim. I signed up anyway, since I usually give things a chance -- that's how I have found the several sites I do really trust and rely on. The signup process did take about 60 seconds, as advertised, and their software program downloaded and installed in about 30 seconds. No long, tedious install processes here. If you own downloadable software, you might want to take a look athow quick their install process is. Right after installing the software, it ran immediately, and I was quickly presented with a tool to invite my friends. Within one-click's access was my Inbox, the tool to send broadcasts, a statistics page, and my favorite, the "Build Your Network" page. I'll get more into why that's my favorite page later. 2. Viral Growth ---------------This is where the site really shines, in my opinion. The purpose of a viral marketing site is that you should be able to invite just a few people, and then it will start growing on its own. Many sites claim to work like this, but few actually work as advertised. I'm not sure if it's because of their unique concept or the slick implementation, but this site is REALLY viral. Here's some of the testimonials they got, which I think sum it up pretty well: "I haven't ever seen a system build a downline so fast. I joined your program just to try something new. Four days later I had a downline of 43 people. This is unbelievable." ~ Harry Joseph "I invited just a handful of people only a few days ago and I already have 48 members on 5 levels below me. I am going to keep promoting this, but I see it has a life of it's own now. I couldn't stop my network from expanding if I wanted to!" ~ David Parton "This website is so viral - I received over 100 sign-ups and my network is already 5 levels deep in less than 48 hours." ~ Rene KeiserAlthough they obviously can't guarantee results for anyone, the general consensus is that most people who do get those initial few people in are experiencing results similar to these. I give an A+ for spreading like wildfire. 3. Direct-To-Desktop Broadcasts -------------------------------So, once you have the people in your network from the direct invitations and the viral growth, then it really gets cool. Now is when you get to broadcast whatever message you want directly to their desktops. Gone are the days of sending out emails and wondering if they were received due to spam filters and crowded inboxes. If you upgrade to t[...]



Power List Marketing caught my eye recently. It was promoted to me as the total and complete marketers site, allowing you to capture names and email addresses from every click on the net and after looking into it - I have to say I am impressed. I joined and took the upgrades - I figured, they offer a money back guarantee so why not..? You are not in any way required to take the upgrades to get the benefits of the site. However, they do multiply the benefits, I have found. What a concept - I must say. The building of a list online is perhaps one of the most important skills you can ever have and this site is the most incredibly easy to use system to literally explode your list.This benefits WHATEVER you promote. No matter if it is a Clickbank product, a matrix, an MLM or ANYTHING. Even google ad words and 'traditional' style of marketing can reap huge benefits from this site. You get to create your own opt in lists on total autopilot. Now there have been other sites that have done this, but none that then throw in a TOTAL Autoresponder system and Email marketing follow up system as well. The 'Secret Weapon' Sales System is a method for showing FULL PAGE ads - And not just from clicks on your own links - but from clicks on links across the whole network and in fact across the ENTIRE INTERNET!!Imagine that - Totally targeted, unblockable, Full page ad views from people that have already said they are interested.....That alone is going to put alot of dough in my pocket over the years to come. And this works virally--meaning as you make referrals into Power List Marketing (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Power List Marketing image on the Full Page ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. And this works up to 5 levels deep. So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Power List Marketing also.I didn't get to test the full effect of a big downline yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated--my links got clicked, My list is growing at a rate I have never seen before, and my ads got displayed. Power List Marketing even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays. That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all--downline emailing. You can email your downline with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Power List Marketing really shines. They took time to make the emailing often enough that it's valuable as a user, but no so often that it's a burden to your downline. But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. They even give you an instant 250 Member downline to mail to - before your first referral, but... THE TOP LEVEL IS WHERE TO BE FOR SERIOUS MARKETERS - A GUARANTEED 3000 MEMBER MAIL OUT COMES WITH THE PACKAGE... Whoa!Overall I have to say I am impressed with Power List Marketing. It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to explode their list and benefit from some excellent advertising.See It and Join HERE: (I negotiated to give anyone that joins through my link, instant EXECUTIVE membership, but this is not forever, so make haste)Christine RangeFree Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

Tips To Monetize Your Blogging


People do things for different reasons and that is also true with blogging. Some bloggers simply desire to share individual experiences to love ones, speak about their interests, and the most evident reason today is to make money. There are actually successful bloggers who are able to earn hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in such a short time especially when done appropriately. Options For Monetizing BlogsThe current blogging scene offers monetization options that you've never imagined. You can find direct advertising options as well as affiliate offers. You can enjoy the endless possibilities of earning money through blogging. However, without the so-called 'big T', these monetization options will definitely not work. What is the big T? Well, its 'traffic'. If your blog site doesn't have enough traffic, you will not earn any money. Here are some monetization options that you can embark in, supposing that you already have a great traffic. For starters, you can use internet services like PayPerPost and ReviewMe. The good thing about these services is that they aren't related to click through rates, traffic, and other related metrics. This is an excellent option for bloggers with a hectic schedule. When you write a review, you will also have a good source for your blogs. You can produce revenues directly by choosing this option. However, there are some things to remember. Don't let the services control your posting routine. A lot of sponsored posts often lead traffic away, make your website less attractive, and lowers your credibility. Make sure that you accept only the reviews related to the blogs that you're making. You will have more options if the revenue is based on the reader's actions, purchases, and participation. A good example is affiliate offers. With this option, you should have the aptitude to inject the existing contents of your blogs with the offers that let you earn money. Suppose your blogs are all about repairing credit, make sure that you provide links and advertisements for services associated with credit repair, credit reports, and other related services or products. Expect to yield dazzling returns in no time at all. Key players include NeverBlueAds, AzoogleAds, Share-a-Sale, and Commission Junction. You can find lucrative offers by visiting them online. Blog Advertisement ContentIf you want a less invasive option, this may be more suitable for you - try introducing content-based advertisements on the pages of your website. Based on the content of the pages, the displayed ads are automatically generated. Publisher Network of Yahoo and Google Adsense are some of the greatest players in this particular arena. If you try them out, you can also expect outstanding results. Each time someone visits your blogs, you can earn money. The ads are part of the bloggers' website and so you can earn more money. You will also be able to provide your audience with related contents that they may find quite useful. So what are you waiting for? Choose the monetizing option that will work for you. There are so many options out there but not all of them will work for you so make sure you choose wisely. When opting to monetize your blogging as well as gaining credibility as being a "successful blogger" the right attitude tone and quality of posts go a long way. If you use your talent appropriately, you can earn money for a long period of time. Log on to the internet now especially if you have the skills to become a blogger and don't let this awesome opportunity pass.If you want to know more tips and techniques to make money from blogging, here's one of the best blogging courses on the Net to monetize your blogging [...]

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Still Number 1


Please excuse the inconvenience of receiving this blog post again...I have virtually spent all day making some html changes, checking some of my sites at Google Webmaster Tools - which by the way is a great web publisher resource. If you're not using it - you're missing out on some excellent information you can learn about your site.Well after fixing a few things - it's necessary to republish my blog for changes to take affect. Thank you for your understanding... ===> My new post will be arriving soon! [...]

Clickbank's New HOT Affiliate Marketplace Competitor|RAP


I was revisiting some of my old posts and thought I'd share this one with you...just in case you missed it originally. I'm glad I did ... Let's just say this a day of "Reclaiming Missed Opportunities". You'll see what I mean when you get to the end of this post! Okay - Here's my post...Have You Found The Beef Yet?Are you old enough to remember the 70's?There was a little old lady on TV commercials demanding to know, "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" She became a national icon. Everyone was using her catch phrase to ask where the good stuff was hiding.Well, there are a LOT of would-be entrepreneurs on the Internet who want to know, "Where's the Beef?"We keep hearing about these extraordinary Internet incomes - so why are there so many people who haven't made any money yet? Maybe they're looking in the wrong place.Following the herd is NOT the way to go to find the money online.The beef is out there, alright, but it's hidden all over the NICHES. Weird niches. Odd niches. Tiny niches. Niches no marketer has effectively touched yet. Niches ripe for the picking.And do you know how many niches like this there are?And how many new ones are being created DAILY?There are literally hundreds and thousands just waiting to be tapped. So how do you FIND these niches, and how much money can you make?Well two guys, Tom Godfrey and Steve Clayton, have a proven track record and can show you step-by-step How To Market Any Niche Imaginable ...The last time this course was released to the public, they had over 100,000 requests for the course and had to shut down the website.Now fast forward to 2010, Niche Blueprint 2.0 is available again, only to be new, updated and improved upon from the previous version. This updated version Reveals How To Quickly Establish A *Recession Proof* Automated Income That Will Create Protection From The Economic Downturn.The product owners wanted to give others who may have missed out on this before, the opportunity to Get It NOW... But I would definitely HURRY!Watch This CRUCIAL Video "Using Niche Blueprint 2.0 To Quit Your Job" Click Here!Christine RangeWant To Know How To Setup Your Own eBusiness and How To Start Making Good Money On The Net? Sign Up For My Newsletter Below!Free Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses – Part 1


If you need more income and another job is not the answer, this listing was designed for you!We've prepared a selection of up-to-date niche businesses that can be operated in or from your home on a part-time basis. Most of these businesses require no special training and relatively little investment.The most critical requirements are: ~ your willingness to work and~ your dedication to your businessLook through these subject listings that sound interesting. Consider each as suggestions rather than specific. For example, if you know nothing about African Violet, niche business listing 1, but you are good with roses, by all means substitute roses for African Violets. And, don't overlook the possibility of blending these (or other) suggestions to form the ideal business combination. When you have decided on your business, check state and local requirements for licenses, permits and make arrangements for start-up supplies. You will probably need business cards, a ledger and a rubber stamp with your company name and address. Although your beginning supplies should be adequate, they need not be fancy or expensive. Don't stock up too much as you will probably need to make adjustments as you learn the needs of your market.Business Card Resource:Business Card Guru - Click Here can help you with design and promotional tactics to increase your profits. It takes about 10 minutes to read through the material.It is always a good idea to:~ Write out your business plan - an outline of what you intend to do and how you plan to go about it. ~ List what you will buy from whom, how much it costs, where it will be stored, how you will advertise, what price you will charge, your gross and estimated net profits and when you will re-order.Easy Business Plan Writing KitThe Easy Business Plan Writing Kit will guide you in planning a profitable offline or online business step-by-step. Include everything you can think of that your business will involve. The action will "force" you to organize your business (in your mind as well as on paper) and greatly increase your chances for profit and success.In this (or any other) business, give careful thought to your capabilities and your potential market. Select something that you already know (or like and are willing to learn) and will stick to - that people in your area will pay for. Your product or service should be priced competitively, but at the level to yield a fair profit. This motivates customers to buy and you to work even harder! Without further ado... Below are the first 5 of 100 great niche home businesses.01. AFRICAN VIOLETS. Specialize in the propagation and care of this popular indoor plant. Nurture, hybridize and sell when in full bloom. Carry accessories, such as pots, shelves and lighting. Keep a small but permanent ad in your local newspaper.02. ALTERATIONS. Replace buttons, let out cuffs, shorten sleeves, turn collars, repair tears for clothing stores,laundries and cleaner who don't already offer this service. You can work for them or leave a price poster in their store.03. ARROWHEADS. Collect, buy, sell and MAKE (with deer horn and clove) Indian arrowheads for hobbyists, displays and demonstrations. Sell instruction and/or information booklets and do-it-yourself kits. Offer various types of flint.04. AUTO PARTS REBUILDING. Work with garages and mechanics. Specialize in rebuilding one part (carburetors, master cylinders, electronic ignitions) for one or several makes. Install kits, ream and/or re-fit and guarantee all of your work.05. AUTO TOUCH-UP. Repair minor dents, cover rock chips, remove rust, polis[...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses – Part 2


If you need more income and another job is not the answer, this listing was designed for you!As promised - Here’s Part 2 of 100 Great Niche Home Businesses and it’s before 9:00 p.m. EST.If you missed Part 1 - the end of this post gives you the link where you can read it. Next 10 of 100 Niche Home Businesses:06. AUTO PAWN SHOP. Hold cars as collateral for short-term loans. Hold the title (if clear) or, "buy" the car with a 30 day or so buy-back price agreement or limited power of attorney. Check laws and obtain legal advice before proceeding!07. AWNINGS, WINDOW. Design and install permanent and fold-up fabric and or metal awnings for storefronts, patios, house windows, trailers and mobile homes. Offer a selection of materials, colors and prices. Advertise prices and benefits.08. BABY DOLLS. Create dolls with fine wigs from client baby's own baby hair as keepsake dolls. Try to get cloth from baby's actual clothes to make similar looking outfits for the doll (work from a picture if possible). Put in glass case.09. BARBEQUE. Use a portable (trailer?) meat smoker to take to fairs, parades and festivals. Have a supply of prepared sandwiches ready, but always have a fire AND AROMA (throw in a little suet or sauce) going to attract more business.10. BELT BUCKLES. Stock a selection of belt buckles for truckers, workers, etc. Have special designs and insignias made for local groups. Arrange to offer good prices on leather belts as well (import some to sell at attractive prices). 11. BENCH RENTALS. Build bus-stop style benches and with city permission, place them free of cost to the city at various bus-stops. Pay a sign painter to apply advertisements for clients who pay you by the month for the ads and space.12. BIRD TRAINING VIDEOS/CDs. Make endless videos or CDs showing how toteach birds to talk, whistle or sing. Sell or rent the necessary equipment to mount in or near cages. Charge extra to record the bird owner's own voice giving the instructions on tape.13. BIRDHOUSE BUILDING. Build and decorate fine, scientifically designed birdhouses and feeders for birds native to your area as well as those that migrate to or through your area. Use features you already have on your computer to make little information folders for each model.14. BIRTHDAY LISTS. Compile birthday (anniversary, etc.) of people in your area to rent as mailing lists to local merchants. Or, contract to mail out cards each year on behalf of the merchants. Have a set minimum, as $25 for 50 mailings.15.BREAD SPECIALTIES. Bake unusual or otherwise unavailable varieties of home made breads: oat bran, low calorie, ethnic, salt free. Keep a small ad in paper, take orders for loaves fresh from your kitchen and/or deliver fresh to stores.Aren't these just some wonderful original ideas?If you still have not found a niche home business so far, tune in tomorrow - where I will load in 20 more....Click Here To Read 100 Great Niche Home Businesses – Part 1Free Gift:To Get FREE Product Creation Kit - Click HereUntil tomorrow,Christine RangeSIDENOTE:You know how busy our schedule can get - so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the Great Niche Home Business series.Free Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses – Part 3


If you need more income and another job is not the answer, this listing was designed for you! Here’s Part 3: 100 Great Niche Home Businesses series:16. BRONZING. Bronze (or pearlize) baby shoes etc. Make mementoes, awards and trophies. Design plaques and unique bases with emphasis on local needs such as Chamber of Commerce of company awards. Arrange engraved plates on plaques.17. BRUSH CLEARING. With your truck, tractor and shredder, contract to clear brush and small trees from lots and acreage. Haul off excess debris or use a compost machinery to recycle and sell organic refuse. Offer to drag or level the cleared area. 18. BUSINESS EQUIPMENT. Buy surplus equipment from bankruptcy sales and auctions. Store and clean-up, but do not repair (let buyer do that). Advertise bargain prices for qualified buyers and sell at double or triple your investment.19. CEMENT BLOCKS. Mold small orders of standard or custom blocks (building, stepping stones, curbs) in all shapes and colors. Make molds when necessary of plywood and tin. Take orders, sell from your "yard" and through nurseries.20. TRUCK LETTERING. Use pre-cut, self-stick vinyl letters to produce long lasting, professional truck signs (no art talent required). Use chalk snap lines to mark lines and center, peel and press in place. Stock and offer a variety of letters.21. CEMENT MARKERS. Make "engraved" cement or liquid marble markers and signs. Mold "backwards" letters into various colors and textures of plastic-like cement for carved in effect. Polish molded marker into a professional looking stone.22. CHAIR CANING. Use cane, plastic or other interesting materials to weave seats and backs onto casual and picturesque chairs for clients. Buy old chairs with promise at bargain prices to re-glue, refinish, re-cane and sell at a profit.23. CHINA AND GLASS DEALER. Collect and deal in antique and interesting china and glass items. Buy at auctions, antique stores, private and public sales and through your advertisements. Deduct travel expenses for buying trips and visits.24. CITY LOT CLEAN-UP. Work with the city to learn of lots that must be cleaned up. Contract to do the required work on lots they designate (city adds bill to owner's taxes). Contact absentee (or local) owners to avoid future city actions.25. CLIENT LISTINGS. On your computer, input and maintain customer (or business) information for small business types: customer info, purchases, credit records, employee information, etc. Provide periodic and custom sorts (including mailing lists) to clients.26. COLLECTION AGENT. Represent one or more commercial agencies (don't tell one about another, though). Solicit delinquent accounts for collection from local businesses for a percentage of monies the agencies collect.27. COIN SEARCHING. Buy rolls of coins from banks (whatever denomination you can afford). Search through them for coins worth over face value. Keep all of these and replace with "regular' coins and trade back in. Best in small towns!28. COLLECTABLES. Accumulate collectables (glass, matchbook, baseball cards, and comic books). Make up (from common specimens) starter collections to sell to beginners. Sell valuable pieces individually to collectors (some you got started).29. CONCESSION BOOTH. Operate a booth or stand at a recreation area, flea market, shopping mall or parking lot. Sell your own products and/or consignment items. Carry some attractively priced items just to attract more customers.30. CURB PAINTING. With a stencil and fast-dry black spray paint house numbers on all[...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses - Part 4


For those who have been following along, you know the last several days I have been providing some services you can consider for generating part-time or a second income.Here are today's listing of 20 more great niche home businesses for those looking for offline part-time income ideas.36. ELECTROPLATING. Offer a chrome (and other) metal plating services in your shop. Advertise in the local newspaper and list your business in auto, RV parts stores, auto restorers and body shops categories. In between jobs plate items to sell (ornaments, trophies etc.).37. FENCE INSTALLATION. Install fences for private homeowners. List service with hardware stores and keep a small ad in the local newspaper. Expand to furnishing the materials for a single bid. Offer a variety of both functional and ornamental fences.38. FISHING LURES. Use a fly-tying rig to tie flies and sell by the dozen to individuals, bait shops, sports and department stores. Design, manufacture and decorate fishing lures especially for type of waters (i.e river, lakes, oceans) in your area. Then advertise and expand.39. HOME HANDYMAN. Perform handyman services for those who can't or don't have the time. Advertise clearly what you do, keep your appointments and guarantee your work (to the extent of your hourly wages). Save customers expensive service calls.40. FURNITURE RESALE. Select and buy promising pieces of furniture cheap at garage sales, stores (trade-ins) and furniture auctions. Clean up furniture, do minor repairs and sell from your home. Concentrate on items that seem to do well in your area.41. HOTHOUSE CONSTRUCTION. Build and sell small hothouses, some with temperature controlled venting. Offer electric heating systems for use in the cooler climates and be prepared to give advice on their use. Consider selling seedlings.42. DOG HOUSES. Build standard (bargain priced) and custom (higher priced) dog houses in different sizes, shapes and colors. Include insulation, treated wood on bottom, insect repellent pillows or storage areas under the roof as options. Advertise this business online as well as offline. Conduct online search where dog lovers are and make your product known at some of the sites.43. KITCHEN CABINET REFINISHING. Refinish in-home kitchen cabinets. Remove old finish; sand, fill dents with colored putty, stain (or paint), replace worn hardware, apply new finish and install new external door knobs and drawer pulls.44. WORD PROCESSING. Produce interim drafts and finished professional letters, manuscripts and documents for students, lawyers, writers and businesses. Make provisions for client editing and subsequent re-writing as a part of your service.45. TREE SURGERY. With a little training and experience, anyone can trim, treat, fill and seal tree "wounds". Start with small jobs and gradually increase as you build confidence and buy more equipment. Take large contracts only when confident.46. ROOF COATING - METAL. Renew rusty and/or leaky metal roofs with paint, rust killer, galvanizing, aluminized tar or insulating (foam) toppings. Use mobile home coating (aluminum or white) for a durable finish. Charge by the square. Tip: Older mobile homes and trailers are an ideal market for this service.47. RENTAL PREPARATION. Prepare apartments for occupancy: paint, do minor repairs, cover scratches, remove stains, replace bulbs, replace light switch covers, shampoo carpet, mow lawn, fix faucets and drains. Work with individual owners, rental agencies and real estate companies.48. SURPLUS SALES. Bu[...]

Personal Payday Loan Cautionary Steps


Making application for a personal loan is a big financial step to take. Most often you take this route due to a pressing need for cash -- so strong emotions are more likely to be attached so taking precautionary steps must be part of this decision making choice. Initial Steps To Take First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have all the information available to make a sound selection that will not come back later to haunt you -- placing you in an even worse predicament. Prior to making any applications, read whatever version of the Money news you find interesting that keeps you abreast of the current developments and trends in financial markets so that you can take this into account. Such news often provide new laws,regulations and maximum interest rates that can be charged. Recently, state laws could have been passed that impact how these loans can or can not be made.There is somewhat of a connection between the money news that you read and the kind of pay day loans that you get. It's important to remember that the more informed you are the more research you'll do when you set out to get an online payday loan.By no means am I promoting payday loans -- the opposition out there is substantial. The strong dissenting opinion about these loans revolve around the high interest rate and consumer dependence on them for living expenses rather than meeting an occasional emergency occurrence. However, the truth of the matter is, there are many consumers who have found this type of loan acceptable for their needs and financial situation, especially individuals with low to moderate incomes who tend to fall in minority groups.So instead of being critical of the action of pursuing payday loans, I decided to provide some informative actions consumers can take in advance that will assist them when choosing this option. Why am I writing about this topic on my online marketing blog? Well simply, many of these companies are on the Internet now and promote heavily using Google adwords to find new customers. Therefore, it's of the up-most importance that you pay close attention to certain areas on the websites, specific wording and conduct your due diligence about their company services.About Us SectionOne of the first places you want to read on the website contains some of the best information when you're in the process of making a decision -- the 'about us' link. When you arrive at the About Us section, it is most often a brief summary of the payday company's history that can be very beneficial.Reading that section is a lot like reading the money news to get the correct information about any financial moves you are about to make. You'll also want to take a look at the 'How it Works' section of the website.This is the segment that should provide specific details for obtaining a payday loan from the company. There are some things that you want to look for here and they include the online application process that usually only take a few minutes to complete (more on that later).Generally, applicants for these loans are most concerned with speed of receiving funds and an easy process. Therefore, they want to do business with a company that can approve them either instantly or within five to 10 minutes. Rarely do these companies complete credit checks. Yet, in all cases I am aware of, you will need to provide your social security number. Here, you want to take precaution before entering your social security number because it's very difficult [...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses - Part 5


Here is Part 5 listing of great niche home businesses for those looking for offline part-time income ideas to earn more money. Be sure to click the links where in this particular series, I have provided instructional resources to help you get started faster.56. HOUSE CLEANING. Offer one-time or periodic house cleaning services. Perform the heavy tasks (shampoo rugs, clean stoves, wash windows, wax the floors, defrost refrigerators). Have a check-list of jobs to be done and agree on price beforehand.57. HOUSE PAINTING. Contract to paint houses and apartments or rooms by the job. Have assistance (high school kids?) on hand when needed. Increase your profit by supplying quality (only)paint and supplies and bidding on the entire job.58. INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS. Make recordings of yourself or others teaching and demonstrating certain specialties. Start with simple operations (making a will); graduate to more complex instructions as you learn them.59. INVENTION PROMOTION. Purchase three to six month option rights on interesting inventions for relatively low fee. Run test promotions and buy only the successful ones - those you can sell for a nice profit or successfully market yourself.60. INVENTORIES. Specialize in taking inventories for area merchants (at their convenience - usually after hours). Work alone or have a qualified team on call. Check with an insurance company to obtain bonding for yourself and assistants.61. JACK REPAIR. Repair hydraulic jacks (take a course if necessary) in your garage shop for individuals, garages, mechanics, retail stores. Buy, sell, take in trades and rebuild all kinds. Offer special prices to mechanics.62. JEWELRY BOXES. Make fine jewelry boxes to sell to and through gift stores, catalog sales and individuals. Line with velvet, offer lacquered, inlaid, shell or seed covered versions. Have varied finished and storage arrangements.63. WINDOWS AND SCREENS. Repair windows: replace glass, repair frames, renew or rebuild screens. List with hardware stores and keep an ad in the paper. Fix one broken pane or bid to renew windows and/or replace all screens on the house.64. KITES. Build, sell and demonstrate all kinds of kites and accessories. Start a program to sell advertising space to sponsoring merchants during "meets" that you help stage (, between schools, towns). Give away kites as prizes.65 LAPIDARY (GEM MAKING). Operate a rock shop in your garage. Cut, polish facet, shape and mount gems in commercial and amateur findings. Sell mounted, unmounted gems and jewelry. Group together imperfections and left-overs to sell separately.66. LAWN MAINTENANCE. Contract to mow lawns by the job or season. Charge extra to edge, rake, collect and remove clippings. Refer related jobs to cooperating businesses for a finder's fee or commission. Expand your service as you grow.67. LIBRARY RESEARCH. Use your talent, the public library, and your computer to provide research data, technical details and background information for clients who need their "homework" done. Charge by the hour, page or a flat fee for your time and effort.68. LIGHTING SPECIALIST. Design, sell, service and install lighting systems for external residence and business buildings. Use inexpensive 12 volt systems among shrubs for security and beauty; colored spotlights for unusual effects.69. LINE DANCE LESSONS. Offer line dance lessons to local local residents. Offer classes at YMCA or community centers. Place fliers and ad[...]

100 Great Niche Home Businesses - Part 6


Today, we've reached the conclusion of 100 great niche home businesses for those looking offline part-time income ideas to earn more money. HURRAY! Now you can finally narrow down what business you would like to pursue, if you haven't done so already.Be sure to also use these as guides to helping you brainstorm and identify other pursuits specific to you personally that are not listed here. So -- Without further ado...86. PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. Build, install and maintain playground equipment: forts, slides, climbing/monkey bars,sandboxes, swings, teeters, circle rides. Use commercial patterns or design your own. Check on liability insurance requirements.87. PET PHOTOGRAPHY src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">. Specialize in pet portraits: in their home, your studio or in their own "natural" setting. Offer a package price for so many of each size. Go to dog shows and take pictures of willing subjects (the losers too!).88. PICNIC TABLES. Build standard, custom and deluxe model picnic tables Offer a variety of sizes, styles, finishes and colors. Expand to folding model and sets with umbrellas. Offer matching chairs, end tables and child sized pieces.89. PICTURE FRAMING. Make unique picture frames for stores, artists and clients from moldings, scraps, unusual fabrics. Set up jigs for the standard sizes. Between orders make standard sized frames that can be finished in a variety of ways.90. PIES AND COOKIES. Take orders for or contract for your specialty baked goods. Deliver to wholesale customers in containers that appear to be full and have your name and logo imprinted on the cartons. Give retail customers pick-up time.91. PILLOWS. Make and decorate designer, fancy, or "down home" pillows. Sell to boutiques, fairs, through party plans, sales catalogs and advertisements. Offer a variety of sizes, shapes and covers. Do custom work for client's decor.92. PLANT SCULPTURE src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">. A profitable specialty: braid trunks, shape into interesting forms. Trim, bend, graft, to create valuable sculptures that bring premium prices. Use pictures in your ads; sell each plant as an individual creation.93. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. Take flattering, descriptive pictures of merchandise, clothing and satisfied customers for advertisements, catalogs and brochures. Send sample brochures to prospective manufacturers, distributors and retailers.94. PROMOTIONS-OFFLINE. Organize community and commercial promotions: order bumper stickers, posters; arrange for news releases, interviews, photo sessions. Plan agenda, schedule workers,coordinate events for a fee or percentage of profits.95. PROOFREADING. Review manuscripts and printed copy and advertisements for accuracy and grammar. Get considerably more to review for content quality and technical accuracy. Work with editors, writers, publishers and educators.96. PROPERTY PORTFOLIOS. Prepare[...]

Traffic Siphon Review | Get Answers


The internet is flooded with opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of, yet less than 10 percent of internet marketers are actually succeeding. Far too many are drowning with Google AdWords, CPA, PPV and countless other worthless tactics. Believe it or not, Traffic Siphon claims to have the answer to all of your traffic woes.Imagine if you were the only business within your niche. How easy would it be to generate traffic and create sells if there was no one else to go up against? At the time the creator came up with Traffic Siphon, there was virtually no one involved with CPA. The end result was selecting a Clickbank product, picking a loophole and sending traffic to the affiliate web site.With that said, you can now take advantage of what has to show for system with Traffic Siphon. There is no financial investment required whatsoever. No longer do you need to worry about the lack of experience or technical knowledge. Best of all, you really do not need to invest a great deal of time or effort as many of these siphons will create loads of traffic after setting them up once.By using the strategies revealed in this system, the creator was able to create a marketing campaign that brought over 5,000 people to a web cast. This little marketing campaign led to $300,000. The strategies helped the creator turn a $3,000 a month e-book business into a $3 million per year internet business.The list of accomplishments goes on and on and it all goes back to the ability to actually generate traffic. There is no denying the fact that it is a difficult task reeling in legitimate prospects. However, this system will give you the confidence, skills, and resources needed to finally look past your pessimistic attitude.In order to take advantage of Traffic Siphon, you do not need a product. There is no experience required or the need to be a so-called salesperson. Spending more than 30 minutes a day with this is just a waste of your time as this is more than enough to take you to the top the system claims. And what entices many is that it is all free traffic.The time to jump to the top is now. Stop waiting for a big opportunity and open your eyes to what Traffic Siphon has to offer. You will go from no traffic to more traffic than you know what to do with. It is up to you to make the most of this traffic generating machine.Click Here To Get Traffic Now!Free Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

Confidential Conversions Helps You Find Hidden Traffic


Perhaps the most difficult aspect to running an online business today is generating the traffic to create business. With millions of web sites to fight with, it can seem insurmountable to reel people in to your business. However, Confidential Conversions claims to have the secret to help you generate traffic with a so-called unfair tactic.Say goodbye to free traffic. Say goodbye to AdWord traffic jams. Confidential Conversions says you can also say goodbye to landing pages, sales letters and the need to have a big budget. All of the guess work is gone so you can begin taking action immediately as time is of the essence online.Through this program you will receive high quality leads that are actually looking for solutions. Rather than guessing and hoping people will act on your offer, these legitimate prospects will jump on the opportunity to take action now.All of the leads are virtually untapped unlike what most programs will provide; which is leads that have been worked numerous times. This gives you a golden opportunity to be one of the first to present the opportunity of a lifetime.Best of all, this program provides the fastest and easiest way to go about affiliate marketing. Rather than twiddling your fingers trying to find the ultimate solution to your troubles, you can begin raking up a six figure income in no time thanks to an ungodly amount of traffic.Within this program you will receive 10 videos that lay out everything needed to set up campaigns that will actually deliver. You will have step-by-step directions on how to take advantage of four underground PPC networks that will deliver a massive amount of traffic.These four networks include the seventh largest site on the internet that few people are taking advantage of. You will discover how to track all of your ads for free in one place. Identifying the top search engines is crucial and there is one that many affiliates ignore, which will be revealed within this program.There are a plethora of secrets that will be revealed within Confidential Conversions that can quickly put you over the top. For instance, you can finally learn how to start a cash-pulling ad with just a few simple keywords. Or what about why conversion rates on Google can be low and how you can finally get results from your response rates.The bottom line is if you have any hopes of succeeding online, you must have a consistent flow of traffic. This is by no means an easy task, but with help from Confidential Conversions you can soar to the top in no time.Click Here To Find Hidden Traffic NOW!Free Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

How To Get Targeted Website Traffic Fast - Free Video Reveals Source


There is always the thought that any publicity is good publicity as it gets your name out there and has people looking in your direction. The same misconception is found online as a lot of people think any traffic is good traffic. If you really want to succeed online, it is vital you begin to focus on targeted website traffic today.To put it in perspective, let’s think about two different scenarios. The first web site has ads spread throughout the internet that are creating 100 web site hits per day. If this traffic is completely random and is coming from all over the internet, this business owner may only get a couple of sales each day off of this traffic.When looking at the next site, imagine they are only getting 50 web hits per day, or half of what the other site is receiving. But if they are interacting with prospects, building contacts, and associating themselves with a targeted audience, chances are they are going to get 10, 20 or even 30 of these visitors to become customers.The reason for this is because although there are fewer visitors coming, everyone is visiting the site with curiosity and meaning. A targeted audience consists of people you think will be interested in what you have to offer and may become a customer even before seeing your site.Far too many entrepreneurs waste their time promoting and advertising to anyone and everyone. You never know who is going to see an ad or what they will think upon arriving at your site. With targeted website traffic, the odds of making a sell are much higher. And the good news is it is actually rather easy to find targeted traffic online today.The key is to think about what it is you have to offer and matching that with a certain group of people that generally flock to this product or service. With forums and article directories providing specific categories, you have the opportunity to jump straight to the category your business best matches.Then, rather than promoting to a forum that has gardening, sports, entertainment, and home business seekers, you can talk directly to people who are interested in your niche. This can save a great deal of your time and energy while drastically reducing your failure rate.Times have changed online as it is much more about being personable, networking and getting to know people. If you want to succeed online and quickly begin to generate traffic, it is time you start looking for targeted website traffic.View Free Targeted Website Traffic Video Here!Free Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]

My Free Cash Machine | $60 A Day Miracle Maker Or Not?


There's quite a bit of buzz humming throughout the internet marketing sphere about a NEW $60 A Day Miracle Maker.The premise behind My Free Cash Machine in the nutshell is - the company can show anyone, even those not experienced, how to duplicate their easy steps which results in earning unlimited $60 payments...within 24-48 hours with ZERO OUT OF POCKET COSTS. There is an upfront qualifying process that has to be completed prior to receiving the $60 payments. Once the sign-up qualification requirements are met, the person receives $15 instantly in addition $60. Payments are made directly to your Paypal account with no waiting period nor minimum amount required to receive them. Because...there are A LOT of people out there who are struggling financially, who are desperately trying to find a way to bring in more money for their families, but they have NO money to spend, I decided to give My Free Cash Machine a test drive personally.Being the skeptic that I am and my previous experience with poor performing (even non performing)internet marketing systems,I wasn't banking on this money to pay an immediate bill. Since there was no monetary risk on my part, just my time to check it out -- I viewed the short videos and followed the step-by-step instructions to meet the qualifying requirements. This process took me about two and a half hours. The site says it should take a little over an hour. It probably can be done in that time frame, but I was reading terms of service and other pertinent information in-depth along the way.So what was the outcome?After being approved and meeting qualifications, I did indeed receive the $15 in addition to the $60 payment within 48 hours. A photo ID must be furnished prior to receiving the first payment from the company -- this resulted in the extra 24 hour period. The likelihood of future payments being received within 24 hours is good.All in all -- $75 is not bad for two and half hours of work ... $30 per hour AND Zero Out Of Pocket Cost ... I did not pay a dime, zip-nada to make this money.Yes, I was pleasantly pleased with the results. I also liked the fact there is another component to the system to increase income potential long-term.Is My Free Cash Machine A $60 A Day Miracle Maker? In this day and age, where far too many online marketing programs and systems are full of BS, it is truly refreshing to see a system accurately described that delivers as stated.With that being said -- even though the system includes the capability for you to receive multiple, endless payments over and over again, these payments do not just drop down from the sky to you. Ultimately, this is not just about receiving endless easy $60 payments -- rather, it's intended to build you a profitable business whereby you can replace or supplement your income long-term. Now that's a terrific feature. But with that feature comes a word that many do NOT want to hear W-O-R-K!If you are willing to put in time and effort to promote the business, then you have an honest opportunity before you to make a very decent income.Check out the video and see if it's for you ==> My Free Cash Machine | Zero Out Of Pocket OpportunityFree Nitro Marketing Newsletter Sign Up! Get Free Low-Cost Marketing Know How to Boost Your Sales and Profits. [...]