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Preview: Car Gadgets - New Car Gadgets - Cool and Unique Gadgets

Cool Spy Gadgets - Car Gadgets - Cool and Unique Gadgets

Visit us and discover some cool spy gadgets, car gadgets and the latest cool electronic gadgets.

Updated: 2018-03-06T00:56:14.866-08:00


Turtle USB Hub


Another cool gadget today folks! This turtle-looking like device is actually an USB Hub, he has one for each of his legs (yes that would be 4). But wait, there's more. Flip his shell and you'll find a little storage space, looks like an ashtray, but you can put a lot of tiny stuff there, the kind of stuff that usually gets lost: coins, keys, a chopstick and so on.
He looks so squishy, it's impossible not to like :)
And of course, the famous:

(object) (embed) (image)

Barbie Spy Gadget


Well, not really a spy gadget but it could easily be used as one. I'm talking about the new Barbie Doll. Wait, what? Yes, it is a Barbie doll. This doll has a video camera incorporated and disguised as a necklace - very well disguised I may add. In the back of the doll you'll find a small LCD monitor, where you can watch your videos. You'll also get and USB cable of course, plus a video editing software. The doll can record up to 25 minutes of footage, enough to catch your cat eating the leftover pie, and thus proving to your entire family it wasn't you, it was Mittens all along.
Watch this awesome video for more information.

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Car Security System with Fingerprint


At first I thought "Cool, what James Bond movie is this from?". Well folks, it's no movie - this is a piece of technology that's available to everyone. Forget about thieves and worries that your car will be stolen: this gadget scans your fingerprint and only you (or the ones you've authorized) get to start your car's engine. You lost your car keys? Not to worry, the keys become useless in the wrong hands (and I mean that literally).
Plus, this device also functions as a car alarm system, sending you text messages whenever someone tries to force themselves into your car - you just have to install a GSM SIM card into it. Sounds so cool I almost can't believe it.
For more information go here: Fingerprint Car Security System with GSM Alerts

Useful Car Gadgets


Yes we love cars, but we love safety more. Here's something really useful for when you back up your car: a car reversing set, equipped with everything you could possibly need: four radar sensors, a touch button 7 inch car rearview screen monitor, a weatherproof rear view IR equipped night vision camera, and a senor box to connect everything together. The full description plus order here: Car Reversing Set - Sensors + Rearview Camera + Rearview Screen
Enjoy your car! :)(image)

For the Car Gadgets fans



Now here's what I call a "big boys" toy. If you're not an actual race car pilot, this is the closest you'll get to being one. This is a nitro-fuel powered race car, it has a perfect, aerodynamic design, and an internal combustion engine :D It's really awesome and I've been wanting to get one of these for so long. Here's where you can buy one, if you're ready for the excitement: 1:8 Scale Nitro Race Car With Pistol Grip Remote Control (220)(image)

Government and Police auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUV's


Every month across the United States, thousands of vehicles are seized by different Government agencies (IRS, DEA, FBI) & Police departments and auctioned off to the public. Due to certain laws these vehicles are listed and sold at up to 95% OFF their original value. Many auctions start at $100. Government pre-owned/surplus vehicles are well maintained and are usually only 2-3 yrs old. We offer you immediate access to 4,000+ updated auctions nationwide, NOT searchable elsewhere on the Internet and with guaranteed listings in every state.

See all the action : HERE


The free car - US visitors only


I found a new website, the people there state : GET PAID to drive your own car! or Drive a BRAND NEW CAR for FREE!
Sounds like fun.
To visit their website, click HERE


Run your car on water


"If You Would Like To DOUBLE Your Mileage And Discover How People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars, Then This Could Be The Most Important Thing You Have Ever Read..."


And all you need to do is JUST ADD WATER!

Tens of Thousands of People around the world are Using this technology Right Now as you read this, and are smiling all the way to the bank!
Have You Noticed Gas Prices Going Up Again? Find out how you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have the newest Hybrid technology available today while cleaning your engine inside , and cutting emissions outside PLUS you'll be getting the benefit of SAVING MONEY on gas at the same time!

At Last! Discover how you can profit from the latest breakthroughs in technology by putting one of these cutting edge Generators in your vehicle and SAVE Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars a Year in gas! Keep reading to learn how to avoid the next outrageous hike In Gas Prices... Now Available To The General Public!

Easy to install, complete system fits almost any car!

New Cars, Old Cars, Hot Cars, Cold Cars - It works with all!

(image) (image)

Power driving


Hi everyone, it's time for another game :)
To control the car use arrows (accelerate, slow brake, steer left/right), space bar for hand brake and N for nitro boost :)
Have fun !(image)

Picnic Cooler on Wheels


This is more like an in- car gadget so to speak :)
Useful when you go camping or picnic with family or friends. It has a whooping 36 can capacity, waterproof lining and of course therm insulation. If you're aiming for a perfect picnic, you should also know that you can safely carry plates, glasses, as well as knifes, forks and spoons. The producer is a high quality manufacturer, on the market since 1982. Here is a picture, so you can have an idea of how it looks like.(image)

Ferrari theme park


Ferrari built in Abu Dhabi the largest theme park in the world dedicated to the Italian brand. The first images of new Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has started on the Internet and does not need to say that impresses at first viewing.


The largest theme park in the world, will have Ferrari Formula 1 circuit, hotels and shops. Located on the island of Yas, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the new park will have Ferrari's fastest roller-coaster in the world, capable of providing speeds of up to 200 km / h, offering passengers sensations similar to those offered by a car FORMULA 1.

Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi is an indoor building and its roof is a beautiful work of art dedicated to Ferrari.(image)

Key chain digital video recorder


The manufacturers of this tiny gadget made a great job. Not only you can take high quality photos , but you can record as well (high resolution). The key chain looks realistic enough so no one will notice if you try to use it in an unorthodox manner :)
The video below explains how it works :

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Drift n Burn


Race on suspended tracks in this futuristic racing game.
Use A to activate boost and Z to brake => Drift :)
Enjoy !

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New twitter account


Hi folks,
I've created a new twitter account. If you are using it, please follow me : . I will update twitter whenever i make a new post here.
Thank you and have a great Monday !(image)

Car microwave


I don't know what's the next car gadget that can surprise me :)
Until then... i present you the car microwave !
(image) I cannot estimate it's dimensions, I'm thinking it's very small. Great for popping corn or just reheat coffee or tea. It is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter socket (d`oh). I found it available for purchasing at around $100.
Neat !(image)

AiDA - the robotic friend


The Affective Intelligent Agent Driving (AIDA) will inform you about the best route home and based on traffic reports, it will tell you when to fuel and even suggests places to visit.

The robot, which will either stay on board, or be integrated in some models, is developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in cooperation with Volkswagen.

AIDA communicates with the driver by using a display and will try, for example, to smile when he sees that you are angry.
Cynthia Breazeal, director of MIT's Personal Robots Group, said: "AIDA is able to determine the facial expressions of the driver and other clues, and will respond in an appropriate way. AIDA analyzes the routes the driver uses, and points of departure and destination. The creators believe that the robot could propose solutions after a week of "learning" and suggest routes that avoid roads blocked by traffic.

Come to think of it, he's cute also :)

Seatbelt adjuster


Looks like someone already though of this gadget. It basically improves the feeling of wearing seatbelt. By the way, do you wear it ? Or the legislation in your country makes it indispensable ? :)
You should wear it, you never know what might happen.

Now, back to this little car gadget.

(image) (image)

The system is simple: it stops the seatbelt From rubbing against your neck. Pretty neet, huh ? Although i don't know if it can please the non-wearing drivers. Once you get used not to wear the seatbelt, there is a small chance to wear it again. Unless your wife asks you to :)(image)

Concept gym car


(image) Da Feng, a graduate of the British Faculty, created the concept Gym Car. It is powered by an electric motor that takes energy from one set of lithium-ion batteries. What is really unique is the way the batteries are loaded.

The driver must make physical exercises in order to generate enough energy to recharge the batteries. The designer has been able to combine a range of fitness equipment in the vehicle. It includes a stepper, a rowing machine, a device for pushing the chest and even a simulation of traction.
This gym on wheels uses only the steering wheel, pedals and seat as an apparatus and the mechanical energy generated by their movement is converted into electricity to recharge the batteries thus propelling the vehicle. The model's exterior has common features with both Formula 1 car and the fighter airplanes.

It is unclear if you can exercise while driving, or if you need to recharge the batteries while standing and then drive. The designer did not give many details of his project, which is probably just a design exercise.(image)

Electronic assistant ?


Starting from the idea of title, an Israeli company has developed a complete system that helps the driver and prevents him from being careless.
It can even take control of the car if its driver does not react to alarm signals.

Equipment is out of the test phase and will be available next year.

Any driver knows that a second of inattention can cost a life. That is why Israeli inventors found a solution that "to fix" human imperfections.
The camera "reads" the immediate environment surrounding. The image reaches a processor that continuously evaluates the risk and displays on a screen all potential "barriers" and the distance to each other.

The system makes the difference between cars and pedestrians at a distance of 35 meters and emits a high sound within a few seconds before a possible collision. The driver has the possibility to avoid the accident. If he does not react immediately, the electronic assistant can order the car to brake.

The system will be launched next year and the price is not even that high: about $ 1,000.(image)

Deadly race


Not so deadly actually :)
Use mouse for steering, collect armor and shoot bad guys. hf(embed) (image)

Travel pillow


I don't know if you use your car for driving to work and back home, or going camping, or.. if you are a driver, like long distance driving. If you are, you must know about travel pillows.
I see a dozen of manufacturers, all bragging about how warm and fuzzy and neck tension releasing their pillows are. And i believe them. Occasionally i drive for 3, 4 hours and my neck hurts, and my ass also :) Most new cars have already implemented this kind of car gadget, hours and hours of testing really paid off in some cases.
Bon voyage !(image)

Parking sensors


Interesting, but not surprisingly, 60% of buyers are women.
The most cautious drivers choose a system with four sensors and display in the rear view mirror. The only systems that ensure a carefree parking have more than three sensors, otherwise the car's back is not completely covered. Easy to install, no need to replace rear-view mirror and have a minimum limit of detection distance of 30 cm. A number of aftermarket products are especially attractive to those who value convenience and comfort.
Hmm, i don't have parking sensors on my car and i don't want to install them either. But if i imagine myself when i started driving, back then i would of really appreciated some sensors to make my parking perfect. Come to think of it, i hit another car in the parking lot one night, because my windows were smoky due to temperature. So, a small investment can go a long way.(image)

Sorry for absence


Hi guys,
I want to apologize for not posting these past 3 days. I was away for the weekend and i didn't have time to let you all now. But now I'm back, and i will post an article right now.
I wish you all a great week and have a fun Monday :)(image)

Retro Rally


Use mouse cursor to steer and remember to pick up gasoline for speed boost. Have fun !

(embed) (image)

Real batmobile ? w00t


I came across an article slightly related to the blog, but it's something i have to share with you :)
Can you believe this is Lincoln Continental from 1973?

It has been modified to look like a batmobile by a rich swedish car fan.
I have to say it looks really cool, even real (if i can call something from the movies real). Oh, i forgot to say it took over 3 years to build, and the total cost is around 1 milion $ .

Below you can see a little video with the car.

(object) (embed) (image)