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Updated: 2018-03-06T02:05:13.355+01:00


Add-ons Sync Prefs: A Restartless Add-on for SeaMonkey 2.8


Ever since I ported Sync to SeaMonkey (2.1), the list of supported engines had been fixed: Bookmarks, History, Passwords, Preferences, and Tabs. With Firefox 11, the Sync developers added a new engine capable of syncing add-ons (or more precisely, which add-ons are installed). Since the Sync back-end is shared code, SeaMonkey 2.8 will include it, too. But while Firefox 11 will include UI for activating the new Add-ons engine, SeaMonkey 2.8 will lack it. This is because the Firefox changes landed pretty close to the l10n freeze so we were not able to port them in time. SeaMonkey 2.9 will include the UI changes, but why wait so long?On January 31st, SeaMonkey 2.7 will be released (well, that's the plan). A few days later, the first beta of SeaMonkey 2.8 will follow. People like me who are on the beta channel will upgrade directly from 2.7b5 (ETA today) to 2.8b1. This is when my main working environment will be ready for Add-ons Sync.Now I was wondering what the SeaMonkey developers could do to allow users of SeaMonkey 2.8 (on aurora, beta or release) to enable/disable the Add-ons Sync engine through preferences UI. Well, the answer is simple: Provide an add-on that adds the corresponding option!I decided early on to give it a try myself and create that add-on. I also felt that users were probably more likely to install such an add-on if it didn't interrupt their work flow (i.e. not require a restart of the application, which in the case of SeaMonkey is often used for both browsing and mail) and took care to not break anything if it was installed on an incompatible version of SeaMonkey (say, 2.7 or 2.9). The first requirement could be solved through writing a restartless add-on, the latter by adding explicit checks to the code.I quickly found some documentation for restartless add-ons on MDN (though they are called "bootstrapped" there). Unlike classic add-ons (which rely on XUL overlays and usually consist of many files and levels), a restartless add-on can be as simple as two files: The install manifest (install.rdf) and the code, written in JavaScript (bootstrap).I guess for someone new to Mozilla-specific code, starting from scratch like this could be hard. During the development I faced several issues that you would probably not have seen with a classic XUL overlay approach. The Add-ons SDK might have been a better alternative if I had intended to write an add-on for Firefox, but since this one is SeaMonkey-only and given the requirements, there was not much of a choice.The main issue I faced was actually in shared XBL code (preferences.xml): The constructor and destructor of preference elements throw if the element in question is not inside a preferences element. What is probably always the case with XUL (including overlays) is not true for elements dynamically added or removed through JavaScript (cloneNode/removeChild). In the end I had to replace cloneNode by createElement and stop using removeChild (i.e. the preference element is left in the preferences window until it is closed; if the add-on is disabled while the window is still open, the preference element just gets disabled).Another surprise was that JavaScript errors inside bootstrap are reported as warnings in the Error Console. So if you enable the Errors filter, you won't see these warnings and assume everything is alright, while in fact the add-on does not work at all! Brilliant. :-(Anyway, I was finally able to finish the add-on (with friendly help from Neil Rashbrook), upload it to AMO, and get it fully reviewed. :-) Here it is. Now of course none of this would have been possible without…the Toolkit add-ons back-end developersthe MDN authors (in addition to the above linked pages, I valued most: Using nsIXULAppInfo, nsIVersionComparator, Services.jsm, nsIPrefBranch, window and window, prefpane)Mark Finkle (his blog post was very helpful for getting started!)MXR (development is just no fun without it!) Note: If you look at the source code you might see that the prefs handling (user vs. default prefs) is not perfect yet. This is something that both Neil [...]

SeaMonkey 2.7 Beta 1 is Compatible by Default


Today, on Christmas Eve (local time), SeaMonkey 2.7 Beta 1 will be released. This version features something that will probably make a huge difference to ordinary users: Compatible-by-default add-ons (called CBD in the following). This is basically a change of opinion regarding add-on compatibility: Instead of assuming that an add-on is not compatible with a new application version, we will henceforth assume that it is, which should better reflect reality. Switching to a faster release cycle (with less ground-breaking, incompatible changes per release) certainly helped this come true.So far, support channels have seen many complaints from users who didn't want to upgrade to a new version of SeaMonkey because their favorite add-ons didn't work with it (yet). Sometimes people only upgraded later, or only when they were told how to override compatibility checks (e.g. using the ACR).Unlike Firefox add-ons, SeaMonkey add-ons did never benefit from automatic compatibility bumps on AMO. Thus as far as SeaMonkey was concerned, if the add-on developers didn't do the bump themselves, it was up to each individual user to take measures if they wanted to keep their add-ons active. And of course they did. Finding no UI option for that, they asked on the support channels, delayed the update, or gave up.Now if you take a look at the SeaMonkey Add-on Compatibility Tracking page, you'll easily see that about half the add-ons listed under the AMO category are not marked compatible with the current stable version of SeaMonkey (or better). Add-on authors generally got better at bumping compatibility, but it's still a manual task as far as SeaMonkey is concerned.So what's different with the new CBD feature? Simply put, almost all of that other half from above will be compatible with SeaMonkey 2.7 Beta 1. Automatically. Without any end-user having to change or install anything in addition. That's what I call a UX win! :-) [1]So, why not all add-ons from the above list? Because some restrictions apply. For CBD to take effect for a SeaMonkey add-on, the following requirements need to be met: The add-on is compatible with at least SeaMonkey 2.1 or Toolkit 2.0 (the matching Firefox version is 4.0, which is also their lower bound for CBD). This makes sense since that was when fully SeaMonkey adopted the Places back-end (formerly use for history only, then for bookmarks, too) and added Sync support. [2]  The add-on does not contain binary components (this rules out popular add-ons like Lightning and Enigmail).  The add-on does not claim to only support a later version of SeaMonkey than the one that is currently running the check (in other words: the add-on minVersion must not be larger than the app version).  The add-on did not opt out of CBD (by setting the strictCompatibility flag in install.rdf or on AMO).From my experience, the majority of frequently used SeaMonkey add-ons pass all of these checks. So instead of instructing all users with add-on compatibility issues to install the ACR, we can now limit that advice to those who want to test and give feedback for Beta, Aurora and trunk builds. With CBD, the ACR cannot be used to enable old (pre-2.1) add-ons anymore anyway.That's it for our next beta, but there's more! In early 2012, when SeaMonkey 2.9 hits Beta, users on that channel will be able to have Sync distribute their installed add-ons across multiple instances of SeaMonkey (provided the add-ons are available from AMO). Note that Firefox will ship the new feature one release earlier (it landed very close to the Aurora uplift, which is the cut-off for changes that affect localization), but that's not too bad since this feature doesn't work across applications anyway.Now what's left to say? Merry Christmas everyone! Let there be peace on earth.[1]: Thanks to everyone who worked on this feature! I know you primarily have Firefox on multiple platforms in mind when you develop things in Toolkit, but still.[2]: Toolkit/AOM Bug 680845 still applies, i.e. if an add-on is marked as compatible with SeaMonke[...]



[Note: This post is quite different from those I made in the past. Long story short: Due to time constraints I will hardly ever be able to revive the old SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker style of release updates or even complete the missing ones. That's not too bad, though, since I'm now responsible for the SeaMonkey website, which includes the list of changes per release (of which we have more now, as you know). This allows me to re-focus this blog on what it is actually about: tracking trunk development. The below is probably a good example of what is still to come.]

Welcome back! It's 11-12-13 now (at least in my timezone) and I feel this is the perfect time to share something with you that just landed on trunk.

If you are building SeaMonkey or Thunderbird on Windows, you can now finally replace this:

make -f

or this:

cd mozilla
cd js/src
mkdir -p $MOZ_OBJDIR
time python -O ../comm-central/mozilla/build/pymake/

by this:

time python -OO mozilla/build/pymake/ -f

and replace this:

mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=/e/mozilla-src/comm-central-build

by this:

mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=e:/mozilla-src/comm-central-build

and add back this:

mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j8

in your .mozconfig and there you'll have it: Parallelized building on Windows, using pymake! On a fast PC like mine (i7) you can get a full debug build done from scratch in only about 25 minutes now, without the fear of experiencing intermittent hangs. :-)

Thanks go to all the people who worked on pymake and especially the ones who fixed the last issue on comm-central (Bug 706905).

BTW: AFAICS the comm-central is still missing some pymake-related fixes that were recently made to the mozilla-central equivalent, especially Bug 707512 and Bug 643167. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

In the next issue I'm going to talk about compatible-by-default extensions (a.k.a. add-ons) and the implications for SeaMonkey. Stay tuned!

2.1 Beta 2 Roundup


Welcome back! It's been a while, and this time I'm especially late since Beta 2 already shipped a month ago. But fear not, there's also news to tell: On trunk, both Venkman (JavaScript Debugger) and ChatZilla are finally working again, which means they'll also do in the upcoming (and last) Beta 3. Additionally, SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 will show download progress in the Windows 7 taskbar, display plugins in MailNews feeds and allow to add a search bar (as in Firefox) to the browser (including suggestions and engine management).For Beta 2, the biggest part was the integration of Sync. All in all it took more than four months of review and dozens of iterations to get to the point where it could land on trunk. Of course none of that would have been possible without the effort of the original Weave and Firefox Sync developers in the first place, who built a product that is both easy to use and secure by design. The implementation as of Beta 2 is not complete yet; on trunk the Preferences dialog has already been redesigned and further changes are about to happen (mainly porting the easy setup screen for adding devices).Highlights:Add a Keyword for this SearchAdd-on Manager improvements Data Manager final integration Deferred Session RestoreDelete news messages from local storageDoNotTrack headerDOM Inspector Enhanced Box Model ViewerDoorhangers HTML5 Forms APILightweight themes (Personas) on Address Book, Composer and MailNewsRemember page zoom per siteMac PPC dropped, 64-bit added for 10.6 Snow Leopard OmnijarOpenType improvements Scrollable browser tab bar and All Tabs buttonSyncWebGL and D3D MailNews: Do not stop copy to IMAP folder action without any error message (handle errors trying to stream next message) (Bug 601900)Add support for retrieving new mail by time delay or during startup to Unix Mailspool account type (Bug 480945)Make attachment code for apple encode 64-bit compatible (Bug 537900)Let user choose signature separator (new mail.identity.default.suppress_signature_separator pref) (Bug 58406)Replace server-based archiving prefs by identity-based ones (mail.identity.default.archive_granularity, mail.identity.default.archive_keep_folder_structure) (Bug 517514)Prevent copying messages/folders from local to IMAP from failing due to virus checker interfering with temp file handling (Bug 601900)Do not automatically mark IMAP Draft messages as read (Bug 470746)Make sure default alert sound plays on Mac when new email arrives (Bug 594355)Fix new mail icon for libxul builds (Bug 598942)Make lightweight themes / Personas work in the Composer window (Bug 579739)Make lightweight themes / Personas work in the MailNews window (Bug 579738)Do not use disk cache if storing the message in the offline store (Bug 531033) Remove unused prefs from mailnews (Bug 610289)Remove unused mailnews.use_received_date pref (Bug 607265)Remove unused pref mail.imap.mime_parts_on_demand_max_depth (Bug 623685)Expand single or last message ID in headers display by default (Bug 611738)Support IMAP AUTH EXTERNAL with TLS and given client certificate (Bug 286581)Introduce deletion of newsgroup messages, differentiating between Cancel and Delete (Bug 250141)Fix parsing and compaction of local folders > 4 GB (Bug 608449)Polish the MailNews search dialog on Mac and fix some obsolete styles for all OSs (Bug 613358)Support balloon notifications for new messages on Windows (pref: mail.biff.show_balloon) (Bug 605972)Fix handling of forwarded flag on IMAP servers that do not support the flag (Bug 561292)Detect corrupt offline store and disk cache entries for IMAP messages (Bug 531033) Fix some cases of copies of messages ending up in offline store (Bug 609683)Do not try to open appledouble attachments as appledouble and do not make attachments disappear when appledouble is registered (Bug 579682) Open links from Address Cards like links from MailNews (Bug 116114)Do not open selected message in new tab for middle click on scrollbar (Bug 518545)Port several composeStartup fixes [...]

2.1 Beta 1 Roundup


Here we go again! After three alphas, the first of two betas of SeaMonkey 2.1 is just around the corner (ETA next week). As always, the Mozilla platform progressed at a fast pace (I stopped counting the Firefox 4 betas a while ago already, but they are close to shipping another one of those as well from what I can tell). In addition to better HTML5, CSS and WebM support, faster JavaScript and Add-on Manager improvements, some attention was paid to details like adding the ability to cancel modal dialog loops, too. The list of improvements made to SeaMonkey is also quite noteworthy, though. Robert Kaiser (KaiRo) has been especially busy, bringing both the new Data Manager (which will replace the various password and permission managers in the next beta), OpenSearch support and a fast bookmarking icon in the location bar (similar to the star icon in Firefox) to SeaMonkey. And that is on top of the Places-based bookmarks integration and support for lightweight themes (Personas) that he added during the alpha period! In a joint effort together with the Thunderbird developers, support for building SeaMonkey with libxul was added (and is now the default) which was a prerequisite for enabling plugin crash recovery (OOPP). Firefox features this since version 3.6, and now we do, too. One of the biggest problems users have had with SeaMonkey was websites that rendered incorrectly, were inaccessible or otherwise misbehaved. In many cases this could be traced back to poor browser detection, a.k.a. User Agent sniffing. KaiRo has blogged about the issue multiple times in the past (e.g. in Web Discrimination Or Browser Racism?) and even proposed a possible solution. Unfortunately no-one accepted the challenge. Time went by, but no solution was found. In the end, the SeaMonkey Council faced the truth and opted for enabling a new pref by default that makes SeaMonkey appear like Firefox to websites that use User Agent sniffing to detect browsers. Starting with 2.1 Beta 1, SeaMonkey users should have no need to fake their User Agent string anymore. Ideally, websites should work just as well as in Firefox now. Some smaller changes include a new pref for opening new tabs relative to the current one and a Paste and Go option in the location bar. The "Report a Broken Website" functionality has been removed, mostly because it suggested that someone would take care of the reports when in fact that was not the case. According to current plans, the only major feature left to be implemented for SeaMonkey 2.1 (scheduled for Beta 2 and having some larger impact on l10n) is the integration of Sync (f.k.a. Weave). This will be very similar to what is already included in Minefield (Firefox trunk nightlies), but available from both the browser and MailNews component, paving the way for future extensions (e.g. MailNews Sync, see Harini's Webspace). Before we come to the list of notable changes between SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 and Beta 1 (see below), one more good news: The next version of the Add-on Compatibility Reporter will be compatible with SeaMonkey! Once it becomes available at AMO, give it a try and report your findings! Progress: split mail_help.xhtml to several files: almost done (Bug 246405)doorhangers instead of notification bars: preliminary support (login manager) (Bug 595810)Sync integration: get Tabs sync to work for SeaMonkey (Bug 567583) MailNews: add In-Reply-To or References header when forwarding a message (Bug 583587)auto sync newly added messages more quickly (Bug 562115)add account name to POP3 status message (Bug 66860)do not crash while copying IMAP folder (Bug 531568)stop partially downloaded messages from getting into the offline store (Bug 572974)implement getBrowser() in MailNews windows (Bug 588895)make the Account Manager window resizable on all platforms (Bug 591649)use internationalized date for printing (Bug 294356)do not scan plugin directories unnecessarily while loading messages (Bug 599119)do not crash right af[...]

2.1 Alpha 3 Roundup


Here it is, with a small delay: The SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 Roundup.Since the last alpha, some major changes appeared on trunk. KaiRo was especially busy, landing both Places-based bookmarks and Lightweight Themes (Personas) support for the browser, and his Data Manager integration has already gone through several reviews. As always, the SeaMonkey 2.1 features page gives a good impression of the overall progress.Developers will surely appreciate that the JavaScript Debugger (Venkman) is usable again after the XPCOM components registration changes broke it.For the platform changes, have a look at the Firefox Beta release notes (b2, b3, b4).Progress: use out-of-process plugins (OOPP) framework in SeaMonkey (Bug 545716): convert MailNews to the external API (Bug 377319)split mail_help.xhtml to several files (Bug 246405): Preferences, Account Settings, Working Offlineexpose camera functionality to web content (Bug 451674): add camera button to file input elements (Bug 567323)enable Bookmarks with the Sync add-on (Bug 585845): the bookmarks system has been reworked to use the Places framework shared with Firefox (Bug 498596)enable Tabs with the Sync add-on (Bug 567583): implemented methods of the Firefox TabBrowser API (Bug 558614, Bug 558673, Bug 579845)port Sync UI to SeaMonkey (Bug 576970): landed (Bug 571902) and enabled (Bug 571896) on Firefox trunk make SeaMonkey build with libxul (Bug 394502): build xpfe autocomplete from comm-central files instead of mozilla/ (Bug 450781) implement Indexed Database API (Bug 553412): asynchronous API implementedDirect2D (D2D) support: enabled in nightlies (Bug 549116), status exposed to about:support (Bug 587102) MailNews: set correct file permissions when saving or detaching an attachment (Bug 533976)if SMTP server doesn't advertise auth mechanisms, try to send mail directly (Bug 534158)add option to keep the folders structure when archiving (no configuration UI yet, pref example: mail.server.server1.archive_keep_folder_structure) (Bug 573392)do not display return receipt notification bar for local mail after the first time the user responds to the request (Bug 558543)fix pasting images into the Compose window (Bug 572637)make sure clicking Get Mail for POP twice or during startup (while first round not finished) does not show alert "This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is complete to get messages." (Bug 392680)make sure setting POP/IMAP port to the default value for the security setting that is not selected does not get reset (Bug 580764)make sure importing HTML mail from Outlook does not import emails as plain text (Bug 250878)fix loading multipart/mixed messages from the memory/disk cache (non-offline IMAP) (Bug 565852)do not fetch audio parts inline when doing IMAP mime parts on demand (Bug 584523)make sure title value of HTML signature file does not show up in signature (Bug 572290)make sure imported Japanese email from Outlook does not show as garbled text (Bug 547119)make sure to display multipart/alternative messages with inline part and text/plain part (when name of Content-Type and/or filename of Content-Disposition: inline is specified for mail body part with text/xxx in multipart/alternative) (Bug 551698)fix handling of stat errors and do not stat noselect folders when checking individual folders for new messages (Bug 581707)fix saving authentication method "normal password" as a preference (Bug 580270) Address Book: make Address Book toolbars customizable (Bug 575956) Bookmarks: remove old bookmarks system code (Bug 580663)add management UI for Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580662)switch browser UI to Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580660)initialize and migrate Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580658)add new Places core for bookmarks (and history) (Bug 580656)make the Modern theme work nicely with Places-based bookmarks (Bug 584752)remove double separator in menu of Bookmarks button in the Personal Toolbar (Bug[...]

2.1 Alpha 2 Roundup


So, now that the distraction has come to an end (congratulations, Spain!), back to business. SeaMonkey (and Thunderbird) trunk has been broken for the last week or so due to the XPCOM components registration changes. The tree is still closed, but it looks much better now than in the past few days. Time to add some more SeaMonkey 2.1 features!Upcoming:Places-based bookmarksLightweight Themes (Personas) Data Manager Otherwise, SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 2 has been released. The following is an overview of noteworthy changes contained in that release. Also have a look at the Firefox 4 Beta 1 release notes for some more platform changes.Notable Changes: The Add-on Manager has been rewritten and now opens within a new tab or browser window. Read Mossop's blog for more information.The video back-end now supports WebM/VP8 (use yasm if compiling on Linux!). The Troubleshooting Information page (about:support), which features a short-hand for accessing your profile folder, can now be opened from the Help menu (not the Tools menu, as mentioned in the 2.1 Alpha 1 Roundup).The Download Manager now allows your to drag files and URLs to and from it, e.g. to the desktop or Explorer window.The View Source window includes a Find Bar now, like the one in the Help viewer and Firefox, but at the top of the window. The MailNews components now supports saving multiple messages as individual files in a directory.The MailNews thread pane and other trees now feature alternating backgrounds on Mac and Linux. The MailNews Search toolbar is gone, in favor of elements that can be used in customizable toolbars. The bar might eventually return (cf. Thunderbird's Quick Filter bar), but for now its elements have been moved to an own, full-sized toolbar (which can of course be disabled and all its elements be moved to other toolbars).The Search and Go browser buttons are customizable now, too. Gopher is gone. Progress:OOPP prerequisite: Convert mailnews to frozen/external linkages (Bug 377319)Windows 7 taskbar support prerequisite: Support setting AppUserModelID per top level window (Bug 560846) MailNews: Process attachments with "Content-Type:" line containing a line break properly (Bug 543813)Fix reordering of newsgroups using drag & drop: Port d&d code from TB, introducing Services.jsm to SeaMonkey MailNews (Bug 556887)Fix getting POP3 mail after resuming from sleep mode (Bug 466933)Format large numbers in main window message size (Bug 516787)Do not retry IMAP move copies since that most likely will result in duplicates (Bug 403603)Make sure HTML editor does not delete lines below Return on certain emails composed in Outlook 2003 (Bug 554806)Make sure irregular message updates header pane on message view ('undisclosed-recipients' should show up) (Bug 549931)Fix crash when POP3 server closed connection while trying to show a password prompt (Bug 556249) Fix saving IMAP drafts offline on Windows (Bug 397910)Fix accessing third account and local mail (Bug 397744)Add ability to save multiple messages as individual files in directory (Bug 555972)Use custom icon for Go -> Local Folders -> Outbox (Bug 475509)Make Search, Folder Location and Views widgets for MailNews customizable toolbars (Bug 521927)Prompt for client certificate password when making TLS connection to IMAP server (Bug 568929)Make message copy action to IMAP on incoming POP3 mail succeed with quarantining turned on for antivirus (Bug 387361)Make replay of offline IMAP operations succeed if the network connection is down when going online (Bug 567773)Make sure signature of previously selected account is removed when switching between accounts (Bug 566825)Remove duplicate certificate in chain from S/MIME signed emails (Bug 354273)Use correct date for mail imported from Outlook Sent folder (avoid timezone confusion) (Bug 309932)Make the internal archiving code work for any set of messages, thus being nicer to extensions (Bug 570[...]

2.1 Alpha 1 Roundup


Welcome back! This update comes a lot later than I initially thought. On the upside I can present you with an more-or-less overview of changes between the last stable release and the first SeaMonkey 2.1 alpha version which has just been released two weeks ago (for the platform changes, see Firefox 3.6 and Mozilla Developer Preview (1.9.3 alpha)). Parallelly, SeaMonkey 2.0.5 is expected to be released tomorrow (Pacific time). The changes contained in the stable branch releases are part of the release notes nowadays so I will not track or repeat them here. Since the first alpha has been cut, new features have already been pushed to the trunk, and more are to come. The SeaMonkey 2.1 Features wiki page tracks the overall progress of major new features. Short teaser of what is already available in trunk nightly builds: The Add-on Manager has been rewritten and now opens within a new tab or browser window.The Troubleshooting Information page (about:support), which features a short-hand for accessing your profile folder, can now be opened from the Tools menu.You can now drag files and URLs to and from the Download Manager, e.g. to the desktop or Explorer window.You can now save multiple messages as individual files in a directory. Here is a list of notable SeaMonkey changes between versions 2.0 and 2.1 Alpha 1: MailNews make sure images added to an HTML message body do not get an incorrect "attachment" disposition (Bug 525955)make sure that a plain text attachment with application/octet-stream content type shows inline (Bug 532603)only ask for master password if not already logged into the Software Security Device (Bug 534462)allow using multiple instances of the Forward filter action (Bug 523892)add Forward Inline filter action (Bug 312025)make nsMessenger.cpp 64-bit compatible (Bug 519021)make nsMsgAttachmentHandler 64-bit compatible (Bug 558246)allow offline stores >4GB (Bug 532323)extend local folder size limit to 4GB on Mac OS X (Bug 538512)add a space between "The message was sent successfully but could not be copied to your Sent folder." and "Would you like to return to the compose window?" (Bug 528600)support semicolon (;) as email address separator (e.g. in To: field) (Bug 242693)make sure messages marked manually as Junk are moved to Junk folder even if user does not check "Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account" (Bug 487610)make sure main body part of IMAP message is downloaded when Display Attachments Inline is off and folder is not set for offline use (Bug 246415)make sure internal message selection state is correct after toggling folder pane off/on and switching tabs (Bug 545674)make sure IMAP folder size is calculated correctly when condstore is used (Bug 548584)do not crash when message contains a mailto: URL (Bug 546900)support drag&drop of single message to desktop/file system window (Bug 537448)wrap the message pane in a hbox for Thunderbird compatibility (Bug 544661)do not crash when setting message charset (related to mailnews.sendInBackground pref) (Bug 537404)use Create Folder as confirm button label in New Folder dialog (Bug 495939)support libnotify/libindicate notifications for new mail alerts (Bug 478463)fix Mac dock double count of unread messages on startup (Bug 516477)make sure attachments with octet-stream content type are accessible (Bug 538407)reintroduce menulist-menupopup CSS class to allow styling of folder submenus (Bug 542837)rewrite authentication logic for IMAP, POP and SMTP (new pref: mail.server.default.authMethod) (Bug 525238)show Yes/No buttons instead of OK/Cancel in NNTP cancel dialog (Bug 168231)handle IMAP servers that drop the connection on STARTTLS (Bug 549457)use Rename as confirm button label in Rename Folder dialog (Bug 495940)add recognition of SHA-2 hashes when verifying S/MIME messages with detached signatures (application/pkcs7-signature) (Bug 541334)do not inde[...]

SeaMonkey 2.0 Goes Gold


After years of development, the SeaMonkey Project is finally about to release another major stable version, SeaMonkey 2.0, early next week. Great efforts have been made by a team of volunteers to take the successor of the Mozilla Suite to the next level. Since SeaMonkey 2.0 is building upon the same platform as Firefox 3.5 and Thunderbird 3.0, it now shares many back-ends with them, including browsing (Gecko), messaging (MailNews) and other central technologies like XUL, Toolkit, the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine and more. Naturally their developers deserve our great appreciation and respect, too.This post is not meant to anticipate the official announcement; after all this is not the official SeaMonkey blog. Hence I will just refer you to that. The Release Notes that will undoubtedly be linked from the announcement will also contain a list of major changes since the previous stable version, SeaMonkey 1.1. For further details, have a look at the archives of this blog.One thing worth noting, though, is the availability of extensions (add-ons). While a few of them are obsoleted by SeaMonkey 2.0 itself (e.g. Undo Close Tab, Crash Recovery and Forumzilla) and some others work if you disable the extension compatibility check, the majority probably needs some adjustments. Extension authors should know that SeaMonkey 2 now supports the same extension installation interface like Firefox and also many of the internal interfaces. For example it was quite easy to make the current version of the Download Statusbar extension fully support SeaMonkey 2.0 now that the suite uses the same download management back-end (but different front-end!) as Firefox—an extension that dropped support for the Mozilla Suite in 2003 due to the lack of support for exactly that new back-end! I think we can expect some updated/modified versions of popular add-ons at AMO and/or the xSidebar hub shortly after the release. Still I would like to encourage all add-on developers, irrespective of whether they created extensions or themes for Firefox, Thunderbird or SeaMonkey, to revisit their products and check if supporting SeaMonkey 2 is feasible.Meanwhile development goes on. The new stable branch repository, comm-1.9.1, has been set up. This is where minor updates for SeaMonkey 2.0 will be released from. At the same time comm-central has switched back to pulling in the Mozilla trunk (mozilla-central) and has reopened for trunk development. The SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker, as the name suggests, will monitor the trunk from now on but also continue to feature branch updates from time to time.Finally, here is a list of notable changes between Beta 2 and 2.0 final (including RCs):MailNewsmake sure typing file extension sets correct file output type (Bug 508597)make suppression of junk whitelisting (of own identities) work for deferred-to servers like POP3 to Local Folders (Bug 512416)hide tab bar when single tab remains after choosing Close from tab context menu (Bug 514177)prevent going into infinite UI loop if SSL security certificate expires (Bug 493980)select first filter in Message Filters window (Bug 511989)add support for mouse Back and Forward buttons and Reload, Stop, Search, Bookmarks and Home keys on media keyboards (Bug 512169)implement Body filter for IMAP messages downloaded for offline use (Bug 127250)enable filter criteria "doesn't contain" and "isn't" for user-defined IMAP header fields (Bug 242550)remove filter_news_for_junk pref in favor of inherited folder property (Bug 510659)enable junk UI elements when RSS or news junk is enabled (Bug 496015)actually search online when unchecking "Search local system" in Advanced Search (Bug 511131)make sure Identity Settings dialog opens centered with reasonable width (Bug 486955)modernize askSendFormat (removes the three mail.asksendformat.* prefs) (Bug 507682)prevent shutdown hangs by trying [...]

Beta 2 Roundup


Not too long ago I told you there will be a second Beta. Now, only one and a half months later, SeaMonkey 2 Beta 2 has been tagged. Things are progressing fast, especially compared to the time it took between Alpha 3 and Beta 1. The upcoming Beta release is considered feature complete, i.e. no major changes are expected to land between now and the release of SeaMonkey 2.0. That also means that approval is required from now on for anything that is to be checked in for SeaMonkey.So, what is new? First and foremost Thunderbird's tabbed interface (Tabmail) was ported to MailNews. Moving that blocker out of the way put Lightning integration within reach. Other notable changes include:the creation of SMILE, a combination of FUEL and STEELthe ability to delete/cut bookmarks from the bookmarks search view, where deleted bookmarks no longer appearthe ability to reopen closed browser windows (Undo Close Window)the ability to apply more actions (e.g. Remove) to multiple selected downloadsthe ability to choose whether to retry authentication or enter a new password when login fails in MailNews (instead of just forgetting the old saved password)The following list should cover all noteworthy changes that were made between since Beta 1 (except Forgotten Fixes of course):Forgotten Fixesadd hidden pref to turn off virus scanning on downloads ( (Bug 412204) Progresssupport multiple spam corpus files (backend) (Bug 506397)Modern theme update / changes in global (partly fixed) (Bug 465924)port jminta's kill-RDF to SeaMonkey where applicable (partly fixed) (Bug 460953)replace RDF-driven folder pane with a JS-driven/non-RDF treeview (initial changes made) (Bug 507601) MailNewsDrop the redundant /resources/ in mailnews directories (Bug 490118)lessen number of cases where restart is required on application update due to MAPI DLLs being in use (Bug 497424)remove never-used prefs mail.default_cc and news.default_cc (Bug 502041)add pluggable filter lists (allow extensions to create their own) (Bug 503668)allow to fetch mail with Movemail account despite having no write privileges in mail spool dir (Bug 384774)rename Retention Policy option "Use server defaults" to "Use my account settings" (Bug 464355)make sure message/rfc822 attachments of saved messages do not open blank (read attachment size) (Bug 351064)check for (and add if needed) mozilla envelope line (From: ) and check file size when copying non-Mozilla eml files (Bug 499304)make local body search work with Base64-encoded body (Bug 132340)allow to change "and place my signature" pref irrespective of whether signature is set or not (Bug 277187)make sure messages display in standalone message window on Mac with Default Theme (Bug 506019)do not crash when downloading many messages with "copy all" filter enabled (Bug 313026)fix invalidation of view lines when moving threads on incoming mail (Bug 504297)make sure new message added to an open threaded cross-folder saved search gets added in the right place (Bug 505321)make sure Undo Delete Message (Ctrl+Z) does not erase messages from Trash (Bug 323875)make sure copying messages without trailing CR/LF does not skip last line (Bug 498978)fix display of header values with unencoded special characters (Bug 468351)make prefs to mark all RSS or NNTP messages read when exiting the folder work again (Bug 503624)prevent false positives when searching offline newsgroup (NNTP) and IMAP messages bodies (Bug 249841)neither guess type nor silently add extension when using Save As dialog (additionally removed All Files filter) (Bug 340168)make sure POP/IMAP/SMTP server passwords are not inappropriately forgotten (ask whether to retry or enter new password if login failed) (Bug 121647)do not crash when creating message view (insert message at end of view instead) (Bug 492571)do not[...]

Beta 1 Roundup


Welcome back! Again it has been quiet on this blog for too long. But no longer! Beta 1 has been tagged and is about to be released early next week. Beta 1 you say? Well, the original plan was to have only one Beta but as time went by and certain key features were stuck in the review process, the decision was made to have two Betas.SeaMonkey 2 Beta 1 will use the same rendering engine as Firefox 3.5.1, Gecko, including the recent security fixes and overall improvements, and the same MailNews backend as Thunderbird Beta 3 which will be released in parallel.This is the first post since the Alpha 3 Roundup so the below changes (except Forgotten Fixes) are all relative to that. I didn't include screenshots this time, but of course only to encourage you to download and try SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1 yourself when it is released! :-)Noteworthy Changesnew Download Manager (supports cross-session resumable downloads)fully localizable builds (Beta 1 will be available in 17 languages including US English)Feed Preview (browser feed integration)Geolocation UI (no provider yet)searchable CookiesFAYT improvementsimage zoom (available with full page zoom)EV certificate UI (status bar, location bar)support for -new-tab and -new-window command line optionsdropped support for Palm Sync ExtensionAudio/Video improvementsMailNews:Archive functionalitycustomizable toolbarsfilter improvementsmenu entries for feed summary/web page choicespreferences for signature text, closing standalone message window when using Del and checking for new mail only after opening the MailNews window Forgotton Fixesredesign / simplify Filter Rule Dialog (added Forward/Reply filter actions) (Bug 294094) ProgressMailNews Activities: provide a centralized alert/message service to allow different front-end displays for alerts (Bug 481431)add filtering for IMAP folders other than the Inbox: backend (Bug 257415) MailNewsadd web search for selected text to mail window context menu (Bug 154658)disentangle SeaMonkey and Thunderbird UI (Bug 390262)use Tango style smileys (emoticons) in MailNews (Bug 484484)put signature editing in UI (as an alternative to selecting a file) (Bug 324495)place default Archive folder under Local Folders for deferred POP3 accounts (Bug 476218)make sure to use correct date after undo of move/delete/archive of POP3 message (Bug 479163)do not corrupt attributes of tags (such as IMG) when re-editing (Edit Draft, Forward Inline, Edit As New) quoted-printable HTML messages [had been backed out] (Bug 307023)make delay for moving between mails using cursor keys configurable (mailnews.threadpane_select_delay) (Bug 242791)do not crash when entering an invalid email address (Bug 479206)split off attaching functionality from AttachFile() to AttachFiles() so that extensions can more easily add attachments (Bug 464651)maintain offline copy of message when moving it between IMAP folders (Bug 439108)make mail.spam.markAsNotJunkMarksUnRead only apply when message is in Junk folder (Bug 478840)assign SpecialFolder attribute Archive to main Archive folders to aid customizability (Bug 480546)make Forward Inline work when trying to send message without specified charset as UTF-8 (Bug 303540)do not crash when IMAP folder path ends with hierarchy delimiter (Bug 480870)make Match All Messages persist for saved searches (Bug 477254)maintain BCC field for sent email in message summary file (Bug 481667)add search all fields capability ("From, To or CC") to available Message View criteria (Bug 310359)add BCC to search all fields capability ("From, To, CC or BCC") of available Message View criteria (Bug 483629)support BCC headers in normal IMAP header parsing (Bug 501763)make Tools>Import>Mail>Outlook/Communicator 4.x back button work in case of error (Bug 216155)support opening .eml files from the comma[...]

Alpha 3 Roundup


It's been a while... again. I know this is not exactly Release Early, Release Often but on the other hand it gives me the opportunity to present you the full (as in "in one go", not as in "all-embracing") list of changes between Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. A lot happened since Alpha 2. First to appear was the new Places-based history (now using SQLite instead of being Mork-based), including the new location bar which now uses the frecency algorithm to determine which addresses to show in the drop down menu depending on what you type (it searches the history of visited pages, URL and title by default).Next the new Password Manager (and FF3-compatible backend) was implemented including searchability, notification bars replacing modal login dialogs, and always encrypting instead of (by default) merely obscuring passwords. [BTW the Cookie Manager is still lacking searchability but I hope to change that through Bug 476175 real soon now.]Then finally Navigator toolbars were made customizable like in Firefox, i.e. icons (alternatively text) can now be dragged around, regrouped and added/removed from the Navigator toolbars, including those from third parties (Add-ons). Later support for customizing Navigator menubars was added, too.Towards the end of the development cycle one of the most anticipated features made it into the application: Session restore (crash recovery). Now, when SeaMonkey crashes all your browser windows and tabs will be restored automatically or on request (including form data!).You can also tell SeaMonkey to always restore your previous session in addition to crash recovery. Restoring closed tabs is not working yet (probably just a matter of time, Bug 478707 tracks this issue) but on the positive side the author of the Session Manager extension already adapted his dev version to support SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 3 which allows you to handle multiple sessions.Progressswitch to Toolkit password manager: add SMTP protocol handlers (Bug 469807), do not lose newsgroup username/password information when migrating from signons.txt (Bug 470439), let promptPassword unescape user names before use (Bug 472824), main part (use LoginManager, remove Wallet) (Bug 390025), also fixes: If stored SMTP password is incorrect, no prompt is made for correct one (Bug 155172)@font-face support: implement downloadable font support on Linux (Mac and Windows have already been addressed in bug 441473) (Bug 458169), implement @font-face { src:local() } on Linux (Bug 468218), enable downloadable .otf fonts on Windows (Bug 458160), improve handling of format hints for downloadable fonts (Bug 465452)remove old Mork-based form history backend (Bug 466414)Toolbar customization: Navigator part 2 (real customizability for browser toolbars on Linux+Windows) (Bug 471372), use sheet popup instead of popup window on Mac OS X (Bug 406780), make menubars customizable (without grippied on Mac OS X) (Bug 475920)enable installer to get directory path for directories immediately under some symlinks: uninstall part pending (Bug 476106) MailNewsmake changing radio button for "Place a copy in" stick (Bug 463470)show pretty name for non-ASCII or localized IMAP folder names immediately, not only when logged in (Bug 450754)apply correct RFC 2047 encoding and decoding: treat encoded words as atoms within headers (make parsing sender address containing commas not assume multiple addresses) (Bug 254519)make Download Now button on IMAP folder Offline properties work again (Bug 468155)make NNTP use socket type and msgIncomingServer.isSecure readonly (replace "Use secure connection (SSL)" checkbox by "SSL" radio option in news server settings) (Bug 463096)do not crash in POP code (IncorporateComplete, e.g. when deleting an account) (Bug 313234)do not crash in POP code (AbortMailDelive[...]

Better Late Than Never


Now that Alpha 3 has been tagged it's time for... something completely different. :-)

Back in 2005 (when I was still at university) I was taking an "Internet lab" course where we implemented a basic HTTP server, a POP3 client with simple MIME support and a stripped-down Chord network, all in Java. The intention was to give an introduction to Internet protocols. Our task was to look at the relevant RFCs and come up with a standards-compliant implementation.

When we arrived at the POP3 client exercise our tutor gave us a Really Simple POP Server (RSPS). We used Mozilla (the suite) to check if it worked. It didn't. Or rather that's how it appeared to us. The truth was that Mozilla was violating the relevant RFC 1939 by requiring the server to support the optional commands TOP and UIDL. Our tutor was kind enough to implement those to let us test with Mozilla but obviously it wasn't RSPS's fault.

It was only recently that I found that the corresponding bug 156998 has been fixed (in June 2007 already, actually) so the good news is that this will be fixed in SeaMonkey 2 (the fix has not been back-ported to the Mozilla1.8 branch SeaMonkey 1.1 updates are released from); verified with the original RSPS (AFAIK it's not publicly available and all I have is the binary JAR so no source, sorry).

Alpha 2 Roundup


A lot has happened since Alpha 1. Tracemonkey, the Just-In-Time (JIT) JavaScript compiler, has been enabled for content (as opposed to chrome) by default. The old Find As You Type backend has been removed and replaced by Toolkit's. Audio/Video support has been enhanced. SeaMonkey has switched to the new mozilla-1.9.1 branch (which will lead to Firefox 3.1) together with the rest of comm-central.The new Alpha is not only about changes under the hood, though. Most notably Alpha 2 now features the first step towards customizable toolbars: you can now select the icon size and whether to display icons and/or text in both the browser and the MailNews component:Also new is RSS feed support for MailNews which has been ported from Thunderbird:Since there is no support for displaying RSS feeds in the browser yet the feed icon at the right end of the URL bar has been modified to allow subscribing to the feed in the MailNews component for the time being.There are of course things that are not working yet. For one Get All New Messages is not working correctly (fails for POP3 accounts, Bug 259212). This will probably be fixed soon and then maybe even allow to query RSS accounts, too. Also noteworthy is my all-time favorite Bug 338549 which has the effect of presenting multiple password prompts at once when checking multiple MailNews accounts. And when you look at the Bookmarks menu you might find that bookmark groups are not appearing there (Bug 461167).Trunk development continued after the cut for Alpha 2 had been made. Current nightlies already feature several improvements, particularly the new Places-based history UI (including the frecency-powered URL bar). A follow-up post will cover the details.ProgressTreelines: now fixed (last checkin: certificate details tree) (Bug 438793)border-radius support (CSS3): style system changes (Bug 450652)@font-face support: implement user font set object (Bug 441473)Places-based history UI: port Firefox utilityOverlay API to SeaMonkey (prerequisite) (Bug 370698)Toolbar customization: spring.png for Modern theme, small icons (Navigator, MailNews) for Classic theme (Bug 428227), use transparent background for small Classic theme messenger icons (Bug 462645), add alpha transparency to small Classic communicator and navigator icons (Bug 464936) and finally: allow to set icon size and whether/where to display text per toolbar (Bug 428216, also fixes Bug 253007: allow to set Modern theme Navigator buttons (Back etc.) to show text and icons)use Toolkit download manager backend: disable Toolkit's download manager UI for the suite (Bug 381157)Feed integration: connect feed discovery with MailNews feed subscribe (interim solution until Feed Preview is implemented) (Bug 465258)make sure Group By Sort in saved search (virtual folder) doesn't crash on expand/collapse group (bug 467840 isl pending) (Bug 465011)open only one window when opening a local html file (pending: fix internet shortcuts) (Bug 461501) MailNewsuse hourglass with pointer for mouse cursor when loading new newsgroup (Bug 178767)fix problems filtering POP3 mail when hidden pref to remove dupes is set (Bug 457168)use application name in the cancel message body for News (Bug 294824)move keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V from "Paste As Quotation" to "Paste Without Formatting" (Bug 192330)set default retention policy of "delete all but the last X messages" to 2000 (was: 30) and change field types to "number" (Bug 438918)correct filtering custom mail headers (Sender/Date/Status) (Bug 404489)eliminate "[JavaScript Application]" dialog titles (use prompt service instead of window.alert() in chrome code) (Bug 432608)always convert Content Type to lowercase for matching (Bug 381659)make sure the number in [...]

Lost & Found


I started compiling lists of bugs that were checked into the trunk long before I started this blog. I even kept them around afterwards. Now in the light of the upcoming SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 1 the time has come to do some cleanup. Below are all bugs from my list of the early days of Mozilla 1.9 trunk (SeaMonkey trunk was called 1.5a back then) that have neither been fixed on the 1.8.1 branch (SeaMonkey 1.1.x) nor appeared on this blog until now. As always I tried to focus on visible changes and noticeable enhancements rather than internal code changes.MailNewsrename TLS and SSL in SMTP preferences to what they really mean (STARTTLS, SMTP-over-SSL) (Bug 185662)make Reply, Reply All, Forward and Next buttons dual-mode (adding Reply to Sender, Reply to All Recipients, Forward Inline/As Attachment, Next Message/Flagged Message/Unread Thread) (Bug 17796)do not lose keystrokes while email composer is saving draft (Bug 352310)speed up deleting attachments containing UNIX line breaks (Bug 365751)add "Stop Filter Execution" filter action (Bug 358684)allow to set marking junk as read independently for automatic and manual cases in preferences (Bug 377920)do not fall back to insecure authentication after SMTP authentication failure (Bug 311657)support opening a message from the command line (Bug 386919)remove "Copy Folder Location" context menu entry, moving functionality to Location field in Properties dialog (Bug 369393)move Location field from IMAP Sharing tab of folder properties dialog to General Information tab (enable it for all account types) (Bug 180546)add more descriptive error messages for network level errors while sending mail (SMTP) (Bug 361433)enable extensions to add and handle columns in MailNews (Bug 376717) ChatZillachange Switch Text Direction shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+X (was: Ctrl+Shift+E) (Bug 333570)do not open multiline input when dropping link in single line input (Bug 332588)add IRC-Hispano to default network list (Bug 227366)add IRCnet to default network list (Bug 135926)allow styling all parts of ChatZilla with motifs (Bug 235169)allow disabling Bugzilla link detection on a per-channel basis (Bug 349137) DOM Inspectorallow inserting/creating new nodes (Bug 112775)add File / Save DOM As... (Bug 72494)allow to hide processing instructions (Bug 360898)show separate menu entries for Inspect Content/Chrome Document (Bug 337069) Compilingmake Mozilla compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (VC8) (Bug 249782)remove non-Cairo GTK2 gfx code (GTK 1 support and Xprint) (Bug 383889) Generaladd "Ignore Word" to inline spellchecker used for editable elements (Bug 354580)use bullets instead of asterisks to block out password characters (Bug 97811)make dictionaries part of the locale pack in the installer (Bug 350688)add font-family (alias) resolver checking whether specified font-family is installed in the system (Bug 352174)make a backup copy of prefs before overwriting it if there were errors reading it (Bug 361102)Undo Close Tab enhancements: File / Recently Closed Tabs menu entry, select restored tabs and reuse blank tabs with no history (Bug 354953)let Mozilla applications manage NSS configuration for PKCS#11 shared libraries (prevent Windows from locking nssckbi.dll) (Bug 176501)implement font-size-adjust on Linux (Bug 363410)make Gecko pass the Acid2 test (Bug 289480)let Backspace default to nothing on Linux instead of going back (in history) (Bug 358764)support startup notification on Linux/UNIX desktops (Bug 223492)enable native theme (form control etc.) in HTML content on Linux (Bug 329846)add support for the X Session Management Protocol (XSMP) (Bug 93789)make downloading using "Save Link As..." successful on a link to a page/file that[...]

Alpha Particles


Progressmigrate SeaMonkey preferences panes to use (Bug 394522) is now complete including Proxies (Bug 444157), Popups windows (Bug 441403), Cache (Bug 444161), MailNews / Send Format (Bug 445009), Downloads (Bug 444582), HTTP Networking (Bug 444167), SSL (Bug 445013), Certificates (Bug 445014), MailNews / Addressing (Bug 408613), Master Password (Bug 444170), Passwords (Bug 444169), Validation (Bug 445015) and Browser / Languages (Bug 444411)add ability to show just the name and not the email address in the message pane if an address book entry exists: main part (Bug 309057)the return of Treelines: Venkman, DOM Inspector, MailNews, Help viewer, Bookmarks, History and XUL directory viewer (Bug 438793) MailNewsmake IMAP folders offline by default if they are newly created and mail.server.default.offline_download pref is true (Bug 452615)display messages that are not present in the current folder view but found through a search (Bug 377084)resort when new message arrives and Sort by / Threaded is active (Bug 262319)do not ask whether to send HTML mail for recipients matching an "additional email" address of a contact that prefers HTML messages (Bug 437750)disable JavaScript in MailNews for now (Bug 453943)properly detect application/pkcs7-mime subtypes in libmime (Bug 456250)do not lose track of messages in a folder when using CONDSTORE (Bug 456601)add ability to download IMAP messages preemptively/automatically in the background (Bug 436615) Address Bookapply changes to phone types made in Apple Addressbook (Bug 452143)add birthday fields to address book (Bug 13595 and Bug 455797)update address book card preview pane for card changes via external interfaces (where notifications exist, e.g. OS X) (Bug 455240) CSSadd support for WebKit's CSS3 Transform proposal (Bug 435293) DOMimplement cloneNode() for HTML document nodes (Bug 42976)allow creating HTML documents through document.implementation.createDocument() (Bug 450160) SVGsupport SVG mask/clip-path/filter effects in HTML (Bug 450340) Certificatesshow Exception dialog before fetching certificate when prefetching is active (Bug 453855) Printingremove useless "print.use_native_print_dialog" preference (Bug 414843) Generalintroduce new UI for setting SeaMonkey as default application/handler (Bug 441050)add trim, trimLeft and trimRight for JavaScript strings (Bug 305064)add hu (Hungarian) to source locales (Bug 453350)make FTP uploads of small files using File / Upload File menu report failures (Bug 389394)make migration of SeaMonkey profile not fail (possibly not migrating bookmarks) when folder in source profile is missing (Bug 423211)set colors for GTK treelines when no specific rule is given (Bug 434080)make transfer mode of images influence the lock icon state (mixed content) (Bug 135007)add bold default options to about:config context menus (Bug 255726)disable "Add to SeaMonkey" and add "Cancel Install" in right-click menu after installing extension (Bug 438755)let Software Update show a hint that the system clock may be off if the server certificate appears to be expired (Bug 390746)use correct order of buttons in Add-on Updates dialog appearing at startup (Bug 424317)do not delete a file dragged from Windows Explorer / FTP (Bug 296528)enable color management support for tagged images by default (Bug 418538)disable NetworkManager querying by default because its network link detection (which triggers Offline mode) cannot be trusted (Bug 424626) Crashesdo not crash when opening IMAP messages with inline images (Bug 454061)do not crash shutting down in cookie code (Bug 455035)Update: added last three MailNews bugs that made the Alpha cut [...]

Behind the Scenes


For a web developer, the awesome fantastic Firebug provides everything you need, but it is currently only available for Firefox. Asrail is trying to make Firebug 1.2 work with SeaMonkey 2, though; I successfully installed an XPI today. Until he releases something I will just give you a hint: search for "caio seamonkey firebug" in Google Groups. Or take a look at Firebug Lite.ProgressDrag & Drop tabs between browser windows: backend (Bug 113934)Windows default application check: allow to change what to check (Bug 447637)Preferences window: MailNews / Notifications (Bug 428705), MailNews / Composition (Bug 429143) and Advanced / Keyboard Navigation (Bug 444146)enable building SeaMonkey with --enable-libxul: /suite directory (Bug 397277)Redirect mail (resend with possibility to editing before sending): backend (Bug 359226) MailNewsconvert attachment filename correctly when importing from Japanese Eudora (will also be fixed in SM 1.1.12) (Bug 443344)do not lose IMAP offline stores when connecting to server fails (Bug 213827)rename 'Unsent' folder to 'Outbox' (Bug 387656)allow to specify whether to run filters when checking mail, run manually, or both (add a separate manual filter context) (Bug 440635)cache the top-level address book to help performance (Bug 403256)ensure that disabling "Automatically mark messages as read" works (Bug 450740)add ability to filter only selected messages in a folder (Run Filters on Selected Messages) (Bug 444209)make sure signed/encrypted messages (e.g. S/MIME) always get transfer encoding applied (Bug 232515)ignore spaces after tag attribute equal sign in HTML messages (Bug 338323)convert Ask me before downloading more than __ messages option (in the news server settings) to number-type textbox (Bug 451862)make sure "Edit as new" for opened eml files does not result in a broken compose window (Bug 366482)use better wording in Folder Properties Retention Policy tab dialog (Bug 339151)always use Content-Disposition: attachment (was inline for text-type attachments) for sending attachments (Bug 65794)play back tags to IMAP server when switching from offline to online (Bug 141606)make Mark All Read keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C on Linux (like on Windows; was: Ctrl+Shift+M) (Bug 422757)do not delete mail keywords/tags when detaching/removing attachments (Bug 440366)add option to quote the contents of displayed inline attachments in replies (UI for mail.reply_quote_inline pref) (Bug 441659)show just the name and not the email address in the message pane (Bug 309057)rename Properties to Settings in account context menus (Bug 249620)implement auto-expunge for IMAP mailboxes (see bug comment 4) (Bug 359284) Address Bookmake Search/Filters check correctly for address in Mac OS X Address Book (Bug 437908)remove spaces from Mac OS X Address Book display names when first and/or last name is empty (Bug 451021)allow Junk settings to use read-only address books (like Mac OS X Address Book, but not remote ones) for white lists (Bug 451361)support multiple address books for Junk whitelist (Bug 449747) CSSsupport white-space:pre-line (Bug 230555)support positioned and floated generated content (in conjunction with :before and :after) for non-replaced elements (Bug 238072)ignore CSS2.1 empty-cells:hide in conjunction with border-collapse:collapse (Bug 392047) DOMimplement ElementTraversal (Bug 447917)implement W3C Selectors API (querySelector and querySelectorAll) (Bug 416317)implement WHATWG/HTML5 Drag and Drop (Bug 356295) Printingenable printing while in Print Preview on Linux/Unix (Bug 126802)clear print_to_filename after printing on OS/2 to make sure that it's not overwritte[...]

A New Home


The move to hg went quite smoothly (thanks to the preparatory work of KaiRo and others). Now that SeaMonkey and MailNews have their own repository shared with Thunderbird and Calendar, tracking changes is a lot easier. However, the loss of Bonsai still hurts a bit. Bug 394669 has been fixed but it still needs to be pushed live (Bug 448459). While you are waiting for that, take a look at what is possible with a bit of client-side PHP and RegEx:ProgressDownload manager: make toolkit dlmgr buildable by suite (backend prerequisite) (Bug 440932)Preferences window: Composer / New Page Settings (Bug 435079), MailNews / Return Receipts (Bug 445011), MailNews / Junk Mail (Bug 445010), MailNews / Character Encoding (Bug 445012); enable using filefield elements (Bug 448106) MailNewsupdate saved search folders' unread count when deleting mail without reading it (Bug 300487)allow filters to move a mail after copying it (Bug 376235)implement highlightNonMatches in Toolkit autocomplete (to show that email address could not be found in address book) (Bug 441526)do not report "Mail server is not an IMAP4 mail server" if server says BYE (Bug 408861)filter news based on any headers [original fix had been backed out due to regressions] (Bug 16913)add confirmation dialog for Empty Trash (Bug 179891)make sure removing tags from local messages survives rebuild index (Bug 439132)set default for MDN confirmation dialog to No (i.e. Do Not Send) (Bug 166164)support IMAP RFC 4551 - CondStore extension (Bug 436151)do not issue IMAP fetch CHANGEDSINCE unless using CondStore (Bug 448558)do not remove new messages from view after changing tag (Bug 444815)do not clear messages and thread panes when compacting a folder other than the selected one (Bug 271988)turn off error pages for MailNews windows (XML Parsing Error: no element found/netError.xhtml on newsgroup message download timeout) [will probably also be fixed in SM 1.1.12] (Bug 327510) Breakpaddisable email field after submission (Bug 427034) CSSsupport CSS3 'word-wrap' property (breaks long lines) (Bug 99457)implement CSS3 column-rule-* (Bug 271586)implement W3C Selectors API (querySelector and querySelectorAll) (Bug 416317)implement parsing of @font-face rules (Bug 441469) Compilingactually support --skip-calendar in comm-central's (Bug 447225)add configure option to l10n repositories (Bug 447619)change build process to generate unique BuildIDs (including minutes and seconds) (Bug 431270) Generaluse separate accesskey for "Search Web for " menu item (Bug 447833)save form inputs' state with Save Page As (Bug 293834)add Ogg Theora backend for HTML5 video element (Bug 422538)do not show "Content Encoding Error" page when redownloading a previously cancelled .tar.gz file (Bug 426273)show file:// directories containing files >= 2GB on Linux (Bug 278738)do not try to retrieve image when img src="" and image URI equals document URI (Bug 444931)utilize min-height on fieldset tag (Bug 210094)check for left/top start position on startup to prevent overlapping widgets like the Dock (Bug 433358) Crashesdo not crash and lose mails if Rebuild Index is executed while compacting folder is in progress (Bug 392015)[...]

Moving On


Finally the switch has been made. SeaMonkey trunk is now on Mercurial (hg), residing in the shared Thunderbird/Calendar/SeaMonkey repository called comm-central and pulling in Gecko and other core components from the Firefox/core repository called mozilla-central. That also means that Gecko 1.9.1pre is now used for SeaMonkey nightly builds, including recent improvements like support for Canvas text and CSS3 properties like text-shadow, border-image and pseudo classes. The CVS trunk is mostly dead now as far as SeaMonkey is concerned. The switch also means that there will be no SeaMonkey release with Gecko 1.9.0 (the rendering engine of Firefox 3.0); SeaMonkey will just skip it and (probably) go with Gecko 1.9.1 when it ships.Concerning the new hg web interface, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, there are RSS feeds available, which is good, but unlike with Bonsai, bug numbers are not linked and there doesn't seem to be a way to specify query time ranges or show affected files per each changeset in an overview, all of which is unfortunate from the perspective of a trunk tracker.The splitting-up of the repositories, on the other hand, gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the SeaMonkey and MailNews parts of development. I will probably reduce reporting about Gecko and core changes to the most noteworthy news, partly because it greatly reduces my workload but also because it's getting increasingly hard to sort out all the Firefox-only changes from the mozilla-central repository.Progressadd attribute to restore treelines on XUL trees (prerequisite to restoring missing treelines in MailNews) (Bug 430852)Preferences window: Composer / New Page Settings (Bug 435079) MailNewsallow to disable marking a message as read when viewed (Bug 297534)Ignore (kill) a subthread (now also with frontend) (Bug 11054)add Not Deleted view for IMAP with delete model active (Bug 190974)make Run Junk Mail Controls work on selected messages again (Bug 324953)set IMAP keywords for junk messages during manual junk analysis (Run Junk Mail Controls) (Bug 438654)migrate SSL/port number/root folder when importing account settings from Outlook Express (Bug 262641)do not show escaped name for IMAP saved searches with spaces in the name (Bug 445403)do not create unneeded .sbd folder when adding IMAP saved search (Bug 445343)when offline, check memory cache for IMAP/news messages (Bug 213729)should look in mem cache for messages when offline (Bug 213729)display warning when sending return receipt fails (Bug 386158)use better chunk size calculation when mail.imap.fetch_by_chunks is active (speed up sending of large emails) (Bug 425849)make "next" shortcut in account setup for News, Server information panel work (Bug 443908)add missing twisty icons for email address lists (Bug 383532)do not change/force selection upon issuing Delete Mail Marked as Junk (Bug 200138)display custom columns added by extensions while in "grouped by sort" (Bug 373967)correctly update unread count in virtual folders when headers (e.g. junkpercent) change (Bug 428427)enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI (Bug 436794)preserve junkstatusorigin and junkpercent when moving IMAP junk message (Bug 443993)do not allow to re-detach detached attachments (Bug 416284)(re)add ability to create Movemail account (Bug 443808) Certificatesremember (by default) user's client certificate selection for current session (already included in SM 1.1.10) (Bug 431819) Generalgo to beginning/end of line when pressing up/down arrows on Mac (Bug 440515)add "Send Link" to link context menus (Bug 137[...]

Now That You're Gone


After the release of Firefox 3 and in preparation for Firefox 3.1 / Mozilla 1.9.1, the trunk has switched from CVS to Mercurial for Firefox, Gecko, Toolkit and most other Mozilla core components. The new repository is called mozilla-central. SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Calendar and other projects haven't made the switch yet but at least for the three mentioned above, a Mercurial repository called comm-central has been be set up but not yet filled. In the meantime, SeaMonkey and MailNews development continues on the CVS trunk (sort of 1.9.0.x). The below is taken from there, ignoring Mercurial for now (Bugzilla integration, anyone?).ProgressPreferences window: Cookies (Bug 436730), Internet Search (Bug 436709) MailNewsadd ability to set certificate per mail identity (Bug 278549)quote just the selected portion of a message during Reply (Bug 23394)allow signature to be placed above the quoted text when forwarding messages (Bug 273114)allow editing LDAP directory entry using double click (Bug 342934)close LDAP connection when closing compose window with open address book sidebar (Bug 321271)add pseudo-offline IMAP delete and move support (Bug 435153)support Windows x64 build for mailnews (Bug 438533)enable junk token limit (100000) (Bug 437098)restore capability to use Tags (formerly Labels) as filter criterion, including "is empty" condition (Bug 217034)add wbr tag to list of allowed tags for simple HTML view (support YahooGroups emails) (Bug 439601)allow adding tags with names that are a substring of other tags' names (Bug 439548)allow filter of "To or CC" to use "is in Address Book..." and "is not in Address Book..." (Bug 187768)do not freeze up when adding tags with names that are a substring of other tags' names (Bug 433175)prevent data loss when switching folders while Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder is running (Bug 438805)Add Junk Score Origin and Junk Percent to search and mail views (Bug 414179)do not log NNTP XPAT twice (Bug 64580)add missing error checks in search views (Bug 441914)fix memory leak after closing message window (Bug 365723)check identity's LDAP preference before global one to retrieve user certificates (Bug 392016)make Get All New Messages, retrieval at specified times and at startup work with Movemail accounts (Bug 278383)handle Keynote files correctly when sending as attachments (Bug 372786)remove x- prefix from application/x-pkcs7-mime and application/x-pkcs7-signature MIME types (Bug 436869)do not erase address in compose window when LDAP lookup fails (Bug 366837) Address Bookuse Google Maps for Get Map (Bug 436814) ChatZilladisplay all-numeric channel names as links (Bug 433703)make multiline mode go away on paste (Bug 417196)add Cancel button to topic edit mode (keep changes when losing focus) (Bug 399450)make nicknames of messages to another view clickable (Bug 436871)improve CTCP detection (start of line, not inline) (Bug 437184)enable wrapping when line is made up of small blocks of processed (e.g. colored) text (Bug 416749)handle malformed awayMsgs.txt (rename it and continue startup) (Bug 437375)make CEIP distinguish mouse click events (Bug 439374) Printingdo not repeat the same text on every page when using Print Selection (Bug 433284) Generalremove xml-rpc from SeaMonkey build (Bug 438676)allow to turn off offline mode detection by adding new pref toolkit.networkmanager.disable (workaround for when NetworkManager is running but not controlling the active network interface, e.g. when using PPP) (Bug 424626)change "Block images from this server" to "Block images from (server name)" [...]

MailNews Advancements


ProgressPref window: Advanced pref panel (Bug 421832)use in Composer where applicable: Pref window part (Bug 432132) MailNewsdisable images on drag feedback for GTK2 since it lacks proper transparency support (Bug 429821)make deleting/renaming IMAP folder show in the UI again without the need to collapse/expand (Bug 434920)allow to change priority via filter when message is moved and server supports user flags (Bug 181561)add a pref (mail.reply_quote_inline) to quote text attachment in reply (Bug 384599)let IMAP subscribe UI handle folders with a leading hierarchy delimiter correctly (Bug 434110)make setting mail.auth_login and mail.server.default.auth_login to false (disabling AUTH/SASL) work with IMAP (Bug 417957, also fixed on stable branch)display correct unread count in Trash when playing back offline delete of unread IMAP message (Bug 435259)only enable the Next > button when appropriate in the Account wizard (Bug 146392)update addressbook view when a new card is created while creating a new mailing list (Bug 434978)enable .wdseml (Windows Search) file opening support for Mail/News (Bug 433697)make message filters move up/down accelerators not disable the filter (Bug 368218)allow to limit growth of junk token store (add new pref mailnews.bayesian_spam_filter.junk_maxtokens) (Bug 228675)do not insert two blank lines after signature when top-posting (Bug 428040)speed up selecting saved search with a lot of results (do not paint scroll bar for every message) (Bug 436960) ChatZillamake userlist readable again (Bug 432482)make /msg and /describe messages sent to a non-current channel not appear as if they were sent to the current channel (Bug 419230)escape channel names for irc: urls containing '/' correctly (Bug 435602)avoid starting Java when opening Chatzilla (Bug 435772) Compilingidentify more Cygwin environments as such (Bug 428683)use jemalloc on OpenSolaris (Bug 422055) GeneralAdd a "Summary" last step before actual install, like Thunderbird has, to installer (Bug 428813)add accesskeys to right-click menu of bookmarks (Bug 176359)set accesskey for various labels of updater menuitem in Help menu (Bug 433551)package and install ChatZilla language packs (Bug 408844)enable source server support on SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox (Bug 433230)use Cmd+? to open Help menu on Mac (Bug 432693)don't try to import IE favorites on Mac (Bug 433117)set autocomplete popup to correct width when page is zoomed in/out (Bug 407912)do not apply cross-domain javascript security restrictions to local HTML files loaded into an IFRAME (Bug 435362)allow chrome favicons for XUL error pages (Bug 301119)enable using keyboard for text entry if address bar history entry is selected with mouse while pulldown menu is active from hotkey (Bug 270128) Crashesdo not crash with display: -moz-box, generated content, positioning and fieldset (Bug 398332)do not crash when htmlSigText is set but no signature file is given (Bug 435587) [...]

Add-ons AMO Integration And More


ProgressPreferences window: Smart Browsing (now Location Bar) (Bug 411226), Offline & Disk Space (Bug 429015), Composer and Toolbars (Bug 431061) and ChatZilla (Bug 417319) MailNewsremove dotted lines from tree views (affects MailNews thread display) (Bug 425131)call onItemAdded only on parent address book of mailing lists (Bug 406921)also fixes: prevent addresses in multiple lists from appearing multiple times in parent address book (Bug 134590), update parent address book after changing a list (Bug 362351) and update list when deleting card from it (Bug 340728)implement (Mac) importer (Bug 420472)enable "Character Encoding" in "View Source" window (Bug 350693)do not let IMAP code deadlock when it can't reach the network (Bug 410747) GTK/Linuxuse 4px tooltip padding width (left and right) on Linux (Bug 419395)make new Linux print & page-setup dialogs modal (Bug 431190) Editorallow to resize linked images in contentEditable elements (Bug 417533)ensure that contentEditable elements are still editable after going back to a page (Bug 386782)make pressing enter in div with contentEditable not move text nodes unexpectedly (Bug 430392)unhide grabber for absolutely positioned elements and make it accessible (Bug 384625)make Composer handle XHTML documents (Bug 431184) ChatZillamake columns in "Join Channel" dialog resizeable (Bug 432831)allow moving a tab for channel called "#" without errors (Bug 432818)make double-clicking a user in the user list open a query view (Bug 432235)add new images and symbols for the userlist (suitable for default & dark motifs) (Bug 431859)provide a dark motif userlist (Bug 410962)Add optional instrumentation code / opt-in anonymous usage reporting: CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) (Bug 299472)make "/voice *" voice all people (Bug 415006)make channel/user views appear in preferences window if network has no prefs and is hidden (Bug 430977)localize 421 (ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND) message from server (Bug 423644)add "User commands" to the right-click context menu in Query views (Bug 423011)make Browse... button in pref window work if pref is invalid (point to default) (Bug 418722)do not save new nickname when connected and server does not accept it (Bug 420635)split messages for display already, to indicate "spam" and/or link breakage (Bug 422060)remove spaces from nicknames (Bug 349268) Certificatesadd a way to always show the Add Exception buttons on SSL error pages (Bug 427293, see comment 22)show link to correct site in SSL error pages for domain mismatch (Bug 402210)use identity error icons on SSL error pages (all platforms) (Bug 430904) Printingensure that no content of multi-page print selection streams off end of page / is duplicated on next page (Bug 430389)calculate correct "total number of pages" for print selection when printing scaled output (Bug 431587)make print selection place text correctly with initial whitespace and select-all (Bug 430748) gfx/Layoutremove hover state for dropdown button on menulists in Vista chrome (Bug 430434)add new artwork for the icons of loading-images and broken-images (Bug 240463)make Type 1 fonts print correctly (Bug 432071)make content drop-down menus appear with the parent menu (Bug 431606)improve font handling and text display in OS/2 Thebes builds (Bug 381333)make CG glyph rendering not always anti-alias when system preference is to disable for font size > x on Mac (Bug 418479)add native fast-path for drawImage with a canvas as source (Bug 430873)use correct log[...]

Backend Promises


ProgressVista integration: port Toolkit's Window shellservices to Suiterunner (backend for setting SM as default client) (Bug 380347)Preferences window: Migrate Tags (Bug 416548) and Message Display (Bug 427365) MailNews subpanes Ignore (kill) a subthread in MailNews: Backend (Bug 11054)New icons for Mail back/forward: Modern theme part (Bug 399366)Add support for Kerberised LDAP to MailNews: Backend (extensions/auth) (Bug 428482)"Warning: Key event not available on ..." messages: update list of keys (Bug 311756) Generalload local XHTML even if a non-existent CSS file is specified (Bug 418391)do not issue "Error: this.docShell is null" when the sidebar opens (Bug 412171)do not save the error page icon into Bookmarks (Bug 323508)disable color controls when 'Use system color' is checked (Bug 79603)make updater.exe appear as "SeaMonkey Updater" in the UAC prompt on Vista (Bug 405553)display correct error message when installing an extension that isn't compatible with the app (Bug 428341)prevent websites from detecting extensions via chrome protocol handler (Bug 292789)make sure "Try Again" after a DNS error does not load previous page instead of the one that failed to load (Bug 421067)make default browser window size bigger (70ch x 45em) (Bug 423368)make content of mplayer plugin no spill over into content area when scrolling on OS/2 (Bug 418645)remove empty Mozilla directories in appdata when Remove personal data option is set during uninstall (Bug 407008)fix dragging multiple files to editor on Linux (Bug 428876)do not go to chrome URL when setting New Tab preference to Home Page (Bug 429731)(also fixed in next stable release, e.g. 1.1.10)remove countdown timer from software update UI (Bug 424995)fix progressmeter in undetermined mode on Mac OS X (Bug 304147)move caret to beginning/end of url bar or text box when pressing up/down arrow key on Mac (Bug 231754)do not incorrectly shift accesskeys (e.g. accesskey=".") (Bug 359638) /make Ctrl + + (text zoom) work (Bug 401086)make IME work in Flash text field on Mac (Bug 357670) MailNewsallow to delete folders in the background without a confirmation (Bug 424024)add "Recent Folder Target" to Move and Copy menus (SeaMonkey part) (Bug 416669)allow to rename already-attached attachments (Bug 190298)show account name instead of email address in titlebar (Bug 141089)allow to rename a local folder to exactly the same name (Bug 427711)escape & character as & in href when creating plaintext url html (Bug 408096)maintain correct internal values for Junk filter (for extensions) (Bug 366491)make restore defaults for tags work in non-instant-apply mode (Bug 428594)(pref unthreads=True): make threading via column header force Sort by Date instead of Order Received (Bug 369620)do not crash when trying to reorder "date" column for new IMAP account in new profile (Bug 422720)identify the sender of a reply or forward mail correctly if a mail identity is a substring of another one (Bug 424098)do not require application restart for changing the print orientation to take effect (Bug 420050)make sure spellchecker.dictionary pref default is not empty (affects languages dropdown in Mail Composition pref pane) (Bug 423241)expose less of the messenger chrome package to content (Bug 428996)allow attaching and sending out-of-locale Unicode-named files (Bug 332110) GTK/Linuximprove Linux autoscroll icon (Bug 387018)render native ComboBox arrow correctly with GNOME nimbus theme (Bug 426322)add support for[...]

Start the Demorkification


ProgressPreferences window: apply changes in migrated Scripts & Plugins pref pane (generate events for checkbox listitems) (Bug 423407), add load_toolbar_icons pref to content panel (Bug 420732)MailNewsremove UI for option "Apply default character encoding to all incoming messages" (Bug 408335)port Thunderbird's revised vCard attachment display (Bug 290678)do not crash while starting / moving message from one IMAP account to another account (Bug 341929)convert panacea.dat (mork) to msgFolderCache.sqlite (storage) (Bug 418551)GTK/Linuxtell the GTK theme engine that Mozilla is requesting the drawing, so it can fix its quirks (Bug 425877)ChatZillashow CZ icon on tabbar when CZ is opened in a tab (Bug 410948)gfx/Layoutdraw scrollbar thumb with correct size for custom scrollbars on Mac (Bug 424074)use selected weight for font cache on Windows (Bug 424945)make tiled image drawing sample only the correct subimage by manually padding if necessary (Bug 421885)scale elements for 192+ dpi instead of 144+ dpi (Bug 394103)Pluginsshow Plugin Finder Service when object tag fallback is empty (Bug 425013)Certificatesclear invalid cert data when using back button (Bug 420246)Crashesdo not crash on quit on Mac (Bug 422827)do not crash on cancel of print-to-file (Bug 409953)do not crash with proxied https and network.http.pipelining.ssl active (Bug 422016)Generalmake Edit menu shortcuts work again in Save file picker on Mac (Bug 372571)do not lose focus of selected richlistitem after performing an operation to it (Bug 385374)use jemalloc on Windows (Bug 423703)do not cut off searchplugin url containing digits when doing empty search from urlbar (Bug 390295)make multiple selection work properly when selecting something before an existing selection (Bug 392746)add even better OS/2 icons for SeaMonkey (Bug 413535)use 32bpp (instead of 64bpp) for theme icon PNGs (affects autoscroll icon) (Bug 425217)prevent "installLocation has no properties" during install/update of extensions (drop any entries in unknown install locations) (Bug 356370)make window.outerWidth/outerHeight report number of CSS pixels, not device pixels (Bug 424375)optimize read file buffer sizes for faster startup times (Bug 411579)[...]

Restart the Import, Don't Ask


MailNewsdo not crash when selecting folder (Bug 423825)get rid of enormous amount of "morkObject not thread-safe" assertions when importing mail on Mac (Bug 423539)allow restarting incomplete import (Bug 399312 / Bug 421405)get rid of the Send in UTF-8 question dialog, just silently switch to UTF-8 if necessary (Bug 410333)GTK/Linuxmake tree view headers tell the GTK engine the sortation (Bug 423236)map mouse buttons 6-7 to horizontal scrolling on Linux (Bug 423563)use correct margins in GTK print/print preview from the start (Bug 417356)do not crash while setting image as desktop background on Linux (Bug 420786)support alternate focus drawing method for certain GTK themes (Bug 423606)gfx/Layoutmake font entries depend on the style (non-latin characters not displayed in italic/bold) (Bug 382542)make text of select dropdown vertically centered on Mac (Bug 418294)fix inconsistent layout with padding (Bug 423130)go back to using font fallback for symbol fonts (Bug 399636)limit supported font weight to 900 (Bug 424165)simulate bold and italic for families that lack bold and/or italic faces on Mac (Bug 364713)make floating parent size correctly with floating child using negative margin (Bug 423385)make it so that specifying a line-height in px or with decimal values does not cause rendering errors (Bug 421069)SVGfix text kerning (do not show space between letters and prevent letters from appearing above each other) (Bug 392233)make filter on DOM-animated elements mask drawing region correctly (Bug 421584)make elements embedding SVG by ref. resize if they depend on intrinsic percentage width/height (Bug 423436)Extensions and Pluginsmake Restart option appear for installs from the local filesystem (Bug 423218)give type attribute higher priority when deciding what plugin to use (Bug 395110)enable plugins on startup that are no longer blocklisted (Bug 419582)MathMLuse correct mtable width and position (Bug 363240)Breakpadmake Crash Reporter dialog wide enough for l10n (Bug 415428)integrate Breakpad on Solaris (Bug 391361)ChatZillaupdate timestamps when changing collapse preference (Bug 361283)DOM Inspectormake Evaluate JavaScript window opaque (Bug 423625)enable Insert Node dialog to create HTML elements again (Bug 399653)select Namespace URI when loading Edit Attribute dialog (Bug 422336)Crashesdo not crash when trying to print from print preview with a frameset page (Bug 423345)do not crash with a font that Uniscribe cannot render (use GDI instead) (Bug 418384)do not crash while trying to print (table cellmap issue) (Bug 424291)do not crash or hang when installing a font on Windows while the browser is running (Bug 424398)do not crash when reloading page with RealPlayer plugin that has a modal child window (Bug 420886)do not crash when trying to setup plugin (Bug 424226)Generalsize input correctly and make rows not jump around with editable trees and flexible and non-flexible treecols (Bug 415257)increase http.max-* default prefs (Bug 423377)show only one "Save As..." button in PageInfo/Media when one row is selected (Bug 423914)show disabled buttons on SeaMonkey help viewer (Linux) (Bug 424127)fix wonkiness with modal windows resulting from showModalDialog on Mac OS X (Bug 395465)add .pr (Puerto Rico) to IDN whitelist (Bug 423974)[...]