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I assistance Mark Hargrove for State Representative at the 47th District when you consider that he listens to me and understands what I'm talking about. When I tell him the cash he'll be spending with the Residence comes from my pockets, he understands totally given that it comes from his private pockets too. He understands that getting a dad is a little more than just getting a father and that you'll find commitments associated with becoming a dad with the rest of his life. He obviously loves his wife and treats her with dignity and respect. They're partners in their loved ones, not just a husband and wife. Mark can be described as guy of his word. I'm certain he'll be looking out for my interests when he gets towards the Residence and he'll be watching out for yours as wellMark Hargrove vs Geoff Simpson vs Nancy Wyatt. WA State Representative District 47 2010 election. I don't trust his opponent, the Democrat Geoff Simpson, has a college degree. Mark Hargrove is drawn to serve individuals among the 47th district by his sense of honesty, integrity along with a desire to keep as a great deal freedom reserved to the folks of a state as feasible. A vote for Mark is really a vote to decrease the size, expense and energy of state govt.Mark Hargrove vs Geoff Simpson and Nancy Wyatt: Why would I assist Mark Hargrove? Experience.!!!We moved into the neighborhood about the exact same time just a couple blocks away. Mark Hargrove and I both had youngsters exactly the same ages so aside from in the neighborhood; there wasn't a school function I didn't see Mark and his family members at. The acid test I give buyers as far as believe in goes is "would you believe in him/her with your kids?" Bottom line is I have. P.C.Covington WAMark Hargrove vs Geoff Simpson: If there was a magazine that chronicled self reliance, achievement, integrity, motivation and success Mark Hargrove will be one of this finalists for the "Cover Guy". Simpson, but also the majority in the Democratic controlled House, Senate and Governor's office.There is little doubt that Mark Hargrove would question why the spending budget "is what it is" as an alternative to "this can be what we've got and we have to continue to assist it" at any cost. Nancy Wyatt, competing with Mark Hargrove and incumbent Geoff Simpson for that Position 1 seat, doesn't openly speak in the necessity of protecting liberty for our state and our nation to thrive. While she promotes reduce taxes, a balanced spending budget, and educational reform (key problems that Mark Hargrove intends to resolve), she won't openly recognize that our state and our nation is in peril considering that the rights of citizens are becoming trodden by government officials. Mark Hargrove does, and will fight to shield our rights as 47th district representative.Incumbent Rep. In a recent e-mail correspondence with me regarding his aid of your Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act of 2010, Rep. Geoff Simpson vs Mark Hargrove. Nancy Wyatt, do we wish to elect a representative who has plans to fix our state's economic concerns without taking a stand to shield our dissolving liberty? After weighing each of your candidates for Position 1 around the 47th District Including Geoff Simpson, nancy Wyatt and Mark Hargrove, I've discovered only Mark Hargrove being qualified to the job. He will stand up for our liberty Even though working to lower taxes, tighten our budget, improve education, etc. Do your research prior to heading out on the polls - but, to make the sake of yourself and your fellow citizens, please vote only for candidates who will safeguard our rights. H. I believe Mark will likely be a moving force to help curb authorities investing, reduced taxes and get our business enterprise sector functioning again. I also believe that he is going to do everything in his energy to bring down the unemployed numbers. I consider Mark Hargrove is that form of person. Mark is an Air Force Academy graduate. We have gotten away from the will of the folks today. Look at the oppressive tax structure among other [...]