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Just an everyday person figuring out new"stuff" and sharing What Works-Check back often.

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Oh NO – He’s been skunked!!


That is exactly how I felt yesterday when my sweet (?) boxer boy stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. It was early in the morning, before the sun was up and we were out on our usual two mile trek. I had his red blinking light on to warn drivers and I had my trustee flashlight to see critters – specifically skunks. I’ve been hyper vigilant since I’ve seen more and more skunks here in the piney woods of East Texas. We even had one trail after us one morning. I ended up running away as the dang thing would not get off our tail – but I digress.Along our route there is a small loop which ultimately doubles back on itself and puts us back to where we started so we can take the larger loop to complete the two miles. It was along the double back portion (which we had already traversed with no skunky encounter) that the incident transpired. When it is dark outside, I make my little wonder walk in the middle of the road when the “forest” is dense along the edges. The last thing I wanted was for him to stick his nose in the underbrush and get squirted by a skunk. Well dang if that skunk wasn’t right out in the open along the road’s edge. I swear the little white striped furry menace was laying in wait for us. I had my trusty light moving over the landscape and didn’t see the thing until my poor boy walked up for a sniff – no there was no smell. It was curled up in a ball and I saw no white whatsoever. At the same instant that I realized what it was (basically as it stood up), I jerked my baby off his feet backward, but the nasty SOB let loose; Splat – all over the face of my four legged wonder. It was however a glancing blow – thank goodness. If it had been full force I think I would have thrown up.We were right at the end of our street, so we made a beeline home and went into fix it mode. I left the dog outside (duh) and ran in to get tomato juice. We had no juice, but we did have a good supply of tomato sauce. Dumping the contents of the sauce can into a bowl, I zipped back outside. Holy Crap did he stink. I had presence of mind to grab rubber gloves and a heavy duty paper towel. I went to work. I smeared his head, chest and front legs. He threw up. I smeared some more. He threw up again. After about five minutes he started acting like nothing was wrong. I rubbed and rubbed and then got the hose. Boxer boy was none too happy about the water. Come to think of it neither was I since he was shaking red gook all over me. I washed him with dish detergent and hosed again. By now I was dripping wet and he smelled moderately better – or my nasal senses had been burned into non existence.I left him outside to dry and went in to strip off clothes, heading for the shower and the laundry. An hour later, the dog still smelled pretty darn bad and so did the front area of the yard. I went into research mode with my trusty laptop and the internet. Everywhere I turned I found the same thing. Tomato juice only masks the effect of a skunking. The best solution is the mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda and liquid detergent. We didn’t have the full quart of Peroxide it called for so I cut down the receipt and gave it a try. AMAZING….it really does work. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t get rid of the odor completely, but enough that you can stand to have your little love bug come over and give you a slurp. In case you ever need it – here is the receipt1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide¼ cup of baking soda1 teas. of liquid soapMix it together and when it begins to fizz get to work. Don’t get it in the eyes, nose or mouth. Work it in well, letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse.I now have a supply of Hydrogen Peroxide just in case. And I have Fabreze all over the house. Everything I read says it will take up to two weeks for the stink to get gone. It will be a long two weeks!![...]

Renovations – Expect the Unexpected!


I’ve been away from writing for the past few weeks, since I have been consumed by work on my Mother’s recently purchased condo. Her “new” old place was in pretty good condition when we made the decision to purchase. But, there were a few things which needed to be attended to prior to her moving in – you know the stuff that makes it “your own”.The main thing which needed to be done was a gut job on the master shower. The tile which was there had seen better days and needed to be replaced – otherwise I feared we would really have issues since there were many cracks and I assumed leakage. Of course I was correct, but I get head of myself.I opted to play “contractor” for the items which needed to be done. This is not something I would recommend for everyone. First, you need to understand the world of renovations. By that I mean, expect that things will not go smoothly and that everything will cost more than you budgeted. Since I have lived through renovating my own home, I had a darn good idea of what I was in for and I had access to the best trades people – masters in their various crafts.The things which needed to be done included:• Cleaning – I could do that myself. (Note – I am sorry I opted for this course of action)• Curtains – I could do this one too – or so I thought.• Cabinets installed in the room we were calling the Studio – Mom paints (watercolors) and needed more room for supplies.• Repairs and clean-up for the garage.• Prepare the patios for tile.• Redo the master shower.Here is what happened….. After five days of living on my knees the tile floor is now clean and sealed. I did manage to hang curtains in the guest bedroom, but we opted to hire out the remainder and install solar shades which will help with the east/west exposure of this desert jewel. Plus I think it would have been a challenge to get shades or curtain from readymade stock to cover the odd sizes we were dealing with.The cabinets have been purchased and halfway installed. My handyman got some weird fever and was down for the count for three days. When he didn’t show up as agreed, I called and talked with his significant other. Being the nice person I am, I wished him well and asked that he call me when he was better. That didn’t happen. I tracked him down and extracted a promise to return this week to finish the job. They are looking good so far.The garage is almost finished. There were shelves which needed to be removed, walls to be repaired and floor epoxy to be applied. All of this took days, since each step on the floor had to cure and my painter had other jobs which took his focus for most of each day. We are down to painting the walls. Hopefully this will be done by the end of the week. As mentioned the challenge here was my painter’s full time gig. Oh and his very broken English. But, the man does an outstanding job and has very reasonable rates. Plus he is honest as the day is long…..worth working through the issues.That leaves the master shower and the patios. The patios have not been touched. They are a staging ground for the work in the shower. It is a wee bit difficult to pull up outdoor carpet when there are bags of thin set, saws and other stuff all over the surface. This may get done by the end of next week – fingers are crossed.Now to the meat of the reno…. All was going very well, up to the point of starting the actual work. I had tile, plumbing fixtures, tile layer and plumber all lined up. First snag – the cement floor in the shower crumbled during demo. That was a minor hiccup and an extra $250 bucks. Not bad. And it was a good thing to find out now vs. later. It was due to the water seepage over time. Luckily the walls were in good shape.Next snag – we went to pick up the tile and discovered they had forgotten to order the trim pieces we needed….oops another $200 bucks and five days delay. Being undeterred, my tile layer started on the back wall of the shower….oh no. We are short one (yes only one) piece of tile. That was anothe[...]

John Tesh and His Intelligence For Your Life


Since I’m temporarily hanging out in the middle of the piney woods of East Texas, my choices of radio stations are limited. Reception out here is pretty dismal. A while back I happened upon a station which features John Tesh in the morning. I’m hooked.

John’s (I choose to call him that since I feel like we are old friends now) program provides a bunch of great little tidbits of info each morning– what he calls random intelligence. He provides help and ideas regarding children, seniors, work issues, technology, you name it. I always learn something from listening to his program. And, on top of that, he promotes causes which are truly worthwhile.

Currently John is promoting “Adopt a Fisherman”. This program allows everyday folks to share what they can with the fishermen who have lost their way of life due to the BP oil spill in the Gulf. John has received as little as $5, and to date has raised thousands. You can find his efforts at this link on Facebook.

The thing I love about John’s program is it’s simplicity and it’s applicability to one’s life. Check out his website.  You will find a bunch of information you can actually use. Take a look at the links provided to other websites. They have done the hard work of finding good sites to direct you to.

As I said – I’m a fan and totally hooked.(image)

Trapping Armadillos


Those of you who have been reading this blog know I’ve had a time of it dealing with voracious deer. You will also recall I’ve been somewhat successful in getting them under control. Well-on to the next challenge. East Texas is one very interesting place to live. If it is not deer or rocky raccoon (yes there has been an issue in the past with these guys too), then it is armadillos. Approximately, two weeks ago I noticed a little bit of digging around one corner of a newly planted flower bed. I mistakenly attributed this to a local cat that previously used the bed as its litter box-yuck. As an aside, I discovered this while doing the planting-NOT pleasant.Reality set in regarding the dug up corner of the flower bed, when I was sitting in the library contemplating what to share with the world in my blog. I looked out the back window and saw to my horror not one, not two, but four-yes four little armadillos. They were have a very merry time digging up my beautiful flower bed.I continued to watch them to figure out where they were hiding so I could call for help and would be able to tell the Armadillo Hunter exactly where they went. But, being the cheap person I am, I thought I would do a little research to see if indeed we needed a professional hunter.What I discovered is armadillos do not respond to bait. You have to rely on their limited sight and hope they will wonder into a trap. Well that was enough for me. The exterminator was called. He knows us well since he was here the prior week removing a swarm of bees. But, that is another story. (I’m telling you East Texas is an adventure.)My hero arrived on crutches (I can’t make this up) with trap in hand. We collectively decided on the location for the trap based on my keen observations. Mr.Exterminator then stated “Call me when you catch one.” I think there was a bit of a sneer in his voice or perhaps skepticism. He drove away and I went back to watching with great anticipation.Did I mention that armadillos are nocturnal? Well they are supposed to be. But, my four love the daylight. I’ve never seen mom and I have a sneaking suspicion she is no longer among the living. Dead armadillo bodies in the road help persuade me in that direction. Also, I learned that mom always has four little ones. It seems they are identical-one egg which spits into four little critters. Oh goodie. Perhaps this is why they stick so close to one another.So there I was watching out my window waiting for one of the darlings to walk into the trap. Guess what, it didn’t happen. The first one out from under the deck just pushed that trap right out of the way. To say I was miffed is an understatement. Now, I know why the Armadillo Hunter sneered. I spent some time watching and hatched a plan. I would wrangle them into the trap one by one.The next day, with broom in hand I went after the suckers. They had made it all the way to the front of the house. I quickly learned that a broom was not enough to get them to run in the desired direction. They are not that smart. They actually came at me instead of running in the opposite direction. It wasn’t an attack, although my blood pressure did go up. It was more of a confused and dazed- what was that- kind of run.I beat their little backs with the broom and they did indeed finally decide to head for the hills-under the deck. I thought-ha, I’ll catch one now. One cut left around the trap, one cut right around the trap, another went over it and the fourth ran in. But, the trap didn’t spring closed, so he ran right out and under the deck. DANG!!I regrouped. I fiddled with the trap and set everything back up. Onward and upward to the next day. That was Tuesday. Wednesday dawned with yours truly brimming with great determination. My weapon of choice this day was a rake. Anticipation was quivering through me as I stared out the window. One waddled out. Another soon followed then the third one and finally the fourth. I didn’t spring immediately into action since the[...]

On the Road Again


As the song goes, I just can’t wait to get on the road again. But, when I do, there is that issue of where to go when you gotta “go”!!I’ve recently made several trips across country. Some by myself (well sort of) and others in the company of family or friends. I must confess the ones I did by myself included my faithful companion, Dobie. He is 55 lbs of lovable beast, which just complicates the issue of what do you do when you have to “power you nose”.For those of you who are not quick on the uptake, I’m discussing the delicate topic of having to pee.Years ago when I was just a kid, we used to drive from Minnesota to Montana to visit the grandparents. In those days, the solution was one stop shopping at the local gas station. Generally, the little room for the ladies, was relatively clean, not spotless but tolerable. Then the world changed.As gas stations migrated from full service to self-serve, the latrine went from tolerable to deplorable. You wouldn’t catch me in one on a bet. Making the best place to relieve oneself, the state provided rest areas. Of late you can’t count on the state run rest areas. Navigating across the state of Arizona, I was confronted with a harsh reality. All but two of the public rest areas (read bathrooms) were closed. The ones which were open were on either side of the state. What did they expect you to do in between???Fortunately, the world of free enterprise has stepped up to the challenge of filling in the gap. In my recent travels I have come to grow very fond of Love’s, Pilot and Flying-J. For those of you who have not ventured forth in your autos, these are what were commonly called Truck Stops years ago.These modern miracles of service, offer everything the road weary warrior needs. From gas to fast food or snacks, these little oases have all the stuff to keep you going. But, most importantly, they have clean, clean, clean places to pee. Plus they always offer a little bit of grass for my four-legged baby to hike his little leg. Bless them for stepping into the vacuum left by our short sighted state governments.So, the next time you find yourself “on the road again” with the need to “go”, just follow the line of truckers and Airstreams to closest truck stop. You will be glad you did ‘cause the next rest area is 27 miles down the road and it will be closed.[...]

Wrinkle Free Packing


Okay, so there is no such thing as totally wrinkle free. But, you can get it down to a minimal amount of wrinkles. I’ve been using this method for 15 to 20 years and it has served me well-even with business clothes.

Here is the secret-roll your duds. Yup, just roll them up and they will not only come out less wrinkled, but they will also take up a lot less room.

How do you go about doing this? There are two schools of thought-bottom up or top down. Here is what I do and it works great for me.

Place your article of clothing on a flat surface. I use my bed. Make sure you don’t have wrinkles in the fabric-smooth it out. Fold the sleeves in (if there are any), overlapping them on the body of the garment. The “fold” should be at the shoulder. Then begin with the collar (if there is one) and start to roll down the garment. You want to end up with a fairly tight roll and make sure you smooth any possible lumps (which could make a wrinkle) as you roll. You can roll everything- including undies…

When you are packing, place the heavier rolls at the bottom of the suitcase along with shoes. Speaking of shoes, use the inside of the shoe for socks. It is wasted space otherwise. Make sure your roll is the same length or shorter than the width of your suitcase. Fill in the gaps between the ends of the rolls and the suitcase with items like pill bottles or shorter pieces like pj’s.

For those of you (like me) who use little carry-on bags that are shorter than your rolled clothes, you must sacrifice total wrinkle free for one crease. In this case, choose a side of the garment and shorten the width by making a fold. Then start at the top and roll. One side of this will be a bit bulkier, so flip flop the rolls in your suitcase to make things even as you pack.

That’s it. When you get to your destination, just unroll and hang up your stuff. The few wrinkles that you will get should just fall out. And, those that don’t-oh well at least you won’t look like you slept in your clothes.(image)

Thwarting Deer – UPDATE


Well things have been going along smoothly. The deer have kept to themselves-that is until last night. Yesterday was a day of flooding rain which washed away any trace of the wonderful concoction-Hinder. So, last night the feisty little munching four legged wonders tried to climb into the flower bed. HA-they got hung up on the fishing line. I awoke to bent stakes and snapped fishing line. BUT, the plants are intact. Take that you major pains in my backside. Victory is mine!!! Now all I have to do is brave the heat and humidity to put it all back together. I see a second shower in my future today.(image)

Thwarting Deer in Their Quest for Food


Here in the piney woods of East Texas there is a growing problem with the deer population. Specifically, there are just too darn many. They are eating everything in sight.It is beyond frustrating to spend hours working in the yard planting flowers in the beds and creating beautiful pots full of color, to wake up the following morning to find all the blossoms gone!!! Yup-it happened to me. And, I had even planted “deer resistant” plants…yeah right!!! I have declared war.The first of my many offensive moves, was to let my 55lb boxer pee and poop all around the outside of the house-especially by the afore mentioned flower beds. (Yes, I did clean up the poop, but you never quite get it all.)Offensive move number two was to use a product called Hinder. It is a goo that you mix with water and then spay on the plants to keep the deer at bay. It is suppose to be very unappealing to the deer.  (It does smell!)So, how am I doing in my war? Well, I’ve won some battles and lost some. The dog “smell” and Hinder seemed to be doing the trick. There hadn’t been a deer assault in several days. That is until we had a good rain storm the other night, which washed away all trace of both smells. The front flower bed had been looking so good. The plants had done their” thing”, surviving the first attack from the vermin with hooves, and produced replacement flowers. But, before I could get out there early in the morning, with dog and sprayer, the deer attacked again. Poof-no more flowers. Even the flowers in the pots on the front porch were gone. The audacity of those munching critters!!! I was fuming. It was then that I launched the third offensive. This offensive move was to erect a barrier around the flower beds in question. It is not just any barrier, but one which the locals swear by. It seems the deer are not fond of fishing line. The trick is to string the line around the planting bed at leg/chest height for the deer. How it works is anyone’s guess, but it appears they don’t like the feel and or sight of it.So far, so good. We are making another come back. I’m using all three methods and hoping together I will win the war and thwart the deer. Stay tuned.[...]

Mosquitoes-I hate them!


I was sitting around this weekend thinking about what would be the next “gem” I could share with the world at large. Several items came to mind, but I realized they really weren’t all that interesting. Then late yesterday I was struck with the fact that perhaps my world just wasn’t all that thrilling. What an eye opener!!! Then after slapping myself around for a bit, I regained my equilibrium and continued pondering what to share with you.

For those of you who do not live in a world which contains mosquitoes, you can quit reading and go on about your day, unless you just like to gather up trivia. For the remainder of you, read on…

I am one of those unfortunate souls whose body chemistry says “DINNER” to the most annoying of all flying insects-the mosquito. All my friends love to have me around, as I act as a magnet for any and all insects. Ergo they are totally left alone when we share the great outdoors. I have tried all the usual outdoor sprays, but I totally hate the smell and feel of that goo. Not to mention that it freaks me out to put chemicals all over my body.

Sometime back, my Mom sent me a copy of an email she read about sticking a Bounce sheet on yourself (tuck it into your waistband so it can hang loose) when going out to brave the carnivorous insects. I totally forgot about it until Sunday, when I was out weeding the flower beds. You guessed it, I was eaten alive!!! And, unfortunately I didn’t heed the words of wisdom from my sweet Mom.

In the past I have tried the “Bounce Factor”. It worked. But, I will tell you it is not foolproof. You will still get bitten, but not quite so vigorously. So, give that a try. It might work wonders for you, since I doubt you carry the “Dinner Gene” that I do.

Now what do you do with those annoying little itchy spots. Once the mosquito has bitten, you are sure to suffer for hours if not days. Another little pearl of wisdom from my wondrous Mom-put soap on the spot. I don’t know how it works but it does. Sometimes the old fashioned or simple solution works the best. Bless you Mom. I might just not scratch myself to death.(image)

Ever Try MBWA?


Do you even know what that means? It is Management by Walking Around. Never heard of it? It has been around a long time-since the early 80’s. It was popularized by noted business author Tom Peters. And, it still works today. It sounds simple and it sounds fun. But, beware, you have to be sincere about what you are doing or employees will take your actions the wrong way. Let’s examine what the process entrails.Item OneGet out from behind your desk! For some of you this will be an uncomfortable step. It isn’t always easy to deal directly with the staff. They might ask an uncomfortable question or even something which you really can’t answer for corporate reasons. But that is okay. Relax, be honest and enjoy the encounter. You just might be surprised by their response.Item TwoMake sure you don’t “schedule” your MBWA. This management style works best if it is spontaneous. Just go for a walk and use your eyes and ears. Don’t be shy about your wanderings. Employees will get used to you being around and will look forward to their encounters with you. Make sure you swing by every sector under your management. Do not short change an area just because its location is inconvenient or you really don’t like that particular division or product. If you do bypass an area, it will come back to bite you in the long run.Item ThreeTalk to the people. You won’t do yourself or your staff a bit of good if you don’t speak to the team. If you just walk through and look around, they will wonder what is up and get a little paranoid. Talk to them about themselves and their passions-NOT JUST ABOUT WORK. Get to know the workers on a human level as communication becomes a two way streetItem FourAsk for opinions during your MBWA session. Ask the members of your team how to improve their work environment, their current assignments, operations, products etc. Then shut up and listen. You just might learn something important. If you give this rule lip service, you will be sorry. Employees can spot a phony a mile away.Item FiveBy all means, be honest. If you can’t answer a question for political reasons, tell the employee that. If you don’t know the answer, tell them that, but also promise to try to find out for them. Then get back to the employee within the next two days. Build a trust factor with the staff.Item SixSing their praises. When you find a person or group doing something right, verbalize it out loud and very publicly. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to let someone shine.Item SevenYou don’t have to be everyone’s friend. You are still the boss. But, you can and should be perceived as the Coach of the team. Speak words of encouragement and throw out an idea or two if the team appears suck.MBWA works best when you are real, genuinely interested in the staff and you make the effort to show it. Members of your team will view you as a person and not just a “suit” connected to corporate. You will find out over time that the little things you do really do matter and that your staff will back you up and work harder than you thought possible if they believe you care.[...]

Have A Dog..Yellow Grass-A Sure Fix


Hi Dobie here.

My human is busy today doing whatever it is that takes her out of the house. I usually end up in my crate when she leaves, but not today. So, I thought I would lend a paw here on this blogy thing. Nope, I didn’t ask her if it was okay. Hope she doesn’t get mad cause when she does-Zowweee- I usually end up outside.

We went walking early today. I saw a bunch deer and a cat. Was real close to that cat, but my human wouldn’t let me at it. Dang. Did you know that deer snort? Yeah, they snort at me all the time and flick their fancy little white tails. But, then they run like banshees-He He. I scare those little suckers.

I had the same old stuff for breakfast-dry crunchy pellets of brown. But, my human gives me these peanut butter things. I love those. I only get one in the morning and one in the evening. Wish she would give them to me all day long. I just LOVE those things. I heard her talking to my Gram. Did I mention that Gram is wonderful? She slips me stuff every time she opens that box that is cold inside. I LOVE her.

Where was I? Oh yeah-she was talking to Gram about my peanut butter things. She told Gram that the peanut butter “cookie”-that is what she called it-was good for me and for Gram’s yard. I didn’t mention that we are visiting Gram did I. I like it here ‘cause of the deer. I’m gonna catch that cat one day.

Anyway, she said the peanut butter cookie does something to my pee. Whoa there-what exactly does it do? Maybe I don’t like those “cookies” after all. She said it keeps my pee from turning Gram’s yard yellow. Whew-that’s all. Well okay I’ll keep eating those cookies. I wondered why the box the cookies come in looked like grass. That explains it. I wish I could read, then I would tell you what the box said. My human muttered something the other day about getting more “grass savers” so Gram’s yard doesn’t get spoiled. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Oh gotta go. I hear the garage door. I need to act like I don’t care. Been fun talking with you. Hope we can do it again soon.(image)

Would Walking Work for You?


That is a darn good question. For most people it is an absolute YES!!! But work for what? How about reduced stress, lower heart rate, lower body weight, fewer inches, reduced chances of getting a nasty disease – what more do you want to do? Okay, it won’t enhance your sex life or your good looks – WAIT just a minute- it might!!!!! Do I have your attention yet?There are tons of studies out there proving the simple act of walking will help you tremendously. Just Google “benefits of walking” and you will find articles from AARP, Mayo Clinic and Fitness Magazine to name just three. So what are you going to need? Not much….basically a good sturdy pair of shoes. For my use, I wear running shoes. They provide a lot of good support and impact cushioning for my crummy feet. But, you may only need a good pair of walking shoes. How do you find out what to buy? I would recommend you let your fingers doing the walking first. See if you can find a local shoe store that specializes in running/walking needs. The big chain stores don’t usually hire people who really understand what it is like to do the activity you are about to embark on and therefore they don’t know how to fit you. (Read they are just sales clerks.) You NEED to find people who get it and know how to take care of your feet. They will make good sound recommendations and will work with you to ensure you get the right gear.So now you have your shoes – what next. Find a safe place to walk. If you have a dog that won’t just slurp people to death, then the world is your oyster. Otherwise, look for indoor and/or outdoor tracks that are open to the public and are used by many. You want safety in numbers. Malls are also a good place to take a “stroll”. You can always walk on the road, but remember to take care with the cars, bikes and other possible hazards out on the road. If you haven’t been doing anything for years, first make sure it is safe for you health wise to hit the pavement….in other words check with your Doctor. But whatever you do – DON’T GO OUT AND TRY TO WALK TWO MILES your first time out when you have been a couch potato for the last several years. In this regard, less is more. After dotting those i’s and crossing the t’s, try a few blocks for your first outing. You don’t want to hurt the next day since you will want to go back out for another walk soon.For me walking has turned into a passion. I walk almost every day and go at least two miles. I take my dog and am out as the sun comes up. I plan my day and just watch the world awaken. I’ve been consistently doing this for close to two years and dropped about 8 lbs without trying. I feel better and look better. And I have one happy slobbery beast to boot.There is much more information to share with you on walking. I found this particular site and like very much what it has to offer…..take a look for yourself. It will give you ideas on how to start a good solid walking program. walking a try – remember it is just one foot in front of the other – easy as can be and may be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.[...]

Work From Home - what I learned


Are you interested in work from home?? I am. I did it once before and loved it. So, I started a search for legitimate opportunities. That was a thrill let me tell you. There is so much “garbage” out on the web that it is very hard to tell what is real and what is not. I found lots of scams. And to confuse the issue even more, what is a scam to one person is a gold mine to another. How do you know what to do? Let me share what I learned and maybe it will short cut your time and effort….Numero Uno!!! And by far the most important tip. You don’t have to pay anyone to make money. You might want to buy some education. I would suggest it and we will talk about that in a bit.Number Two – You are going to have to work at this “online thing”. It is not easy, but it is also not hard. You just have to stick with it and understand it is a building process. You are going to stumble, stub your toe, but keep plugging. Number Three – You will make money, but it will be slow at first and then will build over time. That is if you follow rule number two – sorry, but there are no short cuts.Number Four – Avoid at all cost anything that says you will be making a “fortune” in a matter of days or weeks. Think months and refer back to number two!Number Five – Do not procrastinate. No one is going to do it for you. And if you don’t just dive in you will never figure out how to make it work for you.Just what is available to Work From Home – LOTS!!!!• You can start building your new life today. Take a look at this site for an idea or two• You can get paid to do surveys online….I say pay - most of the survey companies “pay” you in points that are redeemable in merchandise or over time for cash through PayPal. You will not get rich quick doing surveys, but you can earn a bit of extra cash for your efforts. There are several sites out there for you to choose from, but take a look at this one. It is free!!!!!• You can learn how to start your own business which can take many different forms. The best site I ran across is My-Data-Team – follow this  I’m sharing this one with you because I think they are doing things right. Yes, it will cost you just under $50 dollars to gain access to their information and it goes against what I said in rule Number One. BUT I’m here to tell you that you get a LOT more than $49.95 worth of information from them. You are going to learn how to make this so called Work From Home activity pay off for you. They will teach you about Data Entry and the entire marketplace surrounding it. They will teach you how to write articles and how to place them out on the web and get paid for it. They will show you how simple typing jobs can be money makers. And on top of that they have a list of traditional jobs for you to review. It took me more than a week to read through all the great information I received for my $49.95. So, click on the flashing link over in the right column of my blog if you want to learn how to be successful with starting your own career Working from Home. I personally don’t think you will be sorry. Click on this link and win some independence for yourself…[...]

What Works - what the heck is that all about


Welcome - After a week of research, reading, learning and figuring stuff out...What Works is being launched. What is it...simple - it is one person's view of the things that work around us. You will have the opportunity to comment - agree or disagree - It will make it interesting for all. Visit often - there will be new things being discussed/reviewed.
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