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Living with Anteaters

Pua the tamandua and all my pets Use this link to shop and help us raise funds - LINK

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Merry Christmas and stuff


What's in your stocking? You shall pay for this tonight! Playing Christmas music does not make getting stuffed in a bag any more festive! OMG these ants are dry! They need some BBQ Sauce! I'll just have a wee bit more NOT funny! So NOT funny! In my defense I had the silly idea she would just turn around and come out but she didn't take to the idea quickly enough and stood up instead. This it humiliating I'm getting out of here! Nov 26th Climbed down the wall and found Aurora on the cat tower. We stood and play battled a bit then she climbed down a level and I got on her back but she didn't let me ride anywhere. After a bit I went back up the wall. She almost followed then turned and went and sat in the playpen blankets instead. Then all of a suddenly she moved quick, practically running, up the tree and wall and to her bowl. Guess the munchies hit her fast. Had our treats now playing like crazy in the hut. Nice hammock Still not as nice as my Princess hammock though Nov 28 These big tomatoes are kind of hard to open. Tamandua song I can't say I agree with all the lyrics though. I really am mighty and sure not lowly, wanna feel my claws dude? At least he calls us noble. That's true. Dec 1st Mom went shopping yesterday and they got back late. She left a bag of tomatoes on the floor tied shut. I tore it open and tore up a few tomatoes, yummy. I normally avoid the floor but my nose tells me when it will be worth coming down. Maybe she'll remember this time but if I'm lucky she'll forget again. i left a couple uncalwed. Dec 2nd Oh score, there are ants in this log! Aurora was restless and grumpy this morning. She got some yogurt then mom gave her some blue cheese laced with some melatonin to help her relax. Had fun last night, we played a lot and Aurora found her way to my washer. She kept going bang, bang, bang with the lid. Eventually she got in and stayed a bit but went back to the closet early. Dec 3rd 10:40AM Aurora just went outside in broad daylight. There was no huffing and puffing either but she did give a couple little growls as mom followed her around, but just a couple. After she did her rounds outside she went and checked the back bedroom too. It was spur of the moment so no photos. Aurora was heading along the shelves to my washer but mom didn't have the drawers out and Aurora panicked and fell when she saw mom coming to pull them out and once she was on the ground she just continued on outside. Walked around and came back in. 11:40AM Aurora was relaxed but when she saw mom taking the food bowl away she suddenly remembered the washer sounds are scary so she paced awhile and settled into the hut instead. Mom was low on fridge space and left the ants out since they are dried. Someone found them and opened the container and pigged out, it may or may not have been me. Uh-oh, that someone also poked a hole in the container and lid. I must blame Aurora then, though I was just up for a treat and mom says my lack of interest in some of the ants just now is suspicious. No. no it's not cuz' I pigged out on them earlier, I'm just not in the mood. Dec 4th We were playing in the hammock and the hook came loose in back and kinda dropped us. Aurora got scared and went to the shelf. Mom said she couldn't fix it till today cuz she has to move the cage. Aurora came back and we tried playing in it a bit longer but then moved into the hut. Darn her I went to the shelf wanting to nap with her but she's sleeping in the hut. She should sleep where I want her. Dec 6th Aurora came down and was active last night. She had some fun bang, bang, banging my washer lid. Seems to still baffle her most of the time. Later she started up the ni[...]

Living the Anteater Life


I have no legit excuses for being behind this time but that's kind of a good thing. Nov. 11th Slumber party in the closet. Played with Aurora now we are having snacks. I got ketchup and she got some yogurt. Passed out at the slumber party Pua vs Aurora poop Aurora's is lighter from the yogurt but it's always been huge. Yogurt helps it be softer and more frequent though I've added a bit of flax to her soup and her poops as a little less broad and darker now. No new photos though. Nov. 12th 12:46pm: May have partied a bit to hard. Aurora is not even up yet. 12:30pm: I'm in my washer and Aurora in the closet. She got up for a mid day snack. She just went back to her nest but Grampa sneezed so she complained, then he blew his nose so she complained louder, but all is well now. Pardon me, I'm trying to bath   We just got our new pee pads. Most of them are really large there was one smaller one that was already made into a hammock(maybe not the real purpose) So mom hung it up to see if we will use it. Just too bad it wasn't one of the huge pads. It was only peed in once so was not loved but the pads are good. And best price around even once shipping was added, was like $2.33 a pad or something like that. Nov. 13th Wrestle time Are you going to join us? Aurora's rump makes a nice pillow. My most viewed photo on a daily basis on flickr is "big poop". People are weird. I mean I do pause a second to sniff raccoon and skunk poop but I don't go searching for it. ~ Pua 11:47pm: I get up go to the closet to see Aurora but Aurora's in my washer. I've tried to give her the hint it's time to go to the closet but she wont get up *huff* Nov. 14th 4:08am It was getting late and Aurora had still not left my washer. I started crying about it a lot. Mom came and peeked at Aurora. Aurora peeked out but then saw human and ducked back in. Mom propped the lid open with a sock turned the lights off and left. After about 10 minutes of seeing me come and go with no human interference Aurora finally came out. I was so thrilled I was climbing on her. I thought something was wrong with her but the poor dear had simply forgotten how to get out. She was very hungry and went right to the closet for her yogurt and food. 4AM That's a very late breakfast for her. Is it worth getting up yet Ketchup in your cup So relaxing Nap time Aurora relaxing She's peeping at us again 11:55pm: Woke alone, left my washer and found Aurora in the closet and am napping with her. Now that is how my evening is supposed to go. It's nice having a snuggle buddy to sleep but I don't like it interrupting my routine. Nov. 15th 12:01am: Playtime! Nov. 16th 10:48am: Went to join Aurora in the closet and she left to pace the shelves. Might have had something to do with me stealing her spot, maybe? All stretched out Mom gave her a special blanket after I stole her spot. I wanted the special blanket too. Since we don't have much to report today I'll tell you about mom's dream. She dreamed that Ori escaped "camp" and made her way all the way back home. It's like a billion miles. Mom Found Ori when walking the dog and brought her back to the house. Homeward Bound the anteater edition. Best part is Ori was still fat. Here we were talking about people looking at our anteater poop photos and Hyzzie goes and eats some(mom found a couple pieces she had stashed for later). Dear Hyzzie I know you admire us but eating our poop will not help you to be more queenly. Nov. 17th Up at 5pm? Well, it sure felt [...]

Time for Walks


Nov 4th Sharing my washer with Aurora today. She's hogging the covers, got part of the blanket pulled over her, but that's what I like to do. Pua & Aurora sleeping in the washer 11PM I'm up, cuz I think it's midnight. The clock is just wrong. Nature don't do clocks. 11:30PM In the washer trying to make Aurora wake up and play with me. Nov 5th Seriously? It's the middle of the day! I was accosted and taken out to the woods to have fun against my will. To protest I went to the closet nest to sleep with Aurora after we got back. Tamandua in blue jogging outfit Zoom Checking out the woods Finding obstacles to climb She's nakid She get her foot in the belt part so had to take it off but it was not too cold More climbing Lets see if you can keep up Mushrooms Was pretty but Pua waits for no one so I only got this one try at a photo Digging in a hallow tree Heading back A slug So sleepy She was sniffing her bag deciding if she wanted in Take me home Are we there yet? Good waking Aurora Checking out fresh wood Where is my yogurt? Walking the shelves Aurora belly I think she is slowly getting some fur back but I can use this to compare in a few weeks. She's on biotin to help grow it. Aurora Yawn with Pua - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Aurora on the Cat Tree - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> No flash please Posing nicely Time to relax Surveying her kingdom Nov 8th Aurora had a morning treat of yogurt and then tried to screw up enough courage to go for a walk in the yard but she couldn't get enough to even get out of the room. There were noises in the kitchen. She is happy with a new fresh comforter in her nest though. Nov 9th Hyzzie got to go out today Sniffing Shaking Rolling in the grass Hyzzie in the leaves Giant maple leaf Like a Lady 1AM Playing with Aurora in the hut [...]

Pua and Aurora, enjoying life


Oct 18th Pua and Aurora I think they had been playing but Aurora must have heard me sneaking around so is eying me with suspicion. Pua just doesn't like the flash. Oct 19th 11PM Aurora's up so I gave her some yogurt. If I put her food bowl out now it will be warm later then she would not be happy. 11:20PM Sitting in my washer, peeking out, listening to the rain. Oct 20th I opened the fridge door last night and found a row of tomatoes waiting for me. What a nice treat. Since Aurora got her yogurt bowl early last night, apparently it ran out early, the bowl was found tossed half way across the room. The girl does know how to make a point. Oct 21st Play time in the closet Aurora wont play when I am looking so that's the best you get. Leaving because pictures were taken Pua wants to keep playing Aurora heads back realizing she's in the open. Oct 22nd One of Aurora's favorite hobbies is climbing up and down that cat tree. She pooped on the cat tree last night. A lovely poop and she is eating great. Tossed her yogurt bowl when it got empty again and mostly drained her big food bowl. Me I just pester mom and wake her up for treats and pester Aurora for play time. Happy to be sleeping in my washer. I missed it while playing nurse for Aurora. Oct 25th 1:30AM Had a great play season with Aurora. We were playing queen of the mini platform. I wrestled her for it from the hammock, then squeezed on with her and battled, then plopped down into the safety hammock and battled her from there, there was lots of hand poking. Then I moved to the hut roof and battled her from there. She won and I moved to the window shelf and she followed and played a bit more. Then she said she was done with a hiss and started to curl up but mom put out her food so she went and is eating. She already had some of her yogurt prior to play. Mom forced her self not to take a photo cuz' Aurora hates her photo taken and she would have stopped playing. Aurora was up this morning and complained till mom gave her some yogurt then complained till she got some cold food. She then complained again till mom changed the blanket though she complained for a bit just to complain it wasn't her favorite blanket. Aurora's getting good at telling mom what to do. Oct 27th Well mom was low on yogurt and tried making Aurora's food without and still giving her a cup of yogurt on the side. She at all the yogurt and tossed the bowl and wouldn't eat the food. Mom tried top dressing it with yogurt. She ate some of the yogurt off the top somehow but not the food. So mom mixed the yogurt that was left with food and she ate that this morning. Picky, picky girl. New batch of yogurt brewing and mom will mix her soup with yogurt but she wanted to try cutting back on it some so she may get less on the side for her evening treat. "I shall spit at you" Well, they can't really but kind of looks like she is about to. She was sniffing the air and hissing complaints at me. 3PM Aurora is up having a mid day snack of her yogurtized food. Oct 28th Pua plays with her wood Pua stops to pose Then listens to the sounds coming from my headset Aurora was feeling brave last night and came down to explore. I think she was following my scent trail around as she started up the end table and peeked over and saw mom there and looked at her for a bit then backed down and went on her way. I sometimes wonder if Aurora is steam powered. She makes puffy hisses the whole time she explores. Maybe it's a warning signal, "make way, I'm coming through" Oct 29th Look what I found this morning! She later tried to come in my washer with me too but couldn't figure out how to open it(she keeps standing on the lid while lifting) so she went to the hammock but wasn't impressed and returned to the closet. Mom said I should have opened it for her but she'll never learn that way. Besides I was busy playing with my toy. Nov 1st Aurora ch[...]

Catch up time


Unfortunately we do have some further sadness. Ori got pregnant while at summer amp but has had a miscarriage. She has been allowed to stay awhile longer to try again after recovery. Then will come home where granny Aurora can help. A couple days later Jupiter died. He was a sweet bunny who would groom anyone and Hyzzie thought he was her puppy. Jupiter's grave site He was about 8.5 years old. So back in time we go to try and get caught up again. Back before Aurora's illness. She is doing great by the way. Sept 11 Pua and Aurora Aurora is not happy that the teddy comforter is in the wash, the noise and the blanket on the hut is NOT the right blanket. How dare the human upset her world but the washer stopped so she quit running around panicked and moping and is eating now. Aurora pacing the shelves Because the washer was running when she woke up Belly rub time? Coming down Coming out Onto the fridge Sept 14 Our ants finally arrived! Mom was foolishly excited about the cute packages(they are sold as "herbal" tea. Top ants is lifting weight and down below are ants pulling wagons. They are sold as "herbal" tea. Grampa was not impressed the time he put them in the machine instead of coffee. Pua with hiccups, and then... ... A dog started barking!!! I think she was gassy, which you can partly blame the belly size on. Sept 15 Get my good side She was hiding her cheese face from me Cheese face Aurora relaxing after cheese Aurora on her hut Sept 16 Hyzzie thinks it's bath time I had the door open while running water in the tub You got me a puppy!(not) I think her name is Bella. Neighbor's dog likes to visit our yard but this time they were not home so she got to visit awhile till someone came back. Bella and Hyzzie Hyzzie saying Hi Sept 17 Words you probably don't want to hear in the middle of the night: "Did you poop on the bunny?" Lucky for Jupiter it was a false alarm. Mom heard it fall and then the bunny shake. It half landed on his litter box, so half a point I guess. The bunny must be worth at least 50 points though? Sept 18th Spilled my vinegar so I can have a little bath oops the false alarm wasn't. I did poop on the bunny, just a little. Mom tok care of it with spray on soap. Yay, I win in poop bomb game! Sept 19th I am a meerkat Aurora stood like that a long time. I don't know what she was thinking. Pua pouting She left Aurora playing in the hut and came here to pout. Maybe Aurora was playing too rough Mom was feeling a bit stressed so I took her for a walk at the fish hatchery to relax. It was going great till a dragon tried to kill me. Mom called him motorcycle but he sounded pissed so I didn't care what his name was. Mom had to shove me in my carry crate till I calmed down as I was terrified. but I was fine after a little while and finished my walk. But then I was in a mood and tore a hole in the door vinyl then a couple more and made the one bigger. Mom says I'll probably have to ride in a solid crate on the ride home from now on and she doesn't seem so relaxed either. Mom took a some video and just this one photo of my looking up a tree trunk Over the creek and through the woods - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"> Pua tamandua at the creek - Sept 20 Aurora's been sleeping in the hut again but I found her. We are playing like crazy people. Sept 21 Other than Aurora pooping last night it was fairly uneventful. Sept 23 Going for a walk Pua in the park Pua in the hallow tree Passed out in the car Heading home [...]

Aurora's Mystery illness


Otherwise known as nearly 4 weeks of hell. Sept 25th: Aurora has pneumonia. No I have no idea why. Pua is fine. I'm starting to think Aurora may actually be an old lady. We had some chilly nights but don't think my room got below 65 which should have been safe. Obviously the heat is being cranked up. She stopped eating so took her to the vet today. She appears to have pneumonia. She was mouth breathing, high temp, x-rays showed some fluid and inflammation in her lungs. We started her on baytril. Blood work to come back tomorrow. I gave my vet a copy of the blood averages from ISIS from 2002. She has been of her food for about a week at this point and only taking some blue cheese water now and then before stopping that as well. Aurora at the vet Aurora at the vet after being examined. Trying to find a place to nap. Sept 26th: I was sleeping draped over Aurora to keep her warm then mom came with some blue cheese and I was happily eating when Aurora started complaining that mom stabbed her in the butt. We all settled back in again quickly though.  (mom's note I decided not to keep them apart since Pua has been sleeping with Aurora a lot she probably would have got it by now if she were going to.) Pua has been wrapped around Aurora keeping her warm, though here she stretched out some after falling asleep. I don't think Pua is at any risk but I'll give her echinacea for a few days to be sure. It works for me when others have flu in the house Sept 27th: Aurora got up and paced her shelves and tried resting on her hut then the cat tree but went back to the closet. She did have a tinny sip of blue cheese vitamin water(anteater ensure). :( bad news. Blood work does not confirm pneumonia. Instead it points to possible autoimmune issues but they are odd and my vet is consulting with another who sees more tams and exotics. She has a low red blood cell count and a lot of immature red cells and a raised count on some really weird sounding thing that can sometime mean parasites or autoimmune. The thing is you normally don't see the two autoimmune issues together. But auto-immune is very common in them. The real question, if that's the issue, is how she lived to however old she is as it normally kills them young. -- I'm going to try force feeding her this afternoon (or tonight with help if that doesn't work) to get some nutrients and more fluid in her she has been drinking but probably not enough. She's used to getting her fluids in her soup food and not drinking water. Might be like a cat where if they don't eat for too long their body forgets how to be hungry so might also spark her eating if we are lucky. -- Well, the anteater burrito did not work so we I will have to have my dad hold her while I force some food in her. There was also blood coming from her mouth(not from anything I did). Her lower lip looks odd and poofy. Maybe she has an infected lip owie but no raised white cells so I don't know. Sept 28th  Aurora was more interested in blue cheese water last night but kept spilling the cups. I will fill her bowl tonight with blue cheese water/infant formula but if that doesn't work we will have to follow through with the force feeding tomorrow. She drank well last night. She started off kind of bad as she fell off the shelf into the safety hammock but she moved around some and looks decent today. Better coordination and a little more ornery about the butt jab. She left the closet to go sleep behind her hut so no one can jab her again. -- Pua slept in her washer but spent an hour sitting in it peaking out crying. Nothing made her happy. She wants her friend better. -- The vet called and we will go pick up a couple shots of steroids tomorrow. Hopefully they will help her feel better. The other shot she had to offer lasts 6 weeks so she didn't want to give that. This stuff is [...]

Active Anteaters


Aug 26th Lots of happy play with Aurora in the hut. Aurora relaxing Baby snake on the drive way He was smaller than a pencil. Kind of flighty. If I got to close with the camera he'd flail around trying to flee but not get hardly anywhere like the driveway was slipper. Maybe a newborn and didn't know how to move well yet. Pua and Aurora on the cat tree Sept 2nd Washer still broken. Mom had to go to the laundry mat. Some people mentioned the place smelling like marijuana and they opened the doors to air it out. Um, that's my pee, lol. This odd comparison has been made before when Stewie peed in his crate on set. Mom said nothing though, the sign says no pet blankets but I'm a queen not a pet, right.. Sept 3rd Slept in the closet with Aurora yesterday so mom scrubbed out my washer. I'm sleeping with Aurora again today. She's lots of fun now that she plays with me more. I'll just lay here and watch you sleep Resting her head Checking out the cubby hole Checking down below Going back up Heading for the sink Aurora and Pua playing in the playpen They started up above, came down the cat tree, wrestled awhile in the pen then went back up and played in the hut again. Yea buggy wood Sleeping in the closet nest Jupiter in his nest of tiny corn plants I also checked it myself for earwigs ~ Pua Sept 4th Got up tonight, had a snack, clawed at the wood, then went in my washer. I missed you, washer. Sept 6th Mom put a nice fluffy blanket in the closet nest and it was too inviting so I'm sleeping there but Aurora doesn't like change so she is sleeping behind the hut. Sept 7th Our worm poop has arrived. I tried some but first time it all fell out of the cup when I tipped it. Second time I ate some before realizing there were no bugs in it and went back to bed. Some has been mixed with my food already. Good for anteater probiotics and trace minerals. Sept 9th I slept on the shelf last night and showed Aurora how to snuggle down inside the blanket. She and mom weren't quite sure how to get her out but the opening was found eventually and she got her treat then curled up back inside. I was sleeping in the washer but then when I got up for my snack I went to the closet to keep Aurora company. She needs a snuggle buddy but I don't want my washer to get lonely either. I was worried mom might be bored so I pulled the drain plug for the washer out last night. Mom did laundry tonight and it started spraying the wall. Should have been plenty exciting but I heard a "Oh Poop" and "You brat" I'm guessing the dog pooped on the floor. [...]

Pua and Aurora Walks


Aug 18th It rained last night so I had a nice long hike and explore through the woods today. I would have done the second trail too but someone pulled up with a dog mom said was eying me so we didn't take the chance and went back the way we came. Mom was complaining about it being muggy. Silly human, humidity is good for you. Out in the woods Checking out a log I heard something Going 'round a tree Sitting on a log I can see the whole forest Pua tamandua enjoying the woods allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Yummy Exploring In a log Digging Pua tamandua digging in the woods  allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Tired now Nap time Wake me at midnight, okay Aug 19th The new washer is broken. I tried to warn them that thing is no good. Now they got to call the repair man Monday. It's been turning it's self on and wont do anything but agitate. Not so funny in the middle of the night.(Ps no I don't use that one I got my old one. I never liked that one so don't go in it but it's unplugged now. Modern tech isn't all it's cracked up to be. My simple old washer is very nice.) So I left the fridge door open and mom got up to close it in the middle of the night. She walked by the cat tree on the way and Aurora panicked and made a ruckus trying to bolt. That's okay Aurora I think you made mom jump half out of her skin too. I like to rip open the mango seed and claw up and eat the softer inside. Don't worry they are safe. If you have a bunch of seeds laying around you can make mango seed flour.(unlike avocado seeds. Mom takes those away) We got a fan letter awhile back while we were dealing with Quasi being ill. Mom went to find it now to answer but she can't find it. This is especially bad since it was from a 12yr old. If you're out there maybe you could resend it, or email. thanks. Aug 21st Poor Aurora doesn't understand clawing at the treat cup wont produce more ants, like a log will. Mom did take pity and give her a refill once. At least it gives her something to do. --- Oh good she's moved on to her food bowl now. Aurora anteater eats ants allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Aug 23rd Aurora and I were playing in the hut and I guess we must have rolled too far and BOoM! We were on the blankets by the cage. We looked around then headed back up the cat tree and wall. We're now back in the hut playing wildly. Aurora got brave and came down and went to the door then came back but then an hour or so later she got real brave and left the room and explored the yard. Pua sprawled out Aurora on the cat tree Aurora You want your pants out the basket? HaHaHa Sisters forever Our fish Aurora up and about Aurora heading for the door Aurora turning around She chickened out at the door and went back Making faces at me Aurora coming down from the play pen By the green house By the garden Looking good Aurora behind the house with some nervous eye leakage Aurora exploring at the stump Digging Aurora looking good Checking out a log I[...]

Some more Pua and Aurora


July 22nd Woke mom up this morning and she got up to get me a treat so I peed on the bed. That's for leaving me alone. Mom started muttering something about hormones again. Aurora Dreaming of a full bowl I love this soft fluffy towel Pua likes the this soft towel - Bath in the sink Someone left their clothes in our wood pile Kind of amazing he got it all off in basically one piece. 12:03PM : I'm so restless today. Darn insomnia. I tried moving to the hammock but the evil washer is running and so it's noisy and I just moved back to my washer. I've been in and out all day. Hmm I don't drink milk, what can I try, hot BBQ sauce? July 23rd Was a bit restless this morning. I sniffed the window begged for treats, went to the closet to beg for treats, didn't get any so went back to the washer, later went back to the closet and got a treat so settled in the closet nest. July 24th Played with Aurora last night. Bugged mom till she put a blanket in my washer, how could she forget, was up a couple times this morning but not as restless. 11:38PM : Woke early and went out poking in the yard. I found ants. It made me Hyper. HYPER! Ate a bunch of mom's ants, now taking a vinegar bath. Mom thinks it might calm me down. Oh I rubbed on a bunch of old logs too. I found something that perplexed me. A tree trunk where none was before. I got some earwigs out of it. Stood and starred at it turning my head. Tried sniffing and standing a few more times. I still didn't get it. Mom said something about grampa using it to cut firewood. Aurora having cheese Pua on the house July 25th The lights went out early so Aurora and I got up. Then mom came back from bathing and the lights came back on. I'm in the washer and Aurora went back behind her hut but we did score some cheese first. Wait, who's leading again?  Pua and Aurora playing. Looky, Aurora's sprouting chest hair! Backed into a corner  Pua and Aurora playing. Managed to sneak a pic before Aurora noticed me, then they went into the hut to play in private. July 31st I went to the back window but there was a cat already in it. I deemed the world too scary tonight and returned to my room. I'll go bug Aurora instead. Yummy tomato Wanted a morning snack before bed, even though she'd had a mango already. Pua eating a tomato - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Don't disrupt our play The washer guru knows all But she's not telling Aug 4th Aurora has been snoring like a wombat all day but it's just too noisy right now to try recording her. Aug 7th I opened the drawer mom had the mangos and avocados stashed in last night and tasted all the mangos and some of the avocados. I thought they might be better than what she gave me. Aug 8th Upset tummy tonight. Drank a ton of vinegar. That'll kill those tummy gremlins. Aurora on the hut roof Pua's new vinegar cup Drinking my vinegar from my new vinegar cup. Grampa said it's a saki cup, um, maybe the saki drinking version of a wino's cup but I think it was a miso soup bowl or maybe just a tea cup sans handle. Well, it's my vinegar cup now. Sipping her vinegar Tamandua do not have stomach acid and rely on the acid in the ants and termites so I get my acid from vinegar. It's mixed in my food and I have a cup to drink when I want. I had a tummy ache the other night and chugged a bunch of it then felt better after a nap. Pua tamandua drinking her vinegar - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Napping in her hammock Sleepy girls Aurora's new fur is so light. Maybe sh[...]

Some anteater activities


July 9th Mom woke up to the sound of Aurora making soft beepy sounds. Maybe she was lonely and calling me, so I move to the closet to sleep. So what does Aurora do? She's sleeping on top of the hut. I just don't get her. 12:50PM : The phone ringing disturbed her so Aurora moved to the blue closet shelf, still not in the nest with me. 1:11PM : I got up and demanded a snack and after that Aurora moved back to sleeping on to hut roof. Aurora on her hut Aurora in the closet Pua sleeping in the closet Aurora sleeping on the hut Excuse me I was trying to nap. Only bug me if You have treats. July 10th Aurora is sleeping on the hut again. I walked around and begged a lot and tried climbing on mom's head and pulling her hair while she was working. I just finally quit and went in the washer. Mom says I need a man. Nah, I just want to climb on your head and pig out, what's wrong with that? July 11th 1AM : Playing with Aurora in the hammock! 11:49AM : I enjoyed playing with Aurora last night so much I slept in the closet but Aurora still slept on top of her hut instead. Mom went to give her a treat and got growled at, she must have known mom had her mite treatment in the other hand. Mom will just get her tonight. She's back out of reach and it's not worth the drama. She did eat her treat though. I be watching you while you sleep July 12th Played with Aurora in the hut, hammock and the nest last night and I followed her down onto the cat tree and tried to ride her some. She still chose to sleep on her hut while I am in the closet nest today. 5:16PM : Aurora just sneezed then she hissed, how dare her nose do that to her! Day dreaming tamandua July 13th 12AM : Aurora got up, groomed, checked out the log, then went into the hut. After a short rest she came to the closet and demanded cheese. I was all sprawled out but came to share. 12:40AM : Playing with Aurora in the closet. Mom peeked and I was on my back poking her hand. Aurora quits when she sees mom looking though. 2AM : Felt lonely when Aurora decided to eat so spent some time playing with mom in the drawer. 11AM : My persistence paid off. Aurora is sleeping with me in the closet nest. Aurora pooped on her feeding station last night. I guess she was unimpressed with the soup. Spread out on a hot day Fur sprouting on Aurora's belly Oh and her belly was big from needing to poop. She only poops once a week (average for normal anteaters is every other day). She may have a bit for a hormonal imbalance. July 14th Woke and played with Aurora. Had a treat. Was coming down but heard something. I think I'll stick in the closet awhile longer. I got you're tail Pua with Aurora's tail. They were playing a lot but Aurora wont play with me watching July 18th I slept in the washer so mom took me for a walk. I had fun but turned back early. I then went to the closet to sleep with Aurora instead. Time for a walk Checking out a log In the bushes Pua enjoying the woods This red coat should keep bears away There was a "bear Country" warning at the trail head today. Pua in red Checking things out Under the long moss Doing her own thing Time to go home Time to go home - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Heading home - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> July 19th I'm in my washer after having breakfast. Aurora was sleeping on the blue shelf so mom changed the closet nest blanket. This disturbance was not acceptable to Aurora. Then some neighbor weed whacking was just too much and she went to the hut. Just noticed Aurora pushe[...]

Catching up and my Birthday


Wow we're a whole 2 months behind! I don't think that's ever happened before. I'll try and remedy that so for those that read solely on the blog check back often but I'm not promising for sure as the next month or so I need to work very hard as i need to replenish my savings for something special. No more hints I don't want to jinx anything. I'm very grateful for all the kind words on Quasi's passing even though I didn't reply to each. We have his ashes back and need to find a calm day to take him to the lake and have a picnic too. Ori is doing well. the plan is to bring her home end of September or maybe early October. I've worked on some diet adjustments so the food will be a bit more low call for all the girls and will implement that soon. Aurora's fur has grown back well. She was given 3 small dog doses of Reveolution(selamectin) every 2 weeks, to be more clear one does every two weeks for a total of 3.  Selamectin is a safer but more effective(for topical) form of ivermectin. You wont see the progress in photos though for awhile since we are so far behind. I also put Aurora on MSM which controls her tremors(shaky arms) and an herbal supplement. she is now becoming more active and a little less fearful. June 20th You must know the password to enter the secret fort A bit tried for a walk Can't keep eyes open So sleepy Listening for trouble A rotten log I'm gonna go check this out Getting sleepy Wake me when it's night I was just too tired to enjoy my walk. I got carried a lot and am back to sleep now. June 21st Morning Pua Morning Aurora June 22nd Found Aurora in the hut June 23rd 12:13 AM - Still sleeping but I plan to get up soon as mom turns off the lights Yes I did get up once the light was off. I know that means mom's settling in for the night so it's time to get up and get her busy again. 12:39 AM - Fresh wet log, yay! June 26th 6AM - Aurora was sitting around complaining so mom put her out some fresh cold soup. I'm drinking it. (Aurora will only eat cold liquid so mom takes my food and soaks it in vinegar to soften the meat fibers then blends it with water.) Hey there, Want to come snuggle with us? Your gross for the evening, Aurora eating her placenta. Because we did take this photo and share it we were contacted to participate in a survey study on placenta eating habits of wild and rare species. (old photo from when she had Ori) June 27th I woke up in my washer this morning then went to the closet to sleep but Aurora is sleeping in the hut so I'm alone. June 30th Since it was hot today instead of sleeping under her pillow, Aurora wadded it up to barricade the entrance to her hut. When she woke this evening she mashed it down again to lay on for awhile. Me I had some treats, played with mom, had a vinegar bath, oh and listened to Jake playing and enjoyed the breeze from the window till it was closed. Pua didn't like the dragon fruit This is no mango - I am not impressed How to enjoy a hot muggy night Drawer wrestling Aurora chillin' in her hut I got my eye on you And July 1st was my birthday! Pua's birthday goodies My birthday goodies. ants, blue cheese, BBQ sauce, spray cheese, ketchup, yogurt, sparkling juice, mango and avocado. I got a new jogging outfit and a dressy red coat, The hoody looks like it's made a for a little boy. It must have been a mistake. I'm not little or a boy. That's okay I got lots of good stuff. July 2nd Was up, had a treat and breakfast. Couldn't talk myself into more treats so back to bed I go, in my washer. Pua knows how to tuck herself in Checking on Auro[...]

Goodbye Quasimoto


You may have notice we have not posted in an excessively long time. We have been dealing with Quasi having congestive heart failure due to a heart murmur(bad valve). We will be back to normal soon. Today Quasi went and lay in the bed by the window for awhile, relaxing looking out, saying goodbye to the world. He later returned to my room where he began the dying process and died with me holding him on the way to the vet. He will be cremated and we will spread his ashes in the lake as one of his happiest days ever was the day he went for a speed boat ride. Goodbye little man. May your afterlife be as dignified and pampered as you deserve. His last photos Quasi loved to sleep in the play pen but that finally was too broken The temporary play pen  We got a new one shortly after Quasi without flash Surprised it came out this good Quasi with flash Quasi relaxing Quasi bugging Hyzzie by eating in front of her once hers is gone Quasi tries to bury his food - allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> I righted the bowl for him after and he tried to bury it some more then ate it when Hyzzie came over Shaking Quasi on the cat tree, looking for goodies Quasi sitting pretty Blankets from the drier Just a little over 2 weeks ago he had his last trip to the park Quasi sniffing Hyzzie tricking Quasi into rolling He only liked to roll in smells Quasi rubbing on the grass Checking out the spot Quasi rubbing on the grass Quasi done peeing on a tree Pua is concerned for Quasi Quasi has a heart condition and he'd just had an episode that made him whimper(fainting spells). Pua came out to show her concern sitting here near him for quite awhile. Quasi in the new sweater Quasi and Hyzzie on a good night Quasi's last photo Quasi was thought to be 15 Love you boy Made by a friend [...]

Anteater family snapshots


Quit bugging me June 9th Yummy roses. Then to the closet to see Aurora. Anteater saliva Sometimes the vinegar is so good a film of foamy drool gets left on top When it's fresh it's like runny slug slime as it dries it gets to be kind of like rubber cement, once it is totally dry it is flaky. Pickled anteater spit - It wasn't real fresh at this point Grrr, got you Pretending to be an anteater Quasi loves to make faces for the camera Hyzzie passed out Aurora napping on the cat tree Aurora fur She has started loosing it now that she's been off the treatment for awhile so she is back on for a fresh round with a stronger dose. Excuse me, Pua. I was sleeping there. I also started her on MSM and her tremors stopped(shaking hands/arms) took her off it a couple days and she started having shaking hands again so back on the MSM. I got a pillow Ear cleaning time Aurora: Nooo Play with me Aurora in the afternoon June 10th 10:30 AM Peeking from my washer. Just not sleeping well today. 11:50AM Sleeping peacefully now Jake was laying there all nice and quiet till I got the camera then he went wild. Kitty yoga. He looks broken. Jake stretching I got it, now I will kill it June 11th Got up an tried to wake Aurora but she wasn't budging so I peed next to her in the nest and I'm off to try and find something to do. Yea new log! LETTER FROM ORI: I got soooo FILTHY DIRTY today, and I got a scratch on my nose, and bloodied my big knuckle and I had sooooooo much FUN! "The Compound" rules. I climbed a tree and sun-bathed cat-napped on a cat-walk. Summer Camp ROCKS. (Camp Counselor is so lame and forgot her Ipad to take photos, as ALWAYS) Love ~~ Ori June 12th Mom says bathing Aurora is a little scary because she roars like a dinosaur about to eat Tokyo. Thankfully it's all bluff and she never pinches or takes a wing. Now me I never said a word but I do pinch a little. Mom should know better than to be so rude to me. June 16th Aurora didn't want to get up yet so I curled up on top of her. Played with mom some and now I got a tomato, yea! June 17th I have been sleeping with Aurora in the closet today. Mom decided to hose out my washer but it didn't drain. Grampa helped take it apart and found a Halloween pet collar in there and fished it out. So we know what retired it in the first place. Then aurora decided to run back and forth on the shelf in a panic during the hosing and wound up staying in the hut. She doesn't like water sounds. Hosing out might be just as scary next time but should be a lot easier. (note mom has been cleaning it but she can't get between the drum thingys so the hosing today. Aurora on the shelf Aurora in the hut Real women don't need a man to make them happy Is someone there? This morning I started out sleeping in my washer then moved to the closet to be with Aurora. Pop quiz, who is who? June 19th Sleeping with Aurora again. I have been in and out of my washer but I think she needs the company and I maybe do miss the musty smell the washer had before the hosing. Just needs more pee maybe. [...]

Pua walk and Ori updates


June 1st Frozen in place listening to the neighbors. Guess I'll just lay here then... Oh my! Barking dog! Too many creepy noises, back in the washer for a bit Pua is nervous Going to hide Aurora is sleeping in her hut today. I tried my hammock for awhile but went back into my washer. OMG awesome. Reminds me of Stewie. Think I'd make a nice first lady. There's a part 2 behind the scenes as well. The most shocking thing was the bath. I Mean he actually liked it! Anteater announces Presidential Campaign Tamandua Noche Cuervo is announcing his Presidential Campaign June 3rd Hanging out with Aurora in the hut I'm just sleeping in my washer now. I had my treats and spent time with Aurora as usual and pooped in the bunny pen last night. I like to let them drop from up high and the bunny pen is connected to the anteater cage, he uses it as we mostly just use the outside and roof so it's a nice high place to drop them from. By request, Pua's Tail is 21.25 inches on the underside of her tail, measured from the dimple at the base of her tail. Aurora's tail is 22" long "Long-tailed Tamandua (Tamandua longicaudata)[...] differs markedly from the others in coloration and in the structure of the nasals, but not in the length of the tail, as the name erroneously implies. It is nearly uniform straw-color," Hanging out with Aurora in the hut My queenly feet should never touch the floor allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"> Pua's nightly travel to the closet Pua Run Run Run - allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Chasing Tail LETTER HOME FROM ORI: Summer camp is "interesting." They keep crazy hours, but I stick steady-fast to my late night routine. I got to met a "boy" for a few hours. He is OK, nothing special, so I can't see what all the fuss is about. If anything he is really annoying, always wanting to play and I don't want to, so he goes and plays with Ta'Ma. Ta'Ma is really nice, I like her alot. The boy IS good for cuddling and taking naps with when he finally settles down. I think I am loosing weight -- I think my belly isn't as "round" as it was, but I haven't weighed myself either. These humans have been MAKING me go outside for a little bit, but all I want to do is go back inside and sleep. They also make me climb the ladder to get back inside after they carry me outside. How simply rude! They say it's for my own good, but I don't see how. I have not gotten to meet any new humans since I went to school, but that's fine with me as it was during the daytime and I'm not much of a day-girl. Well, snorts and grunts ~~Ori June 6th Played with Aurora awhile last night and was up early begging for treats this morning. Chasing Tail LETTER HOME FROM ORI: "I know, I know, two letters in one week. The head camp counselor human is getting sneaky. She thought she caught the boy and I playing one morning, so she started tip-toeing up the stairs to spy on us. Sure enough, she has caught us hand-squeezing and playing chase. My secret is out, but in my defense, he is a very persistent little boy! Ta'Ma is having what they call "conjugal visits" with one of her husbands. He is older than us and more stoic. The boy and I just avoid the old man and go play on the platform way up high in the corner. I must admit, the boy and I have been being naughty and started picking at the wall way up there, nothing "bad" mind you. I couldn't[...]

Pua and Aurora at home


May 14th My poop off the cage landed right in the bunny food dish last night. Score another 10 points in the poop bomb game. May 15th Aurora pooped by her soup bowl. Maybe she was aiming for it and missed. Aurora has slept in the hut today. Ketchup joint supplement concoction is a win. Mango bribe after, okay I forgive you for taking me to the vet. May 16th No Aurora in the closet to greet me. Was going to go look for her but got distracted. The ceiling molding makes a nice back scratcher. Oh well, back to my castle. I'm sure I'll find her later. Aurora is sleeping in the hut again today. Guess she likes to change things up now and then. May 17th I'm up for some breakfast. Aurora is sleeping in the closet. All these morning sounds are a bit creepy though. Took a long run in the woods. Feel that burn humans. I'll get you in shape. May 18th Aurora was in the closet when I got there but then left for the hut. Turned out okay. Mom came to play with me in the closet. Playing with mom in the closet nest Put the camera down, Play requires both hands I'm gonna get you The spots are dried sweat from her walk. They sweat orange. I got you now I'm gonna poke you Is anyone else coming? Aurora grooming A little more grooming Peeking at me Yay cheese Peeking at her sore Just showed up there. Maybe a bug bite Aurora is to busy eating to play with me *crying* Pua thought she would make Aurora feel better about Ori being gone by acting like her Pua annoying Aurora Licking food onto her face Shoving match My birthday is July first therefore my Christmas wishlist has been updated ;) Pua's Birthday & Holiday Wish list - Aurora climbing May 24th Got tired of being by myself when I wake up because Aurora has not slept in the closet, so I gave in and have joined her in the hut. Aurora in the hut You can't see me, right? Is it worth getting up? Hyzzie on the new dog bed Oh look we have company Pua is not amused, Aurora is hoping for blue cheese Pua: "Aurora likes sleeping under her pink pillow. I join her till morning, with a few breaks for bugging mom about treats. I was laying my head on the pillow waiting till Aurora woke up. You can see I'm giving mom a dirty look. I already played and snuggled with her in the closet earlier. Aurora seemed hopeful blue cheese was coming." They are getting suspicious Play time I lick you, that makes you mine Lets see if blue cheese makes for a nice hair gel I slept with Aurora in the hut part of the night when I wasn't eating or bugging mom. I moved back to my washer in the mourning. Aurora should try joining me in the washer. Forgot to mention silly Aurora is sleeping under her pink pillow in the hut. Chasing Tail shared a status.May 25: Ori's first day at school :-) Peed right out of the gate (thank goodness it was a hard surface floor) and then pooped for the 1st and 3rd grades group (thank goodness she was in her crate ;-) all in all, Ori was AWESOME and ACTIVE.   May 27th Mom changed the pillow in the hut so Aurora soaked it. Mom put the cleaned pillow and fresh blanket up for the hut. Aurora is upset by this and is sitting on the clothes rod pouting.   Aurora moping on the rod I woke mom up at 6am so she could be more productive by giving me treats and playing with me. Aurora slept in the closet shelf since mom ruined her hut. May 28th Aurora went to the hut. She [...]

Walk, vet and a walk


May 7th I mostly ran on my "walk" today Pua in the woods No time for this thing today Scratching Digging for bugs Hello tree Swimming, hmm, you go first, I think it may be cold Pua tamandua wading in the creek allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> I hope you know the way home, grandma Log in the way Heading for the car Pua and Aurora Sharing the princess hammock after play time. Mom wanted to be nice. She knows Aurora gets scared of the running faucet so she filled my drink cup from another vessel. The water still made some noise and Aurora got scared anyway. Love ya Aurora but you got some serious issues, girl. Aurora's mother's Day present She got the black mattress. It's pee proof. One Pua's walk she went tripod a few times. Maybe it was the gravel path that we were on but she has always run a little funny in back so I took her to the vet for an X-ray. She tends to curl her tail tip more than she used to so wanted to rule out spinal issues(common in the species if diet is wrong) Vet gave Pua a clean bill of health. No calcium deposits in her spine. Pua: "Vet says my spine looks lovely. To get a hip xray would mean somehow getting me to lay on my back still for a few seconds, yeah in your wildest dreams. Didn't xray my tail but that would have been easy. Side view took mom, vet and a tech to hold me and it only happened because I took a breather and stopped squirming for a second. So I'll be trying a joint supplement for my hip and no need to cut back on cheese treats or anything drastic." I watched her in slow motion video running from behind and what she does is her left back leg takes long smooth stride and her right take short quick ones and bounces her way up. The joint supplement does seem to help. Pua was clawing at the crate on the ride there and shed her claws Tired girl Wanting to sleep through her health check New harness She wasn't liking it Aurora on the anteater hut Impersonating snoopy with anteater style Classic ball sleeping position Heading for the princess hammock May 17th 11Am I'm up for some breakfast. Aurora is sleeping in the closet. All these morning sounds are a bit creepy though. Back to bed Time for a walk Looking for bugs In motion Sniffing By a big rotten log Checking out a tree Oregon grape growing on a tree Pua Spring time walk allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Pua spring walk 2 allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Pua spring time walk 3 BBB Sleepy girl Are we home yet? Hurry open the door Got to groom out the woods before bed Comb the head fur too [...]

Ori Updates


Chasing Tail - May 9 Seriously Ori! We've only been in the car 10 minutes. Guess we should have taken a walk in the park before hitting the road. She had pigged out that morning before leaving May 10 The less flattering angle Ori: "OMG! they wake up at something call O'dark thirty at this Summer Camp" Chasing Tail Ori napped in the tub-bed yesterday, so I thought she would claim it, but this morning I found her crashed hard asleep up on the high shelf, I presume because it was where she could look out and see the other animals down the line and across the way Pua Tamandua Maybe felt more at home. She sleeps on the high closet shelf with her mom here. Ori: "Look everybody! They have 'Easy Cheese' at Summer Camp." The way to Ori's heart Chasing Tail Ta'Ma is a sucker for Sharp Cheddar flavor, so they will be in grand company together in a few days. (BTW, I did not know about Easy Cheese until Pua Tamandua mentioned it one day ;-) OK, a full day one, and Ori is an absolute doll compared to the ever infamous ElDorado (*LOL*) May 11th Ori cleaned her bowl last night. Doors have been opened for sniffing to outside and the neighbor girl but not ungated till tomorrow then they can meet. May 12th Letter Home, from Ori. Summer Camp is nice :-) I made a new friend today, her name is Ta'Ma, her 8 week old baby girl died a couple weeks ago so the humans here are hoping I can keep her company while she is on R&R. They said she and I will be meeting an "M-A-N" in a few weeks. What's an m-a-n? Well, I really like Ta'Ma, she is snuggly and cleans my ears :-) Only complaint, last night they forgot to give me all of my food. I means, what's with that? At least I got a line of Easy Cheese from this small human named Tessa. They call her a "kid" and said I will be meeting some more like her. I like short humans with Easy Cheese :-) Some from home I see you over there napping You got some avocado on your nose Aurora on the cat tree Art critic: "I don't get it" *Squint* Hyzzie ears up Pua is uncertain Aurora in the hut No more kisses Yummy blue cheese Clean up crew for spilled cheese Snuggle bunny I'm just sitting here thinking You got a problem with that? No avocado? I'm going back to bed in protest. Mom spent the last several hours cutting up heart and making anteater food, then cleaning. Grandma was laughing cuz it looked like a cow exploded in there. I went out and rubbed my chest on the big oak tree then I climbed the lilac bush and rubbed my chest all over. If there's any men around. I think they'll find me. Been up and down many times today but mom said it was laundry day so she couldn't take me in the woods. She will pay tonight. And what is with the hangers laying all over my dinning room? Moody girl She's got her period Maybe cheese here wasn't the best idea Sleeping on a raccoon The blankets kept falling through the crack so I added the raccoon under. They tossed the blanket down anyway. Did you have a good reason for waking me? [...]

Spring time walk with Pua


OMG what time is it? Who turned on the lights? Pua sleeping with her favorite toy. Time for a walk The skull on my new coat has hearts for eyes Slowly picking up steam Pit stop under the hanging moss Where the log ends Tail anchor Zooooom Happy tail Fungi cup A big rotten stump Sniffing a tree Strong furn She did lots of running today We all got warmed up after awhile So her coat came off Can you scratch your armpit with your toes? Time to groom the other end Sitting on a branch Pua Spring time walk - allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Mossy log Pua spring walk 2 - allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Taking a dip in the creek Checking for carpenter ants None, yet. I like this stump Tree gremlin Coming down Upside down checking for ants Getting tired Pua spring time walk 3 - allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Hurry home, mom, I'm sleepy. [...]

Ori goes off to fat camp


Fat Ori           As you can see Ori's weight has gone way out of control. So she is being sent off to Fat Camp at Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center, Petting Zoo & Mobile Teaching Zoo. We told her it's summer camp. She will get to meet a couple new friends. One of which will be a boy so we hope for a summer fling as well. I personally feel she will have the best chance of loosing the most weight this way due to how my friend keeps her tamandua. There was mention of tree climbing and getting dirty too. Hopefully once it's off it wont be too hard to keep off. I think her momma could also use the break too. Ori does sometimes suckle on her nipples. I thought they stopped that at around 8 months then Ori restarted recently but if there is any milk that could certainly be part of the problem. I can't really tell for sure. So her last photos at home for awhile Sleeping in the hut Hi Ori I love my mommy Ori eating Pua food I cut back on the soup food so once Aurora's bowl is drained Ori comes and helps herself to Pua food. Hey that's my food Ori and Pua Pua going home She likes not having to get on the floor to travel around the room Pua getting off of Ori Love you Ori Clingy Pua Instead of trying to take a ride she was rubbing her chest on her like she does to logs and things to scent mark. Maybe she was flirting. Pua is a tomboy. Don't lave me! Pua and Ori at the window You can see the size difference Window sniffing I put the foam in every day they pull it out each night to sniff. I like this new home addition Checking on Pua Who woke me up? Ori on her way to fat camp She is off to make friends, climb trees and eat less Getting sleepy Have a good time Ori [...]

Lots of photos


You came to give me cheese right? March 26 Sleepy Ori Hello, you brought a snack right? Ori draped over her momma Hey Ori want an ear cleaning April 1 Everyone knows I never walk out of the house during the day. It's too scary out there. I woke and went out my door at 9:30 and went to the window to sniff. I declared it nice and gloomy so went out to run around. Ha, April fool mom. That was fun. Trying to cram two big anteaters into a tiny hammock Pua: I think your butt's too bug Ori: No way, I'm sexy Careful you're gonna tip it!! Making room for Ori Ori left but Pua tried to make room by sitting on her tail. Comfy Ori Yummy Cheese Ori Jake How tamandua claws shed Hi Ori She had been napping there April 4 Just hung by rear off the cage and all my poops fell in the bunnies litter box. now that's talent. April 5 Ori checking out a log Pua snoozing on a log Hyzzie helping with laundry Make sure you get my good side Blue cheese April 7 Slept in the closet again. Also pooped off the cage but missed the bunny litter box this time. Maybe I should aim for the bunny. April 08 Sharing the little hammock Getting sleepy Dozing off Sacked out Ori and Pua tamandua share a hammock - 11PM Ori went out and ran around for a bit but she's now back snuggled with the rest of us. Ori trying to take a ride April 12 Ori Yawn Ori levitates Ori and a log Aurora on the hut roof Jupiter Yummy cheese Pua dismounts the hut onto Ori Old wood time Pua tamandua in a drawer I figured out to leave the two drawers open so she can go back and forth on her own but this night she was just sitting there. Ori and log time [...]

Aurora's Fur issues


Aurora began loosing hair. We got her to the vet and didn't find any mites or fungus but we tried selectin(Revolution) anyway. 3 doses once every two weeks. Here she is before treatment 03/24/12 You came to give me cheese right? ~ Pua In discussing it with others we learned known causes of hair loss in tamandua are being seriously over weight or having your baby keep suckling too long. Aurora has always been the long and lean one. I did actually make the mistake of putting some weight on her when it first started thinking supplementing would help but the weight didn't start the issue and she's still not fat, just pleasantly plump. Her feed has been cut back and protein upped. Ori seemed to stop suckling around 8 months though recently seemed like she started again. I was afraid it would be something more dire. Aurora already has issues but the selmectin seems to have done the trick after all. Blue cheese! Hey get your own cup I did put two up there but they went after the same cup. Yummy March 26th She was do for a poop. She does not poop often enough so she's not as plump as this looks. Going to try upping her fiber. 3/29 We had now seen the vet but to soon to see results April 03 April 08 Even though those look awful her head was looking better April 12 April 19th Giving me the eye April 30 And now May 3rd Ori loves mommy Yawn Goofy Aurora If she had teeth she'd have an underbite. Her lower jaw is set back farther than normal. It doesn't show so much in  most her photos. Time to sleep She was up and grooming but then saw me with the camera. Go away Do you have blue cheese? [...]

An exciting Pua adventure


March 23rd I spy with my little eye Talked my way into an adventure in the woods. Crossing the bridge Digging in a hallow tree Getting tired Spring growth Sitting in a tree hallow Ready to nap Coming out of a hallow tree The hallow tree See the mossy lump to the right? That's not a rock, it's part of the tree. She was inside there. Woodland trail On a log High water Tree in the path Pua and I went under. Pua's Grandma went around. I think a bear did this On that fallen tree in the path Getting a bit tired Heading into a hallow stump Translucent worm Digging in a hallow stump in hallow stump As you can see I never let go of her tail. Well, I don't but I did. She popped her front half out and I grabbed her and was hauling her out by her harness. All of a sudden I had a harness with no anteater. I grabbed for her but she was gone down the hallow root in a flash. She's never pulled out of that one before. I reached in for her but she was gone. Wormed my arm in as far as I could and felt her but then she was gone. I was sure she went off down a long tunnel and I'd never find her and would die of grief. I then went all mama bear crazed ninja on the stump. You know when a mom tosses a car off the kid, deal. I ripped off the side of the stump with my bear hands. I've tried before and even kicking it didn't budge but to save my baby it was nothing. Broke right off. I then could reach in farther and at my max reach could just feel her ear. Hope! I kept trying but could only touch her ear and she finally got annoyed and pulled just out of reach again.  Figured maybe I got lucky and she hit a dead end. I then ripped off the back side of the stump and gave it another shot. I felt her and could feel her shoulder just a bit. I couldn't get hold of anything and it felt like she pulled away around a corner. Back to my first thought but then I turned into a contortionist and went head first into the stump wiggled around and got my arm deep into the hole. Could feel her arm but not quite grab hold then suddenly I had hold of it. Maybe she felt sorry for me and moved closer. Started slowly hauling her from the hole. It's a slow game of tug of war. Tamandua are strong and it's a matter of being more stubborn than they are. Felt my grip failing but had her out far enough I was able to get her other hand in my other hand and that claw was long enough she couldn't pull it from my grip. I hauled her out and she was surprisingly POed. She wasn't cooperating with the re-harnessing even with grandma helping by holding her tail and there was no forcing her into her bag. Finally I just knelt on her tail(they can take it) and got her harness on. After running along the trail a bit she was fine again. Back to her old self. I think mostly she had just sensed my upset. I had her part way out and thought it was far enough. It wasn't. I will never ever let go of that lifeline of a tail again till she is fully clear. I have always made it a policy to share all the good and bad. One bad snap decision and chaos. Some would say letting her in hallow trees at all is a bad decision. There is certainly no other tamandua I would or have ever trusted to do it. It has always gone smoothly long as I hold that tail. It's just that after a bit she wants to curl up and sleep so need to be able to pull her out as well as just in case of a hole or burrow that is [...]

Anteater Family Time


Hyzzie taking advantage of my misplaced coat March 11th I decided to sleep with family instead of in my washer today. Three little anteaters sleeping in a pile They had a treat then Pua decided to turn in with them for the day. Now we really got a pile going. Aurora's got the warm spot again One more family photo Aurora was exploring last night and was climbing up on the bed till she noticed mom and backed down and headed for the closet. "Oh no I stumbled into her lair!" Now me and Ori we tramp right across mom's bed and her, well Ori is a bit more considerate and often goes around mom. Ori in the play hut Ori in the princess hammock Making faces He always starts making faces when I pic up the camera Smile Quasi burrowed in the play pen I was the first one brave enough to try the new play hammock. I want a treat for being first Time for ear cleaning Come back here Ori Quality time with mom Play time Ori in the hammock Ori trying to ride her momma [...]

St patty's day photos catch up


Hello there Sniffing a log Licking in a hole Enjoying her wood Ori Tamandua tail Someone is spying again Did you bring treats? Yummy wood Happy St. Patty's Day Time to eat all the ants in Ireland Cleaning up stray ants Ready for a brawl Kiss me! I'm an anteater!! Enjoying a cup'a Irish ants Down to the bottom Cleaning up the spillage Enjoying the festivities Then she came back later I need more ants! Yummy ants Decorating the anteater Holding her own mug Happy St. Patty's day! allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Looking for Ori I knew she was in there somewhere There she is Shhh I'm hiding from monsters Ori scared herself falling off the cage. After running back and forth on the shelves in a panic she hid in here. Aurora looking down on me Pua in the little hammock Aurora creeping around Hey let's play! Stretching Pua Aurora is bored of this nonsense Aurora in the hut [...]

Happy Easter


One of these eggs has ants inside Found it Easter Ants! Happy Easter Anteater Easter and bunny egg allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Ori vs the ant egg allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> [...]