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Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly – Does It Matter

Sun, 08 Mar 2015 15:49:26 -0400

(image)  If your current or prospective clients or customers are likely to use search from their mobile; then the answer is YES! But it is a bit more involved than that as Google has started to tag pages that are mobile friendly. It now includes a little mobile friendly tag in the search listing. But it will get even more important as Google has announced that as of 21st April 2015 mobile friendliness will become a ranking signal. So sites that are designed to be viewed across multiple platforms will potentially rank higher on mobile search than those that are not. What is Mobile Friendly Simply put can your website be viewed from a mobile device without having to zoom in or scroll the screen from side to ride to read the content. Google has developed a number of tests that it makes on webpages to see whether they are mobile friendly. What Denotes a Mobile Friendly Page in Google’s Eyes? Google looks at the content to see whether it can be read without horizontal scrolling. to see whether it uses technology like Flash which does not work on all mobile devices. to see whether the text is the right size to allow it to be read. to see whether links are spaced far enough apart to allow easy navigation  How Can I Tell if Google Thinks My Site Is Mobile Friendly? The easiest way is to look in your Google Webmaster Tools account. Google has started notifying webmasters if it thinks a web page is not mobile friendly. But Google also has a Mobile-Friendly Test Page where you can enter a URL and Google will tell you what it thinks.  What Should I Do If It Is Not Mobile Friendly? The main thing is not to panic and rush into something that you will regret. Chances are that if your site is not mobile friendly then the amount of conversions you were getting from mobile users was small anyway so this is a useful wake-up call that something needs doing. It is important to consider what you need on your mobile web pages. The content will need to be different to that on your main (desktop) site.Talk to a SEO consultant and let him tell you how best to sort the problem. Rich Sale on Google+

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Web Reseller Hosting Solutions Are Actually Not Solely For Web Resellers

Thu, 10 Jun 2010 07:00:00 -0400

Web reseller hosting accounts provide fantastic cost benefits to the Internet marketing world.

As an Internet marketer, you will often see new niches which you wish to explore or perhaps some new promotion approach which you would like to test. Each requiring a brand new website or web sites.

But just how do you create numerous web sites without being stung for huge web hosting fees? The easy answer is to take out a web reseller hosting package which in turn can provide you with a fixed price for hosting multiple websites.

If you manage web sites for clients and like to, or would like to, dabble in Internet marketing yourself then the web reseller hosting option is suitable for you. The cost of well-performing reseller hosting is comparatively low-cost so your customers can cover the cost of the hosting allowing you to establish as many sub accounts as your package deal will allow without having to pay any kind of additional web hosting charges. It is often the case that you can offer your customer a cheaper 12-monthly web hosting than they presently have and still cover the expense of the reseller package.

An important point to make here is that your web reseller hosting has to be well-performing and have great features/benefits which includes control panel access. You will soon get bogged down if your hosted sites keep on going off-line. This will ultimately delay new sites as well as webpages from getting listed by the search engines. This in turn will delay the time it will take to start bringing in site visitors and hence income. Delays just like this can also hide the effectiveness of any fresh promotion techniques you are testing and may well lead you to the incorrect conclusion. This can have a big knock-on influence on how you go about launching websites in the future.

So, your web reseller hosting package deal ought to be reliable but, there are some other crucial considerations.

You need to always check to make certain that the web hosting company has a good responsive support system. There will certainly be instances when you need to check to see if a particular php module is enabled or perhaps some other function is available. Always test out a brand new internet hosting supplier by opening a support ticket before you sign up and ask a question such as ‘what version of php is currently installed’. This will let you discover just how rapidly they reply. If it takes them a couple of working days, or more, to give you an answer then look for a different web reseller hosting supplier.

The particular location of the web server is also an crucial factor to look at. If you are targeting a local market such as say the United Kingdom with a .com domain name then it is vital that the web host is also based in the United Kingdom.

There are many things to consider when choosing a web reseller hosting account. Take time to research your options otherwise you will suffer later.

Who are the best web reseller hosting providers?

Thu, 10 Jun 2010 06:53:00 -0400


Who are the best web reseller hosting providers?