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Financial Decision Making


When you want to make a financial decision, such as buying a house, car, or investing in stocks, typically there are underlying considerations. When you want to buy a home, there are considerations with an office location near or adjacent to the family. In short, there are many walks from the decision. Of course there are considerations about house prices.The question is, what percentage of the consideration price compared to other considerations, which encourages you to buy a home? However, try to be honest, did you ever buy an item actually is more dominated by emotional considerations? However, try to be honest, did you ever buy an item actually is more dominated by emotional considerations? However, try to be honest, did you ever buy an item actually is more dominated by emotional considerations?That is what is called the financial decisions, which are not based on financial argument.So, in order not to get stuck in making a decision like that, there's a good idea retrospect, financial decision making of how well it performed.Objectives and budget1. Make sure the purpose of your financial decisions.Buying a home for example, what is the purpose? For new dwellings, or as an investment tool? Whatever the reason it's up to you.What must be understood is that differences in these financial goals will give birth properly different financial decisions.In other words, the financial decision to purchase any consumer goods that will be very different from the goal of productive financial decisions. And you must understand the true consequences of these decisions.2. Determine how a budget that provided for a financial decision. This becomes an important factor because many people buy things without a clear plan about the cost allocated.Buying consumer goods using a credit card, for example, every month, your bills will be inflated. Or if you buy a house, regrets will come later because the reality is different with the expectation obtained.Or when you buy branded goods, in order to raise the social status.You actually feel "not strong" to spend money to buy the goods, but forced myself to look "great". What happened next is a regret because your friends are also able to buy the same goods, or even more expensive than the goods you have purchased. Buying a branded goods with intent to increase the prestige is not a financial decision. It's more of an emotional decision that only cause problems later in life.Post-sale and impact3. Post-sale aspect of the item purchased. Financial decisions that do not consider post-sale aspect of an item will cause regret.Financial behavior is correct when the item is owned by more productive rather than consumptive. Similarly, purchases of goods. If the item has no productive value, including when it is sold again, the goods are classified as cost alone.In other words, any item purchased should still have value if you want to resell. Such a thing is valid for all the goods you buy and own. If you purchase any item, consider these items can be sold back at a reasonable price.4. The impact of decisions on the overall financial condition.Every financial decision is essentially a negative or positive impact.Too often we forget that a decision can not stand alone. When you buy a house on credit, for example, will affect your financial behavior in managing expenditure in the next period, because most of the income will be used to repay the loan installments.Have you ever imagine the effect on your other spending plans? This means that you may have to stop one of your expenses so that cash flow does not deficits. Now, every financial decision should be analyzed impact on overall spending.Rational argument5. Rational argument must be higher than emotional reasons. In more conventional terms, can distinguish between wants and needs. All purchases are usually based only on the basis of emotional desire. While the need-based purchases are also not always rational. Included in this are considerations of price, aspects of post-sale, etc.Although the financial decisions you've believed to be sol[...]

Prevent Cellulite, with three easy steps


(image) Cellulite appears on the skin to be one annoying problem for women. If you already exercise regularly, make sure you also pay attention to healthy diet to counter the emergence of cellulite.

Said Christine Gerbstadt, MD, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, in Florida''Entering certain foods that moisturize the skin, build collagen, and, prevent the buildup of fat into your healthy diet, can help prevent the formation of cellulite".

Well, follow the following three food guides to get more smooth skin and cellulite-free.

1. White water

Well-hydrated skin will look more supple and healthy. In areas prone to cellulite, such as thighs and buttocks, supple skin that could cover up the fat cells beneath it better.
Make sure you consume enough 8 1 / 2 cups of water per day. If it is not too fond drink, help with sufficient fluid intake of water rich foods like apples, grapes, and cucumbers. As a plus, eating fruit as a snack also helps to reduce waist circumference and body weight.

2. Colored vegetables

Said Lona Sandon, RD, spokesperson for the American Association in Dallas Dietic colored vegetables are rich in vitamin C which is important to prevent damage to collagen.

Collagen is a skin support structure, the form of strands that penetrate the fatty tissue of the skin into the underlying muscle layer. If the string is weakened, the skin loses its elasticity and fat can be prominent on the skin, creating a wavy layer beneath more obvious. In addition, excessive sun exposure can also damage collagen.

According Gerbstadt, vitamin C associated with collagen synthesis. Research at Arizona State University in Mesa show, vitamin C can help burn up more than 30 percent fat during exercise. Therefore, make sure you get vitamin C intake of at least 75 milligrams daily.

3. Whole grains

Refined carbohydrates such as sugary cereals, white bread, white rice and even more rapidly converted into glucose, causing insulin jumped dramatically. Substantial increases are sending signals to the body to store fat rather than burning it.
All new fat and excess fat makes full cells, thereby encouraging the connective tissue is stronger than usual and look lumpy.

Therefore, avoid eating refined carbohydrates. Instead, choose whole grain products like brown rice, oatmeal and popcorn, which will not make your blood sugar up and down like a roller coaster. Replace half of your six daily servings of carbohydrates with whole grain products.

Heart Attack prevent with vitamin pills


(image) Healthy heart, as you often hear, depending on the decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). But now, the recommendations are not that simple. The latest finding shows that cholesterol is part of a dual action. And vitamin tablets, according to the findings of this study, can be used as a new treatment for heart disease.

Recently, researchers discovered that cholesterol had a twin brother known as lipoprotein (a), which could increase the risk of heart disease. Own LDL and Lp (a) would double the risk and increase the risk of clogged arteries.

Previously, the doctors also have known that people with higher levels of Lp (a) more susceptible to heart attack or stroke. But earlier is not known whether Lp (a) is the trigger or not.
Now, researchers have found a certain relationship between Lp (a) high levels and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels). Dr Robert Clarke from Clinical trial service unit at Oxford University, said, quoted by the site "These findings confirm that Lp (a) the factor that causes coronary heart disease," Monday (21 / 6).
Role of vitamin
Levels of Lp (a) is believed to be triggered by a factor of more genes than other factors. The good news, Lp (a) appear to respond to a number of vitamins and supplements. The most famous is the vitamin niacin (vitamin B).
Dr Sarah Jarvis from the Royal College of GPS saying "Niacin is a fantastic all-round treatment in order to protect the heart." These vitamins reduce levels of LDL and Lp (a) and boost HDL levels. "

This vitamin is contained in aves and fishes, whole grains, beans and dried peas. However, patients treated with niacin supplements are usually given as much as two grams a day. This amount is far greater than the niacin you can get from food.
Jarvis explains, the problem is, niacin widens blood vessels so that makes the skin flushed and warm. "Most patients can not tolerate."

But, have available a new form of niacin (tredaptive) who can solve this problem. Tredaptive have additional components that could inhibit the chemicals cause skin reddening.

But, niacin is not the only vitramin which can reduce levels of Lp (a). According to health experts bebepara, Lp (a) also respond some other supplements, like vitamin C and fish oil.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction


(image) Erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting men of old age. The condition is normal with the passing of the age. So, how do I avoid it?
Starting a healthy lifestyle is the way out to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED). Motivating couples to apply a number of suggestions given by experts such as site quoted the following:

1. Diet

Everything that is not good for a man's heart is also bad for the penis, says Andrew McCullough, MD, professor of clinical urology and sexual health program director for men at New York University Langone Medical Centre.
Bad food pairing heart health, will also adversely affect the ability of erection. Numerous studies show that diet can cause heart attacks by inhibiting blood flow in coronary arteries - less intake of fruits and vegetables, lots of fatty, fried, and processed foods - can inhibit blood flow into and within the penis. In fact, blood flow is needed to create a penile erection.

Recent studies show that ED is relatively rare in men who apply the traditional Mediterranean diet, including fruits, vegetables, grains, heart-healthy fats, including nuts and olive oil, fish, and wine.
Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, said “The relationship between Mediterranean diet with an increase in sexual function has been scientifically proven”.

2. Weight loss

Avoid excess weight can bring many health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can cause nerve damage throughout the body. When it comes to affecting the nerves that affect the penis, your partner can suffer from ED.

3. Blood pressure and cholesterol

Avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol. High cholesterol or high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the penis, so the risk of causing ED. Routinely invites couples to diligently check cholesterol and blood pressure to a doctor. When you start to worry about your cholesterol or blood pressure, be sure to immediately cure.
However, blood pressure medications could make him difficult to get an erection. But doctors say many cases of ED are blaming these drugs, is actually caused by damage to arteries caused by high blood pressure or hypertension.

4. Sports

"Real evidence linking lifestyle with erectile dysfunction. Joging, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise has been proven to prevent erection. However, means care to all forms of exercise that puts excessive pressure on the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and anus. Goldstein says, cycling, in particular, the risk of causing ED.
If done only occasionally and in very short time, is unlikely to cause problems. But the man who spent many hours cycling should ensure their bike fit, cycling pants are soft, and often stand while pedaling.

5. Stop smoking.

If the spouse smokes, ask him to stop the habit. Smoking can damage blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the penis. In addition, nicotine makes blood vessels contract, which can block blood flow to the penis.

Heart patients, 75 percent of patients with Erectile Dysfunction


(image) Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not just a problem of erectile disorder, but also related to heart health. If allowed, according to study findings, about 75 percent of men with ED can consistently suffered a heart attack or stroke in five years.

Several studies from different parts of the world have shown that ED is a marker of vascular disease (blood vessel), especially coronary disease and stroke.
Findings showed that fifty percent of men who had heart attacks, has suffered DE approximately three years earlier. Even more worrisome is the fact that men with ED (about 150 million globally) tend to die earlier than men free of ED.

All arteries can be clogged due to high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, smoking, obesity or diabetes. But because the arteries in the penis is smaller (with one to two millimeters in diameter), these vessels clogged faster than the vessels in the heart (which has a width of three to four millimeters).

In experiments conducted around the world, most ED cases (about 75 per cent), caused by hardening of the arteries. But if this condition describes the size of the potential for heart disease and stroke, so this finding and also shows the large role of ED in preventing these heart problems and stroke.

These findings open new opportunities. Research shows that most men will experience coronary problems between two and five years after the first erectile disorder.
“Therefore, said of Dr Graham Jackson, a consultant cardiologist from Thomas' Hospital in London, it is better to handle it immediately. "," How? ",

Here are tips from Jackson, as outlined in the website, for you:
1. Discussing ED with your partner. This issue should be solved together. Support and communication is very important to maintain harmonious relations.
2. Visit your doctor, ideally with a partner, so the doctor can examine the related conditions, such as increased cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.
3. Change your lifestyle. Physically active works to increase sexual fitness. Lose weight, increase physical activity, quit smoking and follow a Mediterranean diet could overcome erectile problems without medication.

Gambling Addiction


(image) If one of your parents' gambling addiction, you are also a greater risk of experiencing the same thing.
According to experts from the University of Missouri, this is the first discovery that reveals the relationship of genetic factors in gambling addiction among women.

A previous study showed that in men, addicted to gambling descended in the family. These studies extend these findings by involving women.
Professor Slutske and his friends from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, could reveal differences in the impact of genetic and environmental factors on gambling addiction with learning and identical twin brother who does not look the same twins (fraternal twin).

The research team involving more than 2,700 women and 2,000 men from the Australian Twin Registry. The participants were questioned about their gambling habits. In addition, researchers also interviewed their friends.
Almost all study participants had to gamble to some extent. But, men are two times greater risk of addiction than women. This difference, according to the researchers, is caused by social and environmental impact.

However, the research team also discovered the role of genes. If your sister has a gambling problem and identical twins, you risk greater experience the same thing than if you are fraternal twins.

Although research shows that genes play a part in gambling addiction, the possibility does not exist 'gambling gene. Just like alcohol addiction, gambling problem is a complex disorder.
Gambling addiction is a mental-health problem that is understood to be one of many kinds of impulse-control problems a person may suffer from. Gambling addiction is also called compulsive gambling or pathological gambling.

healthy cholesterol


healthy cholesterol not only good for the heart. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, according to the findings of researchers, also helps protect against cancer attacks.

Researchers from the Molecular Cardiology Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center analyzed the 24 experiments on the pros and cons of cholesterol treatment, especially statin therapy. The research team examined high-density lipoprotein. This is a good cholesterol to prevent heart disease and cancer incidence.

The results show, the higher levels of HDL kolesteriol, the lower incidence of cancer. Each increment of HDL cholesterol 10 mg / dl is equivalent to reducing cancer risk as much as 36 percent. This relationship remains valid after the researchers accounted for other factors that could affect cholesterol and cancer growth. These factors include age, body mass index, diabetes, gender, smoking habits, and LDL cholesterol(unhealthy cholesterol).

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that there is no causal association between cholesterol and cancer. However, these results establish evidence that shows the relationship between unhealthy cholesterol and increased cancer risk.

There is a strong and important relationship between the levels of good cholesterol in the blood with the risk of cancer. These findings support the existence of other important benefits of HDL in the body," Richard Karas MD, PhD said, as quoted site.

Role of HDL carries cholesterol to the liver and keep moving cholesterol around the body. High HDL associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.
Biological mechanisms behind the role of HDL to prevent cancer,not yet clearly known. But, allegedly based on the following theory:

1. HDL has the possibility of antioxidant components that protect cells from damage. Demage Cell increases the risk of abnormal cell growth or cancer growth.
2. HDL possible influence of the immune system and help the body to get a better defense against cancer.
3. HDL likely to have anticancer components that stop the growth of cancer cells, and help maintain the biological environment in which cancer cells can not survive.

How to Avoid Food Allergies


(image) Many parents are worried about choosing the appropriate solid foods to avoid allergies. How to Avoid Food Allergies? To help you choose the right foods, here are some steps that can be your guide.

Start gradually
Introduce foods one by one at a time to your baby. This is to anticipate the possibility of allergies. If it does not provide one by one, you will have difficulty determining which foods that trigger allergies. For example, if you provide three new food throughout the day and the children showed an allergic reaction, you will not know which foods are a trigger.

If the food is healthy and has a balanced nutrition, it's up to you to introduce these foods to your baby. But each time offering a new food, wait three or five days before adding new foods into the menu list. You do not need to eliminate all other foods that are consumed by a baby , but do not add other new foods.

Recognize food allergens
There are more than 160 foods that can trigger allergies. But, the following eight food is the trigger of 90 percent of allergy cases. Therefore, it is worth waiting for older babies consume some food before the next, especially peanuts. In fact, many experts recommend waiting until the child is three years before trying the bean.
Here are eight major trigger food allergies:
1. Milk
2. Egg
3. Bean
4. Bean trees (like walnuts or almonds)
5. Fish
6. Clam
7. Soybeans
8. Wheat

Symptoms of food allergies
Food allergy symptoms usually appear immediately after food is consumed, in a matter of minutes to hours. If you introduce new foods to your baby, try to pay attention to the emergence of the following symptoms:
1. Hives (itchy disease with red spots)
2. Red rash
3. Vomiting and / or diarrhea
4. Coughing or wheezing (sound that arises when a person breathes, which is caused by narrowing of the channel-winded)
5. Difficulty breathing
6. Lost consciousness or fainting

Protect babies from allergies
Many doctors still recommend to wait until the baby was a little older, nine or 10 months before introducing these eighth foods. And some doctors recommend to stay away from nuts and shellfish until the baby was three years old.
In addition, whole cow's milk should not be given to infants younger than one year. This is because the milk protein can irritate the stomach. However, yogurt and cottage cheese is recommended, because the protein from dairy products will be parsed. And less likely to cause stomach upset"
In addition, according to some experts, you should wait until the child is at least one year to introduce honey. Because, honey, potentially causing serious illness known as botulism (food poisoning) in infants.

Nine Miracle Food


Some foods not only helps meet the nutritional intake and satisfying taste of the tongue but also relieve health problems. Bananas, for example, can help relieve stress and anxiety. What other food? Here are some foods that could be your choice.Raisin: Lower high blood pressure.60 raisins (equivalent to a handful) contains one gram of fiber and 212 mg of potassium. Both in the content are recommended of dietary approaches to stop hypertension (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension / DASH diet). Studies have shown that the polyphenol content in wine based foods, such as raisins, grapes, and grape juice, effectively maintaining cardiovascular health, including lowering blood pressure.Yogurt: Overcome constipation or flatulence.One half cup of yogurt consumption of life (rich in good bacteria), according to study findings published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, effectively pushing food more efficiently through the digestive tract. In addition, the good bacteria in yogurt also enhance the ability of the intestine in digesting lactose milk and peanuts (which can cause flatulence).Apricot: Prevent kidney stones.Eight pieces of dried apricots containing two grams of fiber with only three mg sodium and 325 mg of potassium. This component, according to the American Diabetes Association spokesperson Christine Gerbstadt MD RD, helps prevent the buildup of minerals in the urine and calcium oxalate stone formation (the type most common kidney stones).Ginger tea: relieve nausea.Studies show that ginger (quarter teaspoon of powdered ginger, half to one teaspoon of ginger slices, or a cup of ginger tea) can alleviate the nausea caused by drunk driving and pregnancy. Researchers are not sure whether the oil or components that suppress nausea in the ginger, but ginger proven safe and has no side effects.Basil: suppress gastric disturbances.Studies indicate that eugenol, a component in the basil, can prevent bowel from pain, nausea, cramps or diarrhea. This component works to kill bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria. Eugenol, contains antispasmodic that can prevent cramps. Try getting these benefits by entering a slice basil into the sauce or salad.Pears: Lower cholesterol.One medium pear contains five grams of fiber. Most of these fibers in the form of pectin, which helps remove bad cholesterol (a risk factor for heart disease).Cabbage: Overcome ulcers (ulcers / ulcer).A study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that sulforaphane, a component of the cabbage, killing H. pylori (the bacteria that cause peptic ulcers) before the bacteria into the intestine. In addition, this component is also stated to help inhibit the growth of intestinal tumors. One cup of cabbage contains only 34 calories with three grams of fiber and 75 percent of the recommended vitamin C daily.Chamomile tea: relieve heartburn (burning sensation in the chest due to the increase of gastric acid into the esophagus).Chamomile can alleviate the inflammation, indigestion, cramps, and flatulence," said Dale Bellisfield RN an herbalexpert clinical, from New Jersey, quoted site. Two teaspoons mix of this herb in a glass of hot water for 20 minutes. Cover the surface of the glass to prevent evaporate the essential oil content. Make sure to drink tea several times a day for maximum healing.Banana: relieve stress and anxiety.When you feel depressed, try eating a banana. A medium-size bananas containing 105 calories and 14 grams of sugar, said Molly Kimball RD from Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans, could make you eat less kadat improve blood sugar and can meet 30 percent of the recommended daily vitamin B6. This fruit helps the brain produce serotonin, a chemical that relaxes.[...]

Women's problem solution


(image) Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, menstrual pain, irregular periods, urinary tract infections and infertility is a common gynecologic disorders affecting women. Instead of using chemical drugs, you can try to alleviate this problem with some natural way.

Acupuncture is otherwise beneficial to overcome recurrent urinary tract infections in women. In addition, China's traditional medicine can also help overcome some cases of female infertility due to ovarian dysfunction. In addition, acupuncture also helps control pain in some cases of endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease in which patches of endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus.

Bromelain, derived from the pineapple plant, is one of a group of proteolytic enzymes. Bromelain works to strengthen the effectiveness of antibiotics in people with urinary tract infections.
Women who consumed more calcium through diet, as described on the site, smaller risk of experiencing PMS. Calcium can be obtained from milk products, sardines, salmon, green leafy vegetables and tofu.

Research has shown that cranberry effective against urinary tract infections. The fruit is actively preventing the attachment of E. coli in the bladder wall. E.coli is a major cause of urinary tract infections.

D-Mannose is a simple sugar that is contained in many fruits. Sugar helps prevent bacterial attachment to the wall of the urinary tract.

Fish oil
Fish oil helps reduce the severity of endometriosis and help to alleviate dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation).

Horseradish (a type of radish)
Oil content in this plant helps to kill bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Nutrition with food color


(image) The most healthy and delicious food, is a colorful diet. But, of course, not artificial dye. You can enhance your dishes at the same time meet the body's nutritional needs by combining a natural-colored food.
These foods contain fitonutrisi, plant components which, according to researchers could help prevent obesity, cancer and heart disease. To help you, here are some colorful food groups and their functions.
To maximize results, try to meet half the intake of two cups of each food group per day. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women have a chance of survival after stroke is 53 percent greater if you eat this food three drinks per day.

Source of food: Lettuce, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, soy beans.
Ingredients: isothiocyanates, lutein, zeaxanthin, isoflavones.
Benefits: Againts of Alzheimer's disease (dementia), macular degeneration (eye disorder), and lung cancer.

Source of food: strawberries, tomatoes, apples, cranberries, watermelons, radishes (a type of red radish), pomegranate.
Ingredients: Lycopene, ellagic acid.
Benefits: Fight the cell damage, breast cancer and prostate.

Source of food: Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, apricots, cantaloupe, oranges, corn, pineapple, lemon.
Ingredients: Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, hesperidin.
Benefits: Fight heart disease, stroke, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Source of food: Onions puith, pears, cauliflower.
Ingredients: Allicin, quercetin.
Benefits: Fight high blood pressure, cholesterol and a decrease in bone density.

Source of food: Grapes, figs, blueberries, purple cabbage, black currants, black beans, eggplant purple, plum.
Ingredients: Anthocyanidins, resveratrol.
Benefits: Fighting memory loss, premature aging, cancer and heart disease.

Sea sponges and breast cancer patients


Recent result study found that patients with metastatic breast cancer who do chemotherapy with the drug made from sea sponges proved to have a chance to live longer about one to two months.

A drug called eribulin is more effective when compared with other chemotherapy drugs, according to research presented on Sunday (7 / 6) by a group of British researchers at the regular meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago.

The study involved more than 750 female patients who were randomly eribulin as a treatment option offered by physicians. All women had undergone cancer treatment and had undergone an average of four times of chemotherapy.

The researchers suggest the existence of 23 per cent improvement in those who consume eribulin. They also have the opportunity to live more than 13 months, while those not consuming can only survive for 10.7 month. The results of this study indicate that eribulin is effective new drug for breast cancer weight scale," said Dr. Christopher Twelves, author and a professor of Clinical Cancer Research Group at the Institute of Medicine Institute of Oncology Molekualar Leeds St James, England.

With this drug, we have seen no progress in terms of survival of a rare," he told Targeting cell division eribulin ie different from the previous mechanism," he said. These results and the effective potential as a new treatment for breast cancer patients.

Vitamin E and eczema


(image) CHILDREN are many foods rich in vitamin E is less risky esophageal eczema (eczema), hives on the skin. According to the research of Dr. Masayuki Okuda of the University of Yamaguchi, Japan.

Okuda and his team studied 396 children aged 10 and 13 years. Researchers measured levels of these substances in the blood to determine how much vitamin E and A that is consumed these children.

A total of 240 children in the study suffered from eczema Okuda. Researchers found no relationship between the risk of children experiencing these conditions and levels of substances related to vitamin A found in their blood.

However, children who have the highest level of content of substances that are associated with vitamin E in blood, 67% lower risk of esophageal eczema. Okuda believes it is related to the content of antioxidants and the effect of increasing body endurance contained in vitamin E.

According to researchers, although not prove causality, it is more thorough study than previous research that only uses a questionnaire.

Mother and relationships


(image) The relationship between parent and child is very important and that's how we develop the ability to establish successful relationships as adults. Parents serve as a model, "says Constance Gager, researchers from Montclair State University, USA.

The team that commandeered Gager analyze the results of a national survey involving nearly 7,000 couples in the U.S. In the period between 1992 and 1994, the mothers, fathers, and child who was then aged 10-17 years were interviewed about their relationships with each other. 10 years later, the children who aged 20-27 years were asked to answer questions about their relationship.

Tim Gager find descriptions of interactions with the mother of the child is able to predict how well children's relationships with their lovers would be. Children who are close to the mother noted a higher satisfaction and fewer conflicts with their boyfriends.

Evening snack and Damage Teeth


(image) Are you hooked snacking at night? Should reduce the habit. According to the researchers the University of Copenhagen, Danish, snacking at night can cause serious damage to the teeth.
Dr. Jennifer Lundgren analyzed the medical records of 2217 Danes.

A total of 173 (8%) of those classified as fond of eating at night, which consume a quarter or more of their daily calories after dinner, or they wake up in the middle of the night at least twice a week for snacking.

After six years, Lundgren team record what happened to them. The result, those who like to snack at night, losing more teeth. The researchers said saliva tends to dry out at night.In fact, saliva is needed to dispose of leftover food in the mouth. Lundgren and his team had suggested to the dentist to communicate those risks to their patients.

The practitioner must realize the implications of the habit of eating at night, improved scanning, and dental health education efforts and mouth among fans snacking at night," he said.

Prostate cancer vaccine is safe and has few side effects


Happy news for those who suffer from prostate cancer. Study results reveal that provenge, prostate cancer vaccine therapy, otherwise safe and has few side effects. The Directorate of Food and Drugs of the United States approved the use of the vaccine in men with advanced prostate cancer who failed hormone therapy and clinical data," said lead researcher Dr.Simon Hall A chief officer urology research center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

He explained the benefits of vaccines provenge for prostate cancer patients who have metastatic hormone-immune side effects were minimal when compared with chemotherapy. In addition, provenge able to improve survival more than chemotherapy. The average lifetime for men given provenge is 4.5 months.

Some patients experienced a longer age of two to three years. This is a relatively new method of treatment," said Hall. Data from the four phases of the experiment showed 904 people have increased expectations and quality of life with mild side effects. The researchers noted at least 83% of patients who consumed provenge even able to move without restrictions at all.

Cheese and immune


Cheese can help maintain and improve the performance of the immune system in elderly people. It was revealed in the research of Dr. Ibrahim Fandi from the University of Turku, Finland. Ibrahim said the cheese can act as carriers of probiotics or 'good bacteria'.

Ibrahim led the team asked the volunteers aged 72-103 years to eat one slice of cheese Gouda or placebo along with their breakfast dishes for four weeks. Researchers then tested participants' blood to determine the effect of probiotic bacteria contained in the cheese of the immune system.

The test results indicate significant improvement in immunity through the activation of certain blood cells. Intake of probiotic bacteria has been reported to enhance immune responses through other products and now we find the cheese can be the bearer of the same bacteria," said Ibrahim.

Researchers believe the daily intake of probiotic cheese can overcome the immune system performance degradation related to age or known by immunosenescene. The decline resulted in the body is unable to kill tumor cells and reduce the immune response to vaccination and infection.