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Incorporating dynamic movement and flow into your Yoga routine.

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Prasara Yoga FAQ - All About Prasara Yoga


What Is Prasara Yoga?

Prasara Yoga is a new style of yoga, first introduced to the masses in 2005 following the release of PRASARA.Flow Without Thought.(image)  It is a 'flow style' of yoga, focusing on not only posing and breathing but also on transitioning between each pose using dynamic movement.

How Is It Different From Other Styles?

Most traditional styles of yoga focus on either posing or structured breathing. Prasara focuses on posing, breathing, and movement - specifically linking poses together with dynamic movement.

Is Prasara Yoga Difficult For A Newbie? What If I'm Out Of Shape?

Prasara Yoga is no more difficult to learn than any other style of yoga. If you're out of shape you can still perform Prasara. In fact, it's a great way to motivate yourself to get in shape!

What Are The Benefits Of Prasara Yoga?

There's almost too many to list! It's a great way to build core strength (abdominal, hip, and spinal muscles). It increases balance, flexibility, and range of motion - which makes it ideal for athletes. Promotes fat loss and builds lean muscle mass. More specifics can be found by reading the benefits of Prasara yoga article I wrote.

How Long Is A Typical Routine? Do I Need A Lot Of Time To Get Into Shape?

There is no limit as to how long your workout needs to be. Some people do a short, 5 minute routine several times a day. Others practice intently for an hour or more every day. To get the most out of your workout, it is recommended that you perform Prasara for 14-18 minutes, 5 times a week - that is enough to work out every major muscle group and start seeing results. If a 14 minute routine is too intense for your, feel free to have a shorter workout and build up to a longer one.

Where Can I Learn Prasara Yoga? There Are No Classes In My Area!

There are several excellent resources available to learn Prasara yoga. If you prefer DVD instruction, Scott Sonnon's PRASARA. Instructional Series 'A' Flows(image) is a great choice, if you have previous yoga experience. If you are new to yoga, I recommend going with the Prasara Primer.


Learn Prasara Yoga


"If You're Searching For The Most Effective Way to Achieve Optimum Results In As Little As 15-Minutes A Day, You Can Stop Searching NOW!"

Prasara Yoga is here.

A revolutionary new form of Flow Yoga, Prasara Yoga is unlike any style you've ever seen. Prasara utilizes all of the benefits of "traditional" yoga and infuses them with dynamic flow - a way of linking poses together for maximum yoga gains. Best of all, the program is structured in a way that anyone, even if you've never even heard of yoga before, can start benefiting immediately.

So what are the benefits of Prasara?

Within minutes of starting, you'll begin to:

  • Burn fat and lose weight.
  • Develop Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Strengthen and Tone Core Muscles.
  • Increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.
  • Improve posture and balance.
  • Lower Stress Levels and increase mental awareness.

All of these benefits and more can be achieved in one 15-minute routine. You can even tailor the program to suit your specific goals - allowing you to focus on the results you want to achieve: weight loss, muscle gain, or endurance training.

  • You don't need prior Yoga experience. Even yoga newbies can learn Prasara.
  • You don't need to be in shape. Your body will get there the more you practice.
  • You don't need any special gear or equipment. You could practice Prasara Yoga naked if you like.
  • You don't need a large space to practice in. A living room is more than enough space.
  • You don't need to sign up for a yoga class. The Prasara Primer details everything you need to know.

If you're interested in learning this dynamic and 
exciting form of yoga,
and start your journey today!

Is Prasara Yoga Suitable For Yoga Newbies?


There's no doubt about it: Prasara yoga, when performed by a master, looks to be impossibly difficult. This has helped fuel the misconception that Prasara yoga should only be attempted by experienced yoga practitioners who are already in peak physical shape. While it certainly wouldn't hurt to be physically fit, it is by no means a prerequisite for learning Prasara.

In fact, the only requirements to learn Prasara yoga are a willingness to learn, the ability to move, and a knowledgeable guide or instructor.

It's as easy as that.

No superhuman strength or flexibility.
No transcendental meditation techniques.

Just a desire to improve and a willingness to succeed.

Order the Prasara Primer and start learning today.

Interested in a review of the program? Read my Prasara Primer review and see for yourself!(image)

Learn Prasara Yoga-The Prasara Primer Review


Prasara yoga is a new and unique form of yoga, first introduced in 2007. Like most forms of yoga, Prasara is excellent for developing core strength, balance, and flexibility. What sets it apart from other styles is the addition of flow, or dynamic movement. This simple addition turns a normal yoga routine into a full fledged, calorie-burning workout.

Because Prasara is so new, it can be difficult to find a qualified yoga instructor. Luckily enough, a new product has recently been released to take care of that problem: The Prasara Primer.

So what does the Prasara Primer have to offer?

First off, you get the Prasara Primer Course Manual. It's a 60+ page book that explains each individual exercise in detailed but simple terms. There are also photographs of every form and pose, so you know exactly how to perform them.

Secondly, you get 60 Flow videos. The first 15 are demonstration videos, showing the power and grace of Prasara yoga. The remaining 45 are instructional videos. They walk you through the movements and poses, demonstrating correct form and posture.

Third, you get the Prasara Yoga Training Guide. This guide showcases 5 different programs you can use to integrate Prasara into your existing routine. Simply choose which path you're interested in: Weight loss, muscle building, or endurance-and follow the appropriate program guide.

The Prasara Primer is an excellent introduction to Prasara Yoga. Everything you need to get started is included. If you're interested in getting started in this dynamic form of yoga, you can get The Prasara Primer Here!


Prasara Yoga-Practice Your Way to a Healthier Body


Prasara yoga is a fresh and innovative spin on yoga that incorporates the posing and breathing aspects of traditional yoga and links them together through sequences of dynamic movement. The result is a challenging-but exhilarating-workout that can quickly transform your body from flabby and out of shape to healthy, energetic and toned. Learning the basics of Prasara is easy, and provides several benefits to your body and overall health.

Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion

As ligaments and tendons are stretched they become more limber, allowing for a wider range of motion. Stretching during asanas loosens up your joints and releases lactic acid that has built up in your muscles. This helps relieve any muscle pain or stiffness, especially useful for people who suffer from chronic back pain or arthritis.

Increased Strength

There are 5 basic forms in Prasara yoga, and each one is designed to target a specific muscle group. Sequencing through the forms works out the legs, back, abdomen, and upper body. The beginner forms are all low-impact, making them an ideal introduction to people who are just beginning yoga.

Healthy Heart

Because you are constantly in motion between asanas, Prasara yoga provides a great cardiovascular workout. This leads to improved heart function and circulation, lowering both blood pressure and heart rate. Practicing yoga keeps the heart healthy and in shape, lowering your risk for heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Increased Mental Clarity

Yoga has been shown to have several benefits to mental health. Concentration, memory, and balance all improve. Stress and anxiety levels are decreased, which leads to increased energy levels and a more positive mood.

Spending as little as 15 minutes a day practicing Prasara yoga can yield some fairly dramatic results in a short amount of time. The added element of movement makes workouts more efficient and provides some wonderful benefits to your heart. Get started today in the hottest new trend in yoga and start working towards sculpting the body of your dreams.

For an excellent Beginner's Guide to Prasara Yoga, check out The Prasara Primer. It's easily the most complete and accessible guide to getting started in Prasara yoga.

What is Prasara Yoga?


Prasara yoga is a new style of yoga that blends elements of traditional asana, or poses, along with elements of movement, or flow. Most modern forms of yoga concentrate on one of two aspects: asana, the actual poses, or vinyasa, transitional breathing between poses. Prasara yoga integrates both of those aspects, and expresses them through dynamic movement.

Prasara yoga is comprised of 5 basic forms, known as flows. Each flow is carefully designed to strengthen and tone a specific area of the body, while all 5 flows work seamlessly together to strenghten the overall core of the body, improving balance, flexibility, and muscle tone. Rather than trying to hold asanas for extended periods of time, emphasis is instead placed on coordinated breathing and fluid transitions between each flow.

Progressing through all 5 flows takes only 15 minutes, but provides a complete, low impact, total body workout. Although prasara is more athletically challenging than other forms of yoga, each flow is designed with 3 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner flows can be completed by people of all ages and skill levels, while intermediate is best suited for people who have prior experience in other styles of yoga. Advanced level is obviously the most challenging workout, but certainly attainable to anyone with enough practice and dedication.    

Prasara yoga is a unique form of yoga in that it focuses on movement and flow in addition to asana and vinyasa. Structure, breathing, and movement are the defining elements of presara; these elements work together in synergy to promote a healthier, more balanced body.

Prasara yoga is an ideal style of yoga to practice, easily accessible to beginners but still challenging for experts. It provides a quick, yet efficient workout and even quicker results. If you have questions regarding Prasara yoga, check out the Prasara Yoga FAQ.

An excellent source to learn Prasara yoga is The Prasara Primer. It is by far the best way to learn Prasara yoga. You can check it out for yourself, or read my Prasara Primer review and see why I recommend it. It has been newly updated and is now better than ever!