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Who are Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:53:10 GMT

They merged and formed the BlueCross and BlueShield Association. BCBS is operating through 39 independent companies spread all over United Stated and some of them with partnerships or branches in other countries.

Who are Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance? They are the largest companies in this field providing services to almost 100 millions people. This would mean one in three Americans is having a BCBS plan directly or through the employments programs.

If you ask in any hospital facility "do you know who are Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance" you most probably get a positive feedback as over 90 percent of hospitals in US are part of BCBS providers network. This is a very impressive figure and in the same time, valuable for customers as many plans are designed for a specific network with high impact in the cost paid by a customer.

BCBS plans can be acquired exclusively through the 39 BCBS independent companies but the Association is very active with programs at national level designed to offer the best information possible, to answer any questions like who are Blue cross and Blue Shields insurance and what are their best services or to be involved in community health prevention.

AskBlue can provide information to help you to choose the best plan. Blue365 is a nice program that offers to BCBS customers' discounts or special savings for health related products and services from special vendors. Walking Works is another program based on idea that prevention is more important than paying healthcare bills. Anybody can enroll in this program and join in one of the sport activities suggested by BCBS.

Who are Blue cross and Blue Shields insurance is a question with many answers but one thing is for sure: BCBS is doing the best to be a transparent company and to offer as much as possible information to help its customers. For this, the company created Blue Health Intelligence, another national program that offers in depth information by putting together the experience gathered from the customers. The results of this program are reflected also in BlueDistiction - the awarding program initiated by BCBS for medical facilities. New programs and plans are continuously developed to answer the permanently changing demands from customers and also to be compliant and provide an answer to new legal changes.

Blue Cross Health Insurance

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

Blue Cross Health Insurance is a good investment and a safer way to live and enjoy your family.

What is Blue Shield Insurance

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:52:58 GMT

The history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and it was originally conceived to provide medical care to employees of mining and lumber camps that paid monthly fees to medical bureaus formed by groups of doctors, later it was amalgamated with Blue Cross and has developed over the years into the sophisticated system it is today.

It is maybe the largest and most well known of all the insuring companies, since it can be found in one form or another all over United States acting as administrator of such well known programs as Medicare, the program under US government administration.

Blue Shield Insurance is a complex system because under the same umbrella you can find several various types of plans all designed for different types of needs and you can access one of these plans through any of the many BCBS providers all over the country, each of them with their own special customized programs.

Blue Shield Insurance provides cover for individuals, employers or professionals health risks. You can find a suitable plan or you can apply for one of the national plans that are offered to cover health risks. From BCBS providers you can also take out policies for life, accident or even travel risks.

If you are asking yourself what is special about Blue Shield insurance. The answer is the high number of available plans on offer, through the wide network of providers, such that you can find affordable ways to cover the entire range of needs when it comes to health risks.

You can find also special designed plans for different types of activities. For example, Health Maintenance Organization is covering the delivery risk of medical services volunteers in a certain geographic areas. Point-of-Sale coverage is covering risks related to medical services needed by an employee traveling to a provider outside the network.

There are also plans for people that have to travel for work outside US. In such cases, normal travel insurance is neither enough nor is it suitable for extended stays. Although there are a lot of plans available and they differ from provider to provider, nevertheless they are easy to understand and customize to your own specific needs depending on age, family members or different categories of risk.

Blue Cross Health Insurance

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

What is Blue Shield Insurance covering? All types of health risk from work related risks to accidents.

What is Blue Shield Health Insurance

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:52:42 GMT

It is an expense in the short term but in the long term it could prove a good investment protecting your family and their wellbeing, which is why it could turn out to be the most important investment you can make in your entire life.

Just as you would behave with a car or a house, you do not consider buying an insuring policy until you really need it, and hopefully that will not turn out to be too late. You should should plan carefully and think for the future …. think about getting Blue Shield health insurance when the waters are calm and you do not really need it.

When you start looking for the best plan for you and your family you need to do your home work. There are a lot of plans available out there and they will include different types of risk with different types of payment levels. You can go for a more secure plan with almost all expenses covered in case of health issues and pay a little more, or you can go for a program with less risks covered in which case you will spend a little less.

Blue shield health insurance is more like a complex system that could help you to keep your policy costs under control. If you contact one of the BCBS providers, they will advise you not only what plan would be good for you, but also what action you could take in order to prevent illness and thereby help to keep your expenses down. For example, you should get an annual medical check up as this will go a long way in anticipating serious problems and also, you should look to living a more healthy life style of more exercise and giving up smoking.

One of the national programs of BCBS is called "WalkingWork" that is trying to increase the number of people making time out for daily sports. Studies show that a person with an active lifestyle is needing far fewer medications in the course of a year than a sedentary person.

There are many things that are in your power to reduce diseases risks and a healthier lifestyle for you and your family would mean less hours spent visiting doctors, less pharmacy prescriptions, reduced risks of developing chronic diseases and all these will be directly reflected in your monthly payments of your insurance policy.

Blue Cross Health Insurance

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

Health Insurance Blue Shield Blue Cross

Blue Cross Health Insurance is a good investment and a safer way to live and enjoy your family.