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How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Get Back Girlfriend - Act Before It's Too Late


To get back a girlfriend you've recently lost, you need to be very careful in what steps you take. Breakups don't have to be final, but they must be handled the right way if you want to repair the relationship rather than letting go of your ex girlfriend.

Step 1 - Break off or reduce contact

Right after the breakup it may feel like you should keep calling and texting your ex girlfriend because you fear you'll lose her if you don't get her back right this second. But that can actually hurt your chances of getting back your girlfriend.

Instead you should reduce contact or have no contact with her; focus on the time after the breakup to improve your health, both mental and physical. Work out.
Read. Explore your passions and hobbies. Then in a few weeks you'll be better-equipped to deal with what happened on the breakup.

Step 2 - Gradually reintroduce yourself into her life

If she is still interested in you, she will give you hints. For example if she responds positively when you try to establish contact with her again, she still wants you. Look for small ways to get back into her life, even if it's as simple as calling, emailing, or texting her a time or two a day.

Finally when she is ready, you can take her somewhere fun or do something together you both enjoy.

Step 3 - See how things are going and check in with her

If you are having a good time with her again and she seems to want you back, talk to her about where you want the relationship to go. She may want to get back together with you at this point, or she may want to keep going easily.

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An Ex Girlfriend Blog That Actually Helps You Get Her Back


Ex girlfriend blog topics usually contain photos and vicious information concerning an ex-girlfriend someone wants to get revenge on. But there is a much more positive way to deal with the topic of learning how to get a girlfriend back.

Basically you must do aside with the notion of revenge. You will be feeling angry and upset at your ex girlfriend and probably yourself for doing whatever you did to drive her away. These feelings have to be put aside in favor of a new focus, which is bettering yourself.

Make your aim to be a better person

You must concentrate on yourself after a breakup. Eat a better diet, work out and make yourself physically appealing. Expand your hobbies and interests. These things will make you feel better about yourself and in turn, other people - like your ex girlfriend - will see that.

No contact

Try to avoid contact with her as much as possible during this time. That may be what she wants since she initiated the breakup in the first place. Having time to herself will give her a chance to reflect on how she feels about you, and very often she will realize she still cares about you and may want to get back together.

Gradually introduce yourself back into her life

Using the advice from an ex girlfriend blog like this one, work on positive changes in your life first, and then gradually try to re-establish contact with her when you feel ready. If she responds positively to this you know you have chances to get her back. But you must be careful not to move too fast or she may start to pull away again.

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How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend - 3 Things Not to Do to Win Her Back


The sad and terrible reality is that you will feel pain and hurt at the fact your ex girlfriend broke up with you. These feelings are going to make you act in ways that will probably just drive her farther away. Instead of lashing out, stop what you're doing right now and think about these three things you should absolutely never do if you want to know how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

1. Show your anger physically

Do not ever punch things around her - be it a wall, a door, or worse, a living thing. When you punch things and react with physical anger, all you are showing her is that you are not capable of controlling yourself or your anger - which is very childlike.

She wants to see more than anything that you are in control of yourself all the time. If you need to punch something, get to the gym, put on some boxing gloves, and whap the heck out of the punching bag.

2. Show your anger verbally

Know when it's easiest to say the wrong thing? When your emotions are running high, like they are after a breakup. You will be feeling the fear of losing your girlfriend forever, the pain of knowing you've said and done bad things, and you will feel angry at yourself for pushing her away. You are more likely to say things that will drive her away rather than encourage her to come back.

Resist the temptation to give in to telling her everything you want to get off your chest. Instead you should wait until you can control your emotions and your tongue and then write down your words so you can edit them before your ex has a chance to see them.

3. Start rumors

Initiating vicious rumors in regard to your ex girlfriend is the best way to nail your own coffin. The reality is that it's best not to talk about her at all in your hours and days after the breakup - specifically if you feel you could say something that might hurt her and come back to haunt you.

Instead of doing these three things you need to focus on a long term plan to get your ex girlfriend back. This way you can work on doing positive things that will win her heart rather than drive her away.

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A Long Term Plan to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


Depending on the reasons you broke up, sometimes it's necessary to have a long term plan to get your ex girlfriend back. You have to repair trust and hurt feelings in a breakup, and it takes time to do that.

The good news and the bad news

Even if this means your ex girlfriend is going to have to be absent from your life for a long time, there's good news: she'll be able to appreciate you more while you are gone from her life. The downside is that it will take a lot of patience on your part to make your plan to get her back work.

Benefits of a long term plan

The benefits of having a long term plan to get her back are fairly numerous. For one, it gives you time to make adjustments if something changes. For another, it helps you focus on a larger goal that can ultimately lead to more happiness and fulfillment when you do finally get her back - and she'll be happier with you.

You can also keep an eye out for signs your ex girlfriend still wants you, like if she calls you sometimes or sends you little messages to keep in touch with you.

A few things you should include in your plan

Change your attitude. You must figure out where the problems in your relationship were and what caused them. If this was your fault, you need to figure out what you did wrong and then change your attitude about these things so they don't happen the second time around.

Change your appearance. You might be surprised at how much a wardrobe change will do for how your ex girlfriend feels about you. By getting newer clothes, taking pride in your hair and grooming, and working out to get in better shape, you'll be showing her that you care about how you look and will be more physically appealing to her.

Change your mentality. If you have self esteem issues or problems with yourself that you need to work through, visit a psychologist or consult a self help guide. You can't give her your best until you fully achieve it. You need to love yourself before she or anyone else can love you.

Final tips

You don't have to do a complete personality makeover, but taking these small steps to make yourself a better person will certainly help your efforts of getting your ex girlfriend back.

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Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Wants You


Whether you're trying to get your ex girlfriend back or just want to be friends with her again, you may be looking for those subtle signs that say whether or not she's still into you, or if she's moved on. There are actually many things that can give you the answer, and subtle signs your ex girlfriend still wants you.

1. Is she dating again?

If she's dating again and seems to be happily involved in a new relationship, it's possible that she really is over you. But more than likely, she'll be bouncing from one guy to another in her attempts to forget you. Probably she is not ready to commit because she is still not over you, so it is hard for her to appreciate other guys and start a new relationship.

2. Is she upset about you seeing other women?

By contrast if you have started dating other women and your ex girlfriend sees this, she may signal jealousy and bitterness about the fact that you are with another girl. If she gets angry when she learns you are seeing other people, she still wants you.

This is definitely a good chance to get her back if you choose to, especially using this simple method to get your ex back.

3. Does she find reasons to stay in touch with you?

The "let's stay friends" thing is very typical when a girl isn't sure she really wants to be broken up with a guy. If she finds reasons to call you or message you, even if it's over seemingly insignificant things like something she left at your house or just to say "I miss you", then she is not over you.

It is very common for both genders to express conflict about their feelings in this way, so if you see these little signs, it's very likely that your ex girlfriend is not really over you. You may choose to ignore this if you want to move on, or you may wish to try to get her back.

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Simple Method to Get Your Ex Back


Did you screw up your relationship somehow and suddenly your ex wanted to break up? Maybe it happened without warning, or maybe you saw it coming. Whatever the reasons, breakups that aren't mutual are never fun, and sometimes the only thing you'll be able to think about after a breakup is how you can get your ex girlfriend back.

Here is a simple method to get your ex back that has a huge chance of working even if you've screwed up royally.

Step 1 - Break off contact

This might seem like the last thing you want to do, since your mind is constantly on your ex, constantly replaying everything you might have done, and stressing over every last detail of why she broke up with you. But you actually need to stop calling her, stop texting her, and just break off contact for right now.

Don't worry, it isn't permanent. But it's important to forget all the little things you're obsessing over - like WHY the breakup happened. Instead just accept it so you can focus on moving forward.

Step 2 - Write a letter saying you understand

After a week or so of not contacting your ex, you need to write a letter explaining that you understand how she's feeling and you accept her decision to split. You have no expectations, no further demands, nothing - all you are saying is that you understand.

This takes the weight off your ex's shoulders. No longer does she have the pressure of feeling she let you down or hurt you, because now she knows you understand what he's feeling.

Step 3 - Gently coax your ex back into your life

Your ex will probably be sending you little signals if she wants to get back together with you, like continuing contact even though you're broken up, or saying she's moving on and "you should too", which means she still cares about you and your wellbeing.

In fact, very few relationships are ever permanently over. Haven't you known at least one couple who broke up, only to get back together later?

At this stage, your ex is going to be very vulnerable, so everything you do must be exactly right.

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back? 3 Simple Answers


It might be that you're feeling like you want your ex girlfriend to come back more than anything imagineable right at this time. Besides sinking into depression, remember that you can turn things around and get her back in your life. If you've been trying to forget the pain through junky foods and TV while you try to forget the pain even as the burning question "How do I get my ex girlfriend back?" is all that's in your mind, stop doing this right now.

Instead, follow these three simple steps.

1. Give her space

You may feel that it's extremely tempting to pick up the phone and call your ex girlfriend. That is one method to push her away. When she is ready, SHE will be the one calling you. Today, do not call or text her for any reason.

2. Focus on yourself after a breakup

We live in a world where we're terrified of being alone, but sometimes that is the exact thing many people could use. Taking time to discover yourself is a vital element in getting that girl to want you once again - and by doing fun things, the pain of being alone will vanish.

Breakups are very difficult, but this time can be great to spend some one on one time with someone who really needs that: you.

3. Gently bring her back into your life

Remember the first days when you were dating, you magically started to learn every special charm and quirk about her? Like what kind of food she enjoys, her favorite music, what activities she likes to do, her favorite place to visit.

You have vital knowledge here. By taking time to do things that show her you know her inside and out and care enough to plan fun things you can do with her, she'll just want you back right away.

These are three ideal solutions of getting your ex girlfriend back that are proven to work, but this isn't all you can do.

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