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Hospital A God To Many

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Hospital A God To Many

Mon, 07 Jun 2010 05:01:00 +0000

Consider this situation, an atheist , walking out of a building and suddenly starts praising the Lord,Yes, he is coming out of a Hospital.In today's world the Almighty chooses to work a lot of miracles through places called Hospitals. Put in simple words, it is a means of lifting the world down on its knees to its full height.

Our ancestors started to fall ill and many died of illness without any cure of course we had some great scholar like Susantra who performed surgery and cure for ills. They pass on the knowledge to their disciplines to keep the human kind from sufferings. They have done many miracles to save human being without any advanced medical tools and surgical procedures but if you ask yourself that those methods are still good enough than modern hospital. You come to conclusion nope, if you there won't be any hospitals.

The modern hospital came to force by government initiatives, government felt the need to look after the health of her citizens. So government setup many non profit hospitals across the nation to cure people with illness. But as day progress there is huge demand for quality treatment and better service. The private investors saw a huge demand for this kind of service enter the medical field and there up on many privately run hospitals established across the nation. But country like India where you can find still huge percentage of people below poverty line make the non profit government hospital a vital one.

As Charles Darwin put it the Struggle for Existence did not leave even the noble profession of medicine. The hospitals which had good facilities upgraded to better facilities, then the question of being the best comes into question. But, in this Information era, what is a discovery today is history the next day. The word best doesn't hold much relevance. Still, what remains is that Hospitals are increasingly becoming the places people visit as often as they do their grocers.

If facilities are one part, the more important part is the Doctor who attends us at the Hospital.The human Body, is the most complex machine, it can be interpreted in many ways by every other person. No one can diagnose any aberration with utmost certainty. This is where the people in touch with the theoretical developments, the latest developments happening in the pharmaceutical industry can be of the greatest importance.

If you search for a doctor, i would advise you to first dig a little into his background, then consult him. For instance, someone teaching at a college and practicing simultaneously would be a better choice. But, then the hospital is also important. The only thing which never fails is Sir Murphy's Law, So, its better to be prepared for the worst case, ask the question if the hospital is good enough in that case.

In modern world hospital is the life saving living god that save our life when we need a saviour and who look as god to us when we loss hope of living.