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Preview: Affordable TV Airtime - Should You Advertise on Cable or Broadcast?

Affordable TV Airtime - Should You Advertise on Cable or Broadcast?

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Affordable TV Airtime - Should You Advertise on Cable or Broadcast?

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Cable Television is the preferred advertising medium for most businesses looking to market their goods and services on TV. 60% of the TV viewing households in the US watch on Cable Television. Some of the most loved video brands can be found Cable which creates a strong following and regular viewership. Precision geographic targeting of prospects and customers is possible on Cable Television. Recent studies have shown that households with Cable Television make more big ticket purchases and have greater disposable incomes than Broadcast Only households.

Any business that's advertising wants their ads to be seen by the most possible viewers. 60% of TV viewers in the US do so via Cable Television making it an attractive form of TV advertising. Cable Television viewership is up 40 percent from 2001 figures. Broadcast has been declining over the same time period and is down 40 percent., Broadcast TV is down 40% for the same time period.} On top of that, Cable TV Households spend virtually double the time watching TV as Broadcast Households do. There's no doubt about it; Cable TV has the biggest influence on the largest viewing audience.

Cable Television networks have a loyal following and feature in-demand programming. Cable Television features great networks such as Fox News, CNN, ESPN, Discovery, Cartoon Network, History Channel, etc. Cable TV Networks across the board have moved away from re-runs and now focus primarily on original programming. At sixty seven percent, original programming on Cable is at an all-time high. Cable Television continues its investment in original programming with greater than 6 billion to be spent through 2012.

Cable TV permits advertisers to be very deliberate concerning the clients they're concentrating on using both demographic and geographic targeting. No matter what product or service is being marketed, you can be sure that there is a Cable network for every demographic. Cable additionally features the power to run totally different campaigns by Designated Market Area allowing for very specific use of marketing resources.

On average, Cable households are usually more affluent than those who watch on Broadcast or Satellite. These affluent viewers have higher disposable incomes and are statistically more inclined to purchase big ticket items.

There is a wealth of opportunity out there for businesses ready to advertise on Cable. Viewer affluence, precision campaign targeting, original programming, and the largest audience… Cable Television is an ideal advertising channel.

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