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How would you like your Christmas without an Advent Calendar?

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 17:20:00 +0000


Advent calendars have been a part of my Christmas right from my childhood. It was my mom who took the pain of making these calendars every year. They would be of a new design and make every year and (image) we, brothers and sisters looked forward to it. The countdown was the most enjoyable part. Each day, a new gift and one day nearer to Christmas. The religious part of Christmas was more pronounced then and I loved it that way.

This old fervor has been kept alive in my life by my husband’s grandma. The first Christmas after marriage I was missing the festivities of home. But the advent calendar part was not a void. Granny made it a point to make one calendar for each of his grandchild. And these calendars are really unique. It’s really nice to receive an advent calendar every year especially at my age of 32. It somehow brings back childhood memories and makes you relive those days.

The calendar received this year is a bright one and promises to be fun. It brings forth the great creative talent and patience of this lady. She is a darling. But with all this I had to buy one from LEGO also. Guess why? Just because my kids are hell bent on getting one from LEGO. They are a huge fan of LEGO and have come to know about the excitement that the LEGO calendar brings along from their friends. So I had placed an order at Amazon and the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2010 reached us within days. They have already looked at it in every way possible other than opening it and now are counting the days with anticipation evident on their faces.

I for one also seem to have fallen prey to this set and am waiting alongside them to take part in their merriment. I have decided to take part in their fun and make them be part of opening my advent calendar too. It will be a fine mix of the old and the new won’t it? Here’s hoping Christmas brings all the fun, joy and peace to everyone around with its calendars, gifts, trees, Santa, parades, recipes and everything else.

Best Baby Walker Reviews

Tue, 01 Jun 2010 17:39:00 +0000

Last weekend, I was having buffet lunch at East Ocean City Restaurant in Boston with my dear schoolmate from Belmont Hill School days, Timothy. We had really spent quite a few beautiful years then in Milford,Boston without a care in the world. We were too busy building our careers or relishing our free time in great fun and idle talk. That both of us would move on to become qualified individuals and dependable moms had never crossed my mind then.
Now after twelve years Timothy is a successful Attorney and is a mom of a nine month old kid.

Timothy was sharing with me about her female child which is always a frequent story fellow mothers like to focus on. She was going through a particular problem as her daughter hated being put in the activity table that she had already bought. Whenever in it she began to cry and she just hated going inside it. Hearing all this I gave her the idea of a baby walker. My cousin had used one for her baby and was very much satisfied too.

After browsing for nearly sixty minutes we narrowed down on two brands Fisher Price and Graco.
They met the specifications and also gave a great variety in the price range. We were looking for a thing that would prove to be a safe haven for the little one while her mother did the washing, made dinner, did the dusting and cleaning, etc. It should give her the freedom to discover and make her feel self-reliant and also in control. Most of all she should like her time spent in the walker. With these aspects in mind we eventually chose Graco Tot Wheels Activity Center Baby Walker. This walker is very well built, with friction that reduces the risk factor and accidents. The two soft toys with squiggle gym in it both amuses and adds fun to the baby. Large tray and padded seat make it perfect for the baby. Wide track design is perfect. Wrap around cloth of the seat helps to keep the walker clean and is easy to maintain also. These attributes make this model a clear trophy.

Meeting Timothy after such a while was definitely fine. I felt happier to be of some help to her. Hope to meet her immediately after coming back from my tour abroad but would surely call her in between to see if she has made any progress with our notion.