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Hardwood Flooring Review

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Hardwood Flooring

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The largest part of any house is its floor. A floor can make a house look good, bad or excellent! The colour, material, design and various other things matter in the aesthetic beauty and durability of the floor. One of the widely used floor types is the hardwood flooring. It consists of wood from timber or bamboo from bamboo, a type of grass for flooring purposes. This type of flooring is very common in countries where temperatures are usually low.

Hardwood flooring can be solid or engineered. The solid flooring consists of a flooring pattern where the wood is directly derived from a single piece of timber and used without any altercations of any engineering kind. The engineered wood flooring will consist of several layers of planks and engineered according to the needs of the house. Engineered flooring usually is made up of a top layer and a core layer. The core layer provides the strength and the top layer gives the aesthetic appeal of the floor. Only the top layer is visible. Nowadays, engineered wood flooring is commonly used in most parts of the world except in North America where the solid hardwood flooring dominates over engineered wood flooring.

The manufacturing of these two hardwood flooring wood is different the Solid wood manufacturing process is simple the wood is cut to shaped pieces and polished. On the other hand the engineered Floor wood go through complicated manufacturing process. First two layer top layer and core layer manufactured separately using different types of wood pieces, and both are fusion together to form the engineered flooring wood.

The Hardwood floored houses withstand wide range of temperatures and are considerably resistive of various kinds of odorous substances and moisture. They require little maintenance and can be kept glittering new with just the usual sweeping and mopping. The aesthetic appeal of the flooring is given through the finishing touches in the manufacturing process. This is done according to the needs of the customers and owners of the house in which the flooring is to be installed.

The steps involved in the finishing process are summarised in this section. First, the type of floor finish is chosen. This can be done depending upon the flooring type and amount of shine needed. Two popular floor finishes are Poly urethane, which uses oil based poly urethane or straight poly urethane and Oil, which uses natural oil for finishing purposes. The next step is sanding. Sanding is the process of smoothing the installed hardwood floor. This is done to remove any uneven surfaces in the floor. This process is usually carried out using a sand paper in addition to which, oils and waxes may be used.

Hardwood flooring have many benefit and make your house a beautiful place to live and hardwood floors add beauty to your to your home interior decoration.