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A Bit of a Stretch


I have great news for my fellow vitamin-B deficient friends. I just splurged on some caramel sauce to drizzle on my hot cider and BLAM-O! My world changed. Check out the label! Look closely. Off to the left. See it? "Excellent Source of B Vitamins" EXCELLENT.   I really want to meet the adverting agency who came up with this brain child. But they are too busy trying to please their other



Hey Blog Land! I just wanted to see if I still remembered how to do this? Look at me blogging after two years. I still remember how to type with my hands and not just my thumbs. Been thinking about rolling up my sleeve and getting back into this storytelling of my one life I get. Lets start with just an updated picture of my family: Seriously, could we look more like tourist? This is from

The Scoop


It's November 6th, so you know what that means… Time to get a shovel and scoop the moldy pumpkins off your porch!

Shop Girls


Last week all my boys got free tickets to the Portland Timbers soccer game which left Phoebe and I no other choice but to shop!

Kids Christmas Crafts


Matt's department he works for has an awesome kids annual Christmas party. This will be my last year doing it (If I write it down maybe I really will retire this year) I never did blog about the crafts I picked and thought all you mommies out there might want to put some of these simple Christmas crafts into your holiday plans. By far the favorite of the day were these snow globes.  Made from

School's In


My life changed dramatically this fall. This is a year I dreamed about during countless sleepless nights nursing babies two at a time. I use to pass the time during the wee hours of the night by fantasying about the days when they'd all be in school. And this fall I sent them ALL away. (confetii and door prizes for everyone!) Yes, there were moments of how-the-heck-did-this-happen-so-fast, and a



"Grab your camera Mom, and meet me in my room!", Phoebe yelled to me. Seem's she dressed and posed her Calico Critters for a family portrait. We both love her little collection so much. You might remember an 80's version of these little fuzzy animals called, The Sylvanian Families. Although a little pricey it's been fun to slowly collect them and look at the catalog for that new set

It's November


I blew off the dust of my keyboard tonight as an attempt to revive the ol' blog. I really want to get caught up so you'll have to endure birthday posts and Disneyland write ups oh and chickens. I have chicken now. So lots to tell Blogland about! Last night we did Halloween with the three C's. Costumes, Candy, and Coma's (the sugar kind.) We have been working really hard to clean up our diets

My New Favoriate Thing


Stefanie and I have been texting about helping each other get back into the blogging habit. I seem to have gotten into a "only in November" rut and I really miss this community. So we are considering blogging regularly in June! This is a little preview for you, (really for me to see if I could even remember how to write a paragraph, upload a photo, publish then read all my mistakes and shrug and

Jabe: Party Planner In Training


I took a tour of our extra hard drive today and found this old clip of Jabe from a year  ago.

Just For You


I have found myself neglecting this blog so much in the last few years. I blame facebook. But here's a little gem just for you who like to still kick it old school with blogging (Myself included). We took the kids sledding a few weeks ago and on our drive to the mountain we past Detroit Dam. So in keeping with the road trip spirit Matt points out the window and says, " Look kids, there's the dam



So I did not participate in any kind of Black Friday elbow shoving to save five dollars on a new toaster for my mom. And I got a full nights sleep while this cra cra was spraying human beings with pepper spray so she could . . . win mom of the year from her hasn't-seen-the-light-of-day-25-year-old-basement-living-gamer-son. I'm just guessing here. In fact I haven't bought a single gift yet. Just



(Photo by Kristen Beaty)Truly thankful for this guy that still pursues me after almost 15 years of marriage.Thankful I found this picture of Jabe today.And this one of Phoebe.I am thankful I ended our no TV fast. That was just really dumb of me.And on that note, I am truly grateful that stopped pretending to be Laura Ingalls by drying my clothes on rack to save $20 a month. Hello electric dryer.

Some Minor Details


1. Blogs are such a great way to connect with people you normally would never meet. But you read their blog and then you know these intimate details about a person inmost being but you wouldn't know them if you past them in the street. This week I've feel such sadness for Alicia Paulson and her husband Andy. I was drawn to her blog cause she makes homemade art all around her and then I got drawn



Say Cheese!


Had some family pictures taken last month by my awesome friend and photographer. Kristen was really easy to work with and just so darn talented! I envy her in so many ways, but mostly because right now I am bundled up in my robe and wool socks cause it is so cold in the north west and she is probably sleeping in her bikini in her new home in florida.My father-in-law made this bench that we used

Who Done It?


When you have three kids sometimes it's hard to know who to blame for home vandalism. My job was made easier last night when I found the letters J A B E written in purple marker on the couch. Busted.

So Last Year


My house once again has turned into a tornado of crafts as I prepare for our Police Kids Christmas Party. I do the crafts. For about 200 kids. Hold your applause cause I can't hear them anyway. I never showed you what we did last year so here ya go. . . Oh and these were shot with my little pocket camera and I do realize that some of them are sideways and well, it's late and I'm not fixing them

Surprise Soul Food


At church this Sunday we got an awesome, awesome surprise; singer/songwriter Shawn McDonald came and sang for us. It was such a gift. Shawn is cool but the awesome part of him is that he is just a screw-up like the rest of us and he isn't shy about it. Gotta love someone who is real. He also has let an awesome God transform his love. Watch him here talk a little about himself and then listen to

Watching Parenthood


Ooops almost forgot to blog tonight cause I am watching my favorite tv show right now via the internets!! Doesn't get any better than Parenthood!

A Project Finished . . . Holla


With the kids getting a bit older I am finding that I am completing projects faster. This is a good thing but now I have to decide if I have the hundreds of unfinished projects become total washes or do I give the baby books a real college try . . . .You might remember in one of my (grasping at straws) post I threw a shower for my friend Holly, who is adopting twins from Ethiopia. I found this

Must Read . . . Then See


On our long road trip this year to the cabin, I read Matt the Hunger Games trilogy. I stopped when the roads got car sick worthy, but other than that, we were hooked! One night we stayed up until 2 am each taking turns reading a chapter cause we just had to finish book two. Movie is coming out in March and it looks great! So get crackin' on the books so you can get the full story before the movie

Interview With A Phoebe


Kung Foo Fool


It's really hard for me to not laugh all day. Tell your favorite part of this . . . this . . . ear piercing, arm swinging, interpretive dancing duo.

Hello, Goodbye


(Written a few days ago)Had an experience today that will dwell in me forever. Watched a dear friend have a baby girl. Listened to her tell me she loved this little baby but knew she was not in a place in her life to be her mother. She wanted this baby to have more than she could provide. She decided to make an adoption plan.With that decision firm, she quickly found a wonderful adoption agency