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Mother Knows Best

The insanity of running a household full of love and laughter!!!

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changes are among us!


So to start I have changed the name from tales north to mother knows best. For those of you following my what seems to be once a year posts, we are no longer in the north and have moved on to the tropics of BC. Dani started kindergarten this year and has been loving every minute of it! Zach is patiently waiting his turn to go to school - he has another year to wait before he can go. Ryley is doing what 2 year olds can only do to their mothers DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! He has discovered the word NO. Last bu not least Brody is growing in leaps and bounds. He was born right on his due date of July 6, 2008. He weighed the same as ry, 8lbs, 11oz. Labour was quick. Went to bed the night of the 5 and told Chris "we're going to have this baby tomorrow" I was having some mild contractions. The morning of the 6 Chris got up for work and asked how I was feeling, and I told him the same thing as the night before. So off he went to work. I got up and made soem breakfast for the other kids and visited with my mom and Chris's mom for a little bit. Then I went outside with my dad to start the base of the deck we were building on the front of the house. The contractions were getting progressively stronger. In the early afternoon dad needed some lag bolts for the deck, so off I went into town (25 km) to the hardware store for bolts. Right in the middle of the bolt section I started getting contractions that I needed to breathe through! As a true shopaholic I went to get milk at the grocery store before I headed home! When I got home I helped dad a little bit longer then I set down my drill and looked at my mom, dad and mother in law and said "Going to go have a shower, gotta go to the hospital." and walked away! So I come in the house and call Chris and tell him he has to come home from work and that its time to go. He of course asks how long the contractions are and how far apart, well he damn near shit his pants when I told him they were about 3 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute!!!! So he got home at 3:30ish and had me to the hospital by 4:00pm. Our doctor wanted us to phone as soon as we were on our way to the hospital cause she figured that with this being our fourth child that it was going to come very quickly. So i got to the hossy and she got there right after us. She came into my room and said "You would never guess there is anybody in labour in here, I can hear you laughing down the hall!!!" So I got a mini spinal because they didn't think I was going to be in labour for very long - it wore off right at transition! I felt all of that! So when it was time to push it took me all of 4 minutes to push that large peanut out! Brody Myles was born at 6:07pm. He is such a sweet little baby! His brothers and sister absolutely love him and dote on him all day long - spoiled! Our little troop is now complete, there are no more babies for this family. I love having babies, and I loved being pregnant but I am ready to move on to the next phase of motherhood.In September I started working at Tim Hortons, I really like working there. Its not hard and I like the people I work with. I have applied for a new job, not because I don't like where I'm at but because I need something that pays a little more and is pretty much a guarantee that there will always be a future in it. So I went for an interview on Wednesday and got recommended to go on to the next phase of the hiring process. Hope it doesn't take to long to get hired!While driving home from Kelowna the other day Dani asked me who my boyfriend was when I was little. I told her daddy was, then she asked me who grandma's boyfriend was and I told her grandpa. Then I asked her who her boyfriend was and she said "Emmie, he's in love with me but we don't kiss!" SHE'S FIVE!!!!! OMG how young does this start!Friends of ours had a baby girl today! I wish I could be there to hold her and to give them all big hugs!I ran a half marathon in Seattle in November. What an awesome experience! I finished in 2 hours 43 minutes and 19 seconds! Not bad for a spur of the moment decision! Anyway the cozyness [...]

We Are Finally Getting Settled!


Well we finally finished our move. We are starting to settle nicely into our new home - which is absolutely amazing might I add! This past weekend saw Chris hard at work with a bobcat leveling out our front and back yards. Who knew that 2 acres of crabgrass would be such a pain in the ass to level. Every time he would turn around there would be another giant rock in the middle of the yard. So it will take us a little time to get it together and get a nice lawn going. No, we didn't level the entire yard - just the part that we think we will use the most. The rest we are going to leave until the fancy strikes us again to go out and rent another bobcat! The kids are all doing well and seem to have adjusted nicely to our new location! Dani is going to be going to kindergarden this coming fall so in a week she has been invited to her school to see her new classroom and to meet some of the kids that she will be going to school with.  Zach is pretty disappointed that he isn't going to school with her. Ryley still walks around saying his name all day long - guess he is just making sure we don't forget who he is! As for Chris he is loving his new position here. Says it doesn't get any better than this! Me, I am hanging in there. I have 4 and a half weeks before I am due. The baby is getting very big... as am I! I love being pregnant but am ready to have the baby - I just want to hold it! I found a doctor here in town who is absolutely wonderful! She thinks the baby is going to be a good size just like the other three were! Next week friends of ours from the Yukon will be coming down to have a visit with us - I am super excited to see them! This will be our first friends to come and visit us since we moved! Anyway I am off to bed - and I have dial up that I have to pay for by the hour so I am going to cut this short! HOW ARCAIC I know!

100 things about me you may or may not want to know!


I saw this done on another blog - average mom - and decided to give it a try. Now as I sit here and try to think of 100 things about myself I am kicking myself for opening my big mouth! Most people who read this will probably already know these things anyway but... oh well, here goes!!! 1. I talk on the phone... constantly 2. My dad calls me "ma bell" 3. My childhood nickname is duck 4. I am a daughter, a neice, a grandaughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a mother, and a wife. 5. I would like to think that I am a patient person 6. I am strongwilled and bull headed 7. I take after my father and my mother 8. I say things to my children my mother used to say to me 9. I play the bagpipes 10. I have three sisters 11. I have three brother-in-laws 12. I have one sister-in-law 13. I have two nephews 14. I have two neices15. I have a daughter and two sons 16. My family is my everything 17. I hate cluttered counters 18. I don't drink milk if it is 3 days before the due date 19. I start projects with good intentions of finishing them but hardly ever do20. We actually finished a project! 21. I hate birds - they have beady little eyes and sharp pointy beaks - they will try to peck out your eyeballs if you are not careful 22. I watch way too much tv 23. My favorite show this season was desperate housewives 24. I spent 5 years as an army cadet 25. I made it to the rank of cheif warrant officer 26. I spent 4 summers at an army cadet camp 27. Having children has made me appreciate the more simple things in life 28. I love to hear my children laugh 29. I drive a silver pathfinder30. I live in northern canada 31. I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 9 years 32. I love hanging out with friends and family 33. Stupidity irritates me but I tolerate it 34. I hate hearing people whine how hard something is when they are the ones that chose to do it in the first place 35. My best friend is my husband 36. I hate it when people chew with their mouth open 37. I like grocery shopping 38. I hate when people try to mow you over with their grocery cart - if you don't like the way I drive my cart use a different aisle! 39. I like road trips40. My kid pukes in the car 41. I don't like road trips that smell like barf 42. I am an expert at driving at 100km an hour holding a barf bucket under a childs chin 43. I don't like eating leftovers 44. My husband is an incredible cook 45. I hate fighting with my food 46. I just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with my sister47. I eat betty crocker icing out of the container by the spoonful 48. My parents are still married 49. I was born in Calgary 50. I weighed 7lbs 14oz 51. All of our children weighed more than me at their birth 52. I don't smoke 53. My favorite drink (right now anyway) is amaretto on the rocks 54. I listen to lots of music 55. I frequently have "accidents" with hair dye 56. I think that seeing a good looking, half naked firefighter in his turnout pants all sweaty and covered in soot is very sexy! 57. My husband knows I feel that way! 58. I'm a sucker for a uniform 59. I own a house and have yet to live in it!60. We are moving in a week to the house61. I am pregnant with our fourth child62. I am due in July63. I am a night owl64. I prefer to do housework at night when the kids are asleep65. I worry about being a "good" mom66. My husband is a great dad67. I hate folding laundry68. I can't sing69. If I want something bad enough I will get it70. I am turning 28 in May71. I am six days older than my husband72. I love being pregnant73. I love having friends around74. In a week I will live closer to my family75. I have an amazing relationship with my parents76. My daughter has a phone habit like I do77. My sons also enjoy talking on the phone78. I hate being asked if "this is it" for the amount of kids we are having79. I would love to have a whole herd of kids80. My husband works long hours81. I can drive a school bus, an ambulance, a dump truck and a fire truck82. I go on cleaning rampages!83. I often wonder what our children will be[...]

I ate the WHOLE PAN!!!!!


I have been craving rice krispie squares! The day before yesterday I made a huge pan of them - and ate the WHOLE THING!!! As I polished off the last one I looked in the pan and thought to myself - I'm gonna have to make more tomorrow! And I did! And they are all gone! Oh my god I am such a glutton!

So this time a week from now the house we are currently living in will be packed into a moving truck and on its way to beautiful Golden! Its hard to believe moving day is almost here! There are things I will miss about being in the north but there are things that I am really looking forward to living in the south. We are making our final trip into Whitehorse tomorrow. One last doctor appointment before we go and one last hoorah with our friends. I have been trying to get shit done around this house since we moved here two years ago. I have pretty much resolved myself to the fact that the house is forever going to have boxes occupying the basement! When we move however, we are unpacking every single box and getting rid of all the shit we don't need and finding a place for everything we are keeping. On our list of tasks for the new house is painting Danica and the baby's room, painting Zacha dn Ry's room and painting our room. Then we are going to build a toy/family room in the basement. I want to build a perimeter toy box around the room so the kids have lots of space for their things and the boxes won't get thrown around the room. After the toy room is done we are going to work on a guest bedroom and bathroom. This summer we want to put a new deck on the front of the house - we will have to see what happens though - there is only so much summer before winter right! And down south there is limited amounts of daylight - not like up here where you can work till 2 in the morning cause it is still light out!

News from the bump: Growing nice and steadily. I am going to be 30 weeks along on Saturday! I can't believe there is only 10 weeks till this baby comes! I have already got a new doctor in Golden and am really looking forward to meeting her. Apparently she is an OB/GYN and specializes in deliveries! She is supposedly a young doctor too - so I will let you all know how it works out! I go see her on May 14.

Anyway I probably won't post again till we get down south and get moved in. Then I will think of a new title for my blog because it will no longer be from the great white north! If there are any suggestions out there it would be great to hear them!



So tonnes has happened for us since my last post. We have purchased a house in Golden - 3000sq/ft on 2 acres! Lots of room for all the kids to run around! We took possession of it on March 3. The only thing that irritates me now is that we are still in the north but are paying for a house in the south! The kids and I are definately going to be gone by the end of April. The hubbs may or may not be coming with us right away. If we can get a moving truck to come and get our stuff when I go with the kids then Hubbs will drive down with us and fly back up here until they let him go. If they don't send a truck for us then the kids and I will fly down and stay with hubbs parents till he can drive our truck and trailer down with the moving truck. So needless to say its frustrating being all up in the air and stuff! Probably doesn't help every person we know asking if we have heard anything yet. The next five weeks are going to fly by anyway!Our boys both have had a birthday since my last post. Zachary turned 3 on January 27 and Ryley turned 1 on February 18. How time flies! Ryley has been walking since the middle of January - he loves his new found freedom! Zachary started playgroup with Danica. He goes to school now to see "his boys".I am starting to round out quite nicely now! I had an ultrasound at the beginning of February - there is only 1!!! I am 24 weeks preggers now! Finally started to feel the baby move a lot more than I have been. The other 3 were really active and I felt them real good by 20 weeks but I guess with this one I'm a little more stretched out and so I felt it move at 20 weeks but not nearly as much as the other three. I have been feeling great, and am one of the lucky ones who bypassed the morning sickness with all four pregnancies!Danica is sporting a nice new pixie cut to her hair. The other day I was making dinner and she asked if she could use the scissors to cut her paper. So up to the table she goes scissors in one hand and construction paper in the other. Zach was at the other end coloring. She sat there and cut her paper while I made supper. When dinner was ready I told them to get their stuff cleaned up so she swooped everything into the garbage for me and then I put the plates in front of them. After dinner I cleaned up and told the kids to go and get their pj's on it was time for a story and bed. This happened all in the process of about 2-3 hours. So after I sent the kids to their bed I went to the kitchen to put a diaper in the garbage (i was taking it out) and looked in the can and here is a little bit of hair! So I thought ok Dani cut a bit of her hair to test it out and see what would happen - no point in getting mad. For starters - whats done is done and what little kid has not cut their own hair. Its almost a right of passage right! So I asked "Dani, did you cut your hair?" and the reply was "ya, mom I did cause it was in my mouth and I didn't like it in my mouth!" So I asked to see where she cut it. So she rolls over in her bed and here I am expecting to see a little chunk missing what I was NOT EXPECTING was to see the whole left side of her head missing hair!!!! She had cut everything!!!! So after I laughed with her about it reassured her that she would not look like a boy after she goes to the hair dresser the next day and told her to never cut her own hair again I went back to the garbage. She had chunks of hair between pieces of paper. It looked like she had cut some paper, cut some hair, cut more paper, cut more hair...... Anyway the new cut she has looks so cute on her - it is very suiting!I took the kids into Whitehorse this past weekend. Wanted to go in and hang out with some friends, go see the doc, and do some shopping. I jumped out and scared one of my friends kids - I didn't think he would react the way he did - he was pissed at me! Anyway I told my other friend that I felt bad cause I had scared the shit out of this kid. So the next day we are getting ready to go a[...]

Bus Driver Extraordinaire!!!!!


On Thursday and Friday I drove the school bus. By Friday afternoon the lady from the bus company was calling here to see if I would drive the other bus route full time! I told her I could drive 7 of 9 days but because Chris worked day shift on some days I needed to stay home with the kids. She asked if I would drive the bus full time if they put a seatbelt in the bus so I could put the baby's carseat in there. I said sure. So today I took all three kids on my new bus route! Really defines bring your kids to work day!!!!

This afternoon I will take Zach up to the clinic and have his stitches removed! The little ape jumped off the end of the couch and went head first into the tv stand. He is the first one of the kids to have stitches. Three of them in his forehead! I am honestly surprised we made it this far without him having stitches!

We got our notice yesterday that we are definately moving toGolden. So now we are just finishing up with meeting the conditions on the house. We have to get our mortgage approved from the bank and we have the house inspector going over this afternoon! It seems so wierd knowing that we are going to own a house! Ahhhh time to grow up I guess! LOL

It has been nice the last few days here so the kids nad I have been spending as much time as possible outside. So you can imagine my disappointment when we woke up this morning and it was 25 below!

Last week at the doctor I got to hear the baby's heartbeat! No matter how many times your preggo that is still the coolest thing to hear it the first time!

Well maybe I will go and attempt to strighten around some of the junk in the basement - it is a never ending chore!!!
Talk later.

The Readers Digest Version of the Last Two Months!


So, no excuses! I haven't been on here in ages because I have been super crazy busy! Here is a recap of the last two months, just in case anyone cares!

Last time I wrote was just after the halloween blow up. My arm has healed up nicely thank you.

Dani has been loving her playschool program. Zach has been spending a lot more time with me on the couch! LOL! Just kidding - he is getting a lot more one on one time with Chris and I since Dani started school. Ryley is almost walking - the little creature can sure climb!

In November I took my first aid instructors course. All I have to do now is teach a full standard course to finish the requirements for the course. That will be sometime this January. The day we left for holidays I went and did my road test for the school bus - ya ya ya quit laughing! I passed!

We went on holidays the beginning of December. Drove down to Calgary where we met my parents and Chris' parents. The kids went with Chris' parents back to their place and my parents and Chris and I went on to Costa Rica for two weeks. There we did some canopy tours, rock climbing, tarzan swinging in a canyon, and jumping into the bottom of the 10 foot waterfall. We also went to the arenal volcano and the tabacon hotsprings. One of our excursions also included a trip to Nicaragua. It was amazing!!!!

We came back to Canada on the 22. We went to Chris' parents house where we spent christmas with his family. Then we spent boxing day with my family. It was pretty neat to see all my neices and nephews and our kids together.

We left the Valley on the 28 and headed up to Golden. Oh by the way did I happen to mention that we're moving... again! We were told just before we got to Calgary that we would be transferring to Golden sometime in the beginning of the new year. We should know something by the end of this week, hopefully! So anyway, we went to Golden and put an offer in on a house there. We looked at 5 different ones and only one of which we would actually be happy living in. It is a 3000sq ft rancher on a full (unfinished) basement on two acres of land just outside of town. The house is only a year old and is super nice!

We spent New years and Dani's fourth birthday in Prince George at our friends place. We bought the kids and ourselves some snowshoes this year and took them out on the 31. Zach is a friggin MACHINE!!! That kid just goes and goes! We headed back up north on the 1. We were home by the 2. It was nice to get home and get back into the swing of things.

I think the kids are really happy to be back home and back into their routine instead of on the road!

Oh ya I guess I should tell everyone the last little bit of our holiday news. WE'RE PREGNANT!!!
Yes you read that right! We are due to have #4 in the beginning of July. I am almost 15 weeks along - we didn't tell anyone till we went home and saw our parents and were able to tell them in person! Chris and I ordered t-shirts to tell them. His says 'MY PREGNANT WIFE SCARES ME!" and mine says "Yes i am pregnant again, YES I know what causes it and NO I don't have too many!!!" My mom just about choked on the mouthful of food she had when she read the shirts! It was a good way to tell everyone!

Anyway gotta go make din din for hungry kids! Talk later.

From the mouth of my babe!


My daughter, god bless her, is just like me! She talks... a lot! She talks about everything and she also listens to everything! She is like a parrot and is learning to use words and sayings in the proper context! There are three things she has said in the last week that would make anyone laugh their ass off and say "yep, thats her daughter!"

On a recent trip into Whitehorse we were in the Superstore.We had finished buying our groceries and were having a quick look around the flowers and cards. Like usual the stuff was piled way out into the aisle and I being typical got the cart caught on a bucket full of flowers. Well the bucket tipped over and the water in the bottom spilled out all over the floor. From in the grocery cart the sweet sound of my daughters voice says to me "Mom, your sure having some issues today huh!" What do you say to that!!! LOL All I could do was agree and laugh!

The day after halloween Dani told me that for next halloween she wants to be a princess. She also thinks that zach should be a dragona dn her dad will be her prince to save her. After a little bit of thought she said to me "Mom, you can be my servant and put my shoes on!" I just about died!!!

After picking her up from playschool yesterday we were going to go for a walk. She was having a serious meltdown about her coat. Here is how the coversation went:

Dani (crying): I am having a real problem today mom!

Me: Why whats wrong?

Dani: I can't wear my pink coat I have to wear my purple one!

Me: Why whats wrong with the pink one?

Dani: A bird got in my coat and left its feathers in there and they're poking me!

Me: A Bird!!! What kind of bird?

Dani: A white one, see here mom, its a feather!

She has a down jacket!

All this right out of the mouth of my nearly four year old!

I can only imagine what she will think of next! As for the bruising from the fireworks it is from my shoulder into my elbow now and has turned various shades of blue, black, red, yellow and green! Quite impressive actually! I can't walk down the street without people pulling over to see my arm and asking if I was the one who got "blown up". Small Town!

Fireworks Mayhem!!!


As anybody who reads this has probably figured out by now I am a volunteer firefighter and have been for the last 8 years! 8 YEARS already Dad!!! Every year here we set off fireworks on halloween night. It is too light in the summer to do any kind of fireworks so we do it on this night instead. Our fire department has been trained in firework detonation and doing light displays. We have three teams to run them, the loaders, the lighters and the cleaners. Tonight I was one of the cleaners. I was going down the line with the other guys, there was three of us, and just as I was getting close to the 6" tubes somebody yelled "DUD". So I went to back up off the line to see where the dud was and before I knew it something exploded and nailed me straight into the arm! It FREAKING HURT!!!! It felt like someone hit me with a freight train! The tube where the dud was, was about 4 tubes down from the one I was cleaning and when it exploded it shattered the tube and sent pieces flying everywhere! It went through all but one layer of my fire jacket and left this huge superficial cut about 5 inches long on my upper arm! This happened about halfway through our display and I didn't take my coat off until after we were done. I just bit my lip, sucked it up and jumped back on the line! After everything was over and i took my coat off it was already swollen and starting to bruise! It has been four hours since it happened and my freaking arm is HUGE!!! It is bruised from the top of my elbow right up to the top of my shoulder. It looks like somebody shoved a baseball into the sleeve of my shirt! I imagine tomorrow will be interesting!

Anyway our trick or treating went well - Dani and Zach loved it! Dani was a giraffe, Zach was a monkey and Ry was a tiger - I went as the Zoo keeper! I am going to bed as I will have some chillins up early tomorrow! Night all, Happy Halloween!!!

How did it come to this!


Where on earth has the time gone? I can't believe its been two whole months since I posted on here last! So now I say sorry to my loyal reader (aunt Judy) for not updating this sooner - I know you have been itching for an update! I am so far behind I don't know which is forward.I guess I forgot to tell you about the house fire I went to the a couple of days before I left to go on my vacation. My sister got here on a Friday night - around 9 - and I was telling her about the brush fire we got called to earlier that day. Jokingly I told her that if I get called to another fire she had to stay home with the kids cause Hubbs was working the night shift. Well as luck or unluck - whichever way you look at it - we got called to a house fire at 3:45 in the morning. I had just showered and gone to bed at around 3:40 - it was a good movie and I wanted to see the ending! So just as I layed down in bed my pager - which is tuned to open channel so I can hear when the emergency line is being called - started ringing. So I jump out of bed and wait to hear if anyone answers the phone or if it is just a wrong number. No answer. So after a few choice words I drag myself back into bed. Just as I put my head on my pillow it rang again. I though well that is just too weird so I got the clothes that I wear under my gear out and ready. As I was about to turn the light out again the fire cheif got on the radio and told everyone who was listening to get to the hall cause there was a house fire in town. So I get dressed as fast as I could, go racing downstairs hollering at my sister to watch the kids, come flying back upstairs to hubbs running in the door to tell me there is a fire and to see if I wanted a ride down to the hall. So we jump in his car and he gets me to the firehall as quickly as he could. Another guy and I jump in the second fire truck and book it up to the house, by the time we got there the house was engulfed. We parked about a half a block back from the fire and when I got out it felt like I was standing right beside a campfire! So my partner and I started to go up the one side of the house and just as we came to the front of it the tire on the truck that was parked beside the other side of the house blew out - it scared the SHIT out of me! Then we were at the back of the house and you could hear rifle ammunition going off - here I am thinking oh man i'm going to get shot by default! It took us around four hours to knock it down and get it out. So lucky me, Chris was smart enough to grab the camera before we left and he got some pretty awesome shots of the fire. I'll try and post them on here. Oh, for those of you wondering - yes I was the hot mama firefighter hanging on for dear life to the end of that hose!So, my trip south was awesome. As you all know I had my eyes lasered while I was down. They are 100% awesome! I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to get it done. The kids and I put on over 13,500 kilometers this summer. On our way back up here we had a chance to hang out at Chris's gram's house for a few days. The kids loved the lake - it was incredibly warm. Dani decided this would be the summer she would swim in her life jacket without mom or dad helping her! *sniff* On our way hoem we met up with some friends in Kelowna and found out about a couple of job opportunities coming open in that area that the hubster might be interested in. We are looking now at all our options. We want to move south before Dani starts kindergarden next year. This year we are enrolling her in creative playgroup. The only prerequisites are that she has to be three and can wipe her own ass! We're doing pretty good - sounds like she will qualify! Thats all the little fart can talk about for the last three weeks!July, other than driving home was pretty uneventful. August, however, saw the arriva[...]

Holiday... Celebrate....


I have been gone for a whole month already! The weather has finally become the summer weather I remember! The first three days in Vancouver were awesome and then it pissed rain for the rest of the time I was there. I came over to the east side of BC and the weather was crappy here as well. Then last week when I decided to take myself and the kids for a little drive (2500km) the weather finally turned nice. Yes you read that right - 2500 km. The kids and I went into Cranbrook on the night of the 18th to do laundry and to take the truck to the dealership for a 10 o'clock appointment on the 19. I left cranbrook at 1 and decided that i would go to Red Deer. I stopped by the lake to grab a few things and drop a few things off and then we headed out. Got to Sylvan Lake around 8 that night. Stayed at my friends place there and then the next day went into Red Deer and surprised my sister in law at work and took her out for lunch. After lunch I hit the road again - this time to Regina. I phoned my friend and told her I would be there that night and to check and see if there was going to be space for the kids and I to bunk at her place. After taking numerous farm roads a couple of highways and one wrong turn I made it to Regina. We stayed there for two nights. The second night we were there I met up with a guy that is going to be working with Chris pretty soon. He is a really nice guy and the kids absolutely love him! So on Friday we packed up and hit the road again - this time we headed to Brooks to see my sister and brother in law. She is having her first baby in August and she looks so friggin cute as a preggo! It is very weird to see her preggo. While in Brooks we took the kids to the lake for a little bit of swimming and cool down - they thought it was great. We left Brooks on Sunday and headed back to BC. I got to the in-laws house on Sunday night just in time for supper. Yesterday my mother in law (MIL) and I took the kids to Pincher Creek and then back to Coleman to play in the water park there. Today I washed and waxed our truck. I didn't realize how big the truck actually is until I decided to do this all by hand! Tomorrow (weather permitting) I might wash and wax MIL's car also. We also might go back to the water park. My friends little brother is graduating tomorrow and they are having a huge BBQ at their place tomorrow night so I am going to go to Fernie for that.

Oh by the way I am typing and reading this whole thing all without the aid of glasses or contacts!!!! My eye surgery went awesome. I layed on my sisters couch for three days with ice packs on my eyes. After the third day I started wandering around a little more but the light still hurt my eyes.Now the only light that really bugs me is when its really bright outside. I am not supposed to be out in the sunlight without sunglasses for at least a year. I am really happy I had the surgery done - what a difference! I still go to bed thinking I am forgetting to do something and then I look at the clock and think I should go and take my lenses out and then I remember that I don't have to do that anymore!

Only 12 more days till my hon gets here! He is flying into Cranbrook on the 11. I can't wait to see him. The kids and I really miss him. Ryley decided that yesterday would be the day that he wanted to roll over. On Saturday he rolled from his tummy to his back and then yesterday he rolled from his back to his tummy. The lil' fart had such a pleased with himself shit eating grin on his face it was hilarious! Zach and Dani both got new bikes a couple weeks ago. Dani has starting and stopping completely figured out - Zach, he likes to push his bike! He will get it eventually. Anyway I am off to bed.

Happy 27!


I turned 27 on Monday. I am now officially in my late twenties! UGH! Chris and the kiddies made me breakfast in bed - eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. Dani hopped up in bed with me and said "mommy I think I would like to share your toast with you". It was hilarious. I left the house at around 1 and went for a bike ride with a couple of my friends. We rode to the airport and back. From my house to the airport and back is a total of 27 km. I came home and Chris was in the process of making me a birthday cake. It tasteds AWESOME!!!! I have to admit - he is one hell of a cook! Tomorrow I am going to ride out to the junction and back with a couple of my friends - it should be around 45 - 50 km. Thankfully I have built up the callouses on my ass already! My sister is flying in on Friday and we are heading south together on Sunday night. We are probably going to be leaving here at around 3 am. We are hoping to get down to Vancouver by Wednesday. I think we might be able to get there by Tuesday night but it will all depend on the kids. My mom is flying from Cranbrook over to Vancouver for work stuff at the same time as I am down for my surgery. She is going to drive back to Cranbrook with me. We have to stop in Penticton on the way cause I have to pick up our new trailer. We bought one of those long white cargo trailers that you see being pulled a lot more now. We are going to use it for carrying cargo as well as to camp in. The kids are loving the long daylight and warmth now, they are spending just about everyday outside now. Ryley is getting HUGE!!! He is 14 pounds now. He started laughing out loud on May 10. I love hearing little kids and babies laugh - its so pure.
Anyway I am off to clean the basement - there is a shitload of stuff down there that needs to be put away into garage sale boxes as well as a huge mountain of laundry that needs to be done.

Body Painting!!!


The kids wanted to paint so I took of their shirts and told them to keep it on the paper - YA RIGHT!!! I turn around for two minutes in the kitchen and this is what I turned back to! I can just see them now at college football games!







Hey I finally got some pictures to load up on here! We just got back from Whitehorse tonight. I had to go in and do the whole doctor and optometrist appointment thing this week. So I will start with the optometrist - I went in to get a pre-op exam to see if I am eligible for laser eye surgery. Everything looks good and it looks like by the beginning of June I should be glasses and contact lens free! HOORAY!! The doctor appointment was good. Ryley weighs 11 pounds and 2 ounces now. He has a blocked tear duct which in turn is giving him a goopy eye. His belly button is herniated and has a granuloma (some little bit of scar tissue built up - doc is taking care of that). If his belly button is still herniated at 8 months they are going to do something surgically about it. So I taped a toonie wrapped in sterile gauze to it tonight in the hopes that it might encourage it to heal - I don't think it can hurt anything! My plans for going south are starting to shape up now that I know I am eligible to have eye surgery. I will probably be leaving here the 30 of May at some ungodly hour! My sister is going to try to fly up to drive down with me - we haven't road tripped since our trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs - remember the deck and couch beej?!!! HAHAHA Anyway I am off to bed - I am sure someone will be up to be fed sometime tonight! Take care will post more soon.

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Just a few hours old




Zach lamenting over how much snow has fallen!


Big sister Dani gives her baby brother a cuddle!


Three peas in a pod!


Kickin Back,


and Relaxin!

Out of the Mouths of Babes!


Whew, it has been forever since I posted last! Ryley is going to be 1 month old tomorrow! I can't believe how quickly the last month has gone by! I think we are starting to finally get the hang of things with the little guy, he seems to be settling into a bit of a routine - eat, shit, cry and sleep. I had him weighed on Wednesday - lil' bugger is nine and a half pounds already! Dani and Zach are both absolutely in love with him - I thought that the little honeymoon phase would have ended a few weeks ago but they are still wanting to hug and kiss him all the time. Dani still bugs to hold him but not as much as she used to. She has become quite the little helper for me - she likes to get the blankets, diapers, and wipes for the baby.

Speaking of helper - the other day I was in the shower and I heard the baby start crying (obviously my cue to hurry up and feed the kid!). Dani came to the bathroom door and this is the conversation that followed:




Me: What do you need????


Me: OK I'm coming!


Me: OK I'm almost done!


Me: OK I'll be right there!

And so ended my shower - I don't even remember if I washed the conditioner out of my hair!

Tomorrow Chris and I are hitting the slopes for a couple of hours. All three of the munchkins are going to stay here with his parents. Who knows how long we will last up there - I think the last time we went skiing was in 2001!

Anyway I am going to bed now as sleep is a precious commodity lately!

Hip Hip HOORAYYYY!!!!!!


Hello everybody!!! I'm back! We had a baby boy on February 18th at 8:29 am. He weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. After all the jostling and stuff trying to get the kid to come out - in the end all I had to do was go out with Chris and some of our friends to the travelling yuk yuk's show and laugh my ass off! Here is the story of Ryley's birth....I went to the doctor on Friday and asked her about inducing me and she gave me all the risks of an induction if it wasn't needed and so the decision was made that we would wait out the arrival of the baby cause it wasn't worth the risks. She did an internal exam and found that my cervix was soft and more to the front than my last exam. On Friday night I started feeling some mild contractions but found they weren't going anywhere so chalked them up to strong braxton hicks. I went to bed around midnight thinking if it were really contractions then I better get some rest cause its going to be a long one. My labour with Dani from start to finish was 36 hours and with Zach it was 24 hours - so you can understand why I figured we were in for a long haul. On Saturday morning I woke up with nothing - no contractions, no cramping, nothing! I was a little disappointed but figured oh well might as well go down and take in some of what was going on for rendezvous around the city. So we took the kids down to see what was going on downtown and then up to the static air display at the airport. They were supposed to have some parachuters jump but the ceiling was too low and they weren't able to jump. When we were done there we went back to the duplex and Chris and I decided that we were going to go out to the Yuk Yuk's performance that night - as a last hoorah before the baby comes! On the way out the door I told my mom that nothing else seems to be working so I was going to go and laugh the baby out!During the performance I was getting the same kind of contractions as the night before. I would be getting one and the guy would say something funny and then I would start laughing and it would hurt and then he would say something else in the same sentence and I thought for sure I was going to die because I was laughing so hard it hurt. We got home around midnight and I felt fine. So I went to bed cause the next day was the parade and we were going to take the kids down to watch it.At 2:45 I woke up with some pretty full on contractions. So I got up and wandered around the house trying to make sure this was definately "it" before I woke Chris up. I tried timing them but I figured I was doing it wrong cause there was no way that they could be 3 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute each.... or could there? Anyway at 3:30 I finally woke Chris up and had him start timing them and sure enough they were 3 inutes apart and lasting 1 minute each. We decided to head to the hospital right away cause I wanted the epidural and who knows what will happen when its your third. So we both had a quick shower, woke my mom up and told her we were going to the hospital, kissed the other two and headed out. We got to the hospital at 4:00am.On the elevator ride up to the maternity ward I said to Chris "all I have to do is get to 4 and then I can have an epidural" We both figured we would be there in labour for at least the next 18 hours. I even thought they may send me home cause I had just started having contractions only an hour before. So we got a room and they put me on a monitor and monitered me for the next half hour and then they checked me - I was at FIVE!!! FIVE CENTIMETERS DILATED!!!! I asked the nurse if she was shitting me! So they called my doctor to come in. At 5:30 the doctor got[...]

Getting Slightly Impatient!!!!


Okay, the countdown is over - I am overdue!!! I will be very honest - I have had my fill of being pregnant! After I have this kid I am sure I will long to feel the baby move again but as of right now I'm DONE!!! We have been trying to keep busy so as not to sit here and count the days that we have been sitting here in Whitehorse but it is hard to find something to do when your mobility isn't so shit hot. We have been taking the kids to the pool just about every day - they are growing fins I swear!!! Dani loves to go down the waterslide so of course I take her cause dad doesn't go fast as mom! Zach likes it when Chris takes him cause I go way to fast for him. Nothing like 240 pounds of pure flesh and bone hurtling down a giant waterslide only to create a massive tidal wave at the bottom of the chute! I nailed some guy with a wave and all he did was look into the chute and say "Nice One". HAHAHA poor bugger was soaked! My mom has officially been here for 1 week and a day. She is loving the pool and track as much as the kids are. On the 19th the pool and all its facilities will be closed to the public so that is going to limit the things we will be doing with the kids - maybe the baby will be here by then but you never know. This weekend is the revised version of rendezvous so we are hoping to get down to watch the parade as well as a bit of the airshow. Rendezvous isn't as big this year because of the games - they couldn't get enough people to volunteer for both. We took mom to the start of the Yukon Quest. Her and the kids loved to watch the dogs take off from the start chute.

So I have made sure that I am waxed (eyebrows), shaved (legs - as far as I could see and reach), squeezed (went for a massage) and poked (accupuncture) now I am absolutely ready for this baby to come. I have tried walking, sliding down the stairs with the kids on my bum, waterslides, jumping jacks, marital things, and today we went tobagganing. Hopefully this kid will get sick of being bounced and jostled and decide to come in the next couple of days. Until then...

Patiently Waiting till Tomorrow!


Here we are sitting in Whitehorse. It has almost been a week and I am patiently waiting the arrival of this baby! My mom will be here tomorrow and so as soon as her flight lands there will be no holds barred! Actually my doctor is going to do the whole sweep the membranes thing tomorrow at 4. Hopefully that will get things rolling in the next couple of days. Chris and I have been keeping ourselves as busy as we possibly can. The day after we got here I went through the kitchen at the place we are at and took everything out of the cupboards, bleached the cupboards, rewashed all the dishes and then bleached the counters. The next day we rented a steam cleaner from a company here in town and Chris spent around 5 hours cleaning carpets, furniture and mattresses - the water was DISGUSTING!!!!!!! I don't care about the cost of it or the fact that it should be done on a regular basis and isn't, it was more for piece of mind for us knowing that our kids aren't rolling around in someone else's filth! The next day I scrubbed down the bathroom. There isn't anymore cleaning left to do other than the everyday stuff like laundry and dishes. I went for a massage yesterday - I felt like a million bucks when I left! If only I could go everyday!

We bought a one month family pass to the rec plex here. There is the pool, track and kids play gym there. Mom and I plan on walking around the track a few times to get things going - much safer than trying to walk outside - at least I am less likely to fall and break my neck on a flat surface. We have been taking the kids to the indoor park up there and also to the pool. It wears them out and gets them good and ready for bed! In fact that is what the plan is tonight. Chris and I have been playing countless games of scrabble! Who thought a game like scrabble can last almost three hours! Dani has been keeping us entertained as usual. Her new saying is - if you ask her for some advice she will tell you "don't eat yellow snow" and if you ask her what daddy is she will tell you he is a "pack mule"!
Anyway I am using the library computer to keep everyone updated so I will be having to go now as my time here is up. I will try and get in to post again before the inevitable begins. Bye for now!

Holy Crap Time Flies By!!!!


On Saturday Zach turned the big 2!!! We had a lunchtime party for him. We made some pizza - cause I am not paying 50 dollars for the pizza to be delivered when I can spend 30 at the grocery store and make it myself! We had some chocolate cake - which I might add both of the kids enjoyed without the use of forks and hands! They were hilarious to watch eating it only with their mouths! I think they both just licked all the icing off and that was the end of it! We did our party and then that afternoon I took Dani to a friends daughters party and then that night Chris and I went out to a murder mystery / birthday party for the fire chief. It was a pretty busy kind of day. I sang karaoke! HAHAHAHA BJ I know what your thinking! I told them I was practising for Canadian Idol! I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my mom for the hours of ear piercing caterwauling she had to endure in the car on the way to cadets and back for three nights a week, one hour each way, for six consecutive years. Unlike fine wine mom, this hasn't improved with age! I now know why all these bands sing all these different songs - so I don't have to! I have slowly been crossing the "to do" list off. All I have left to do now is make up the bed downstairs for my mom, tidy up the house, do the laundry and get our stuff packed to go to the city. I have 2 and a half days left before we leave for Whitehorse. Holy Crap! I better go and start the laundry there is a mountain down there to conquer! Talk later.

21 Days and counting!


Are you all sick and tired of hearing about my pregnancy woes and countdowns yet? Well guess what - only 21 more days till D day - so guess what else - I'm gonna keep on counting! Today marks 37 complete weeks! This one has gone by super quick. Had a candle party in Teslin on Sunday afternoon and then carried on into Whitehorse for my doc appt for Monday afternoon. Doc is going/did an internal exam so I didn't need the kids there having a look at what the doctor was doing to mommy so I was very fortunate to find a daycare in Whitehorse that took kids on a drop in basis. So of course because I was all geared up and ready to go home right after my appointment this lil gaffer decided to throw a wrench into my plans. When the doc did the internal she couldn't feel where the baby was positioned so then she decided to send me for an ultrasound to check the baby's position. So I had to stay an extra night in Whitehorse plus arrange for the daycare to take the kids for the next morning. Ultrasound went really good - baby is not ass backward like she thought it might be. It is head down its just high up still. Which doesn't really mean anything to me considering the day before I went into labour with Dani she told me that she was still pretty high and that it wouldn't be for a week or so yet. Two days later my peanut was here. So anyway I got home last night. Tonight I am packing things to go into Whitehorse with - I want to have it ready by the door in case we have to make a middle of the night getaway! Chris says the baby can't come in January otherwise I have to go and get the stones in a mothers ring he bought me changed! While he was away on course in Vancouver he bought a ring for me with all the kids and our birthstones in it. He picked out an awesome ring however I haven't been able to wear it lately cause my hands are pretty swollen. My wedding rings fit a little more loosley so I am still able to wear them. I will get the other ring sized properly when I go home in June. Anyway off to sears to get Dani's new bed - chit chat with you later.

I've been neglecting you!


I have been neglecting this blog for the last month - so of course here are the updates! Dani turned THREE on Dec 31. Zach is turning TWO on Jan 27. I can't believe how fast they are growing up! Dani is definately her mothers daughter - she talks constantly! Christmas was awesome here. Friends of ours made the comment that it looked like we had robbed a Toys 'R' Us store. The kids were totally spoiled this year. It is nice to have some age appropriate toys for them. All the stuff we had before christmas was still pretty much baby stuff. Now Zach looks like he owns a used car, truck, quad, motorcycle, and airplane lot. Dani looks like she is ready to go into the restaurant business any day now! New years was great. Aside from a tasty chocolate b-day cake we had a big fondue party. We had about 12 people here for eats. On the pregnancy front... I have been doing much better since I got a pelvic belt. Since the 22 of December I haven't been able to walk all that great and by Dec 28 I wasn't moving hardly at all. So I went to the quack here and asked what could be wrong and if there was anything they could do to help with the pain. She didn't know what was wrong and in a readers digest version of our conversation she more or less told me to go relax and suck it up. HELLO!!!!! I have two toddlers to chase around all day I can't just go and park my ass on the couch and expect Dani to take care of the household! Chris had to work over christmas so things were left up to me to do. So the doctor phoned the next day and asked if I had put my feet up and if the pain was gone. I told her that I sat around as much as I could and that the pain was still there. So she again told me she didn't know what was wrong but if that it got any worse then they would medivac me. Meanwhile I'm thinking "like hell you are!" I'll have my hubbs drive my fat sorry ass to Whitehorse long before you medivac me! Anyway long story short - I had a doc appt on the 2 of January and within 5 minutes of talking to me (not my regular doc) she told me that I needed a pelvic belt to pull my hips together because the relaxin hormone that my body is making is causing everything to go all out of whack! So why on earth did the idiot stick here not know what was going on - it seems like its a pretty common problem amongst us fatties! I had a preggo woman approach me in wal-mart (actually I was in the McDonalds there - stuffing my face) and we had finished eating and I was putting this belt back on when she came over and asked me what it was and what it was for and where she could get one. I am down to the once a week appointments now. I go to Teslin tomorrow to do a candle party and then the kids and I are going to go into Whitehorse for my appointment for Monday. Doc is doing an internal exam this week - YEEHAWWW!!!! So now I have to either find someone to watch the kiddies for me while I'm in with the doc or take the buggy and park them outside the door. I'll figure something out. Zach is sleeping in his big boy bed now - FINALLY!!!! We have been trying to get him to make the switch since we moved here but he would have no part of it! Last night was the first night he spent the whole night in his bed. Good thing too cause this baby is coming sooner than later! I leave for Whitehorse on Feb 1 to wait out my last two weeks. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what I will need to take with me to make it as comfy as possible. We aren't staying with friends this time but in a somewhat furnished but only with the bare necc[...]

A Mothers Letter to Santa.


I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who says she couldn't help but send it along because it seems so much like me. I thought I would share it with everyone because it is friggin hilarious!

Dear Santa,

I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my children on demand, visited the doctor's office more times than my doctor, sold sixty-two cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a tree on the school playground.

I was hoping you could spread my list out over several christmases, since I had to write this letter with my son's red crayon, on the back of a receipt in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I will find anymore free time in the next 18 years.

Here are my christmas wishes:
I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache (in any color, except purple, shich I already have) and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze; but are strong enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery store.

I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the 7th month of my last pregnancy. If your hauling big ticket items this year I'd like fingerprint resistant windows and a radio that only plays adult music; a television that doesn't broadcast any programs containing talking animals; and a refrigerator with a secret compartment behind the crisper where I can hide to talk on the phone.

On the practical side, I could use a talking doll that says, "Yes Mommy" to boost my parental confidence, along with two kids who don't fight and three pairs of jeans that will zip all the way up without the use of power tools.

I could also use a recording of the tibetan monks chanting "don't eat in the living room" and "Take your hands off your brother," because my voice seems to be just out of my children's hearing range and can only be heard by the dog.

If it's too late to find any of these products, I'd settle for enough time to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the same morning, or the luxury of eating food warmer than room temperature without it being served in a styrofoam container.

If you don't mind, I could also use a few Christmas miracles to brighten the holiday season. Would it be too much trouble to declare ketchup a vegetable?

It would clear my conscience immensley. It would be helpful if you could coerce my children to help around the house without demanding payment as if they were the bosses of an organized crime family.

Well, Santa, the buzzer on the dryer is ringing and my son saw my feet under the laundry room door. I think he wants his crayon back.

Have a safe trip and remember to leave your wet boots by the door and come in and dry off so you don't catch a cold. Help your self to coookies on the table but don't eat too many or leave crumbs on the carpet.

Yours always, Mom...!

P.S. one more thing... you can cancel all my requests if you can keep my children young enoiugh to believe in santa for many years to come.

Almost Christmas!


Well it is almost Christmas around these parts. We have our tree finally up and decorated. It only took us two try's this year! The first one we got looked absolutely wonderful out in the bush in the almost dark at three thirty sky! We cut it down and brought it home, got it in the stand and let it sit overnight to dry off and perk up a little. The next night I put the lights and about 12 ornaments on it. Chris came home from work and informed me that no matter how many lights or balls we hung on this thing it was FUGLY!!! Even our neighbour commented about the lack of pizazzz in the tree. So the next day we went out looking again - this time it was a bit lighter (but not much) and we were a little more selective of the one we chose! We brought it home, removed the lights and balls from the other one and replaced it with the one we have now - it looks much better by the way. The only problem now is the tree is up and decorated and there are two half strings of lights that have gone out and we can't figure out why! Stupid lights! So the discussion this morning was - do we take all the ornaments off and replace the lights and the tree? or do we just grin and bare it and replace the lights next year. We looked at the tree and at eachother and decided next year would be the perfect time to replace the lights (same thing we said two years ago when the same thing happened!). Anyway the presents are all wrapped and under the tree - and surprisingly the kids have left everything alone! We got the parcels from my sister in law yesterday. Dani asked who one of them was for and I told her it was for Zach. So she called him over and said "this one is for you Zach - you want to touch it - you can pet it ok - but you can't open it yet you have to wait for Christmas". Those two make me laugh! All our christmas stuff got on the bus at a half decent time this year and I actually got the cards out before christmas! Now if they get to where they are going before christmas is another story! Tomorrow we are going to have a few friends over for some holiday cheer and a games night. On the 24th my plan is to make the apple pie and the buns for christmas dinner. We are going to have 3 other people over for dinner on christmas. This will be the first christmas dinner up here that we haven't had more than 10 people over. I'm pretty sure its going to take the kids all day to open their gifts. We bought them a huge kitchen play set - now I am looking around trying to figure out where the hell I'm going to put this thing! Its MASSIVE!!!! The catalogue didn't have any measurements so I figured it wasn't going to be too big, boy was I wrong! I had to get our neighbour to drive our little pick up truck down to sears to get it cause it wouldn't fit in the back of our pathfinder! I think I am going to do a bit of Christmas baking tomorrow - have something to snack on for tomorrow night.On the pregnancy front - only 7 1/2 more weeks! I am getting nice and plump now. Looking like I swallowed the turkey whole! Doc says I am measuring around 32 inches from the top of my belly to the bottom of my belly. Dani is very interested in helping at all my appointments - she loves to turn the heart monitor off and on for the doc. When we are home she brings out her play stethoscope and checks my blood pressure and listens to my belly. Then she wants me to check hers. Zach still doesn't have much interest - he knows that there is a baby in there and that his mommy's lap is getti[...]

Ten Weeks Till D Day!!!


I am now 30 weeks pregnant!!!! YAY!!! Only ten more weeks till my due date and as anybody who has had kids knows that doesn't really mean a thing! I could have this baby in 8 weeks or in 12 weeks and it would be considered a normal term pregnancy. I'm hoping for it to be on time or a little bit (maybe a week) early! Dani was a week early and weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds 3 ounces, Zach was three days late and and was a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces. It may not seem very big to some people but for me it was big enough! I finally got word today that our new kitchen table and chairs are in. I am chomping at the bit to get them so instead of waiting till we go to town and renting a u-haul we are having a freight company bring them down to us tomorrow! I will have to post a picture once we get it all set up. Christmas is just around the bend - I am already sick of christmas carols! We are just going to be sticking around here for christmas - Chris has to work and I'm too far along to go anywhere nice. We will probably have a few people over for dinner (and be able to accomodate them!). Anyway off to finish rearranging furniture.

Where Does the Time Go!!!


My mom came for a visit on the 20th, now tomorrow we head back to Whithorse so she can catch a flight back to Calgary on the 1st. The kids have been just awesome lately. Dani is talking more and more - you can hold a conversation with her and actually feel like your talking to a five year old! Zach is starting to say more - mostly "up" and "mom". It FINALLY warmed up to -30 today. The temperature dropped to -45 on Thursday and that is where it stayed until today! The kids have been doing really well with the fact that they have been house bound since then. And in the pregnancy news - I am 29 weeks today - only 11 more weeks to go! This pregnancy has gone by so fast. It will only get faster with christmas coming and then both of the kids birthdays right after that and then we head to Whitehorse. I have a shitload of things I want to get done around the house before we head in to have the baby - I am quickly running out of time! The candle shows have been going awesome - I have almost 6000$ in sales this month. This is my busiest month with christmas coming and all. Anyway better go - have another candle party tomorrow and a 5 hour drive with weather to compete with! Night all.