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Preview: The Buckley Family

The Buckley Family

This is the story of our triplets who were born at 26 weeks on 7/17/07 and were finally reunited after 4 1/2 long months in the NICU. They are our little miracles and they continue to amaze us everyday! We have welcomed another miracle born on 8/22/11 t

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6 Years Old?!? Boy how the time flies!!


Here I am, attempting to start posting again.  Hopefully with the triplets all starting Kindergarten in a few weeks I'll actually have some time to keep up with things like this again?!?  So since I wasn't able to go back and update on the past year like I had hoped to, I'll just start from here and fill in as needed. : )July was a very busy month, we went to NY over the 4th to see daddy's side of the family, the week of the 15th Mady and John had Safety Town ( a very cool local program for those entering Kindergarten that focuses on fire/stranger/poison and overall safety), the 17th Annabel, Madelyn, and Johnathan turned 6 years old.  How can that be already?!?  It truly has gone way too fast!  The trio had their well child visit and all are doing well.  Mady and John did have their daily inhaler switched from Flovent to Qvar to hopefully allow them to grow a little more, especially height-wise.  Almost 3 weeks ago Annabel underwent an intensive potty training day at the clinic her ABA therapists work at (more on that in a bit) and thus far she has been going successfully on the potty multiple times a day but is still having fairly frequent accidents, often small drips that once her potty alarm goes off she stops and then finishes on the potty.  Hoping this improves soon so we're (especially her) not homebound much longer!  In July Mady and John participated in a gymnastics session in which one of their good friends from Junior Kindergarten (JK) was in, they were so excited!  Annabel had her frequent ABA sessions (currently at home 2 days a week and at ESY the other 3 days) and her weekly outside OT.  Johnathan had his weekly speech (he's made great gains this summer!).  To update on Annabel, this past fall we ended up having her tested for autism and she did receive a diagnosis for ASD.  In March she started an intensive ABA home-based therapy and what a difference it has made!  She is learning PECs and is able to use her pictures for communication (verbal has also increased), she's learning to wait and accept no (still a work in progress but way better than it was), matching, people identification, appropriate toy play, social interaction (ring around the rosie, playing ball, etc with siblings and other peers), and now toilet training.  We can't speak highly enough for what ABA and specifically her therapists and BCBAs have done for her/us!  The intensity of her negative behaviors were leading down a bad path for our family and she's so much happier and calmer now as are all of us. Very excited to see what the next 6 months will bring for her!Katherine amazes us - all the things she's learning, saying, doing.  Seeing the "typical" way of development just makes us think how hard it all is/was for the trio and honestly makes us sad at times for them.  She has learned so much from watching her older siblings, both good and bad of course!  She is a very spirited little one too (all 4 of our kids are very strong-willed, just like mommy and daddy)!  She's definitely more shy than the trio were but I'm ok with that, she'll outgrow it soon enough.This past weekend we had the trios and Kate's b-day parties.  BJ's family was in from NY and the kids had a ball with their cousin Austin, missing him already!  We had Annabel's ABA therapist come for the party so there would be someone will full attention on her for potty training and to work on her participation with the party and with social interactions with her peers.  She actually opened gifts and was overall very happy, by far the best party she's had in years!  On Sunday we took Mady and John to their first Tigers baseball game, what a great game!  Perfect weather, lots of fun, and of course the 12th inning win made it very memorable!  Here's some pictures from the weekend (more to come, having problems posting pics).     [...]

March for Babies 2013


Only 26 days left until March for Babies!  We have raised $498 thus far, about half-way to our goal of $1000. Can you help us reach our goal?  As you know we have supported March of Dimes since the triplets were born, knowing that some of the research and technology developed by them were instrumental in helping our babies live.  Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

Here's a reminder of how far these little miracles have come...

 Johnathan, Annabel, Madelyn

Thank you March of Dimes for helping save babies like us!!

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone?


I can't believe it's been over a year since I made my last post!  I *think* I am finally read to get back to posting regularily.  I miss it (it can be a good stress reliever writing your thoughts/feelings, let alone the connections I've made with others that have led to friendships as well as input on things for the kdis) and I need to do it because it's the best way for me to have a journal of our lives so that someday I can actually put these things into a scrapbook for the kids.  So my plan is to catch up on the past year while also keeping up on this year, we'll see how it goes!  I'll keep posting a month at a time from this past year to hopefully catch up on what what was a busy but fun 2012!January flew by so fast!  It was a huge month for Katherine, she finally took off walking and is now running to catch up to the big kids!  She's also saying more and more words everyday (mama, dada, doggie, down, done, hi, bye, that, and blows kisses, says moo and baa).  It is amazing watching her grow and develop and see how it's supposed to be for a "typically" developing child.  There's so many things that she either just knows how to do or we just have to show her once or twice and she's mastered it compared to needing to show it over and over for the trio.  We are so thankful that we were able to have this experience!Here's some pictures of Kate playing (she loves to be Dr. Kate), being her silly self (trying on siblings hats - John's fit her, Mady's are too small), enjoying some yummy treats like doughnuts and spaghetti, and her getting into a standing position. Annabel had a very good month overall. She did some amazing things - feeding herself ice cream with a spoon, having some great therapy sessions in which she showed us how much she does know/can do (what's frustrating is that this isn't her norm, on "good" days it's amazing what all she does but unfortunately she has "bad" days more often than good), and some great days at school!  Here's Anna feeding herself ice cream and our silly girl with crazy hair from rocking on the couch (one of the things she does to support her sensory needs).Mady and John both received their report cards for the 1st half of the year of JK and they have both developed and grown so much since the start of school!  Knowing their letters, writing their full names, beginning of reading, their cutting and coloring has improved immensely!  We are just so proud of them and so happy with the decisions we made regarding schooling!  It was a tough decision but we decided to keep Annabel in their ECP preschool room one more year, start John and Mady in half day Junior Kindergarten and in the morning John goes to the Hearing Impaired (HI) room and then Mady meets up with him.  3 of the 5 days Mady goes to a local preschool so she can have more time with "typically" developing kids and also time w/out John - this has proven to be very beneficial to her!  The plan is that next fall all 3 will start Kindergarten together, although Annabel will be at a different school because she will need to be in the Cognitively Impaired (CI) room and Johnathan needs the HI room which is at a different elementary. So although the schedule is crazy getting everyone where they need to be, on/off buses, etc. it has been so worth it and we are so thankful that our district offers the services the kids need!  John and Mady have both been into wanting to help in the kitchen as much as possible lately.  They love making pizza with daddy, making things with Mady's Easy Bake oven she got for Christmas, and anytime baking is involved they are right there!Mady also participated in a fun Pom Pon clinic at our local high school.  It consisted of a couple practices with the high school girls and then they performed at half-time during one of the Varsity boys basketball games.  She has so much fun doing it!  There were a couple other [...]

My Little TV Stars


I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and how delinquent I've been on keeping this updated! Here's a quick update on something we are very excited about (I will do more updates later to catch up, it's been an exciting few months!!). Earlier this year the triplets were asked to be filmed for UofM Mott's next TV commercial which debuted this past weekend during the UofM vs Alabama game. Here is a link to the video on YouTube. We are so proud of them and are so thankful to UofM for all they've done for our kiddos!

Starting next week 3 of the 4 will be in school, at least in the afternoons so I'm planning to get this caught back up! Until then, have a great week!


It’s Been A Great New year!


It has been a pretty exciting month around here!  Lots going on developmentally, some good doctor appointments, and some fun times!  We celebrated my dad’s b-day and also got all dressed up for the MSU bowl game! It’s Been A Great New year! VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL      On the 13th we went to Chelsea Treehouse, an indoor playarea and met my friend Elissa and her daughter. The kids all had fun, I couldn't believe how easily Mady and John mastered climbing all the structures! Anna spent most of the time in the baby area, having a ball with Grandpa. I did take her to the big kid area for awhile and she did some good gross motor tasks there, even getting herself situated to go down the slide all on her own! As usual, Kate slept most of the time! : ) It’s Been A Great New year! VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     On the 16th the local fire department came to the house to install a strobe light in Johnathan's room (hooked up to the smoke alarm) and a special alarm system that has 3 different tones, volume adjustment, has a bed shaker connected to it, and it will serve as his alarm clock some day. I had heard about these systems and called the department to inquire and they mentioned they had just gotten a grant to install some of these in residences homes so we were the 1st! They brought one of their fire trucks and Mady and John had a ball exploring it! Granted, I had many txt messages and calls from the neighbors, concerned that something was wrong at the house! It’s Been A Great New year! VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL    On the 25th the trio had their dentist appointment. They ALL did so well, our 1st time with no one shedding tears! Mady and[...]

March For Babies 2012


Hi everyone! March for Babies is just a few short months away! Unfortunately I will not be able to walk to this year as we have other plans that day. I was disappointed to learn of the date as you know how important this is to our family. Eventhough we will not be able to walk, we will still be fundraising for March of Dimes. I am proud to say that over the past 3 years that our family has walked our team has raised $5260 for March of Dimes! Please consider donating using the link to the right to help save preemies like Annabel, Madelyn, & Johnathan! Thanks!!


Problems with Posts


So I'm realizing that with my new PC, the way that Livewriter is posting now is not like how it used to, you're not able to view all of the pictures that I've posted!?! Will have to look into this and try to figure out how to post easier. Aggh!!! Always something making it more difficult to keep up to date! Hope to figure it out soon!


Additional Pictures



Happy New Year!!


What a busy few months we’ve had, I can’t believe how fast the second half of the year went by!  After Kate’s birth the trio started their 2nd year of preschool, went to the Saline Fair, had my cousin Renee’s wedding in Chicago in which Johnathan was the ringbearer, Mady and John playing soccer together, went to a couple of apple orchards, had Katherine’s baptism, enjoyed Halloween, had my cousin Rachael’s wedding in which Annabel & Madelyn were the flowergirls and Johnathan was the ringbearer, went to NY for Thanksgiving (had yet another health issue at Thanksgiving, this year was ear infections for John and Anna, at least better than last year’s RSV hospitalization for Mady!), saw Santa a couple of times at different functions, had a few different Christmas parties including the trios party at school and their Sunday School party, played in the snow and built their 1st snowman, and John and Mady started attending Sunday School and were in their 1st church Christmas program.  Saline Fair Saline Fair 2011 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL 1st Day of Preschool 1st Day of Preschool VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Klues Wedding (Johnathan was Ringbearer) Klues Wedding VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Big House Big Heart Big House Big Heart VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Katherine’s Baptism Kate's Baptism VIEW SLIDE SHOW [...]

Still Here!


I know it's been a few months but I am still here! Between our computer crashing, finally figuring out how to get my pictures off my camera and onto our new computer, and life in general being so crazy, it has taken awhile to be ready to post again! I have a post in the works and am planning to post yet this week so stay tuned!!!

Katherine Elizabeth Buckley


We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our family, Katherine Elizabeth Buckley, born on August 22, 2011, at 1:56 p.m.  Katherine (Kate) weighed 7 lbs 7ozs and was 20 inches long.  Born at 37 weeks and 2 days she was officially a full term baby!! View Full Album I was scheduled for my c-section on the 22nd and when I went in that morning for pre-op preparation I was actually contracting every 2 minutes, guess Kate knew it was going to be her birthday no matter what!  The surgery itself went well as did my recuperation in the hospital.  I was eating regular food that night and was up walking around a bit that night too.  It was such an amazing experience having our baby with us from the get-go, getting to hold her that night while she was sleeping, feeding her, and just relishing in the fact that she was our baby.  I am so happy that we were able to experience a “normal” birthing experience!  The triplets and my parents came to meet her on the 22nd and they had a million questions about the baby, her birth, the hospital, everything they could think of!  On the 23rd my friend Laura came to meet her as did my Aunt Sharon and her friend Peggy.  View Full Album We brought Katherine home on the 24th and thus far Madelyn and  Johnathan have been very curious of her, wanting to know where she is and what she’s doing and wanting to give her lots of hugs and kisses.  They have been good about helping us when we need them to as well.  Annabel hasn’t expressed much interest in her so I’m not sure that she realizes there’s anyone extra in the house yet.  The dogs finally gave her a good check the other day when we put her in the swing for the 1st time.  When I got home I had beautiful roses waiting for me from B.J. and a beautiful bouquet picked out by the trio too!  The trio also got Big Sister/Big Brother gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Guenther. View Full Album Thus far she’s been sleeping longer stretches during the day than at night, generally lasting about 2 hours between feedings.  She had her 1st pediatrician appointment on Friday and was given a clean bill of health.  She was down to 6 lbs 14 ozs (only 1 ounce less than what she weighed in the hospital on Tuesday).  She will go in for another weigh-in on Monday and then the following week for another doctor appointment. View Full Album I am starting to feel a lot better, have a little more energy and am about to maneuver around better.  The hardest times were getting in/out of bed and on/off the couch but it’s getting easier everyday.  My staples were taken out on Friday and my incision is healing well so that definitely helps.  I still can’t drive for another good week and have to limit my lifting for awhile yet.  This weekend we’ll have a few people coming to meet Kate and on Sunday she will have her newborn pictures taken by my friend Dani, I can’t wait!! [...]

Happy 4th B-day, 37 Weeks, and Much More!


Lots of big news this month! Most exciting is that on 7/17 the triplets turned 4 years old!! It is so hard to believe that 4 years has already gone by, to think back to delivery day and all the days in the hospital when we weren’t sure if they’d even live thru the night. We are very blessed! They have each completely amazed us with all they’ve accomplished and we are so proud of each of them! Here’s a brief overview of what they’re doing as well as their likes, etc.: Annabel – she continues to love going on long walks (now takes off down our steep driveway, walking all over the grass including up and down hills w/no problem, our biggest worry now is that she’ll go off on her own to walk around the block w/out a blink of the eye!), loves swinging on the swingset, and loves her music. She continues to make developments with speech, just not as quickly as we were hoping (I have a feeling this is going to be her year for that though!). Her level of play also continues to develop but also at a slower rate than we had hoped. Annabel is a child who needs things to be shown to her over and over again sometimes and sometimes it’s hard to remember/not get frustrated with this. Her biggest area of development lately is her showing us how much more she understands cognitively, which is huge to know how much she understands!! She’s also been developing more in her fine motor eating skills and with chewing solids. She has a great laugh and can crack you up in a second. She can also have quite hard days either due to migraines or tantrums (she’s a 4 year old many times dealing with 2 year old tantrums) so those days can be very hard on all of us. We are so proud of her though and the moments when we can look back and see how far she’s come and smile (or tear up a bit) are priceless! Madelyn – she is still working on riding her bike with training wheels, is definitely a little timid but at least she wants to work on it. She loves her scooter, playing with chalk, playing on the swingset, playing with the neighbor kids, riding her cozy coupe, playing kitchen, pretending with babies, coloring, and overall using her imagination (her stories are priceless!). She has gotten a bit better the past couple of weeks but she was in a very trying stage of challenging us with everything! Between her doing this and Annabel having some hard days a few weeks ago, I was seriously wondering how on earth baby #4 was going to fit into all this. Thankfully it was just a phase like most things are and it’s not getting better. Mady is very smart and is very sharp in remembering things, however, if things cause her a struggle she tends to want to give up and either ask for help or quite, all of this stems from her hand/eye coordination and body awareness issues which we are addressing in therapy. She is very strong but sometimes her strength isn’t enough to allow her to do the things she needs to. She has certainly come a long way from our little 1 lb 8oz baby! Johnathan – he has mastered his bike with training wheels and now zips around the block! He will definitely be ready for real bike rides next spring! He also loves his scooter, playing with chalk, playing on the swingset, playing with the neighbor kids (he loves trying to keep up with them as they range in age from 5-7), playing with cars and trucks, reading books, riding the cozy coupe, and playing sports (especially soccer). Mady tends to be the leader with what her and John play with but his imagination gets going very well too when they’re playing! John is a typical boy and gets too rough at times, something we’re working on. He has a huge heart though and ultimately wants to please us and others. He is very good with Annabel, always considering her and looking out[...]

Update Coming Soon!!!


Just wanted to let you know I have an update in the works and am hoping I will get it posted tomorrow (life has been a bit crazy lately, LOL!!). My c-section is schedule for this coming Monday so hoping to get this done before. Have a great weekend!!


Catch Up Time


Time to play catch-up again, I just can’t seem to stay on top of this eventhough I really want to! I can say we’ve been having tons of fun, enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having! So time to back up… We had a busy but fun Memorial Day weekend! Friday the kids’ NICU photo shoot (a picture of the trio is going to be displayed outside UofM’s new NICU) was rescheduled to this Friday because of the weather so instead we went to Art Van to look at new bedroom furniture for the girls (at minimal their beds will be deemed manufacturer’s defect, possibly the whole set - *the whole set was deemed defective and we’ve since picked out their new set, just waiting for the beds to come in*) and to Babies R Us to look at carseats for baby #4. Saturday we all went for Annabel’s hippotherapy session, which she thankfully is doing much better with again! Afterward we picked up the slide I’ve been wanting to get to work with Annabel on, can’t wait for her to start being able to do it on her own! Sunday we went to our friends, the Krohn’s, for the day. Everyone was having a great time until the storms came thru, then it became a little rough with me needing to keep all 3 inside (they wanted to be out running and playing in the mud with the other kids in the rain but due to Johnathan’s hearing aids, orthotics, and needing to be with Annabel it wasn’t possible) while B.J. was outside cooking our kabobs. We made it thru though and all 3 ate very well. They had played so hard that Mady fell asleep on the way home before we had even turned off the road they live on! The other 2 were shortly after. View Full Album Monday my cousin Julie came to see us and we all went to Brighton’s Memorial Day Parade. We hadn’t ever been to one in town because we’re usually either in NY or camping over Memorial and 4th of July. It was nice to go but there wasn’t much to the Memorial Day one, thinking we will try again for the 4th. That afternoon the kids played outside with our neighbors, playing with their large waterslide (Johnathan was the only one fearless enough to do it), sprinkler, and their kiddie pool. That night we went out for some ice cream and probably the best finish to the weekend was that both Mady and John went #2 in the potty before bed!!! I was finally able to give John his new MAC truck and Mady her 1st purse! View Full Album June 2nd as the trios last day of preschool.  It’s hard to believe they’ve already gone to school for a year!  They have grown and developed so much this past year, I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring! View Full Album The trio also had their dentist appointment on the 2nd. Mady and Anna lost it again while John was a big boy and sat in the chair all by himself this time. Still no cavities so that was good news! This week we also started Mady and John in individual swim lessons at Leaps and Bounds again, alternating who goes each week. So far so good, they are now working on wearing goggles and diving under the water to pick up toys, it’s amazing how far they’ve come in a year! We finally had the NICU photo shoot on the 3rd and I think the photographer got some cute shots, I can’t wait to see them at the reveal of the new hospital! The 7th the trio saw their PM&R doctor, Dr. Hornyak. He just kept shaking his head in amazement at how well they’re all doing given their very rough start. He said that we definitely need to make a trip to the NICU soon to show them off! That afternoon my parents and I took the kids to Kensington Splash Park with their cousin Ben and they all had a ball!  It is a great place for kids! View Full Album On the 9th Annabel and Johnathan had audiolog[...]

She’s Viable!!!


I am ecstatic to say that I have reached 24 weeks with Baby #4!! She is officially considered viable! I remember what a challenge it was with the triplets just to get to this milestone. This pregnancy is so different in such a great way! I truly know the miracle of conceiving, of birth, of having healthy babies and not living your pregnancy in fear or on bedrest for the majority of it. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to truly enjoy this experience and I am treasuring every minute of it. I love how active she is, feeling all her crazy kicks, punches, and somersaults! On May 26 I had an ultrasound/cervical check in the PAC and she measured in at 1 lb 15ozs (what Johnathan weighed at birth at 26 weeks) which is 92 percentile and is measuring a week ahead. Looking at her weight, it goes to show that for having triplets at 26 weeks, they were actually very good weights! During this ultrasound they were able to do 4D was so amazing to see! 4D is when you see the baby live and it’s like you’re truly seeing them up close and personal. I saw her smile, open and close her mouth, move her hands all around and could clearly see the fat on her face, it was amazing!! Here are some pics. View Full AlbumMy cervix at this visit measured a solid 4.5cm, what a blessing. So no need for a cerclage this pregnancy! As of this visit I have gained 19 lbs. In two weeks I’ll visit the OB again and have my cervix measured and in 4 weeks I’ll go back to the PAC for what may be my last big ultrasound/cervical check. B.J. will be able to come with me for this one and I think we’re going to take Mady and John too, I can only imagine their expressions when seeing their baby sister live!Now time to play catch-up (which I’ve been writing over the past few weeks, just hadn’t gotten posted).  Where has the time gone this past month???April 23rd we took all three kids while Annabel had hippotherapy. During this session they went outside for a bit and boy did Anna enjoy riding outside! Her latest thing is at the end of the session she loves walking thru the arena! Since all 3 kids were there her instructor, Liz, offered for Mady and John to ride Bobbie. They loved it! Will definitely have to find more opportunities for them to ride, ideally where it’s not costing $90 a session! View Full AlbumEaster Sunday the kids did an egg hunt at my parents church, then we all went to church, then met up with my sister and her family and Grandma Hively for lunch at Stillwater, and when we got home Mady and John did an egg hunt outside and then all 3 played their little hearts out! View Full AlbumThe weather has been nicer and the kids have been playing outside a ton – riding scooters, bikes, swinging (check out Annabel holding on to the swing with BOTH hands!!), playing in their clubhouse, playing with the neighbor kids, playing in their bounce house, and riding their roller coaster. View Full Album allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />On April 28 I went in for another u/s in the PAC and everything lookes great! Her little heart is functioning as expected and the technician re-checked all the measurements/body parts from the 1st u/s and all of that continues to look great as well! She now weighs 15 ounces. The technician even took some 3D pics. As soon as I saw her I thought she looks just like one of the trio, who do you think she looks like??? (see 4D pics and above and let us know!) The technician was able to measu[...]

Long Overdue


This is a long one but so much to update on!! 20 ½ weeks, so exciting!! I feel her kick and look at my ever growing belly and am just so happy to be fortunate enough to be pregnant again. I am amazed that we have been blessed with 4 miracle babies. I keep praying for these next weeks to go by with no complications; I will feel much better when I’ve hit the 30 week mark. I had another OB visit on April 14th to measure my cervix. It measured at 3.5 – 3.7cm, while this is down from the 5.2cms two weeks before, the doctor assured me that this is a great measurement for 19 weeks! I did express my concern that it made me a little nervous because that is how my body responded with the trio, starting to shorten around this gestation and then at 21 weeks was drastically shorter.At this appointment I was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat with the doplar! I had never been able to do this with the trio because with three there was way too much movement and you could never tell which babies heartbeat was being heard. Boy was she active at first! Loved it!! She is also currently residing just like Annabel was, head right against my cervix. So when they measured me I got to see her little brain and it’s right on track for development! I do pray she moves up soon though, don’t like the thought of extra pressure on that cervix… The doctor did tell me at this appointment that because I will turn 37 weeks on a Saturday, it looks like Monday, August 22nd will be my scheduled c-section and I will come in on Saturday and Sunday to triage to get the steroid shots for the baby’s lungs. Pretty exciting to have a date in mind!!The first picture is from 18 weeks (while in NY) and the second is a 19 week picture.View Full AlbumNow on to updates for the trio! We started potty training on April 1st and by Monday, the 4th Mady and John had it down pretty good! We left Wednesday for NY for a few days and both of them stayed dry on the way out and on the way back (an 8 ½ hour drive), going potty in the rest stops along the way! Johnathan does have accidents here and there with #2 and Mady has started holding #2 until either naps (when they have pull-ups) or nighttime (when they have diapers). Other than that they’re in underwear and knock on wood, neither of them have had a mess at school or at therapies or in the house (both of them did once because of playing and forgetting to stop and go but they’ve also both come in from outside to go when playing). So overall they’re doing very well and we are so proud of them!! Annabel keeps coming into the bathroom when they’re going so we’re letting her check it out and talk to her a lot about what she’s done in her diaper and are hoping that we may be able to start sitting her on a potty soon too. The hard part with her is that she doesn’t have the words to tell us she needs to go (maybe we’ll have to do a sign for this one?) but she does know when she’s going so we will see. Not something I’m going to worry about or push real hard with her yet but she may just surprise us!View Full AlbumAs I mentioned we went to NY April 6-10 and had a great time seeing family and friends and having the trio play with their cousins! The kids had a new bedroom set-up since they’ve outgrown the pack-n-plays. Johnathan and Madelyn now have their own little blow-up beds and Annabel is in the crib. They loved their special beds with their favorite character blankets! The weather was pretty nice so the kids were able to play outside quite a bit. The trio definitely love lots of land and dirt and riding on things like Grandpa’s tractor or gator. Really wish we had some more land, maybe someda[...]

March for Babies


This year will be our 3rd year participating in March of Dimes, March for Babies.  This event means a lot to us, it is amazing how far our triplets have come from the fragile little things they were at 26 weeks to the thriving 3 1/2 year olds they are today.  This video was created by one of my best friends, Danielle Krohn, and it shows how far the trio have come!  We are truly blessed!!

This year will be extra exciting for us because all 3 kids will be walking!!!  There are only 16 days left until the walk.  Please support our family and help us to reach our goal!  And if you’d like to walk with us please join our team, we’d love to celebrate this special event with you!  Thanks!

It's A .....!!


On March 31st we had our 1st big ultrasound where they checked the baby's heart, kidneys, fingers/toes, overall measurements, the sex, and measured my cervix. We are pleased to announce that we are having another GIRL!! : ) Although a boy would have been logistically easier, we were fine with either, just praying that this baby enters the world as full term as possible and healthy! So overall our little girl looks great! She measured in at almost a week ahead, measuring 7 ounces (to think Mady was just lb 1oz more at birth, crazy!). She has 10 fingers/10 toes, 2 kidneys, a strong heartbeat at 160 bpm, and 4 chambers of the heart. The tech was not able to get all the measurements for the heart yet, it was a touch too early in development so I'll be back on the 28th for another full ultrasound. My cervix measured nice and long at over 5 cms so that was very comforting news. I will come back to the clinic on the 14th to have it measured again, then again on the 28th. After that probably every week until after 23 weeks (the last point a cerclage can be emergently done) and then start spacing out, depending on how I'm measuring.

In my clinic appointment B.J. administered my first P17 progesterone shot. It was quite easy to do and not painful so that was good. There was one day, a few days after that I was pretty sore for the day but nothing unmanageable. He will be giving me the shot once a week thru week 36. In the clinic I saw a doctor I had not previously seen (who hadn't researched all of my history). Well, we were talking and at one point it looked like I might be able to deliver this baby VBAC because when the trio were born the doctor delivering was able to do a low-transverse cut (surprising for triplets) which would allow this! With a classic cut I would be forced to have a scheduled c-section at 36/37 weeks because of the risk of my uterus tearing, it would be unsafe for me to contract. Due to this I would then receive for the steroid shots for the baby's lungs because final development doesn't occur until a baby is being stressed during contractions. So that idea was getting pretty exciting!

Then we started talking about more of my history and prior to the triplets being born I had had a surgery to remove fibroids (potentially part of why I wasn't getting pregnant) and based on what we think had to be done during that surgery (the doctor will look into my records more)we are now back to treating this pregnancy as if I had been classically cut before. I will know more after this Thursday's appointment but if that is the case then I will be scheduled at 36/37 weeks and will receive the steroid shots. This would mean the baby will be born sometime in mid-August. It is a little scary for the baby to come at 36 weeks but overall I know everything will be fine and hopefully she won't need any NICU time!

Overall the pregnancy is going well. I'm feeling a lot better and have more energy, finally able to get some stuff done again! I want to get my house organized and sorted thru much better before this baby comes! I'm now off Zantac and Phenergan. I've gained about 8 lbs. I still get asked a lot if I'm sure it's only one, it definitely is! Mady and John are quite cute with their baby sister, wanting to touch my belly, talking to her, and wanting to see the u/s pictures. We keep talking to Annabel about it too but she doesn't seem to get it yet. Plenty of updates on the triples in the past few weeks too but will have to do another post for those!

14 Weeks


View Full Album I’m now 14.5 weeks and things are overall going well.  I’m finally only occasionally nauseas and my energy is starting to come back.  Although by 9:00 at night I am usually whooped.  I think that has to do with the fact that I have 3, 3.5 year olds to run after, take to therapy, etc.  Thus far I’ve gained 6 lbs, which is a pretty healthy weight to have gained.  I feel like I am expanding everyday though!  On the 31st we go for the big ultrasound where they’ll check the babies heart, do all the measurements, and hopefully we’ll be able to find out the sex!  This is also the day I will start my first P17 shot.  B.J. has agreed to give them to me so we’ll see how that goes!  We have had a busy few weeks.  This past Monday we had our March for Babies fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings and we raised $114.84 for March of Dimes!  p.s. Thanks to the other families that came too, I had a pg moment and didn’t think to take pictures until right before we were leaving. : ( View Full Album The weekend before I had my scrapbooking overnight and was so excited because I finally finished our wedding album and finally started on the trios books!  I decided to start current with this year and will work backwards as I can.  I’m hoping this way I can at least stay caught up on the current events.  I really enjoy scrapbooking, it’s just hard to find the time to do it, too many other things always pressing me.  March 6th the kids participated in the Pinewood Derby at my parents church.  They took 3rd out of 12 with their car Triplet Trouble.  This year Mady and John were really into it! View Full Album The kids have been doing awesome lately!  It amazes me how much Mady and John are learning in school and how they continue to develop in so many areas.  Both of them do still have things they need to work on and are receiving OT and PT as needed.  I am taking both of them to the Orthopedic Surgeon (who John has seen for his hip dysplasia) in April to make sure they are not developing scoliosis and to continue follow-up with her as I believe she is the doctor we need to see to receive the right diagnosis to continue receiving coverage for therapies.  If not, we will soon be needing to pay out of pocket which is a lot of $ adding up very quickly.  Hopefully it won’t come to this as these kids clearly still need these services.  If they don’t receive them it will impact their future, specifically with reading and writing and overall functionality.  Annabel is in a major developmental stage!  Her speech is coming along nicely.  She’s trying to mimic many words that we say.  It may not be exactly the word we said but she’s getting some of the sounds of the word!  Some new words are coat, door, chair, straw, stick, and she definitely has her Da-Da down.  She’s getting much better about saying all done when she’s finished with something and is finally starting to say up if she wants up!  Her level of play is also improving dramatically!  She is now independently, purposefully putting objects into a bucket and today her OT was able to hand over hand, help her stack things (she’d never allow this before).  She’s also using her left hand to play much more often (if we restrict right).  She’s also been wearing her glasses most of the time and we’ve definitely noticed her eyes not turning in nearly as often.  All 3 go next week to Ophthalmolog[...]

Our Big Announcement


Yes, that is what you think it is! Baby Buckley #4 is due to arrive on 9/10/11 (or slightly before given that I'll have a c-section again). Today I am 11 weeks, 5 days. I had another ultrasound today and everything looks great, good, strong heartbeat! This baby was completely "natural" with no assistance and while we hadn't been preventing for over a year, we really weren't sure if we'd be able to get pregnant on our own - surprise!! All along we have been praying that if we were meant to have more children that it would happen naturally, and only if it'd be for the good of our whole family. We are so excited!!

I am high risk again and will be watched closely to make sure I'm not having cervical issues like I did with the trio. Starting week 16 I will be doing progesterone shots to help ensure a long, healthy, uneventful pregnancy and birth! That is what we are praying for and ask that you do too!

It's amazing how things works out, I should have known it'd be coming because a) in October I had sold the last of the trios baby gear and all the clothes is gone and b) I had always said that I wouldn't be comfortable being pregnant again unless Annabel was walking and guess who starting walking the beginning of January, right when I took the test!!

Overall I'm doing okay. I had a rough start with nausea but got it under control with meds. I'm finally starting to get some energy back, thankfully (hence part of why this blog hasn't been kept up, I'm SO exhausted at night!! I will still post an update on the last month and a half or so that I've slacked on, hopefully tomorrow). We were a little concerned it was multiples again given that my mom is a twin and my initial few weeks were so similar to my pregnancy with the trio. Plus, I've started popping out so quick (will have to post those pics soon)! I have gained about 3 lbs so far so not too bad considering how big I am already.

I don't know how many of you remember when the trio were in the NICU and things weren't going well, well, one night I was at home pumping during the middle of the night and worried sick for them and next thing you know Bon Jovi's song "Living On A Prayer" came on on my ipod (it wasn't turned on). Well, before my 1st ultrasound I was driving one day and was worried about the pregnancy and especially if it were more than one and I was talking to God and next you think you know, the next song was "Living On A Prayer". I knew right then that everything would be good. He took such a huge burden off my shoulders that day. Truly amazing how things like that work!

So that's the big news around here and part of what's kept me so busy, in addition to all the sicknesses we've had and trying to deal with daily life. In writing this it's 8:34 and I am hardly able to stay awake, time for bed soon! : )

Save The Date - March for Babies Fundraiser


SAVE THE DATE!! Our 3rd Annual March for Babies Fundraiser will be March 14th at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brighton. For each check at your table you will need to print the flyer below to give to your server so that 20% of the bill will go back to March of Dimes. This is valid all day, including for carry-out. (image)

This year’s walk is scheduled for May 1st, 2011. You can support us by attending the fundraising event, donating on-line, or by signing up to walk with our team (both of which can be done via clicking on the purple March for Babies box on the right – please be sure to sign-up/donate under the personal page for Buckley Triplets). This is a special event that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Please consider supporting our team in any way you can. Thank you!!

p.s. I promise to post a blog update soon. It’s been crazy around here and every time I’ve gone to post one our computer has been acting up, making everything take forever. It will be soon though!! : )

Christmas Pictures 2010


An Overdue update


Does anyone else feel like time has just flown by since Halloween? I honestly don’t think I’ve had a chance to catch my breath between then and now! Although there’s been some hardships we’ve been dealing with, overall I can say that we’ve been having a lot of fun! So here I go attempting to play catch-up again. This will be one of my goals in the new year, to keep this updated (after all, this is my journal for the kids). I realize that I never did an update on Annabel and CHAMPs, only on her walking.  CHAMPs was awesome for her this time around!  With her right hand constrained she can now purposefully activate toys with left, pop bubbles, bring a spoon to her mouth, and is getting great weight-bearing and excellent range!  And she continues to walk independently, mostly when she has the constraint on her right.  We are very encouraged by the outcome and it is likely she will repeat this program, possibly next summer. View Full Album For Halloween this year my in-laws came to MI for the weekend. This year Johnathan was a dragon and the girls were fairies. They had their party at school on Thursday and walked in a parade around the school. On Sunday we went to Three Cedars Farm and played in the kids area, eating cider and doughnuts. Sunday night we went trick-or-treating and Mady and Johnathan were very in to it, Annabel really just wanted to walk around though and it was so cold so she didn’t stay out very long. View Full Album November: On November 2nd Annabel had her swallow study and we learned that with liquids she is aspirating at times, especially with an open cup. So we are now thickening all of her liquids and are praying that she will outgrow this as she continues to develop her muscles/tone in other areas. So far she is accepting the thickened liquids fine, what she doesn’t like is having to wait for the liquids to thicken up, she just wants to drink when she’s thirsty (can’t say I blame her??). The plan is retest her in 4 months. On November 5th Johnathan had his pulmonary follow-up and they were very happy with how well he is doing, both with weight gain and not having respiratory problems! December 6th we went and saw Mickey’s Magic Show with our friends the Shigley’s and Storch’s.  We were given a complimentary upper level suite which was so nice with the kids, especially Annabel.  View Full Album On the 7th we had our friends’ children b-day party at Bounce. All 3 kids had fun playing on the gymnastics equipment! On the 8th B.J. and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary – we’ve officially been together between dating and marriage for 10 years now! The kids had their dentist appointment on the 11th and everyone’s teeth are looking good. Johnathan and Madelyn have all their teeth in, Annabel’s 2 year molars are not quite all the way thru yet. Thankfully Annabel’s grinding is not showing any wear on her teeth, it’s hard to imagine it’s not! They all received fluoride and will be seen again in 6 months. November 12th Annabel had her yearly CT to look at her VP shunt. I was very proud of her as she didn’t have to be sedated! Everything was stable and the doctor said that next year she can this new Fast MRI (1 minute) so there will be no radiation and she won’t have to be sedated. Yeah! On the 13th Annabel resumed with Hippotherapy. She was so happy to be back riding and did great vocalizations and focusing on the instructor![...]

Conquering Heroes


The trio are University of Michigan "Conquering Heroes" and will be featured in the 2011 Mott Children's Hospital calendar! To view the picture and read their story (along with the other kids) use this link!/album.php?aid=245147&id=51391651565&fbid=451900906565 U of M is hoping people will go on and share words of encouragement/success/etc about the kids they know. Thanks in advance for doing so!

Annabel Is WALKING!!!


What an amazing day! It started with an awesome CHAMPs session for Annabel (more to follow in another post) and ended with an even better PT session at Leaps and Bounds in which Annabel walked 33 continuous steps independently!! She then took 15+ steps in a row multiple times after that. The best part was that Daddy was there to see it too since his work had lost power from the bad storms and he was sent home early. After dinner we started with her walking across the living room, then we moved in to the rest of the house and she just kept on going, all over the place! Before bed we took off her constraint (this has been providing her better balance and symmetry since starting CHAMPs) and she continued to walk! We are ecstatic and are so very thankful for all who have prayed for our children, specifically the extra prayers said for Annabel. She is our little fighter, the little girl that was initially predicted to have no quality of life. Thank you God for answering our prayers!
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