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Off To Mt. Holiday


width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> While trying our hand at the small hill next to our house, the kids (especially Niklas) quickly got bored. Mt. Holiday isn't far from our house and offer 1 1/2 hour lessons for a mere $25. The first part of the footage is from Christmas Eve, while the second part is of the boys experimenting with a slightly more challenging hill.

First Attempt Skiing


width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Thanks to Mociute (Lithuanian Grandma), the whole family got an early Christmas Present of new skis this year.  Once we got a bit of snow, we took the kids to the little slope next to our house to try them out.  I think they got the hang of it pretty quick.

Little Sparty!


Took Niklas to his first MSU football game today vs my Alma Mater (CMU).  After asking me 4,000 times, I finally caved and bought him the hat.



The first picture drawn by my budding artist is of yours truly. Notice the beard, the gelled up hair, and the otherwise happy look on my face...

Now, notice the differences in the portrait of mommy.  The look on her face seems to accurately depict that of someone dealing with triplets on a daily basis.

Another try with soccer


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Last year, when the kids were 3, we put them in Ypsilanti Township Soccer.  The net result was that we paid a couple hundred dollars to have our kids cling to our legs for several Saturday mornings in a row.  This year, as evidenced by this video, things are looking up a bit.

Gabbie Reading a Book


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Show Me Your Muscles


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Twinkle, Twinkle...


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Handy Lukas


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Took a trip with the Washtenaw Christian Academy class to Eastern Michigan University.  Each of the kids got to put together a birdhouse.

Long Time, No Post


I miss summer!

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I've Been Everywhere!


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1st Time Bowling


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I've Been Everywhere


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Happy 4th Birthday!



Oh my darlin'!


This is what Gabbie has learned at preschool recently!

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Fancy Cool Car!


After all that this boy has been though, he is a complete goofball!  Yes, the lyrics are "Fancy Cool Car, Dad's a good guy."  The guitar is a hairbrush.

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Fall 2010



Fall Fun


Ready For End to 2010


I am not one to wish away time, I feel like the years with my little guys are already going by way too fast. With that being said, 2010 has not been among the best years in recent history.  Last week, Gabbie spent 3 days in the hospital for none other than a scraped knee.  Yes, a scraped knee.  This mundane injury which usually serves as proof of a fun summer for most children somehow turned into a nasty infection that not only landed us in the hospital, but put Gabbie on the verge of needing surgery.  On the bright side, Gabbie was the bravest, most well behaved little patient I have ever seen.  For being poked, prodded and getting virtually no sleep, she was such a good kid.


The Old Stomping Grounds


Today, we took a trip up to see just about the entire family at my mom's house in Dimondale.  While we were there, we took a trip down to said village for an ice cream cone.  Afterwards, we walked over to Dimondale Elementary School where my brother, sister, and I attended.  Although most of the equipment is new, some of the items from my tenure remained, including the caterpillar you see Niklas climbing on. Ahhhh, nostalgia!


Blogging From The iPhone


My blog has been a bit thin as of late, so I figure if blogging from my phone works, I will update more often.

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Goodbye Dad!


For those who don't know, my Dad passed away unexpectedly, suddenly, but peacefully in his sleep on early Saturday morning at 61 years young. A mass will be held commemorating his life this Wednesday at St. Casimir Catholic church located at 815 Sparrow Avenue in Lansing, Michigan. There will be a visitation before hand from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. followed by the actual mass.

He's Stuck


On our trip to Minnesota, this moose was mounted on the wall.  All three kids were very concerned about him.  They constantly reminded me that "he is stuck" and kept asking me to help him.



So, after all of the hoopla and controversy, our pool has finally opened.  Needless to say, we have already gotten our money's worth out of it, as we have been there just about every day.  Here is some of the footage, taken with my new iPhone 4.

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Holiday Road Part IV



So basically we drove around lake Michigan and part of Lake Superior.  The occasion was my beautiful niece Gianna's baptism.  As we all know, Greta and I are well traveled with the kids.  As we will find out through some subsequent blog posts, the kids are making travel more and more difficult.  We traveled from Ypsilanti to Chicago for a field trip at Shedd Aquarium.  Once we were done, we fought 2 hours of rush hour traffic to stay the night in glorious Elgin, Illinois.

The next morning we made the trek to Wisconsin Dells.  Well, we really didn't go to the Dells, but we went to the Great Wolf Lodge, just off the exit for the Dells, does that count?  At least there, Lukas discovered water slides.  From there we made the journey to Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.  If you don't know where that is, let me help.  There were a couple of movies where Charlize Theron found a niche being ugly.  In one movie she was a mass murdering woman of negotiable morality, in the other (North Country) she was a mine worker who was "harassed" by the locals.  The latter of the two was actually filmed in Hoyt Lakes Minnesota.  In defense of Hoyt Lakes though, it was one of the most scenic and beautiful places I have ever visited.  I mean, I was on a lake fishing with by brother in law (on Memorial Day Weekend) and he was upset about the OTHER boat on the lake.  Truly an untouched and scenic place.  And, Adam and I crushed the walleye that day.  I sometimes poke fun at my sister for living in such a remote place and at other times I am jealous of the things they are removed from.

Finally, on the trip home we were destined to make it home.  In totality, it should be about a 16 hour drive.   From Hoyt Lakes to Duluth it should be a little over an hour.  Needless to say, it took us over 3 hours to make it through Duluth.  Yes, we got lost, but it was beautiful (even Greta will agree).  We went along the Lake Superior Lakeshore which looked like Big Sur in California, maybe prettier.  However, after 3 hours and not passing Duluth, our hopes of making it home in one day were dwindling.  Then, Greta decided we were taking no prisoners and completely slammed the U.P.  Other than a brief encounter with a black bear, our ride home was uneventful.