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Preview: Let the Crazy Flow

Let the Crazy Flow

You never know what you will encounter when you read anything on my blog - sometimes I vent, sometimes I am very constructive but for the most part I just ramble away at whatever comes to mind - hence "Let the crazy Flow" I may get spicy at times or somet

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Well what do ya know?? I'm back again!


Hey hey!
   Guess who made it back for a second consecutive day?? LOL well, I'm at work and my client DIDN'T show up so I have to make this hour productive and to keep from stuffing my face LOL.  Lord Almighty help my co-worker across the hall, she is having to cut the hair on this little girl that is screaming and crying - I'd be like aw hell no, this ain't happening today! I just ran home and had a bowl of the chicken stew I made last night, of which by the way is freakin awesome!! 

Time for a brain fart! some random stuff is shuffling around my head LOL

Dirt Road Anthem :-)  Fall leaves, Starbucks - closing at 5? WTF??  Pixie Stix,  hugs and more hugs,   coffee in bed,  that moment at the airport <3, lost luggage!,  I love this Bar :-),  knucklehead :-),  boiled peanuts,  kiss your face :-),  the morning :-),  never goodbye, it's see ya soon,  words with friends, don't cry,  old dude gettin his groove on,  that weak in the stomach feeling,  flying at night and the city lights,  Klymaxx,  Georgetown!

Yeah, I have a quite vivid mental flow that flows faster than I can get it down most of the time! Well, I think the flow has burned out for the time being LOL .. got to get back to work :-)  

Once again, it's been a long time . . .


Once again, it's been right a year now since I've blogged - and it's not like I have this huge following that is nipping at my heels for some more "crazy" to feed on LOL!  Much has happened in the past year, some mentionable and some definitely NOT! But, what they say about the past and experience is soooo true!  I'm still in the same profession, making those beautiful nails and women walking around happy because their hands are beautiful once more, even if it's for two weeks at a time :-)  I have been single now since March, dated a few here and there - and you know what?? I freaking hate dating! I think I have had every "player" in a 100 mile radius magnetically drawn to me! I have met a few nice guys, but that's about it.  AND enough on THAT subject. Period.

My return to my blog is the result of journaling on my new MacBook (yes, my oldest daughter is proud) and my inner writer :-)  and without saying, another way to channel my excess brain energy (that evil bitch up there that tortures me with whatever she drifts to LOL) I'm learning patience - and for anyone that knows me good enough, patience might be a virtue but NEVER in my book LOL - so, due to a recent event in my life (to be disclosed at a future date) I am having to learn to BE patient.  Just the word Patience makes the hair on the back of my neck peak!  But for a certain person (that has been such a mentor to me on said subject) I will conquer this patience thing and prevail!!! LOL

Blogging vs. Journaling?  blogging will be subject to viewing by anyone, journaling will still remain private on my laptop, password protected (thank God!) LOL!!!

Well, in a nutshell, for now anyway, this is my return to blogging. If anybody reads it and can hang onto my ADD way of thinking (aka my mind throwing up thoughts 0-60 in 1.5 seconds and my fingers trying to keep up) theeeennn tune in often and you may get some amusement . .  

Always find my way back :-)


Dear Blog,
     I really really REALLY didn't forget about you, in fact, I do realize I could work out some serious frustrations here but it may be read by those who would automatically think I am writing about them.  Hmmm well, that is a possibility but I'll just have to think of something else to bitch about heehee! I'm at a sort of stall and can't think of anything in particular to write sooooo, this will be my tiny post for the day .... glad to see ya again ole buddy :-)
The crazy one :-)

Really tired of Holy than Thou PEOPLE!!!


   I don't know why it irks me soooo bad but I am so sick of holier than thou Christians constantly having to preach down to everyone (including other Christians) or put down others because of their beliefs like they are so much better than them. I am a Christian - I may not be the best, I may not be like these "perfect" Christians, my temper may get the best of me several times a day, my witness may not be as perfect as yours is, I struggle with everyday ups and downs . . .    BUT do you know what I do know??? I count. I count to the most important person, that being God - and that's all that matters. HE made me - HE knew when I would give my life to HIM - HE loves ME. HE loves me when I stumble (because I do all the time) HE knows that I will always stumble as long as I walk this earth - I am human. Becoming a Christian was by no means the right to look down on others like I am better than them.    This may sound terrible but there is no other way to put it - I am soooo sick to death of people quoting scripture to me!!!! Either like I need it or to prove a point. You know what?? most of the time when I need scripture to boost me, somehow it presents itself in a way that I know it was meant for me - and to me that is more special and I receive it a whole lot better than I would without someone shoving it down my throat.    I work in a business where I come in contact with women from all walks of life, Christian - non Christian - some not sure - some don't care - some who are afraid of "in your face Christians" - and most who don't want to feel like the need for salvation and baptism had got to happen TODAY!!! and threatened with "your going straight to hell" if you don't. I do know this .... people respond to Love, Caring, and HUMBLENESS!! I have a family member that to this day probably does not have a relationship with God - because of religion being shoved on him. I pray for him, even though he did alot of bad things to his family - I KNOW there is still a place for him. For my final rant . . . JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!!is one thought you need to ask yourself before you open your mouth - so if you think you rise above that then I am so glad you are perfect!!    There are sooo many religions out there - my question is, each religion has their beliefs and supreme God, Whose to say that they arent talking about the same person as us, except using a different name?? Who are we to say they are going to hell because they worship "insert name here"?? We are way to quick to put down other religions or even different versions of the Christian faiths, because they don't do things the way we do. Do they really truly care or is just because they do it different than the staunch folks do? Honestly, I don't have the energy to try to save the world. I wouldn't say I don't care, but I understand and accept the fact that this world is way too big and I can only worry about what is closest and most important to me.    I am tired of ranting. I feel like I am starting to have a debate with myself - uh not a good idea - don't want to burn the brain cells completely out LOL   Comment - don't comment - If you think you might even come close to pissing me off - then it's best not to. LOL The soap box is open.[...]

Can you be TOO proud of your kids??? I think Not!


Hi, it's me - the long lost blogger LOL!  Anyway, life has been insane busy, spring is here and spring fever should be considered grounds for time off!! Life is flying so fast right now I wish I could just put my foot out and slow it down just a little.  I work so much sometimes I feel like I miss out on alot of my kids lives and trying to be supportive of them and what they are doing.  My oldest,  Kari - is in the final days of her nursing training - and it's done it's best to wear her down - but I know she will come out fine.  She isn't the mushy gushy sappy type - but her Mom is. I am so proud of her and her determination to get through this program that at her graduation and pinning I will be a big ball of mush and tears! She'll understand one day.  I love you baby and I am so proud of you :-)

Your big ball of mush,
   Mom :-) 

The French "Bread" Connection :-)


This was a moment that you would have actually had to grab yourself to keep from peeing your pants WHILE trying to stifle the laughter . .. Let me elaborate :-) My fiance' didn't have to work his shift last night and decided to cook dinner after I sent word with my daughter that spaghetti (AKA busketti) sounded good for a nasty rainy night in.    He went to the store and got the stuff needed and began cooking, I'm just finishing at work and head home to find him in the kitchen cooking like a fiend. Although I wanted to offer up some suggestions that would make things go alot easier, I refrained so as not to appear as trying to control or takeover.  You know, maybe you ought to wait to cook the noodles after the sauce is simmering and brown the french bread LAST.  Nope, I proceeded to clean off the dining room table and get ready for a rare sit down meal.

     We (my girls & I) steer clear of the kitchen while dinner is being prepared only to hear a very loud expletive coming from the kitchen.  It was semi heart stopping so we jumped up and ran in the kitchen only to find that he had forgotten about the bread and it had turned not toasty brown, and  not dark brown (still okay to eat) but it was BLACK!  My girls and I just looked at each other with that raised eyebrow - deer in the headlights stare and said nothing.  We watched as he snatched the tray out of the oven, turned and proceeded to fly out of the back door and sling the bread (or semblance thereof) into the yard!!! or so we thought.  As he came back in I told him to take a break and I would throw some toast together and it would be okay.

     So... I was standing at the counter buttering and garlicking the bread and my oldest daughter comes up beside me, I could feel her looking at me like "what the heck just happened and should we laugh" look and then my body just started wrenching with the silent laughter shakes LOL!! Hoping to God that he didn't come back in the kitchen to find us giggling silently BUT he walks in and my back is to him and he said "You laughing?"  I could tell he wanted to be mad (and he was) but he had to laugh because only crap like that happens to him.  He looked like a little kid standing there  pouting because he is an eater and wants exactly what he wants to eat and if it isn't what he wants, he just isn't going to be satisfied with a stand in.  

    That ain't all.   After the tension was broken (slightly) my girls and I step out the back door to see where the projectiles ended up and to our shock and amazement, most of them made it to the street! we started laughing so hard, because the few cars that had come by sounded like they had run over a big stick or something! It's just something that couldn't die down quickly - it took a few hours to eventually settle down - BUT will not be forgotten! LOL

     Climbing into bed I started chuckling to myself and he just looked at me with no better description than a "shit eating" grin, because he knew exactly what I was humored by :-)

One very needed laugh in a day of our crazy lives. Everybody needs one :-) 

Ain't Nothing Like Randomness


Where to begin . . . sometimes you just have to stop and laugh at some moments (another way of stopping and smelling the roses) like the other day, we were watching Armageddon, one of my most favorite movies :-)  and my youngest daughter proceeded to inquire about NASA. "is there more than one??" Me, "yes, the shuttle usually takes off from one site, usually Florida, is tracked by Mission Control in Houston, and where it lands depends on what window they are attempting to meet, and that might just be in California."  And with total innocence and suprise said "Ohhhh! so THAT's why they say "Houston we have a problem"" Honestly, I couldn't move or utter a sound, I could only stare and had this frozen raised eyebrow thing going on.  Then I would say 10 seconds had gone by and then the laughter took me over! She grins and says "Mom! I didn't know!!"  Okay, we only watch this movie EVERY time it comes on - I know most of the dialogue and could utter just about every word in my sleep (yes - pitiful I know)  It might have been one of those "you had to be there" moments, but moments worth savoring. 

Hopefully, as I get into those really golden years, it's times like those I won't forget and can dwell on those, especially when everything else is gone - hair, health, teeth, men, friends, etc. LOL  

I'm sure my child will appreciate me blogging this, oh well - they always get over it :-)  She knows her quirks (AKA blonde moments) keep me going :-)

Getting back to it


It's been awhile since I blogged last - I've been consumed with Mi Vida Loca and believe me if I didn't have to sleep I wouldn't - I have been cutting into my sleep time for purely selfish reasons, doing what I want to do - LOL even if I have to rewind the DVD to watch the same 30 minute segments I fell asleep in at least 4 times LOL!!  The holidays are rapidly approaching and I almost cringe knowing how hectic things become for my business.  Believe me, parties = crazy women insane about having their nails done for every party - "but ma'am, I just did your nails 23 hours ago -  I know but they HAVE to be fresh for THIS party!!!" of course with this crazed look in their eyes :-) 

Don't get me wrong - it is wonderful to be in hot demand by so many but after awhile I am ready to crawl under a rock,  a rock in Cancun would be even better!   I operate solely on the fact that sometime in the near future the FAT lady willl sing and my ship will come in! If it parks in my lap - I wouldn't complain - I need a vacation!!!! 

I was running the other day and had a total meltdown with my ipod - I love gadgets and electronics - but let me tell you how insane crazy I can get when they freeze up or don't do what I expect them to do . . . I'll put it this way, the first mile I had music (which makes running bearable) the next 3 miles was fueled by complete anger and frustration.  Needless to say, after I picked my daughter up from school, I had to pay a visit to the Apple store.  The sales guy kept going on about trading in my old ipod and I was trying to evade the whole trade in thing he kept pushing by saying "Listen! I don't have it, it will never make it in here so get off it! you would'nt even recognize it as an Ipod!!" Okay???  all he could say was "Yes Ma'am" with this total shock in his eyes as if I committed murder or something! LOL!!!  Within in minutes I was walking out with the cadillac of ipods - the itouch :-)   I know my daughter is a mac freak and she wants to make me one too, but I will take alot longer to sway over to "the other side" :-)   This is a good start though.   Oh well, good to be back blasting my thoughts out on the keyboard - tune in next time - more drama - even more crazy.......

Late night or more like Early morning CRAZY!!!


Yes, it's an unGodly hour of the morning but I am still awake as usual LOL  but didn't have time to post anything until now - blame it on work :-)  

You want to know what is crazy?? Effing roaches!!! just when you think you've gotten rid of them, you will be sitting watching TV, working on your computer or just walking through a room and there one of those SOB's will be perched up on the wall looking at you like you are the next meal - I mean these suckers could handle 2 saddles!!!  The guy at Lowe's said "well at least the ones you have only come inside to get what they need and then they leave"  ((crickets chirping))  I don't give a rats arse what THEY want! I want them out for good!! at least they are not food roaches!! my cat is even scared of them LOL  and let one of my girls see one, not one eye in my house will shut for the night until that sucker is found and squished flat!  

oh no, here comes some of that random crazy from the brainpan!  SNORING!!  golf,  oohhh pretty green,  passionate kisses :-) TGIF, supply house, mmm michelob ultra, my car payment,  west avenue 500,  starbucks in the am, ooooo I am getting sleepy, d r i f t i n g   a w a y ..... 

that's my cue :-)   Peace & Chicken Grease! LOL

~ L ~

Only Crazy is Free


I am so amazed at the lengths people will go to and things they will believe to get something for free.  OH MY GOD!!!! not everything that is free is good - Did your parents or at least some responsible person at some time in your freaking life tell you that you must work for what you want?? Some people see FREE on absolutely anything and they turn into zombies!! ((snap to attention, glaze over eyes, free free FREE!!! I will do whatever thy bidding!))

I am incensed (word of the day!) at people and there lazy asses always wanting and begging for something .... HAVE SOME FRIGGING PRIDE!!!! I would be so embarassed at myself if I carried on the way I see some people in action, and they are usually preying on somebody that is dumb as a box of rocks to their little pitiful act.

Don't get me wrong, yes I do "appreciate" something that may come my way that is a deal or one of my clients treating me to something nice unexpectedly, but I don't spend my whole life begging and expecting a "hook up" or somebody to "look out" for me.  Get off your lazy ass and work for it or barter (that means exchange for you that don't know). You never know - You might just "appreciate" the things you have to work for!  Free & the hook up only lead to irresponsibility and unworthy expectations of others.  

I'll make this short and sweet because I don't think I could blow my lid anymore than I have - but like they say I am probably "preaching to the choir" and the ones that read this are thinking "Oh my, she is really over the edge" and are the ones that need to sink it in...... maybe someone near to me. . . hmmmm something to ponder over....

In a nutshell - you cannot have champagne dreams and expect to fulfill them on a budweiser budget!!!!!   If you can't afford the toys then you don't play with them!!!   GET WITH IT PEOPLE!!!!!

((hands held high)) I'm done,  the soapbox is now available until my next rant!!!

Where is my Loco?


Good Morning :-)  it seems the crazy is at bay at the moment - kind of in a zone knowing I need to be getting ready for work but I don't want to (like a child locking down cross legged, lips pooched out) Just maybe I can get a crazy fix at work today or something to trigger the loco LOL  At the moment my daughter is sitting behind me on HER computer and we are fantasizing about the upcoming season and all the foods that accompany such - "Punkin" anything sounds decadent! (and that shall be word of the day!) plus we were both checkin out another blog from gigicakes and everything on her blog made me feel like I was packing on the pounds just looking at it!!!

Painting with your feet? now that's crazy! I just happened to look up at the TV and there is a movie on and this guy is painting with his feet, that could be cool - a little demented but worth a try.

Coffee - Pandora - make my bed - where are my tweezers? - bra or no bra (better wear the bra!) got to get into nail frame of mind - starbucks - hey kitty kitty! - quiet on my corner for a change - get up and get a shower!!!  okay that was a little taste of the mind buzz for the last minute LOL!  okay I seriously need to wrap it up and go to my paying job!!


Random Crazy


It's Monday morning, my usual day off and I have an unusual amount of random crazy running around - more like bouncing around my skull.  Things I need to do, things I'd like to do, things I should do, even things I have no business doing at all!! (but that would be no fun if we didn't have those thoughts sometime! Waaa!)  TrueBlood, Moonsparkle, where is my vacuum?, paint, what's for lunch?, why does my college kid have to go to school today - we usually hang out on Monday,  my car (filthy), work - I need supplies, go fix my damn nails (you should be setting an example!!) <-- that was my conscience talking to me :-)

I live on a very busy corner in town and my clients and friends always blow the horn when they pass by - all hours of the day AND night ((chuckle))  My cat is in a coma on the couch and I love her to death, but sometimes she looks so peaceful I just want to go over and knock her over so I can laugh at her - she would look at me like "evil bitch" and then resume her "all ya'll can kiss my hairy butt" attitude :-) 

The trash truck is so entertaining to me - Especially when the postal truck is sitting impatiently behind him like his crap don't stink and the red sea should part for him. No, it doesn't take much to amaze, entertain, enthrall (my word of the day!) me - although I may have a certain amount of adult ADD, I am easily distracted - by the usual modes but mainly sparkly things :-)  I was doomed at an early age by fireworks, absolutely love them! 

I am ready for fall. Period.  I will not be completely happy until I walk out one morning and everything tenses up from the little chill - then YES!!!!  Okay, enough ramble for awhile - I can feel the crazies inside hollerin' for a break - time to get something accomplished ......

Yay! This is the beginning


Hey :-)
This is my first entry into my new blog and I don't have a lot of time to sit and unload the tornado in my head now, but later tonite I'll sit and begin to type and the "loco" will begin to evolve into type :-) Soooo later!