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Preview: an ANGEL has fallen from the STARs

an ANGEL has fallen from the STARs

If a picture paints a 1,000 words I'll make sure I give that painting life. I make history through my mystery of joy, pain, and misery. Somehow I manage to keep walking in MY OWN shoes, hoping to lose the swelling in my feet through the blues. B.B Kingz..

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Hair care and what a difference 'no poo' has made


No poo is not about poop, people!!! Had to first clear that up. =) This past year upon returning from PR, I wanted to make a commitment to a healthier me. And my my how hard is that when you're broke. Smh. So I started with my hair. I've researched on different things concerning my hair, how to take care if it better amongst other things and I decided to go with the cheapest and easiest

Food for thought: Latin@s, Hispanics and Spanish... How PC should we be?


Latin@s. Hispanics. Spanish. There are differences people! First, say them out loud. Repeat after me: -Lah-tee-n@s (@ stands for the a or o that we use to identify a feminine or masculine word) -His-panics. (easy one) -Span-ish. (it's getting easier fellow English readers) What brings this up is a comment left by someone who corrected the poster here at this blog:

Reflecting: last August


This time last year I seized an opportunity to work in a daycare as a teacher. Horrible experience but I learned from it. I realized I can't handle being around other people's kids in an authority position. It's not a place where I could be like "oh you don't know how to act, you're getting punished". These kids were two and three years old from the shelter next door and literally coming from

College? Stay away!!!


As a recent graduate (2011), im in the category of unemployed college grad. I have a kickass resume and a worthless degree and no job to show for it. You'd think that having a BA in criminology would at least get you in a precinct or a law firm but no. My former awesome federal job is no more and it's not like I've had good luck getting back in. This is ridiculous. I'm going on one year

I've been thinking... Thank you


Lately, with unemployment and being in the house all the time (cabin fever anyone?) I've been thinking about the people who've come and gone, those have rid of me as well as those I've gotten rid of, and as a huge advocate of letting people know that everyone has a purpose in each others world and only leave once they're done fulfilling that, I've mainly focused on those folks that are no longer

No 'poo!


So since I'm home all the time, I spend too much time on my iPad looking up random stuff and recently I've decided to be better about my health inner and outer. (I'm still working on the inner so well talk bout the outer) along with trying to eat better and exercise more (which I've failed in doing), I've become accustomed to NOT shampooing my hair. And omg!!! I love the results. My hair is

10 lbs


Ugh!!! I've lost about 25 lbs since January but damn it these last ten to fifteen I want gone are difficult. Bad enough I'm not motivated to go to the gym, now I'm stuck at this damn weight trying to get down. Sucks even more when you don't have anyone to push you. Major ugh.

Pain. Everywhere. Ugh.


I'm a masochistic woman. I enjoy certain kinds of pain but THIS... I think I'd rather be sedated. This is ridiculous. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after my slip a few years ago. And since I want to get into the navy, weaning off my meds have made things unbearable. I'm tired. I'm depressed for many reasons. And this pain, unbearable pain and constant soreness is slowing killing me. This

A sense of self


For a long time, as long as I could remember, I didn't like myself. I saw myself as far from beautiful and the teases I constantly received only confirmed it. This feeling became more of a permanent staple as I grew up throughout adolescence. Making stupid choices that made me feel better with a temporary high. But recently, I realize I've been coming into my own. Feeling better in my own skin,

Hooked on crunchy


I'm in love with crunchy Betty. I accidentally found this site while looking up DIY stuff and immediately fell in love with this site. Leslie has awesome recipes and blogs of all sorts but today i wanted to point out this one: I was bullied for a long time. By people at school who were bigger than me, by people who would

One long DAMNED year


Sigh. That 5 character statement is probably littered throughout my conversations. You could literally HEAR it thru your screen. I'm tired of how things are going. The horrible economy, that so not loves college grads right now, can really kiss my ass. The election this year, one candidate full of promise and the other full of hypocrisy and potentially even moreso failure. Who should I vote



Lately, I've been busy... doing a lot of nothing and much more than nothing and it all equates to absolutely NOTHING. LOL. Seriously though, I've been doing well and still coming to terms with an important decision and the next step in my life. I am going to the Navy and doing my own thing outside of NY. Things are just going well enough and mentally I am ready to just take off into the jungle



Today I find myself a graduate bumming it out in a beautiful island with my grandparents just because the economy isn't well enough to hire me and the good job I had threw me away. Great. Do we just not understand that we are the 99%? Yes if I were home, I'd definitely be in Zuccotti Park, every day joining in on the protest. I mean really, what else am I going to do? Play Call of Duty??? Now I

Pet Peeves: GOOD Music died


Steph's blog on music the other day made me think about one of my biggest pet peeves. What stood out for me was the Top 40 commentary. Not a lot of rap songs there but yeah some are classified as rap because they are black artists. But my pet peeve comes from the good music died in the 80s/90s. Ill be the first to say that the music isnt the "same" but its supposed to change and evolve. We all



You ever feel like you're holding back on yourself? The kinds of limitations that you impose on yourself whether it is to please someone else or to keep yourself from doing something you'll later regret? Sometimes, and more often recently, this is how I feel. But I've yet to figure out which one it is yet. I've been nostalgic and reminiscing on a lot of conversations. Conversations that are

A few things on my mind


Hey everyone. I know its been awhile. Just so damn busy! You already know how it is during the school semester. I truly miss blogging on a regular basis. It keeps me sane. First thing I want to talk about is how grateful I am over the friendship I made with Lluvia. She is one of the coolest people I ever met online (sigh cant wait till I meet this amazing woman in person!). I love her with her

Last semester AND IM SO READY!


So finally its my last semester in college and IM READY TO GRADUATE. Im upset at how something that came up is going but Im working on it. I really hate when a professor fucks up a grade in a semester where u cant do anything because its your LAST. sigh. I hope I get this fixed though. Not gonna stress it. If I dont get my minor, I dont and oh well. I worked hard to maintain an avg for NOTHING.



You are gay. I hate you. You were awful and you sucked ass and I'm glad come Dec 31st you will have been put to rest! UGH! Usually I pan out all the good and the bad and my list for what should be going on within the next year but this year just doesnt make this list worth it. Good: -semi good health (Im alive) -I made it thru another 2 semesters of hell. AKA 2 semesters closer to graduation.

Aww man here it comes


You're going to call me a hypocrite. I know. Its coming. LOL BUT HERE ME OUT. I was reading this article and thought about how I'd treat my kids when I have them and when and what I would consider too young. Cell phones. I had a cell phone at 12. THIS WAS MY CELL PHONE. I paid for it at the beginning, middle and end. My mother paid a chunk of it when she wanted to start using my minutes for

grrr dont censore me!


Im listening to my husband on youtube and of course I expect a few bleeps here and there... but when every sentence has a bleep and its words like die or gun thats being bleeped... THAT IS A PROBLEM. Last I checked, dying is the ending phase to life. And gun is a noun in description of a type of weapon which shoots pellets, bullets, etc. SO WHY ARE THESE WORDS BEING BLEEPED?! OMG DONT CENSORE



And soon enough another semester will be over. This being the second to last one. YES I AM HAPPY TO SAY NEXT SEMESTER IS MY LAST. Then what, right? Well right now, Im looking at a long relaxing vacation with my family in PR. I need to relax. Theres too much thats been going on and I just wanna enjoy myself. Work can wait till I get back. I doubt Ill have one at the end of the semester so fuck

I swear I dont understand


Why do I try to be a nice person? Seriously. I have given this person a million chances and she still proves to be the same person. No growth. This time around shes pregnant. Thats my only sympathy towards her. The fact that shes pregnant. Out of the goodness of my heart I plan to gift her with a few things but damn it I just started talking to you again. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR MONEY? Tell

There is a reason why Video killed the Radio Star


Listening to the radio for the first time in a while and granted its my customized radio (Last FM) but it just reminds me why I stop listening to the REAL radio. LOL. For example. Bleeps. My songs should not have so many blanks especially for stupid words. Repetition. Who the hell wants to hear the same song 20 times in ONE HOUR?! I really dont wanna listen to the same thing so much unless I



I have been mega stressed lately. My aggression and frustration levels are at an all time high and unfortunately its going to be taken out on the wrong person soon. I feel it coming but I have no idea when. Think of the Hulk. So it started on Monday. Friggin lawyers at my job left something last minute then give me a face when I try to accomodate them by the time I leave work. I dont think

LA and randomness


I dont even remember the last thing I posted on. In the last month, Ive been to Miami and LA. Miami was cool but LA was awesome. Had too much fun to describe in words. Anywho, thats not what this post is about. I went to my ex for some advice on how to handle a similar situation Im going through now and he pulled a fast one on me. When we were together, he was still a little boy (older than