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A mom, her crazy Italian husband and her three boys. I knit so I don't drink...

Updated: 2018-03-06T17:19:51.588-05:00


That single ball of yarn.


Five the day! Hello!

ok, so, I've decided to try and clean up the little stash I have. I bought it for a why not knit with it?! Crazy concept.

I've had this single ball of Rowan's cashsoft 4ply in a beautiful grey sitting all lonely-like in the drawer.
What to do with it?
I've had an obsession with infinity scarves lately...but one ball is hardly enough.
Obviously in order for me to use up this single ball of yarn, I need another. I know, crazy but true. So off to the yarn store I went and oddly enough they had another ball, same colour and dyelot. BINGO. A grey loop it is...literally.


The lace pattern looked very simple and would be a great mindless knit. No thinking...easy to multitask, knitting and watching Roman, no problem. Well, the lace was written out wrong. Unlike the other knitters on Ravelry who were knitting this, I had to fix it. So simple, the designer didn't write in her plain knit rounds. So I was off again, knitting away. The yarn is beautiful and as soft as you would expect...perfect. I finished it up in a few days and blocked it.


Now the problem. It rolls. No, IT ROLLS!!


The garter stitch edge was not enought to stabalize it...oh does it the dead sea scroll. Crap. I don't mind a little rolling, the movement is part of it. But now the simple pattern is lost. (it's not too bad in this photo, but after wearing it for a while, it is REALLY bad.)


Again, in this photo it is fine, but that is me trying to pull it out for the picture.

Out comes the crochet hook. I figure, like I almost know what I am doing, I would crochet a single crochet line across the wrong side, near the edge.
This does eliminate some of the rolling. It's not so severe.

The next problem...I only had enough yarn to do the one edge.

Yeah, so off to the yarn store today to get another ball...hopefully. I might as well pick up a couple and make a matching hat, no?

Three more balls of yarn in order to eliminate this single ball from my stash...not bad!?

Move it or lose it.


There are very few downfalls in being a knitter. Knitting does do wonderful things for you. We all know it is a stress reliever, it keeps the mind moving, it shows one of your many talents, and you get a fantastic garment at the end of your work. So why would there be a problem?
Well, it causes you to sit.
I am guilty of this. I used to whip off sweaters in a few days. It is addictive...but it could be killing you!
Yes, that is right.
As knitters, we must be very mindful of our physical activity, or lack there of.

So this post, I hope, will inspire you to move. Sometimes it means we may need to put the knitting down for the better part of the day. I will be a shock to the system, but you will thank me later.

This is one of the reasons that you are not seeing so many finished pieces from me...besides the fact that I have 3 boys plus a husband to look after, a house to keep up and I have lost my knitting mojo again. I have really been on a health kick. I work out at least 30 mins a day. It is not a lot, but it is something. It also gives me energy to complete all the other things that need to be done each day. I am back down to my prebaby weight...and even surpassed it a bit. I feel strong and healthy. I do knit, but it is only at night, after dinner. Sometimes I sneak in a 1/2hr during the day, and of course while waiting to pick up the boys from school...but that is it.

Don't laugh...I am a Jillian Michaels junkie.

I can't say that I love her technique on the Biggest Loser show. I know if I was a contestant, I would need her. I need someone to make me stop the excuses and get up and move. I am the queen of excuses for exercising. Too tired, no time, maybe later...I can talk my way out of it easily. Thankfully a friend introduced me to Jillians dvd's. Week one of ripped in 30, I was hooked. So do you really see results....ummmm...YEAH! It is a great work out dvd. You need very little room to do it and a set of hand weights. After doing 4 wks of this I started running again. 30 minutes 3 times a week, with the dvd on the other days. I have also picked up her Shred it with weights...yeah, did wk one yesterday and I am really sore today...a good sore, as well as her yoga dvd.

For about 10$, she can save your life. Go buy one. Seriously.
It is hard at first, but it gets easier. Trust me, after not having done anything during my pregnancy, it was very difficult to get through the first workout. Now, I love it.

I've also been reading Bob Greens new book 20 Years Younger. He talks about food, exercise, sleep and skincare. It is really a great book to inspire you to take care of yourself. Here's a little tidbit from the book that may scare you....especially if you are a knitter...

"according to an American cancer society study, women who are otherwise inactive and sit six hours a day increase their likelihood of early death by 98 percent compared to women who are very active and sit less than three hours per day."

Ouch. 98 percent!! Get off your butt. It's time. If you already do...fantastic, now inspire someone else and save their life!

We all have something to live longer for. Here is my something (oh that little one was awake last night crying from 3:55 am til 5:11am! I am exhausted today.)...from Matteo's first communion this past weekend...


(yes, it is hard to get a picture with all looking and smiling...)

Now, I am going to find the energy to do workout clothes are on, I just need to force myself to get up;)

There is really no excuse.


He wakes up at 6 am this baby. I should be up and at'em...but I am just not a morning person. I bring him to bed and try and close my eyes, hoping he'll catch my drift and fall luck. This morning my headband was interesting enough to by me a few more minutes.
So there is no excuse, I could have so much done before I drop the kids to school...including blogging! Fifteen minutes and counting...

My mothers day did not involve breakfast in bed followed by a day of pampering...I'll be waiting for that when the boys get older. (I won't hold my breath)
I did get the baby taken away at his crazy 6am awake hour for a few more precious hours of sleep. And my coffee was made for me...not too bad:)

The boys spent a little time together in a livingroom fort...


Then the rest of the day was spent outdoors.

I decided since it was mothers day I was going to put the boys to work.
Pulling weeds, mixing composte, filling pots and prepping the gardens. Without help, this would have taken all I am glad it is done.
I'm potting alot of my veggies this year, incase we move...yes, that is in the near future plans.

Roman enjoyed the day outside as well...


Not really sure what he was suppose to do!


Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day!

Changes are coming


I've been considering shutting down...leaving the blog world. Most of my knitting content is updated pretty regularily on Ravelry, so why keep blogging? I clearly have little to no time for knitting or blogging, yet I am still drawn to it.

So I've made some decisions, or so I think I have.

I'll be making a little time for blogging, be it about the boys, my life, struggles, wins, knitting etc. Back to the basics, with some knitting on the side.

You may or may not find it each their own:)

Make way for some changes, we all have to eventually.

Little Knitting


I'm still around....doing a "little" knitting:)



Someone needs to let him know that it is not for him...he's not very happy when I take it away!


Just soooo tempting! For those who want to feel like they knit something in an evening you can find the pattern here.
Makes a great little gift!

Guilty as charged!


Exhibit A


The mother who has not slept for more than 3 hours at a time for the past 6 months.

Notice the wrinkles in the brow and the eyes.
She has no energy to put on any make up to hide the bags under her eyes.
Yes, she has clean is still in her pj's. Well, she slept in her jogging pants. (yes, a puffy coat hides all when you are dropping your older children to school...not sure how that will work out come spring.)

Exhibit B


The choochie loving baby who keeps her up at night.

Do not be fooled by the cuteness...he can be a little devil.
He clearly has no understanding of the concept of weaning or sleeping through the night.
He will wake the neighbours to eat every few hours.

The baby would like to enter in exhibit C....


The sweater that has taken the constant attention off of him.
Do note that the mother was up finishing it off until 11:30 last night, instead of going to sleep when the baby did.
This sweater could be the cause of the wrinkles and bags...
And on top of all of this she is unsure of the length and will probably add more to it, which would require ripping back all of the bands to do so.
This mother is clearly indecisive.

Oh wait...the mother would like to enter exhibit D!!!


The valentines that she completed, keeping her up late in the evening the night before.
She would like to draw your attention to the crinkled up one on the right. The 8 year old who didn't like getting in trouble. He crinkled up the valentine and left it for her on her bedside table!
Added stress!

Ahhh, the rewards of motherhood.

Practical Knitting.


I am a process knitter. I love knitting interesting projects, textures and using new techniques. This makes for great knitting....but not necessarily knitting I will wear. I have piles of handknit sweaters. Really, a couple piles. I hardly wear any of them. The things I buy to wear don't match the projects I choose to knit. There is another reason for this tragedy...I keep the heat low in the house and walk around in a tank top all winter. I get really hot in wool...but occasionally I will wear a wool sweater...when chilled. So I have made a decision to not knit anymore sweaters. Really. Why knit them when I won't wear them.


I cast on for a sweater.
In a beautiful tweedy wool with angora! Yeah, that's right, I have issues. I am gonna wear it. This is why...
It is so luxurious feeling.
It is an open cardigan that I can wear a tank under.
It is pretty much all stocking stitch...a pattern I wear!
Ok, it doesn't make for the most exciting knitting, but for some reason I am excited about knitting it. I am knitting up a storm. I cast on Friday during the day and am done the body as written! I am going to lengthen it a bit so I am just about done the body.
So WHAT am I knitting?!?
Well thanks to Michelle, I cast on for the Effortless Cardigan designed by Hannah Fettig. It's gorgeous and practical and surprisingly (or not) I already had it in my favourites! It is the perfect project for my Debbie Bliss luxurious tweed! Well, I shouldn't say perfect because the gauge doesn't match, but by knitting the xs size (while following the lengths for the med) I will get the perfect medium size!


So far so good. It is mixed with a little baby drool...well a lot of baby drool...but I am knitting again!
Speaking of which, my time is up...he is wailing. Gotta run, more soon!

Knit a touque and embrace it!


So the storm of the century arrived...a little disappointing. I love the panic leading up to it. People are crazy.
I love snow. I play in it and I can drive in it....unlike many others.
My own family is guilty of this panic. I won't mention any names, but someone sent me an email with a hourly play by play link to the storm about to hit Toronto. Another asked it I was watching the radar...seriously, you know who you are...who watches the radar?!? PANIC! Immediately I though of Rick Mercers rant...careful when you click on this link, it is hilarious.

Funny thing, the sister who watches the radar and who was disappointed in the actual snowfall thought of the same thing today and sent me the link! We both love Rick Mercers humour...this rant is a classic.
A foot of snow is not a lot...well that's what I thought until I had to shovel it. Of course the driveway had some higher drifts...and while I was shovelling the plow guy came by.
So typical, I know.
He actually waved and laughed when he drove by. Funny. Not.

Another not so funny thing....


That's a dropped stitch. The problem is I didn't discover it until I actually blocked it out. Too late to rip back or drop a stitch down to fix it. I was in disbelief...but it's been a week and it's time to fix it. At first I didn't understand, because the pattern worked out.
I dropped it a foot into the scarf.
I must have dropped one of the k2tog stitches. So I will attempt to pick it up and just hand stitch it in. A little disappointing, but that's all I can do! It will still be beautiful when complete:)

That's all the excitement-or not- here. Roman is getting bigger...and heavier.


Sitting up like a big boy!

Happy New Year!


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am not going to dwell on the past...only accomplishing 20 knits last year...I've been a little busy.

It's a new year, and new things are abound. Onward we go!

Lets finish up with 2010. I happily completed my Great American Afghan! This was a project 2 years in the making...and I am sure millions of stitches!


Started: January 3, 2009
Finished: December 19, 2010
Yarn: Patons classic merino wool....just a reminder mom and dad...don't wash it! If it gets dirty, I will clean it:)


It is actually quite impressive once finished. The weight of it is so wonderful...and it's so warm. I decided on a simple triangular garter stitch edging that I adapted from a debbie bliss shawl/baby blanket that I once knit. I knit it on as I went so there wouldn't be an evening of endless seaming. The only problem with the edging is that it killed my left wrist. I literally couldn't knit...or lift the baby car seat with it for a week. It is still giving me grief. Might be another issue there that I better get checked.

I also knit up a simple ribbed hat out of cascade 220 for my nephew.


We no longer shop for all of the nieces and nephews. They all pick names amoungst each other. So I had three to shop for, not so bad. They all got their gifts topped with a knit mini snowman, of course:)

So now I am finishing up a few odds and ends. I am hoping January will be the month to clean up some unfinished knits and start up some fun new ones:)
So look forward to hearing about the cutest baby kit ever, a couple samples knit up for Shall We Knit, some double knit cowls, my luna bella, some spinning....lots to come.
I'm also busy preparing for another round of double knit classes! There is even a workshop in the making...stay tuned.

Mini knitting


You know when I saw these little snowman on ravelry I just had to knit them!
I am a sucker for little knitting. I've been know to indulge in the tiny needles, a few scraps of yarn and some stuffing.
Come on! These little guys are perfect little gift adornments!


Pattern: Mochimochi snowmen
Yarn: My never ending supply of elann devon. I am so glad I bought a bunch of colours way back when!
Adjustments: Well, the first one I knit as written. I even took out the double pointed needles! I am a magic looper...but I decided to have a go at it. I knit number one just fine...but quickly left the dpns for some magic.
I decided to use judy's magic cast on...with the magic magical.


A few tips after knitting...well...8 far:

Knit the cast on tail in as you go. This saves weaving in one end. When you weave in your other end...lock it in place with a few stitches then send it through the snowman to the other end. Clip it close to the snowman's body and then give him a squeeze to send the end inside.

When starting the black embroidery...and I am not an embroiderer...I started at the bottom of the snowman and went inside and up into where the first eye will go. I used one longer strand of yarn to do both eyes and the arms/hands. Then I went from the last stitch...through the inside and out the neck area and clipped as I did the end from the body.

The last two snowmen's scarves had neatened up edges. (you will see when comparing the two photos above) I slipped the first stitch of each row. This made a tightly knit scarf with neat sides. I never measured any of the scarves. I simply wrapped it around my thumb to decide on the length. Again, knit the cast on tail in as you go. The cast off tail is used to sew the scarf to the snowman. I pretty much did it as written...just use a sharp needle. Putting a dull seaming needle through your snowmans neck is near impossible...and just cruel.

Lastly, be careful who is present when you knit these guys...they start lining up and picking scarf colours:)

The end is near....


I have finished up the last two squares of my great american afghan. One has yet to be blocked and sewn in but I decided to start the edging. After a couple attempts, I chose a simple garter stitch triangular one. This looks just perfect with the garter stitch frames of the squares. I can also knit it on as I go, no more seaming!


I figure if I do 8 triangles a day, I will be in good shape for christmas!


Gone are the days of knitting a dozen hats and a couple sweater vests for gifts. I'm aiming for this afghan and a hat. So sad.

The tree is up...but I am still in my pj's. It's a lazy saturday. I need to go get dressed and pick up my christmas photos for the cards that should be sent out on monday...


My little king is almost 4 months!

On and Off the needles!


I promised to show you what's on the needles...well...this one has been on and is now already off the needles:

Henry's Sweater for Roman.


He's smiling! He loves it!


Started: October 21, 2010
Finished: November 15, 2010
Pattern: Henry's sweater by Jenna Swanson. It's a free pattern!
Yarn: Spud and Chloe Sweater. You need more than one skein for the main colour in the 18 month size with very little for contrasting colour stripes. If you were making it in a solid colour, two skeins are plenty. This fantastic yarn is now available at Shall We Knit...and this sweater will be there to fondle for a short while;)
Adjustments: None, I made the 18 month size which he will be wearing shortly. Not that the sizing is off...I just have a big baby! He's two days shy of three months...


You can see it is a little long in the body and the arms. I was thinking he would wear it in the spring...but it'll be more like Christmas when he'll be sporting this fine sweater!

I love this yarn! I am hoping to find the time to write up more of a review...but you just need to know that it knits up nicely with beautiful stitch definition. I love the wool cotton blend...warm and breathable. It washes perfectly...IN THE WASHING MACHINE! You can put it in the dryer and take it out damp to reshape. No gauge problems at all. The colour choices are really lovely. I will definitely be using this yarn again...I am thinking of a hat in the cream. He hates hats, but wouldn't a earflap hat with cables look so perfect!?! Or what about a newsboy cap?!?

Christmas clean up...join me!


A few months back...just before the baby...I did a little nesting. Cleaning, organizing...decluttering. I eliminated that BIG basket of projects. A few went into hibernation upstairs in the "yarn dresser", some were finished off and a very few made it into a smaller works in progress basket. Well, I haven't really picked any of these WIP up to finish them off. Of course, like any good knitter, I am ignoring them and moving on to bigger and better things.
Now my very little WIP basket is overflowing. I need to do something.

Hold that thought...crying baby.

Ok, trying to type with baby on the lap...he almost face planted into the laptop...oh man.

So the biggest WIP in my little basket is the Great American Afghan. I started this in January 2009. Yes, almost 2 years ago. It is not something I would normally choose to knit. I was new to town and started getting out to meet other knitters. The group was just starting to work on this, a square a month. Well, as sometimes it happens, knitters trickled out of the project. I continued, slowly. A square here and there.

I am not inspired to finish because it is not something that I would normally knit for my home.
So here is the thing. A lot of work has gone into this so far...I have to complete it. Why not finish it and gift it out for christmas?!

Hence, my Christmas clean up. I am hoping a few projects will make it in...but I will start with the afghan.
Today I am seaming. Yes, I realize I have not finished knitting the squares...there are two left...and I think I have one partly done somewhere...bedside table drawer?


Looks pretty good so far! I decided to seam the squares up, nothing fancy. I will search out an edging to add a little size and interest. Once complete, I think it will make a for a home!

Join me in my Christmas clean up....what will you be finishing?

And now... a chubby baby photo


Feed me!

Be very quiet...


I think the silence is the problem. Roman is so used to the noise of the boys, he has a hard time getting to sleep without it! He is finally napping and for some reason the computer is cooperating...which means there is time for a little blogging!I figured out the reason for so much silence on this blog. Yes, the new baby takes up a lot of time but this computer is the main reason. I can no longer just load up some pictures to the computer, then to flicker, then to ravelry and enter in the details, hop over to blogger and load them up there then write a little about This computer can not handle anything over and above starting up. Seriously it has had it.I could start it up and try to get the photos loaded which may now take 20 that time I am on to other things and blogging is put on the back burner to when I have more time...which is never.I have learned a little about HP computers from a tech friend. They are at the bottom of the list for good performing computers. They last about a year (this one is about 4 years old?) and it doesn't matter if you delete programs or photos or whatever to clear up some space, this won't help. I guess once you load things on to computers they eat up that space. So, all this being said...I have ordered a new laptop.You will still find me on the ipad surfing away and reading blogs...mostly playing Words With Friends. As soon as the new computer arrives, you will hopefully see an incease in blogging...if not I will throw this whole theary out the window. (speaking of window...I guess windows 7 is pretty good...and the vista that I currently have sucks.)Ok, enough computer talk, lets get to knitting. Get ready because the computer is behaving so this will be a big update!Off the needles... I have finally finished my feb lady sweater!The photo is horrible...I want to take another one, but lets be realistic, there is no time for that! The shirt underneath is all bunched up...I love how the wind has caught the bottom front of the sweater...but that is about it!Ok, here are the specs:Started: January 17, 2010Finished: September 21, 2010Yarn: Cascade 220 colour 9465 7 skeins...i don't think I used much of the 7th skein...I was pregnant and don't remember!Pattern: February Lady SweaterAdjustments: I made the 41" size, which is still large. I was hoping to copy Lise and make more of a sweater coat than a sweater. I really struggled with when to stop knitting for my arms. I have large arms and I wanted room to wear clothing underneath it...but the arm holes are too big. I knew this as I was knitting away, but evidently didn't care enough to rip it back. It is not that bad, but you can see how it bunches under the arm.I just kept knitting until it was "long enough" I love the length of it...perfect for the sweater coat look. I did the same thing for the arms. No tapering of the sleeves, just knit until I liked the length.I blocked it out on my board and then when it was just about dry I hung it on a suit hanger. This helped with the shaping of the shoulders and how the yarn draped.I am not a fan of this neckline on me, but I knit it anyway...hopefully I will wear it! If not it could be gifted to a sister...time will tell.I love the colour of this yarn. It is a black/brown colour with almost a gray flec in it...gorgeous. I keep thinking it would make the perfect afghan for my livingroom...Maybe, one day.Next up are some socks. I finally finished dad's birthday socks! His birthday was in July...Started: July 25, 2010Finished: October 6, 2010Yarn: lang jawool silk in a black gray, with a cuff in regia silk blue.Pattern: My own...just a simple ribbing with a cable on the edges.I knit these toe up so I use up all the yarn...which wa[...]

Get excited...I have knitting content!


Ok, I didn't do my hair...but I showered, so I figure that was good enough for knitting pictures!I finished something! The Aeolian shawl.Started: June 16, 2010Finished: August 18, 2010Pattern: Aeolian Shawl on I made the middle size, the purple shoulderette.Yarn: One skein of Tannis' Mulberry silk. A gorgeous yarn!Adjustments: Ok, I was pregnant while knitting this, so be patient...I'll try to remember. I did read on Tannis' blog how she had to do the alternate edging for the shawl in order to get away with one skein...but of course I was just knitting away on it and forgot all about that...I knew I would run out of yarn so I cast off a row early. That didn't work I had about 20 sts left to cast off (not the written cast off but just a regular cast off with a larger needle) with not a bit of yarn left. So I decided to rip back 8 rows and not make the nubbs in this section. I was making the 7 st nubbs beads. I still had to cast off a row early. So I am missing that final st st row. I cast off on the wrong side purling, with a larger sized needle.Although I would really have liked the nubbs in the finally rows, I was not willing to rip back the last chart...I am satisfied with what I did.The pattern is really well written and I love the size of the finished shawl. I love to wear them just wrapped around...or as a scarf...I have always spoke highly of Tannis' yarn. This new mulberry silk is really beautiful. I had a few problems winding it because it is so slippery. I ended up hand winding an outer pull ball, which was perfect. There was a little colour loss when I wet block it...but not a lot. Her colours are so vibrant and this plum is just gorgeous. I would highly recommend this yarn.In other news...we celebrated Lucca's 8th birthday...a little lazertag and a starwars cake!Roman loves parties!You know I had to get a baby picture in here somewhere;)[...]

I should be napping...


I'm pretty tired now. I really should sleep when he sleeps, but who ever does that. I think the lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I was and still am worried about this headache I have...hoping it doesn't escalate into a migraine.
Last night I finally gave in to the choochie.


I didn't want to introduce it until the thrush is completely gone...but at this point I am willing to throw them away if only for a few hours of sleep. He has a hard time settling down to sleep. He gets really mad and cries ALOT when he wants to sleep...I usually give in and feed him again just to settle him down, then he barfs because he ate too much. So disposable choochies it is! It did work last night, I just wish I didn't wait so long to give it to him. I am going to boil them after each use and hope for the best...

The boys were off to school yesterday and had great days.


Lucca...who's birthday it is today...really likes his teacher. He says she is really nice...that's why he is being so good...hopefully this will last:)

In knitting news...well, I still haven't picked any up. I did want to share one of my favourite baby that I have a baby to put them on!


This is a great pattern. Blue Steps baby booties. I really enjoyed knitting them and they were a great way to use up left over sock yarn. I knit my first pair as a gift, and this pair for my baby! The fit is fantastic for newborns. They are just starting to look a little small. I love that they don't come off when he is moving his feet all around. All the socks I have for newborns come off and most look too big anyway. These are perfect, and as you can see, he's got a lot of wear out of them. I will make more but go up a weight in yarn to fit him this next month.

That's it for now...nap time!

Excitement in the air...


Tomorrow...tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away!
Yes, schools in tomorrow and I am sooo excited! Is that wrong? Look, it's been a long, prego, with two busy boys in the house...I can't wait to skip away from the school yard:)

I don't think I've knit a stitch in the past couple weeks, we are still getting adjusted. A little battle with thrush, some baby freak outs, mommy the milk machine...there's been little energy for knitting.

I do have some finished projects to show you, if I every shower again, I will get around to modelling them.

The little one, Roman (a few have asked his name) doesn't really like to model yet...he will one day! Here he is in a hat I knit for the hospital.


It is a pumpkin hat pattern, but I call it my blueberry is a much better colour for him!

Here is the official one week photo...


I promise this won't turn into a baby blog...but he is the focus right now:)
Thank you all so much for the congratulatory wishes!
More knitting content this week, now that I will have a little time!

My favourite FO so far this year...


I've finished up a couple of knitting projects, finally. But this is my favourite and he is my latest finished object...


Started: Sometime in late November 2009
Finished: August 20, 2010 7:31p.m. (just over 3 hrs after my water broke!)
Adjustments: None, he is perfect! 8lbs 5oz, 20" long...all ten fingers and all ten toes.

We are tired, and adjusting well. I'm happy to have my energy back...although it comes with a few aches and pains. All worth it...this one is a keeper:)



The needles are full lately. They aren't always being used, but I seem to be filling them up!

In this last month of pregnancy I've thankfully been getting small bursts of energy. Sadly this energy and concentration has not been used for knitting or spinning...more like rearranging the furniture, "stylizing" bookcases (like that needs to be done before the baby is born), reorganzing clothing/yarn/cupboards, cleaning, super cleaning, super duper cleaning (totally unnecessary)and weeding the garden. I think the only thing I haven't done is the garage...and I have no intention of doing it...well, not today.

I have managed to knit a little inbetween all of this (as well as when I'm playing words with friends, which is highly addictive).

This morning's evidence.


Newborn hats.
I suddenly remembered the sad tube of material tied with curling ribbon used on my boys at birth. Understandably, the hospitals don't have nicely handknit hats to give all the babies...but I should! I have been playing with some oddments of yarn to come up with the perfect one. There are some cute patterns out there. I made a couple of these, but obviously not in pumpkin colours. I've also come up with my own little birth beanie simple design. I'll post the pattern soon for those who want it. This one is currently on the needles. It needed either a handspun yarn...or something more rustic looking. I am using up some classic elite Moorland from my Redhook Sweater. I'll post pictures of the baby wearing them as soon as he pops out!

Dad's Birthday socks are finally on the needles.


I needed a small travelling project and it was time for socks! I am a little behind on these, as I am every year, with his birthday being last month. I thought that this was ok, being summer and all. Who wears wool socks in the summer...well, he does. At our last beach outing he had them on...with runners...and pants...oh dad.
Anyway, ribbed socks are the best choice for dad. They stay up without being too tight on his legs. He also has voiced a love for handknit socks because they don't scrunch up his toes like store bought ones do...he having size 14 feet.
So, I just started some toe up, with ribbing and a little cable up the sides for interest. So far, so good.

I've also got some lace on the needles. I just had to cast on for The Brandywine Shawl after seeing Sue's at a Friday night knit and chat.


I'm using some alpaca that I picked up last year at Rhinebeck. It is working up just beautifully.

I just need some project monogamy so that I can finish something up!

A baby gift!


Being a mother of boys, I have really noticed the lack of cute clothing as compaired to what you can get for girls. Yes, if you go to the high-end-boutique-like-kids-clothing-stores you could probably score a dapper outfit for your little men...but the average kids clothing store makes t-shirts and cargos for boys to wear. Mind you, they get to a certain age and that is pretty much all they are willing to wear...I've given up on the white shirts already. Every now and then I will try getting them into what I consider a cool looking shirt...but if it has a collar forget it. So I look forward to "dressing up" this new baby...he won't be able to voice a complaint for a while:)

Vests are the perfect little layering piece for boys. Wouldn't you know that I recieved one in the mail for the new baby! The most thoughtful, and extremely talented, Grumperina sent us the most adorable vest.


I love the colours and especially love the yarn! It is absolutely perfect. Notice the buttons...very smart. This helps get it over the baby's head. I think that her thoughts on sizing are correct...most likely he'll be sporting this around a year old. You can read all about the vest in her post here.


I will definitely be showing you a photo of him wearing it. It's difficult to truely appreciate the knit unless it is being modeled!
Thank you so much Kathy!

FYI I must confess, in true knitterly fashion, I immediately turned it inside out to check out the finishing. It's absolutely what you would expect from Kathy...perfection;)

Now, there are a couple more handknit/spun presents for the new baby from another very talented knitter. I've also been doing a little knitting myself! More to come soon.

Jada in Brown.


A shrug is something anyone can wear. Big, small, short, tall or even pregnant! It's like a great pair of will always fit, even if you ate a little too much!So what better than to knit to make yourself feel a little better?Started: May 5, 2010Finished: June 20, 2010Yarn: Rowan Lenpur Linen. Colour 570 (brown). 9 skeins for the large.Pattern: Jada by Sarah Hatton from The Lenpur Linen Collection.Adjustments: None, knit as written. Do make note of the yardage required. Even though my gauge was correct and I was using the yarn it was written for, I ran out.This was actually knit for a store sample...which will eventually come home to me. It's a little warm right now for me to wear anything other than a tank top. You can have a good look at it at Shall We Knit in New Hamburg.I know I will get a lot of use out of it. I wear tanks all year long. Just throw this over a tank for fall, no problem. It will actually be great for breast feeding as well, offering a bit of privacy for the baby to eat;)The pattern is well written. It has a simple lace stitch to it, which is easily memorized. It eventually turned into my mindless tv watching knit. The main piece is pretty large, like knitting a baby blanket that you sew up and add some ribbed cuffs and bands to.The Lenpur Linen yarn is pretty interesting. It is 75% Lenpur and 25% Linen.Linen we are pretty familiar with. Beautiful, durable...a luxurious fiber that keeps you cool in warm weather. It is a vegetable fiber, from flax, a bast fiber taken from the stalk of the plant. It is easily dyed and softens but doesn't loose colour when washed. Yes, it does wrinkle but it presses easily. Like cotton, it has poor elasticity and does not spring back also a plant fiber. It comes from white fir wood. Yup, it is a cultivated wood fiber! It is surprisingly soft to the touch. Garments made of Lenpur are thermoregulatory, anti-odor and absorbent. Another perfect fiber for warm weather.So what does this mean to the knitter? Well, this blend is perfect for spring and summer knits. The drape is wonderful, perfect for shrugs, shawls, scarves, wraps, summer shells, whatever! It knits ups really nicely. Although there is no elasticity, I didn't have a problems with my wrists or elbows like I sometimes do after knitting with cotton. The look of the fabric is much more luxurious than cotton. I sometimes avoid cotton because of that dishcloth don't need to worry about that with Rowan's Lenpur Linen. The colours are nice deep hues and don't look faded.The washing instructions are pretty specific:Dry clean or hand wash in soapflakes; do not soak; cool rinse; do not wring; short spin; do not leave wet; reshape and dry flat away from sunlight; use a damp pressing cloth.Ok, sounds like it is high maintenance. Well, I gave it a quick bath in eucalan, rolled it in a towel to get rid of most of the water and then reshaped it on my blocking board. I pinned it here and there to the measurements. Once dried it looked great. It softened up and actually looked freshly pressed...not crunchy. I did press out the fold line (it was folded in half on the blocking board) before photographing.My only complaint is it sheds these little hair like fibers on you while you are knitting with it. I tend to wear white, so it was really visible on me. I'll let you know, now that it has been washed, if it does it with wear.So, would I use this yarn again? Yes! Without hesitation.By the way, thank you for all of your encouragement with the preganacy. I know[...]

Force Knitting.


Is the mojo back, well no. But I am trying...forcing it. I actually have finished up a few things and cast on for more. Are there There is a mobility problem lately.
You see, my sciatica is trying to kill me. It could happen, death by sciatica. This is the third day of it and the second of a pretty much sleepless night. I have resorted to extra strength tylenol ( I am not normally popping any pills while pregnant ). Hopefully todays doc appointment will bring me some relief.
He is a fantastically kind and knowledgeable doctor. He understands my humour...but he is a he. He'll never actually carry a baby.
I love how doctors ask how you are feeling. HA!
Let's see...
My sciatica is currently trying to kill me. I can't sit, stand, lay down or bend.
I have indigestion...reflux, burning everynight...just from a sip of water.
Because of this indigestion, I need to try and sleep sitting up, which doesn't work. This puts pressure on my sciatica and there is no sleep involved.
I am fat. I look down at my body and wonder who that is.
I can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I feel extremely out of shape and would really love to be able to go for a run.
There is a vein bursting out of my right looks gross and travels all the way up. Yes, I mean all the way up.
You know those veins in the hands of serious weightlifters...well my boobs look like they have been weightlifting. Attractive!
Hemorrhoids. Nuff said.
TMI. I know, I'll stop there.

Other than that I feel super fantastic!

We were just chatting about that first child feeling at knit and chat the other morning. The joys, the wonderment, that pregnancy was so wonderful...experiencing growing another human being. By the third, it doesn't seem so joyous! Just give me the baby, I'll do much better when he is on the other side:)
I tend to complain this one...but I know how lucky I am to be able to experience this. His room should be complete this weekend and I can just sit back and relax all summer. 9 1/2 more weeks to go...but who's counting;)

Ok, so knitting.


I've been working away on Jada with Rowan lenpur linen yarn. I ran out of yarn on the bottom ribbing...with a few rounds to go of nearly 400 sts. It's finally finished up and blocking...hopefully I'll have some pictures later this week to show you.
There has been some more dabbling in double knitting...with a new pattern on it's way shortly.
Currently I am working on Aeolian Shawlette (from Knitty) in Tanis' mulberry silk. Gorgeous! Of course last night I screwed up three rows back with an extra yarn over. I'll look at that today to see if I can repair it and fix the gauge without ripping it back.

I may be force knitting...but I'm still at it!

I'm pregnant, I am allowed to complain.


Ok, so this has nothing to do with knitting. I'll try to come up with a knitting photo to throw in somewhere...I complain alot, especially lately...pregnancy brings that out in you. I just have a hard time understanding people and how their brains work. People make really bad choices...and then you would think that others would learn from these mistakes...but no, they don't.Take for instance fireworks. I don't get the whole "let's go set off some fireworks" thinking. I don't understand why they are legal to sell to anyone who wants to light one up...doesn't make sense. Are people not injured while doing this...especially because they seem to always have a beer in one hand and a lighter in the other. The Canadian memorial day holiday was this past weekend, better known as the May 2-4 weekend. Evidently this is when everyone stocks up on their fireworks to annoy all their neighbours. Here in my lovely neighbourhood, they set them off in the back AND front yards. Daylight or twilight...doesn't matter...the bigger the bang the more enjoyable. Especially when you are trying to watch the final episode of LOST...I love the background noises of gun shots out your window. Those of us who are not drinking beer don't seem to find these fireworks as entertaining.Why don't you save the money you would have spent on the beer and the fireworks and fly to Disney and see real pyrotechnics...instead of annoying your pregnant neighbours from 8pm until midnight.Just in case you have more faith in people than I is another example of complete and utter stupidity.I was on my way into the bank yesterday morning when I notice a car parked in the handicap spot with a baby seat in the front seat. Yes, very stupid. It has been proven that children in car seats are safest in the back seat. Well, that wasn't even the stupid part....THERE WAS A BABY IN THE CAR SEAT! Yes, that's right. Some complete idiot left an infant in the car, in the heat, with the windows done up (not that a cracked window would make them any smarter) in the mall parking lot. I couldn't believe my eyes. I did a double take and when I realized what I saw, I walked back to the car in complete disbelief. The baby was sleeping and I saw it move it's head. I knew exactly what was going on...some idiot went into the bank machine area and left their child in the car. I run to the mall doors and there was no idiot at the bank machine. I run back to the car and pull out my phone and start to dial the police when the IDIOT comes out of the mall. He was starring me down so I knew it was him...and started screaming at him...yes, picture the pregnant lady throwing a fit in the middle of the parking lot. He didn't care. He actually was getting pretty upset with me telling me to mind my own business and "he could do whatever he wants, just like I can do whatever I want." Yeah, that was what I was dealing with. I suddenly was fearing my safety...this guy was pretty scary looking. He sped off in the car...and in all that I never got his license plate. I feel so guilty about this, I could have taken a photo of it...but it was just all so unbelievable. I spotted a mall cop and gave him a description of the vehicle, in case he was going to park somewhere around the mall...and go shopping while the child is in the car.So, not only am I writing this to voice my complaint in regards to some idiots who live here...but to inform those of you who do not know what the consequences of doing this would be.15 [...]

Rowan Kids Jackson


Denim yarn. Love it or hate it.

It's sometimes hard enough to figure out size and get gauge for your project...adding in shrinking the finished garment to size is enough to scare off most knitters.
After all your work, you then have to put the finished garment in the washer AND dryer and hope it comes out in one piece.
Well, this knitter is here to tell you that it is not as difficult as it sounds.

I won't lecture you on the importance of swatching. I will be the first to admit I don't swatch for things like socks...but sweaters are a must. ESPECIALLY if you need a before and after washing gauge. I did have difficulty getting gauge on my swatch, but that was all my fault. I should have cast on more than the 4" because my gauge does loosen up on larger pieces. Knowing this, I went with the tighter gauge (yes I made two swatches and washed both) and was fine. I am quite satisfied with the finished garment...


Started: April 6, 2010
Finished: May 3, 2010
Yarn: Rowan denim colour #65 dark blue. I knit the 8-10 size which called for 8 skeins, but ended up needing a 9th to make the neckbands.
Pattern: Jackson by Sarah Hatton in the new Rowan Kids book.
Adjustments: None. I knit as written. The pattern is easy to follow.

The style of the sweater is longer sleeves...but I think they are a little too long. I also knit the 8-10 size for Lucca to wear in the fall...but it fits now. He is average size and wears a size you may want to knit a bigger size than the child wears.
He looks so cute in this sweater. The denim really softened up after washing and feels quite comfortable. (no complaints from him, and trust me he would have told me right away).


I haven't knit anything for the boys in a long time. He picked out the pattern and the yarn colour, so I know he will wear it.

He is especially excited that it is off to Shall We Knit for display and will most likely make it to the Downtown Knit Collective this weekend in Toronto!

Thank you all for you kind comments on my sewing and the little garter yolk cardigan. To answer a question, the bag does "stand up" on it's own due to all the interfacing and the peltex!

Blue buttons!


There has been lots of knitting and sewing for me lately. I wouldn't say my mojo is really back in full force, yet, but it's trickling in. I've just been really lazy about blogging it all!First up is a little sewing.I've done some sewing back in the day but with little knowledge or skill. I get by with following pattern instructions and the sewing hints given in them...usually accompanied by lots of frustration.In surfing the net I came across this Amy Butler sewing book. Such cute patterns for babies. I decided to tackle a diaper bag. Luckily many knitters have interests and skills in sewing...and luckily I have a great knitting friend who not only has these skills but she also has a plethera (yes, many, many, many) of sewing machines:)Off to a local quilting store a few of us find that perfect fabric.I treated myself to some Amy Butler fabric, in gender neutral colours. I bought everything on the list...not even knowing what half of it was...and made plans for sewing!Under Lise's watchful eye and learning some of her skills, I came out with this:It is the perfect size for baby things...and some knitting things! Some nice big pockets to hold diapers...and yarn.To finish it all off...I had left some extra fabric lying around Lise's house...and the next time I was over I magically had a set!She made me a matching little knitting project bag! Thanks Lise!I have also managed to finish up a little baby sweater. A simple knit in a basic colour. Every baby needs a neutral cardigan in their wardrobe.Started: Feb 25, 2010Finished: March 2010Pattern: Garter Yolk Baby Cardi by Jennifer HoelYarn: Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in beige/stone. I made the 6 months size and I believe I used a little of a third ball.Adjustments: I chose to knit a garter button band, which worked out perfectly. Of course you noticed the buttons...Cute little blue bus buttons...yes blue. Another boy![...]