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Pillow Pocket


Pillow Pocket, a photo by Krousegirl2 on Flickr.
Last night was the birthday party for my 3 nephews. Their birthdays are all within a 3 week period and they turned 3, 9, and 11. I'm super happy to report that the boys liked their pillows...I added a book, some stickers, some fun band-aids, and a pair of socks to each pocket. My sister and brother in law also liked the practicality of the pocket! Now perhaps the boys won't have books missing at bedtime?

And thank you, inquiring minds (Anna), yes, with the help of a sewing guru friend, I learned how to install a zipper in the back of these pillows!

I would love to insert the picture of the back that I have on Flickr...but I cannot figure out how to upload more than 1 picture to a blog post from Flickr!  Can anyone fill me in on that?

Again, this pattern is by Nova, and you can find it here.

Pillow top #1


Pillow top #1, a photo by Krousegirl2 on Flickr.
I decided to make my nephews pillows for their upcoming birthdays. 3 boys...ages 3, 9, and 11. Each pillow will use different fabric to reflect how different the boys are...and the kids and I will tuck something special inside the pocket.  I have one pillow top done, one in construction and the third with fabric picked out.  I am going to be really brave and try doing a zipper closure.  first zipper!! wish me luck.

This wonderful pattern is buy Nova, and you can find it : HERE.

Have you seen this fabric?


ISO, a photo by Krousegirl2 on Flickr.
I'm beginning a project that needs some really good browns...I consider this a really good brown, except, this is all I have! and since I received it as a scrap, Im not sure what it is, although I think its a Michael Miller. Do you have this fabric? Interested in a swap or at least telling me who makes it??
many thanks!!

In other news...I'm slooooowly plugging away on my hand sewing project... I have one block done and 2 more set up....

 I'm happy with my decision to use Moda Crossweave in Natural...even more now that I see it has been reprinted!!

Birthday gift


I made another Quilt As You Go tote bag for my oldest sister.  She asked for a tote bag after she saw the one I made for my other sister.  I used scraps from Anna Maria Horner's home dec line, Drawing Room.
Inside I used my new favorite, Michael Miller, Mirror Balls.  You can see it peaking out on the top picture.

So happy to have this one completed before my sister's birthday!

I'm loving my new hand quilting project...I'll post pictures next time...1 block completed, 3 in progress.

trying something new


Now that we are easing into our school routine I thought I would add a little something 'new' to the mix.  Like many of you, I spend time waiting in school pick-up lines, at ballet practice, sitting at the park while the kids play, dentist/doctors appointments....the list is endless I think...SO, I decided to do some hand piecing.  I was inspired by Alison and the pattern called Jazz Hands or Erica's Honesty found in Material Obsession 2.
My plan is to cut into my scraps.  I hope to really push the limits of color combinations.  This block shown below is not entirely put together...I need another row of kite shaped pieces to border this...but I'm at a loss as to whether I want to follow the pattern in the book or to do something on my own.

Once I get a few more blocks done, I'll check back in for your advise! 

The other new adventure in quilting this weekend was a curves class.  How to do curves and still have your project lay flat!  It was a good class and I'm happy to have learned the technique.  Now I need to keep pushing myself to finish the project instead of adding to my pile of WIPs!

Pillows & heading back to school


School starts on Monday for us. I've been keeping this in mind as we have been enjoying lazy mornings and not eating breakfast until 9am!  I know the hustle and bustle of next week will be here soon enough.

The 1st grade teacher sent out a request for 'fun' pillows for the kids to use during reading time.  Knee jerk reaction in me, and I offer to make some.  These pillows head to school today in our open house and opportunity to take school supplies to school...I admit that I will make more...unless lots of other parents have also made/bought pillows...but I'm guessing that won't be the case! 

I used some purple corduroy on the back of the rainbow pillow for some extra texture, and because it's Colette's favorite color!  I think the backs are nearly as cute as the fronts!

my first Sew In


On Monday I enjoyed my very first Sew In.  It was great...a group of ladies from my guild all met up in a large room and we sewed.  Yep, we sewed.  There was a little bit of food, a lot of extension cords and a LOT of sewing and talking.  I'm so happy to know that every 4th Monday of the month I get to meet up with the same ladies to sew!  Who knew it could be so much fun!!

I worked on Karen's quilt for the Across the Pond and Around the Bend round robin.
I added the row of log cabins on the bottom of the quilt in progress...whoever made the trees in the earlier round had an extra and sent it along with the quilt, so I was happy to add that among the row of houses.

Alexander Henry charm quilt


I have been working on this quilt for a long time now. I love Alexander Henry fabrics. I had a crazy idea to use a charm square from every AH print I had for a quilt...when word got out on Flickr, a number of my friends sent some charms to help me is my progress. Im excited to snuggle under this quilt!!

I'm pretty sure I can do three rows of charms if not four!! I have the center sewn together and I think I need to buy a bolt of Alexander Henry Heath in gray!! I love it!!

Take a minute to check out Kelly's post where other quilters are busy using THEIR favorite fabrics!!

Not Your Grandmother's Log cabin class


a long Saturday sewing with Jacquie Gering and a small class of quilters. I love where these blocks are I need to decide what these should need for a wall quilt...more blocks? lots of negative space?



Please pardon my lateness in picking a winner of the book giveaway!  A Super Derecho blasted through our city last Friday and left my home without power for five very long, and very hot days!!  I feel like I have been chasing my own tail all week long! Thank goodness it's Friday!

The winner of the book is lucky #5.  Yep, that is you Anna!!  Send me an email and I'll get the book to you asap!  Random Generator was kind enough to pick a winner for me today.

Book Review


I remember in grade school I loved doing book reviews.  I read the book, every single word, then was well prepared to be asked questions by my teacher...that was, until I reached 7th grade.  My teacher was tough.  An excellent English teacher, but tough.  He would always throw in a crazy question...for example, I remember making my way thru the whole book review, and the very last question...."What is the last sentence in the book".  What?  And he never asked that kind of question twice, so you could never prepare for it!!But, I have a different type of book review today.  Annie's has sent me three books (over the course of this very busy month) and asked me to review them for you.    So let's do it. Quilts for Kids is just that...some very simple designs that would be great for a kid or charity quilt.  I have been siting here and envisioning what some of these patterns would look like in more modern fabrics!  There is a brick path pattern, that would be great with all solids I think...but the one that appeals to me most is a large, simple quilt called Around The Block (the pic is below in yellow/green/blue) what a great project to use up stash, right? Nine Path Panache is a BIG book folks...over 40 projects.  My favorite is this star below.  The directions are very easy to understand and the diagrams help every step of the way. And lastly, there is the Pillow Pizzazz book.  The projects are in the second picture below.  You know what I love about pillows?  They really give you a chance to try a new technique...whether in piecing or quilting, but without the huge commitment of a quilt.  This book has included some nice challenges for that...So, I promised a giveaway.  Leave a comment below and tell me which book you would most like and why. Random Generator will pick a winner this weekend and the winner gets the book they like best! [...]

sewing weekend


This weekend was the Appleseed Quilters guild's bi-annual quilt show, and it marks the first time I have ever entered a quilt show! I had two quilts judged...

The small quilt I made in Gwen Marston's class last year was well received and got some nice remarks. 

But my scraps in neutrals was ripped to shreds!!  The judge actually commented that I needed to pay more attention to intersection points matching.  WHAT?  Didn't the fact that EVERY SINGLE intersection was off...way off,  show that I meant for them to be different?  I got a lot of great feedback from some fellow guild members though, and I love the quilt, so I'm fine with a traditional judge not understanding my work.  Better yet...I got nice remarks from our featured quilter, Jacquie Gering!

Jacquie's class and trunk show were you can imagine.  She is so inspiring.

No more time tonight to unpack Jacquie's class, but Ill tell you about it in the next post, and I have a book giveaway....

until then.

Round Robin


So...I think this might be the 3rd post in a row entitled Round Robin...bear with me, I haven't had much time for sewing other than my bee obligations....and please remind me...NOW is the time to stop raising my hand for swaps and bees.  OK?

thanks. here is the reason I think I keep signing up for bees and swaps etc....they push me in different directions.  I have never done a project with hexagons before...but when Christy said she was looking for additions with a 1930's feel...I thought of hexagons...and all the vintage fabric I have squirreled away in shoe boxes etc.

And after seeing this close up, it's probably very obvious I've never done hexagons or the appliqueing them on business...but this floral print is probably my favorite print used in this project.  And the dots of the background fabric match perfect.  I sure hope Christy likes what I've added to her quilt.

I think this ends my obligation to the A Dozen Quilters round robin...and I'm looking forward to getting my quilt back any day now!!

round robin


I have not had much sewing time since school let out...but I'm slowly plugging away on a round robin project for Christy (no blog) as part of A Dozen Quilters.

She asked for fabrics with a 30's vintage feel and anything goes.

Well, Christy does some amazing piece work...(the center block is hers...) Hollie has worked the next 'round'.

I thought I would dig out some vintage fabric and look for blues, reds and pinks.  I decided on hexagons, even though I have NEVER worked with them before!  I feel like - nothing says 1930's like a hexagon - but maybe that is just me??  I'm tentatively planning this:

What do you think? Am I headed in the right direction?  Am I even using fabric from the 30's???

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2012


This weekend is Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival!!  If you are visiting from Amy's site, welcome!!

This quilt is my most recent finish.  It is a fundraiser quilt for my daughter's ballet group.  This year they are performing a version of Peter Pan and there will be a cookie walk and raffles going on as a fundraiser. 

I primarily used a Sherbet Pips jelly roll for this quilt, but I added in a few other fabrics as well...mainly a darling Kokka ballet fabric.  I blogged a little about the fabric's earlier in this POST.  The long arm quilter used a pantograph of dragonflies on flowers...nice and loopy and fun.

I backed the quilt in the Scoot print also from Sherbet Pips and made a label from the Girl on Swing print....I sure hope this quilt makes some little ballerina happy!

Oh, and a shot from behind...just because I liked how the patchwork showed through!

Ok, now...go and check out the HUNDREDS of other quilts showcased on Amy's blog this weekend!  Better yet...why don't you add one to the linky party for a chance to win some great prizes!

Round Robin


In April I was working, well, procrastinating on my Round Robin for A Dozen Quilters bee.  Patty started with a cute panel and was hoping to finish with a cover for her table this summer.  I think I am the last to work on Patty's quilt and I think she has a great table quilt cover!

I bought the stars a year or so ago...Moda makes this stars bunting.  I had *just* enough to go around the quilt.

And my sister asked me to make a quilt for her Mother In Law's birthday.  Due by June 1st...yes, I have known since Christmas and I have been putting it off, well friends, let me show you why.


Enough said?

I am lucky in one respect though...the sweetest fabric friend swapped me Thimbleberry tumblers already cut for 5 inch charms.  At least I didn't have to come up with this fabric.  Thank you Des.

Feather Your Nest


Do you read the wonderful blog, Stumbles & Stitches?  Jenny and Angel are hosting a fun contest in honor of Earth day and to encourage us all to create something for our homes while re purposing supplies we already have! 

When I first heard of the idea, I immediately thought about that old quilt I bought a few months back that I planned to make Christmas stockings with...well, I gave it a test run this morning. 

I used the free pattern by Denyse Schmidt that can be found HERE .  I enlarged the pattern 150% but it is still a rather small stocking...and I forgot to add a tab for, good thing it's a large quilt it may take me a few tries before I get 4 nice ones for Christmas 2012! 

And I ran to my LQS yesterday to buy fabric for the ballet quilt's binding and Hugo wouldn't leave without fabric for a new pillow.
 We took the cover off this very unfortunate pillow and whipped up a new skull and crossbones pillow for Hugo's bed. 
So be sure to stop by Jenny and Angel's blog and get some great ideas on how you might feather your own nest!

ballet fundraiser


My daughter has taken ballet lessons for 4 year.  Its a wonderful organization based at our church called Studio 149.  She has made friends, learned some control of her body, and has the opportunity to perform at a number of recitals.  I hope she continues to enjoy it for many years to come...I am not a very graceful person, and would rather jump off a cliff vs. dance, so I would love to see her grow up with the self confidence to dance.

Anyway, they are having their annual recital and fundraiser at the beginning of June.  I volunteered to make a quilt for raffle.  I used a Sherbet Pips jelly roll designed by the awesome Aneela Hoey.  I was lucky enough to win the jelly roll from the equally awesome Cathy at Wonderous Woven Fabrics.  I thought these fabrics would appeal to the many little girls in the ballet troupe.

I put a call out on Flickr for some scraps of ballet fabric to add into the quilt and Kirsten answered me in spades with these amazing ballet girls by Kokka.

But maybe my favorite part of this rail fence quilt is the blocks where I used the scarf print instead of 4 individual fabrics.  Do you see them hiding in the pattern?

Thanks to Anna, my favorite local fabric pusher for giving me some of this fabric.

Round Robin


My first of two round robin obligations are done for the month.
Remember the blocks I showed a post or two ago...

Well, I chose to tackle Hollie's first.
I pulled from her starter block the orange, purple, and Denyse Schmidt and came up with this:

It was a lot of fun.  Hope you like it Hollie!

Next up...the "triangle".  Please, seriously, if anyone could float me an idea, I would really appreciate it.  I guess I need to applique it down to a base fabric, right?  Any crash courses on applique?

a story book village


Have you ever seen Super Why?  I guess that is what I had in mind when I started this quilt for some friends of mine expecting their first baby.  I have a number of fabrics with letter and words on them, and I think they are fun to play with.  Each house on this quilt uses some form of text prints.  Each house is free patterns...just piecing, and having fun.This house has some great Cosmo Cicket alphabet roof and awesome japanese fabrics for the door and windows.  (Im not sure about these fabrics, they were a gift from a friend)This house is made up of V& A fabric, Sunkissed by Sweetwater, and a few other bits and bobs.And a funny tangent...when I showed my daughter the flower, she asked me why I wanted to put a lighthouse on the baby I will never look at this flower and think of it only as a flower!!I had a local long arm quilter quilt book titles into the quilt.  I gave her a list of about 65 books the kids and I love, but she was only able to fit about a dozen on the quilt. The quilting was done so that it is legible from the back of the quilt.  Mostly solid, with the word SLEEP pieced on the bottom.  I think Denyse Schmidt has a pattern in some magazine with this pattern.  I didn't find the magazine/pattern, but used Tonya's patterns from her most excellet book, Word Play Quilts.[...]

folding finished!


What a big job this has been~  folding took me longer than I thought, but I am glad it is done.  Doesn't it look nice?  Now fingers tightly crossed that I can keep things in this great looking shape!

and before I go...I have a winner to announce from the book review I did earlier this week.
Angie, you win!  #9. 
I sent you an email thru your most recent blog post.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

book reviews


I have been lucky enough to meet a few people over at DRG and was asked to review a few of their new quilting books.  Of course I was immediately drawn to the bed runner on the front of the book and the pattern is well written.  I'm thinking my husband won't be thrilled with the idea of a bed runner, but a washing/drying machine quilt cover would be perfect for us!I thought the bed runner on page 42 also looked interesting, the example is made with velveteen, but I think some shot cottons would be gorgeous! I was very curious about the Charm square book too.  I have a number of charm squares that just sit on my shelf!  The patterns found on page 26 and 57 are my favorites!If you would be interested in winning your choice of these two books, leave me a message telling me which one you would like, and will pick a winner this weekend.[...]

abstract quilt in solids


Its done!  I finally put on the sleeve and hung it in the living room.  Never considered our wall color, but I think it works just fine.  This is the quilt I started in a class with Gwen Marston in November.  The class was called Abstract in Solids based on one of her books.  If you ever have the chance to spend time with Gwen Marston, don't hesitate.  What an amazing week!

Krista Withers did the quilting for me.  We went with organic lines and I have really learned a lot about organic quilting just by studying Krista's work on my small quilt.

And here we have 2 round robins Im participating in.  The top one is from Hollie, and right up my alley.  The bottom is from Fiona and Im scared to death.  Obviously I need to learn how to applique within the next few weeks! 



I love vintage quilts.  Trouble is...if I can afford them, they usually have a big hole in the center like this beauty hanging on my dads clothesline.  It does make me happy to know that someone used this quilt alot.  Its very worn, a number of stains and as said earlier, hole in center.  I hope the quilts I'm making will one day show as much wear and tear and love ...

I need to wash this, but will probably have to use the bath tub since it is rather fragile.  So I think Ill wait until it is warmer and can dry outside.
Would you all be terribly disappointed to know that I bought this quilt with the intention of cutting it up and making new Christmas stockings for my family this year?
I continue to fold fabrics.  Will it ever end? 

My starter block


The ladies from my quilting bee, A Dozen Quilters, and I have decided to do a round robin this year.  I think there are six of us joining in.  I plan to send this block out.  I originally made this flower for the baby quilt I just finished, but it was too big.  It will be fun to see how this one grows!

I just finished my first round of Around the Bend and Across the Pond! round robin on Flickr. Ann sent out the center square and indicated she would like a quilt of stars.  This is what I came up with...I really enjoyed this process.
And...lastly, I continue to fold fabric.  I think it has become necessary.  I adore the look of the folded fabric on my shelves, and it's been quite an eye opener for how much fabric I own...and, as it turns out, how much fabric I have bought multiples of!!  I have 2 very large pieces of Erin McMorris's Wallflower print from the Wildwood collection.  Evidently, I loved it enough to buy for backing TWICE.