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The Late Bloomer

Updated: 2018-03-07T07:02:49.621-08:00


table runner obsession


One of the first things I decided I MUST make for the wedding was table runners. Of the Double Wedding Ring variety. A quilter has to have a quilty wedding, right? Right. I knew that the traditional method of making the block was out of the question. Not sure where I first heard of the Quilt Smart interfacing method, but for better or worse (ha!) that 's the method I decided to go with.

an engaging post


...about fishing??? Are you kidding? Well, here's the story. Fishing, or more accurately the activity known as "fishin", is just one of the many things I've tried in the last year or so. It's safer and more relaxing than skiing, but at least I don't actually fall asleep while going down a ski run. And within five minutes of being out on one of the lakes up here, I'm asleep on the bow of

still more catching up


It seems like ages ago that I first blogged about my latest At Home probably was ages ago. Well, I'm happy to report that it's done now. And adds some much needed color to the room. And gave me an excuse to go to Pottery Barn for a couple of pillows.  Speaking of pillows...I finally located my monogrammed embroidered linen pillow top. If you don't remember it--and who could

the one about pretty pink ruffles


So where have I been? Here...and really busy. Making stuff even. But it's really hard to blog when your iMac decides to keep you from getting at any of your photos. And I figure it's tough enough to be interesting without trying to do this without pictures.  This whole thing started when I moved up here and brought a whole lot of fabric with me. Embarrassingly enough, I had more than an

pdf love


Two posts in one week? How is that possible? Well, one of the advantages I've discovered about being in cramped quarters is that it's easier to multi-task. (It's also easier to lose things, but I've already covered that). So today I'm blogging while sewing. In the same chair, even. I've been working on some projects that are just for fun. Downloaded some PDF patterns the other day and

mohair and cotton


I guess if I wait until I have really interesting things to share then I might as well delete this blog. And face it--I've been here (not always all that regularly) for too long to just quit. So I'll keep plugging along and vowing to do better. I have gotten lots of sewing done--it seems that this part of the state doesn't really have that thing you might call "Spring". We go from snow to

tah daaaah!


So where are my Quilt Market posts? Well, I don't have any. Sadly, I wasn't there this time.  Not really all that sad, but Market is always fun and it's hard missing the chance to see all the quilty people who are so much fun to visit. That doesn't mean I wasn't busy with Quilt Market stuff. Oh yes, I was. And it's about time I tell you all about it. Pam has another darling collection coming

oodles of burros. Oh and fabric.


Okay, so this will be yet another post that's a little weak on the fabric and sewing. Just can't help it. Spent the last week on the, of all places, Laughlin, NV-- home of the largest biker rally in the West. Which would be the Laughlin River Run. Kinda lacking in quilt shops but the event is a little like the biker version of say, Quilt Market or for you west coast gals PIQF.

Let's try this again...


You know how it goes...sometimes there's nothing to write about, so you don't. Then sometimes there IS something to write about, but it's too dark to take a photo, so you don't. Then the thing you want to write about disappears under a pile of fabric. Then you don't have internet for a couple of days because of this wonderful thing called "satellite internet" which sounds so very Jetson's and

what's new


Okay, many hours have passed since my last post and I'm pleased to announce that my 2 Hour Dishcloth is finally finished. I have no clue how many hours it actually took--and I ended up using a different border pattern than the one in the book because after a half hour of trying, I just couldn't figure it out. And who could bear to use a dishcloth that took a whole day to make? I have no idea if

bad blogger


Okay, so much for my blogging resolve. Do you want to hear my excuses? Nah, neither do I. I'm not going to talk about's a bit of a sore subject these days (pun intended) but how cool is this? My brother got this for me from a local antique shop. He figured I just might need it. I do love getting comments...and Mascanlon shamed me into tearing the twill tape off my tower and jelly roll



Okay, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. And by that I mean me buying something shaped like a heart. Even though I've designed several quilts that feature hearts, they've never been my favorite theme. I can't think of a single thing I own that has a heart on it. Don't get me wrong--hearts are fun to cut out and fun to pick fabrics for and fun to stitch. But then I'm over them. Well, last

nothing much

2012-02-09T15:59:41.752-08:00's where things get tough. There's nothing much to report on but if I stop? Next thing you know, 7 months have gone by blah blah.There's been lots of skiing...less falling, I'm pleased to report. I've been told that I "almost look like I know what I'm doing" which was meant as high praise and I'll take it.I do have a question for you. Does anyone else have a problem opening Moda's

Key to My Heart


Okay, without further it is. Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new pillow design. I seemed to take me forever to get it done but I was out of town and then skiing (twice) and blah blah blah. But it's a pretty quick project and was fun to make.Pam has been at me for ages to do a pillow pattern. She makes pillows using my method because it's quick and easy and has a finished

more that's new...including some sort of lesson (I think)


First of all, thanks for such a great welcome back! As anyone with a blog will agree, sometimes you just don't know if anyone is really out there reading. You've inspired me to make posting more of a priority like it used to be.I also want to thank those of you who sent me sweet messages on my birthday which was a couple weeks back. It was a very special day for me (well, a couple of days

starting over


According to Blogger, it's been almost 7 months since I've last been here. Seems impossible, but I'm sure Blogger is telling the truth.And after all, a whole lot has happened in that time. Of course that's what a blog is for...sharing all those bits and pieces of life as it happens. Unfortunately, for various reasons I just wasn't really able to do that.My life has changed in many BIG ways during

gardens and quilts and stuff


The one part of my life right now that seems just right is my new little back yard. It's already quite pretty and has plenty of spots for me to tuck things into. And that's what I've been doing. So when unpacking gets to be a bit much...that's where you'll find me. I'm planning some pretty pillows for the chairs...I think it's going to be a very girly kind of place.Summer is also a good time for

Strip-Smart Quilts


I have to be honest about a couple of things. When Kathy asked me if I'd participate in her blog hop, I didn't even hesitate. If you're lucky enough to know Kathy, you know she's about the sweetest person ever--and is just as talented. So of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book...and the ruler.So the book arrived...and it was great to just sit back and look thru all the

new patterns!


I'm baaack...and it hasn't even been a month yet! I shouldn't joke...what with still moving and stuff, anything could happen. What's happening now? Two pretty cool patterns and a SALE. All the new patterns for Spring 2011 are now up on the'll notice that all but one are digital. That's a necessity when the fabric isn't available yet. But it's so worth it in this case

I'm back...


Excuse me while I push a packing box (or two) out of the way...things are kind of chaoticin my world these days, but if I wait for them to settle down I may never write a post again.Tho considering all the dust on this blog, it probably looked like I'd forgotten all about it.Not so...just too many things going on and not all of them happy and light...and happy and light is what I've always wanted

...commercial break...


Due to space constraints, I need to find good homes for samples of quilts, bags, and various other goodies. Somehow they've taken over the house and new ones are always arriving!If you need something already made, hop on over to my website and check the "quilts", "bags" and "miscellaneous" links. New items will be added daily.If you'd rather make your own, I have a few more kits made up and ready

I'm back (yawn)


Actually, I've been back for just over a week. Doesn't quite feel like it's a bittersweet thing to be back...I really missed my kids, and my dogs, but now? I'm really missing Scotland...So why the yawn? Well, there's an 8 hour time difference. I easily settled into the change when I arrived--I was excited anyway so just had to keep moving. As for coming back? Totally different story..

how a crazy person passes the time...


Can't argue with Cath, right? I didn't think so either...OK, first I have to apologize--I pride myself on always providing links to everything I talk about, but today I just don't have time. While I'm typing this I really ought to be packing--for my trip to Scotland. Pam will be taking me to the airport--not at the crack of dawn, but waaaay before that actually. And I don't need to tell you that

still here...


I'm still here...I sure hope some of you are too. It's been kind of tough this year to keep up with blogging. There have been changes going on in my personal life--very stressful and difficult changes, but ones that will lead to better things. I've always wanted my blog to be a happy and inspiring place, so it seemed the best thing to do would be to step back for awhile. Having said that, I'm

new kits!


Finally kits are arriving on my website. I've had lots of requests, and while I generally can't provide a great quantity, I'll do my best. I'm starting with two--the "Tied with a Bow" quilt as well as the cream rose version of "Frilly Farm Bag". I have an extremely limited quantity of each kit, so if you've been wanting to make either project, you might not want to wait.Each kit contains the