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How To Train Your Dog In Five Easy Steps

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 15:05:00 +0000

Have you noticed that being around a dog that is trained is lovely to be around?

Dogs that are trained are less likely to jump up on people, and are less at risk of biting someone. Their manners are very calm in nature and don't get distracted in most environments.

It is important to train your dog with the goal to teach them limitations, thus making them more relaxed around humans. On the internet there are so many hundreds of dog training programs and as many professional dog trainers. However, it is hard to tell which are professional and which give real value to training your dog.

The best way to find a good trainer is to ask your friends and family if they know a good dog trainer. Once you have found a trainer, ask them what method of training they teach and how long they have been instructing. There are tons of training methods for dogs that do not apply to the times of today. Ask the trainer what method they use, why they use it, and what the benefits of it are. No question is stupid because you are thinking of your dogs best interest.

Whether you train your dog yourself or find a professional, teaching your dog commands and socializing it is important. Areas to cover in training include:

1. Learning the sit command. Normally this is the first thing that new dog owners teach their puppies and dogs.

2. Interacting with other dogs. Helping your dog socialize with other dogs is great at dog parks and also in a dog training class.

3. Socializing to strangers. Dogs love humans and getting them acquainted with more humans makes it easier to interact with strangers.

4. Dog Leash walking at your pace. This is important that your dog learns who is the boss by you regulating the speed of the do walks.

5. Learning the stay command: This command is important for your dog to master in different environment obstacles.

There are many benefits to having a well-trained dog. But it doesn't necessarily mean the dog will not develop behavioral problems down the road. Being around a well-trained dog is a joy and it strengthens the human-animal bond.

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Boxer Dog Training

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 15:05:00 +0000

The Boxer is an amazing dog and is extremely playful, energetic and definitely a handful (in a good way of course). This breed if dog is extremely loyal and when a friendship is built it lasts forever. The boxer is unique and not for everyone, if you are a new owner of a boxer you have to be aware that they need a lot of attention and training. They are extremely intelligent dogs, which can work to your advantage when it comes to training, but then again can be very disadvantageous, as they know how to use their intelligence to get what they want.

Boxer dog training consists of training them up to become guard dogs; this is their main profession if you like. People who do not know boxers tend to assume that they are naturally aggressive when they are in fact the opposite and could not be more playful than any other dog! Because of their good stature and aggressive look, people are automatically assuming this dog could do more harm than good. If your boxer is not trained properly then he just might.

Because of their intelligence, Boxers can be very stubborn but when it comes to training a boxer, it can be very helpful. Owners must remember that there will be times when you ask him to do something and he’s going to look you in the face and basically tell you where to go, he knows he is supposed to do what you are telling him but he decides he can't be bothered and doesn’t. The main thing you have to remember in these circumstances is to be patient. From as early as 6 weeks old you should start your boxer dog training as this will help him when he grows up, socialize him, play with him and teach him, but do it in an exciting way and he is more likely to listen.

The main aspect of training for a boxer is socialization. Boxers can be very friendly dogs but they need to be trained to become one. They need to get accustomed to other dogs and people. The best way to do this is training classes. That way your boxer will be trained alongside other dogs.

When your boxer reaches 13-16 weeks old it's time for some serious boxer dog training, this is the stage where he is going to test for dominance, he will nip and try to show you that he is the more dominant one, mainly by not listening to you. You have to be a strong leader at this time; you must show him that bad behaviors will not be tolerated no matter what!

Boxers are genuinely a lovable family dog and would make a proud pet for anyone, they are dogs that prefer to sit on you lap for a cuddle than anything else. Train your boxer early with some serious boxer dog training and you can be assured you will have a stunning, loyal family friend!

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