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What Is A Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:58:35 GMT

Boating is a very popular pastime for many people. Some find it relaxing and think of it as a great way to get away from work. Others need a boat for work or enjoy fishing from time to time. It does not matter what the boat is being used for, an anchor will be needed, such as a power pole shallow water anchor.

Most anchors are constructed from metal. They help anchor a boat or ship to the ground that is found under a body of water. All boats will have temporary anchors on board, but not all will have a permanent anchor.

The power pole is for people who fish or anchor their boats in shallow water, which can be either fresh or salt water. The anchor is supposed to hold up against strong currents and high winds. It also descends quickly and quietly, which means it should not scare fish away.

This anchor has been created to help you stop a boat in the exact location you want it to stop. It is also able to hold onto many different kinds of materials, like rock and gravel without damaging sea life.

The type of anchor is guaranteed to never rust and should last a very long time.

This anchor is extremely easy to use. All that you need to do is push a single button on a controller. The power pole will then lower its spike and hook onto the ground where you are fishing. It should not be long until you get to start fishing.

This type of anchor is definitely gaining in popularity. Many people are finding that it is easier to operate and install than other anchoring devices. They love how easy it is to use and how quickly it stops the boat in place. They are also really happy with the fact that it does not get the boat dirty, which seems to happen with many other anchors. Users of the power pole seem to think that it is well worth buying.

When shopping for a power pole, you will different kinds to choose from. There is the Sportsman Series, which is not remote control ready, and the Pro Series, which is ready for a remote control. The different types also have different lengths and are able to support boats of different weights.

A power pole shallow water anchor may be a great addition to your boat if you frequently anchor in shallow water. It is also very easy to operate.

Shallow Water Anchors

power pole shallow water anchor

power pole shallow water anchor

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out Shallow Water Anchor

Manual Power Pole Vs The Bomb

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:58:24 GMT

Who ever first thought of the idea of a manual power pole had to have been a fisherman. But who knows? Maybe he was an air-boat guy somewhere in the Everglades. Both would benefit from using this pole-type anchor and, in fact, many do. Manual power pole or an automatic version, this becomes a 'must-have' for any boater/fisherman who's seen it work.

A manual power pole is a shallow water anchor. It's purpose is to stop your boat exactly where you want it to stop, when you want it to stop, and then hold you in place against the current and the wind (up to 30 mph). It works in up to 8' of water. It allows you to do your thing in the boat, with the secure feeling of being tethered to the bottom.

There's a lot to choose from online in this shallow water anchor category, spanning a wide range in cost and quality. The concept is simple -- stake out your boat to the lake bed, river bed or sea bed. But there are a few different ways to accomplish this mission. Some are slightly tedious while others are totally automatic.

The top of the line is a company that shares its name with the product... 'Power-Pole'. According to them, the P. P. Is Swift and Secure. That's a good slogan because it perfectly describes what they've developed... A way to swift secure your boat when and where you want.

When you're fishing in shallows and you see a place that looks good, you want to be able to stop on a dime and stay put. The P. P. Is deployed in less than 5 seconds and you're free to get on with the business at hand, securely in place.

Having the ability to stop without resorting to the use of a clumsy boat anchor or a noisy trolling motor is a great advantage out there on the water. It doesn't matter what's on the bottom... Mud, sand, rocks, gravel... The power pole will hold you securely against the currents and the wind. The feeling of knowing you're securely tethered will not only ease your mind, but you'll actually be able to catch more fish too.

Those who've experienced the power-pole in action want one and those who already have one wonder how they ever got along without it. A manual power pole is a less expensive alternative. Take a look.

Shallow Water Anchors

stayput shallow water anchor

stayput shallow water anchor

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out Shallow Water Anchor

Shallow Water Fishing Boats

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:58:17 GMT

You've heard about it, and now you've decided you want to get into shallow water fishing. You want to be the guy that reels in shallow water fish like
snook, red fish, tarpon and snapper. But you know that without the right boat, that's not going to happen.

Well, luckily for you, there's a whole new generation of flats skiffs out there, just waiting for an angler like you. Guys who want to sight cast in the clear, shallow waters off the Florida Gulf Coast demand shallow water boats that deliver.

After all, a boat with 'no sides' is a two-edged proposition. Shallow water fishing is fun, immediate and exciting, but without enough width and stability, it's not the safest way to navigate. You want to look at shallow water boats that are light-weight but stable, with a secure fishing platform.

And you definitely want that vessel to be able to "run skinny"! After all, if a shallow water boat can't give you extreme shallow water performance while still being able to handle sudden rough or choppy waters, it's not what you need. Shallow water boats worthy of the name should be able to take off from as little as ten inches of water!

Shallow water anchors are definitely something else you have to consider. Why? Because you have to decide between manual or power anchorage. You go manual, then you're looking at a three-quarter inch rod of solid fiberglass, which functions as an anchor AND as a push pole. Brackets built right into shallow water boats hold the push pole in place.

Motorized options for shallow water anchors mean that you press a button, and an anchoring pole deploys in mere seconds. No muss, no fuss, the spike goes down beneath the water, six to eight feet, and bingo, your boat is halted in its tracks. Shallow water anchors that are motorized ensure that even strong currents or blustering winds won't cause your boat to budge.

But what about the whole point of shallow water fishing? The fish! The beauty of shallow water fishing is that you can float in literally inches of water, and position yourself above creatures that would be inaccessible from deeper-draft style craft. Not to mention the stability that a good, 15 foot boat can give you. No worrying about keeping your balance, you can focus on the sport itself.

The best shallow water boats also provide below deck storage areas for stowing gear, thus increasing and maximizing clear space on deck for optimum freedom of movement. When you're ready to cast, the last thing you want is to trip. If you can find the right boat, shallow water fishing should be a dream.

Shallow Water Anchors

power pole shallow water anchor

power pole shallow water anchor

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out Shallow Water Anchor

Examining The PowerPole Fishing Anchor And The Stay Put Shallow Water Anchor

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:58:05 GMT

Recently two similar devices for boat control in shallow water came on the market. The Power-Pole Fishing Anchor and the Stay Put Shallow Water anchor are equally effective. Examining the significant differences will help the fisherman choose the approach that works for him.

Watching professional fishermen on television makes weekend anglers envy the professionals' ability to put a boat in the best position. Presenting bait to a wary fish requires accuracy and stealth. Boat position is an important part of the process and is even more important in shallow water situations.

Prior to the introduction of electric motors, one of the popular methods of boat control was sculling. The angler held a small paddle with his fingers extended along the flat side. Keeping the paddle in the water to prevent splashes, he quietly moved it in a figure-eight motion that gently moved the boat. This was most effective in very light wind conditions.

Sculling became a lost art after the trolling motor became popular. Fishermen quickly learned the advantages of trolling motors and no serious fishing boat was without one. There are some disadvantages to using a trolling motor in shallow water, though. Even at low speed all electric trolling motor make some noise. In the water any noise is amplified and shallow water fish are easily scared away by noise. Prop wash can stir up mud and debris from the bottom and reversing a trolling motor can create prop wash toward the target fish.

For many years, fishing guides in the Florida salt water flats have used long poles to quietly maneuver their boats. The wary tarpon and bonefish in the shallow flats are easily spooked. Stealth is important. Guides quietly pole the boats within casting range of the fish then use the pole to hold the boat as the angler casts to the fish. This is the inspiration for both the Power Pole Fishing Anchor and the Stay Put Shallow Water Anchor systems.

Power Pole Fishing Anchors are operated by powered hydraulics. A The hydraulics extend a metal rod downward into the bottom to hold the boat in position. The powered hydraulics retract the rod to release the boat. With an optional remote control, the Power Pole can be operated from anywhere on the boat. The basic Power Pole system weighs just over thirty pounds and costs about $1200. Choose the quieter professional model and include some options and the price will exceed $1500.

A basic Stay Put Shallow Water Anchor kit (including shipping) costs only $220. There are two components in the system: the bracket and the solid fiberglass pole (called the "spike"). No motor or hydraulics to make noise and minimal added weight are nice features. There are kits for bow or transom mount and for several different hull shapes. The most expensive kits are still less than $400. For under $800 you can get two kits and solidly anchor both bow and stern of your boat. The choice is obvious.

Shallow Water Anchors

power pole for boat

power pole for boat

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out Shallow Water Anchor

Texas Flats Fishing Is Catching On

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:57:58 GMT

There are many sports out there that people love to take part in, but there are not many sports that you can participate in no matter what shape you are in or how old you are. Fishing is one of these rare sports that allows you to participate no matter what your age is. This is why Texas Flats Fishing has become so popular.

Fishing can be done on really any body of water that contains fish and it is legal to fish them. There are many people out there that drop thousands upon thousands of dollars out there on the newest high tech equipment for fishing. They want to nudge out the competition and claim the prizes of tournaments.

This sport can become very competitive, but it is not a sport that always has to be a competition. There are really no winners and losers in casual fishing. Some people love to see how well they can do compared to others and they enter cash tournaments and try to win trophies that say how big their fish were.

There are more people, however, that like to fish for pure relaxation. Some people do not like the deep sea fishing scene because they are out in the middle of the ocean with not much else around. These people can become very acquainted with a form of fishing called flats fishing.

This type of fishing is almost self explanatory, really. There are no fancy types of pole that you need to have in order to do it, and anybody that is capable of standing can participate. You do not even need to have a boat to do this type of fishing.

A large body of water, like an ocean or a very clear and pristine lake, is the type of body of water that is mainly fished on this way. People wade out into the surf and find a sandbar or a raised portion of the sea floor that they can stand on. Then they just sit there and fish with the water not passing the level of their knees.

This type of fishing is very similar to fly fishing, and for the most part yields the same results. This has become one of the more relaxing forms of fishing out there and is becoming very popular on the shores of Texas. Texas flats fishing is becoming more and more popular, and more fishers are going out there.

Shallow Water Anchors

shallow water anchor system

shallow water anchor system

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out Shallow Water Anchor

The Louisiana Flats Fishing Adventure

Wed, 09 Jun 2010 04:57:48 GMT

The Louisiana flats fishing spot has become an ideal fishing destination. People from states all over the country flock to Louisiana yearly just to try their hand at these locations. Fishers must have determination, a decent amount of skill and concentration in order to catch good fish.

A combination of the Ship Channel and the Calcasieu River, the likes of which come from Lake Charles and run into the Gulf of Mexico, make up the Calcasieu Estuary. This is a very popular and appreciated fishing location if you are searching for an adventure as well as yummy trout. Redfish, flounder and speckled trout can be caught here, too. You can also try to catch croakers, sheepshead, ladyfish, as well as drum, sand and black trout.

However, if you have a hankering to venture to the oil platforms, you will find and possibly catch fish such as: bull redfish, jack crevalle, snapper, tripletail, bluefish, cobia and, potentially, sharks.

It is essential that you make sure to bring along all the proper pieces of equipment when you would like to catch the more risky species. Make sure you have the right kind of bait for the types of fish you are after. If you do not have the right bait, you may end up with a case full of fish you do not like.

If you have not yet taken a trip to the flats, you should remember to find a good, reliable guide for when you arrive. The guide should known the location well, know how to navigate the waters, what kinds of fish are caught and should have knowledge as to how to reel in fish if you cannot. Bull redfish are good for fishers who are just beginning.

The bull redfish is a common species for beginners because they do not need a boat to get to. Fishers who are just beginning or would like to comfortably hang out can simply bring their rod, reel and ice box with them to a cozy spot. If you would like to fish for other kinds of fish, you will most likely have to rent a boat and have more experience. Instead, you can chill and rest when trying to catch bull redfish.

For those of you who are considering enjoying your Louisiana flats fishing trip during the summer months, remember to pack chairs and umbrellas for a good time. The flats have been known to receive high doses of sunlight which can make the fishing location very hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, do not forget the hydrating drinks, food and other items to keep you healthy. Overall, take your time, enjoying the experience and hopefully you will bring home plenty of fish.

Shallow Water Anchors

shallow water anchor

shallow water anchor

If you are looking for a power pole for boats to keep your boat still and catch more fish, check out power pole for boats