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Updated: 2018-03-02T09:04:29.452-08:00


Website Design


If you are planning to build a website or building an existing one, it is natural to hire someone who can do bring your ideas to life, even if you have no idea what to do. Sure, you can teach yourself how to create website and have something running within a couple of hours. But if you need a website design that will define your offline and online branding, then hiring a professional is a must. Most people will tell you that web designers are judged by their experience. While this is true, experienced designers may fall into habits that they have learned years before, and may not be able to deliver a cutting edge website design. In addition, new designers likely studied courses that focus specifically on web design, unlike experienced designers who had to take their design philosophies from other mediums. Website design is also a very young and dynamic industry such that experience is a subjective attribute. The industry only matured ten years ago. If someone is claiming that they have been designing websites since 1995, then he is probably lying. That is why there is always room for newcomers in this industry. Before choosing a web designer, make sure you have all the details available for web designers to see, and then ask for a detailed proposal with timelines. The best point of reference that clients can draw form is the designers' portfolio. It does not have to be about the number of websites designed. Instead, it is about the quality of a few select websites that defines a web designer. Hire one professional web designer now at Kersland Creative. [...]