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Medical Technology Market Analysis

Last Build Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 03:43:31 +0000


Wound Management Forecast 2016 to 2026

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 17:27:59 +0000

The global annual market for products used in wound management is currently a behemoth of $20.2 billion. The wound management forecast to 2026 shows the global market hitting $38 billion as it grows in response to strong wound care demand. The market is driven by inescapable demographics — an aging population, with dramatically increasing prevalence … Continue reading "Wound Management Forecast 2016 to 2026"

Billions in global wound care sales, yet chronic wounds still a chronic problem

Wed, 04 Apr 2018 12:27:03 +0000

Healthcare systems move billions in global wound care sales, yet chronic wounds still are a chronic problem. Despite the legion of products developed for wound care, from dressings to bioengineered skin, the obesity- and age-driven increase in chronic slow-healing and non-healing wounds plague healthcare systems globally. Results according to MedMarket Diligence’s biennial, 2018 Wound Management … Continue reading "Billions in global wound care sales, yet chronic wounds still a chronic problem"

Chronic wounds drive product development

Wed, 28 Mar 2018 20:27:46 +0000

To the person with a chronic wound, the condition represents pain, social and psychological debilitation and usually a financial load. To society, wound care—and especially the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds—may represent great human suffering, social discomfort, days lost from work, mental health problems, recurrent infections and great economic burden and the human burden of wound … Continue reading "Chronic wounds drive product development"

Global Wound Prevalence Forecast by Type, 2016-2026

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:59:43 +0000

The clinical driver of sales in wound care is the prevalence of different wound types and the associated cost to manage them. While surgical wounds made by primary intent as part of surgical procedures (e.g., excision of skin lesion, appendectomy, coronary artery bypass graft, etc.) represent the biggest source of wounds, the biggest focus on … Continue reading "Global Wound Prevalence Forecast by Type, 2016-2026"

Country and Regional Variability in Growth of Wound Management Sales

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 17:22:36 +0000

As illustrated in a previous post, wound management products are a spectrum from the simple to the complex: Source: MedMarket Diligence Report #S254. Generally, the longer the product has been around (e.g., gauze), the less complex it is compared to emerging technologies… …BUT simpler is easy to adopt and, with well established sales, growth on … Continue reading "Country and Regional Variability in Growth of Wound Management Sales"

USA slipping behind Asia/Pacific markets in wound care sales

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 17:16:27 +0000

We present data from our 2016 to 2026 forecast of the global market for wound management products. (Data available, full report this month.) At a glimpse, you can see the overall trend in global wound management, including the relative size of each market. (The four regional sales charts are shown on the same scale to … Continue reading "USA slipping behind Asia/Pacific markets in wound care sales"

Next in sealants, glues, hemostats…and why?

Thu, 06 Jul 2017 00:56:44 +0000

From July 2016 published Report #S290. The demand for surgical sealants, glues, and hemostats is directly related to the clinical caseload and procedure volumes, while product choice is dependent upon the surgeon’s training and experience with the products, the particular situation, and product availability. Availability is influenced by several factors. For example, must the product be … Continue reading "Next in sealants, glues, hemostats…and why?"

Naturally sticky: Biologically-based medical glues dominate

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:42:16 +0000

Biologically-based medical glues, cyanoacrylate, or other synthetic. The bulk of global sales of medical glues are biologically-based, (includes fibrin, thrombogen, and others), rather than cyanoacrylate-based or other synthetic glues. Synthetic glues Cyanoacrylate-based glues, include those from Ethicon, Adhezion Biomedical, B. Braun, Meyer-Haake, and others. Cyanoacrylate-based glues for medical use are said to be stronger, less irritating … Continue reading "Naturally sticky: Biologically-based medical glues dominate"

Cardiovascular Procedures in Emerging Markets

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:36:22 +0000

Cardiovascular procedures are high volume, big business in the well developed U.S, European, and Asia/Pacific markets. But much potential procedure volume has been tapped in these markets, with any appreciable growth limited to low volume, emerging procedures. By comparison, the less-tapped emerging markets, “Rest of World” potential (i.e., non-U.S., non-Europe, non-Asia/Pacific) for growth is significant. … Continue reading "Cardiovascular Procedures in Emerging Markets"

Wounds looking for closure: Untapped potential for sealants, glues, hemostats

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:50:40 +0000

Today’s surgeon has a broad range of products from which to choose for closing and sealing wounds. These include sutures, stapling devices, vascular clips, ligatures, and thermal devices, as well as a wide range of topical hemostats, surgical sealants and glues. However, surgeons still primarily use sutures for wound closure and securement—sutures are cheap, familiar and … Continue reading "Wounds looking for closure: Untapped potential for sealants, glues, hemostats"