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Last Build Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:20:42 +0000


Comment on Energize your mind with new-age bullshit by Francesca

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:20:42 +0000

Here are my questions for you: (1) have you ever practiced yoga consistently? (2) Have you practiced meditation consistently? (3) Did you actually do that exercise every day for , say 30 days, so that you could therefore base your findings on that experiential data? I do not know if the super brain yoga works, I'm just asking you these questions, because otherwise how would you really know? As a long time student, practitioner, and instructor of both yoga and meditation, your comments come accross as uninformed and do not reveal your personal research, or experiential dimension. Most people know that just as doing jumping jacks or running raises the energy of the body (accelerates heart movement, etc.), yoga too can either raise or lower the body's energy level or also to lower it by working with the body's autonomic nervous system. For the most part both meditation and yoga principally awaken the parasympathetic nervous system.In a Mass General/Harvard study, research indicates that long-term meditation practice is associated with altered resting electroencephalogram patterns, suggestive of long lasting changes in brain activity; changes in the brain's physical structure. If you are truly interested in the scientific aspect, here are a few links: Also go to Mass General Hospital Benson Henry Institute's to access their research on these issues: not too long ago,a couple hundred years ago, our world chose to interpret the world from many dimensions: we can understand and explain the world from a historical perspective, a philosophical dimension, a religious dimension, and of course scientific. However, to subject any issue to a purely scientific examination (which you didn't really do either), is to limit the potential of the richness of the conversation. Finaly, I teach yoga to dozens of people every day who come to class with myriad issues, only from a purely physical perspective, yoga's poses combine stretching, strengthening of muscles in the entire body, and people with joint issues, low back pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, etc. experience greater range of motion in the joints which occurs when synovial fluid becomes activated in the joints with movement, it strengthens and tones muscles, and increases flexibility . Yoga students can touch their toes more than most people who live lives as couch potatoes.

Comment on Energize your mind with new-age bullshit by Anand Nair

Thu, 04 Feb 2010 08:21:32 +0000

Like Cherry, this is the first time that I read your blog. But unlike him/ her, I totally agree with your views!Today, I had got one of those mindless forwards -- this one happened to be about "superbrain yoga". The sender had added the remark (yes, in all caps!):-"THIS MAY REMIND YOU OF YOUR SCHOOL DAYS PUNISHMENT FOR NOT DOING YOUR HOMEWORK OR DOING MISCHIEF IN CLASS ROOM. JUST BE AMAZED TO REALIZE HOW GREAT OUR ANCESTORS WERE WHO INCORPORATED THIS YOGA TECHNIC IN SCHOOLS AS A PUNISHMENT BUT ACTUALLY A TOOL TO STIMULATE KID'S BRAIN TO DO THE RIGHT THING. WOW!!"I responded to this by referring to the link of your blog!Anand

Comment on Energize your mind with new-age bullshit by Malar

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 21:12:49 +0000

First, let me start off with how kids are taught in the country of my birth, Sri Lanka. When you do something wrong, whether it is getting a question wrong, or just doing plain mischief, the teacher either hits you or makes you do what we call "thoppukaranam" - under the scorching sun! As far as I know, every kid hated it. Then recently, somebody pointed out this "super brain yoga" thing to me. Guess what it was? It was none other than the dreaded "thoppukaranam". I doubt even our teachers knew it improved brain function. They just made us do it as a punishment. Anyhow, it irks me that somebody will take what has been practiced in the Indian Subcontinent for ages, and claim it as their own. What is worse is that they are trying to sell it.I really don't know whether it works. What I do know is that by the time a kid finishes school, they would have done quite a few of those!

Comment on Is PETA really euthanizing most of its shelter animals? Yes. by Happytaps

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 21:23:46 +0000

You might also want to consider that some of the animal pictures PETA uses are staged, as in the Silver Springs monkey trial where founding member Alex Pacheco went under cover and illegibly and maliciously staged photos against Dr. Edward Taub.

Comment on Energize your mind with new-age bullshit by Happytaps

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:46:55 +0000

With the science of neuroplasticity and evidence showing that even acupuncture has some merit; Read “The Brain that Changes itself by Dr. Norman Doidge”, in that it helps re-route "gates" the brain uses to allow pain to occur, It seems to me scientists are beginning to prove the connection of yoga and other non-medical procedures to the healing of many symptoms of the body, i.e. mirror box for phantom limbs, gloves and mits for stroke victums, etc. Look up Dr. Edward Taub or Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran. I agree this particular program didn't prove anything but, other well known and well respected scientists have published in peer-reviewed journals evidence supporting similar ideas.

Comment on Why would life be meaningless without an afterlife? by Ryan

Thu, 19 Nov 2009 03:15:23 +0000

I've been slightly depressed by this realization as well, life in all its grandeur is ultimately pointless because whatever affects you have on this world is pretty much ineffectual. the planet will die eventually and there will be no trace left of our existence at all. However while I feel like I'm depressed and having my mid life crisis at 19 years of age I found meaning in nothingness, its not really what we do that matters, it how we make ourselves and others feel. Emotion is pretty much the only thing that matters, making happiness the only true heaven in my mind. People shouldn't be content with living mediocre lives, my family and my friends maks me happy, my girlfriend I cant even begin to explain how happy she makes me. the only greatness in this world is in fact happiness. find what makes you and the people around you happy and I believe you will live a very fulfilled life. Make other people happy and you will leave a mark on society far greater then you will ever be able to comprehend.

Comment on Why would life be meaningless without an afterlife? by Bevans

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 00:52:30 +0000

That's exactly what I was talking about in the last two paragraphs (before the double line break). The fact that so many people are told that there IS an afterlife means they don't get used to the idea that they probably are going to stop existing someday. It's not an easy thing to get used to anyway.Not having an afterlife just makes THIS life far more precious. If you only get one shot, you've gotta make it count.Instead of reading about death all the time, why not focus on making your life better? Learn about the world around you, and how it works. The real world is so much more interesting than the one religions peddle.

Comment on Why would life be meaningless without an afterlife? by sephsorrow

Mon, 19 Oct 2009 22:13:58 +0000

Sorry but this REALLY depressed me. Just the thought of no existence scares the hell out of me. The thought of nothingness and being totally unaware of anything ever again occupies my mind everyday of my life, and i just cant shake it out. I truly feel that if there is nothing after life then there is no point in existing, but i am also scared of not existing. Its a endless cycle of depression that i have got my self into and i am now being forced to take anti-depressants by my mother (I'm 15). I have been reading more and more peoples points of view on the topic and it has only made me feel worse and confirmed my feelings about religion being something to make people feel better and to control peopleI don't think i will ever get used to this and will spend my whole life worrying and hoping. I would rather spend eternal suffering in a place like hell rather than not exist at all. I don't see how athiests can live without being depressed and thinking everything is pointless, even emotion, what is it anyway? Our biological body is just making us feel things and act a certain way and want things like food and drink.I thought most people just wondered if there was something and wasn't sure but it turns out a lot of people just don't care, which scares me even more. I would give anything to live forever...

Comment on Is PETA really euthanizing most of its shelter animals? Yes. by Bevans

Fri, 02 Oct 2009 01:21:32 +0000

That's definitely the kind of thing that would make all this make more sense. Thanks for the info.However, can you provide a link to that info? I'd like to find out more, so I can update this post.

Comment on Is PETA really euthanizing most of its shelter animals? Yes. by erin

Thu, 01 Oct 2009 21:48:11 +0000

peta goes in to state run shelters and takes the animals slated to be euthanized, then they euthanize them in a more humane manner.this is why the numbers and greater for peta. peta is doing the right thing euthanizing these animals, the blood is on society's hands (who should be spaying/neutering) not peta's.