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Takabonerate Marine Park

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:41:00 +0000

Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and fishing, is a fun activity in the Marine Park Takabonerate. This marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world, coral reefs are healthy and beautiful, and rich in marine fauna. Object LocationTakabonerate Marine Park is located in Selayar County, about 25 miles from the Citadel, the capital city Selayar District, or 300 kilometers from the city of Makassar.OverviewTakabonerate Marine Park is an area that is still awake kelamiannya. As long as the eye could see only the blue expanse of sea coral that looks swell. The islands around it was green with a wide variety of plants and have sloping white sandy beaches.This marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world after Kwajifein Suvadiva in Marshall Islands and Maldives Islands. Size is approximately 220,000 hectares of atolls with coral reef flat area of 500 square kilometers.There are 261 types of coral reefs that have been identified from 17 families. Beautiful, colorful on the seabed and into the various kinds of ornamental fish. Most of these coral species has formed atoll reefs (barrier reef) and the reef edge (fringing reef). Everything is growing healthily.While the plants are located in coastal areas dominated by the coconut (Cocos nucifera), sea pandanus (pandanus sp.), Sea pine (casuarina equisetifolia), and almond (Terminalia catappa).There are approximately 295 species of reef fish and various species of fish consumption have high economic value, such as grouper, tuna, napoleon wrasse, and baronang. The types of sea turtles are listed hawksbill, green turtle, and turtle cracked.There are also 244 species of molluscs, including trochus, clams goat's head, triton, batulaga, scales clams, oysters, and hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius).There are 15 islands in the Sea Garden Takabonerate. In the islands it is available inn owned by local residents. Panorama sunset and sunrise is amazing views of the islands.Season Best HitsApril to June and October through December.AccessTo get to the location of marine parks, tourists must pass through the capital city Selayar Islands District, the Citadel. There are two ways into the fortress, which is by plane and by bus.With the aircraft, there are flights by planes Casa pioneer of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar, to the Hajj Airport Aroepala, Citadel.While the bus ride from Terminal Mallengkeri tourists, Makassar, toward Port Ferry Bulukumba. Then cross over to the Ferry Port Pamatata. From Pamatata proceed overland journey to the Citadel.From Castle to the Small Island Rajuni as nearest island akabonerate Marine Park area. The trip takes five hours with a timber ship. [...]

vacationing at Losari Makassar

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:29:00 +0000

Been said Losari panorama of the world's most beautiful sunset. Really? Come and experience yourself. What is clear, every evening hundreds of people had come to witness the panorama of red as the sun sank into the ocean.Object LocationLosari is an area on the coast of Makassar. Its location within the city, only about three miles from the center of Makassar (Field Karebosi).OverviewLosari is its waterfront city of Makassar. Shaped coastline of approximately one kilometer and is a public space that can be accessed by anyone. Free.On this beach there are bridge-pavilion. Semicircular area of nearly one hectare. Resembling a plaza with a clean floor. Flexible enough for children to play and run-larian. While parents and teens sat on concrete benches enjoying the sea breeze.Boat LosariLomba Pavilion LosariDari it also can freely view to the sea. Looking at the sun sinking slowly reddish light at the horizon line. The reflection of light also creates sheen on the surface of sea water. If the sky is clear, the scenery was really perfect.It also functions as a court of the stadium is open water. Waters in the presence Losari often used as an arena of race jetsky, traditional boat race and katinting jolloro, or become a transit point sandeq relly traditional sailboats and yachts. Because it is located in a bay, the waters Losari is an ideal arena for relatively no big waves.There are three platforms in there, namely the Court of the Marine, the Court of the Bugis-Makassar, Toraja and Mandar Court. Entirely built with reclaimed land. Currently only the Court of the Marine who has been shaped. Meanwhile, two other court is still under construction.Losari MalamFasilitasMeanwhile, throughout the region Losari is a great culinary palace. Dozens lined cafe offers a variety of foods and beverages. There is also a restaurant with a main menu of various seafood (sea food). Or it could also enjoy a traditional snack SPE bananas, coconuts and bananas roasted with brown sugar sauce. Hmmm, tasty.The hotels are also standing in the region Losari. Some of them are qualified four star plus. Offers a panoramic beauty of the sea with luxury service treats.AccessLosari is very easily accessible. Can the city transportation or taxi. [...]

Kapoposang Island Makasar

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:15:00 +0000

ISLAND Kapoposang a marine tourism object is very well known. Besides enjoying the natural beauty, tourists can also dive, snorkel, and fishing. Location Kapoposang fishing around the island is one of the best in Indonesia. Come and enjoy a holiday on the island Kapoposang. Object LocationKapoposang Island is one of hundreds of small islands in the ranks spermonde Makassar Strait. Administratively, the island is located in Pangkep District, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Distance from Makassar City about 68 kilometers (42 miles).OverviewEvery holiday season, the island is visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Kapoposang Island is very beautiful and has many privileges as a marine tourism object. Green for a variety of trees.Fun activities that can be done on the Island Kapoposang include diving, snorkeling, fishing, see the habitat of sea turtles, and watch the sunset and sunrise panorama.Diving and snorkeling is fun because of the coral reefs around the island is quite healthy and beautiful. Moreover, clear water conditions and are not contaminated. Various kinds of colorful fish such as dancing cheerfully greet visitors.There are several dive sites, each offering unique. Shark Point and the Cape Point is a favorite place for many fish there. There is also a point that resembles an aquarium Aquarium with wrasse (small fish) play in between the corals and soft corals.Further south, there is a large atoll in the middle of the sea, known Takabakang. This place is a favorite of fishermen and fishing spears. Flows there is strong enough that the fish preferred large fish like tuna gangs, schooling grouper, giant trevally, and cod.Turtle habitat is beauty on the other side. Island Beach Kapoposang to place these rare animals lay eggs. Tourists can witness the behavior may interfere with sea turtle without them. These animals are protected.FacilitiesIn this island there are resorts that are managed by PT Tirta Tour Makassar. The resort has a restaurant and sports facilities. Tourists can also hire a yacht weighs 20 tons to deliver the sea burst into a favorite fishing and diving locations.AccessThere are several routes to Kapoposang Island, from Port and Harbor Paotere POPSA in Makassar, Maros Regency Pier Kalibone at and Wharf Tonasa in Pangkep.Travel using a traditional ship takes about six hours from Makassar, seven hours from Maros, and eight hours of Pangkep. But if the tourist boat from Pier menggunaka sped POPSA Makassar, the trip can be taken within three hours.Meanwhile, to achieve Gondongbali Island, can be reached in four hours travel time from Makassar (Port Paotere) and five hours from Pangkep. Some time ago because of regular ship outage led island is not easy to reach. Ships that led Gondongbali very depending on the number of passengers, and vice versa, departing from Gondongbali very determined by the presence of ships coming to the island. General population who had to go to Makassar or follow on the motor retainer Pangkep island fishermen who bring their catch of fish. [...]

Gili Island Lombok Tours

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:05:00 +0000

Among the many objects of maritime tourism in Lombok, it seems that tourists will not miss the west coast of Lombok. In addition to the famous Senggigi Beach, there are three islands in the middle of the ocean (which is called by the name of gili) which became a favorite place for foreign and domestic tourists for the weekend.Small islands called Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Third island as if they could represent the beauty portrait beach in Lombok. Overall present sea water clarity, without the white sand strewn garbage, and coral reefs with ornamental fish are adorable.Distance traveled to the island's third longest spend 30 minutes, depending on whether the flow of waves. Direct natural panorama views. Salty ocean water as if stuck by a dark blue, light blue to light green. Because of crystal clear water, sea base was visible pithy.These three small islands located in the middle of the ocean that has a different unique characteristics. Each has a natural atmosphere and its own characteristics. In fact, those differences seemed to finally sort out the tourists in accordance with the interests, traits, and personality.Gili Trawangan is the largest, busiest as well as the farthest from the main island of Lombok. Most tourists who visit it consists of people who are youthful and energetic. In the holiday season, most of the night held a noisy party with loud music. gili trawanganFor tourists who just want to feel the atmosphere of the beach without going wet, can relax on the porch of the hotel, cafes, and restaurants are arranged beautifully. In fact, if you're interested, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage Cidomo to surround the entire island of Gili Trawangan.Meanwhile, Gili Meno, located in the middle between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, more suitable for tourists who crave the relaxation in the silence. Visitors were treated to truly natural feel of a quiet tropical beach. Merimpun mangrove trees are still visible along the coastal beaches.gili menoAnother with an atmosphere that is created on Gili Air. The closest island of Lombok is more suitable for tourists who vacation with family. Inhabited by local residents the most, these islands offer more beach atmosphere that is not crowded but not too quiet.Although located in the middle of the ocean, the tourists do not have to worry about transportation, accommodation and stomach affairs. All tourist facilities are available complete. Each island has a hotel, restaurants, discotheques to places of worship though. All the convenience that ensure the comfort of a nice holiday.Over time, the tourists can enjoy the air much as you like typical hot tropical beach. In the morning and afternoon tourists walking barefoot on a bed of soft white sand and very clean or sit perched in the mangrove tree roots dangling into the sea.Should not be overlooked is sunbathing on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. In a wavy sloping beach was calm, tourists can uncover the mysteries of marine life in safety. Although in some places damaged coral reefs, no doubt left side of beauty.gili airVarious types of fish are often seen swimming in bunches. Moving swiftly among the rocks, coral reefs and sea grass. Meanwhile, the tiny ornamental fish often colorful face with kisses even tourists around the center of fun snorkeling. [...]

Tourist places in East Kalimantan

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 08:27:00 +0000

Head of Tourism Department of East Kalimantan Province, Drs. Firminus Kunum, said the strength of tourism in the form of nature tourism (ecotourism) that dibaur with rural culture, beach and palace and historical attractions, and facilities owned by the regional tourism is expected to give a touch of allure tourists and attract investors to stimulation investment in tourism in this region. Here Tourism in West Kutai District.Jempang Lake and other lakes.The lake is located in District Jempang Jempang with area approximately 15 000 hectares (ha). Lake District Semayang Semayang located in an area of approximately 11 000 ha. The lake is in Kojo (100 ha), Lake Berambai (30 ha), Lake Malinau (25 ha), and Loa Maong lake (100 ha). All these lakes are producing fish in fresh water supplies most freshwater fish in East Kalimantan (Kaltim).Crinkle LuwayIt is located in the district perform, chamber over 15 km from the village and carry. This park area to 5000 ha. Three types of orchids there are in this place, among others; Black Orchid (coelogynepandurata), Erya Vania, Erya Florida, Coelogyne Rocus Soini and Bulpophylum Mututina, and some species of sac Semar.Facilities on site there is information space, the need for tourist facilities available in the carry. To visit this place can be reached by river boat from Samarinda-carry, followed by four wheel drive or two wheel.Mencimai, Benung, Engkni, Eheng and roar of the waterfall, magic spellIs villages inhabited by Dayak Tunjung, there Lamin a distance of 7 km from Terminal Kampung Tongkok and as an arts center Benuaq Dayak tribe. In the village there is a museum Mencimai "Mencimai" which contains data and information Benuaq Dayak life in farming, hunting, and other social life, complete with photos and descriptions. The museum is built on the help of a Japanese tourist fees. Lamin inhabited by the people in these villages are; Lamin Mencimai, Lamin Benuang, Lamin and Lamin Eheng Engkuni.The roar of the waterfall, magic spellWaterfall tourism magic lies in the village Mapan roar. The roar of the waterfall, magic privileges have known Hindu heritage temple with stones Begulur. There's also a hall-lorog made below the ground with a layer of rock 50 meters long. This location is suitable to be used as the location of the archeological research.Village TeringLocated on the banks of the Mahakam River District Long Iram. In the village resides Tering Bahau friendly tribal community welcoming guests with art Hudoq. Facilities available; Lamin customary, Public Art Shop. The famous ceremony is Lamelah Christianity, Laliq Iqbal, and Hudoq Apah.To visit this place can be reached by river boat from Samarinda-datah said during the two days.Pillars of Peace Long Bagun Ilir.Pillars of Peace situated on the edge of the Mahakam River District Long Bagun. The village is inhabited by other Dayak tribes from Lepo Tau Apo Kayan. Their lives were very harmonious and have a long Lamin. Native cultural arts and has its own characteristics compared with the Dayak Kenyah tribes other. Long Bagun Ilir village inhabited by Dayak Bahau so that their culture is different from other tribes. Most people living in Lamin. To visit this place can be reached by river boat from Samarinda Ilir-Long Bagun for two days.Long Pahangai and Long Tuyuk Located on the banks of the Mahakam River and through the rapids, the current is swift jram. Dayak tribes who live on Long Pahangai namely Umaq Flute, Huang Long Gelaat, Umaq Murut, Huang Kayan and Umaq Pala.Long village which is dominated Tuyuk Bahau famous Dayak culture. In this village there are indigenous Mesaat Lamin. At the moment we drove through this area there are many rapids, including rafting the Upper Napo Shrimp and Neohida.Arts and culture community that is customary ceremony Dangai, indigenous ceremony to welcome guests and others. In this region using aircraft from Samarinda-long data strings or using a chartered boat. [...]

Beauty Derawan islands

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 08:10:00 +0000

Derawan islands in Berau regency in the first four or tourist attractions underwater diving in Indonesia, defeating Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi. Said the Governor of East Kalimantan Faroek Ishak Awang H to every guest from outside Kaltim who visit the Office of the Governor. According to Awang Faroek, island attractions Derawan entered Indonesia after the dive number four marine parks Raja Ampat in Papua, marine park Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, West Bali Marine Park in the province of Bali, Island Derawan and Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi. In addition Derawan Island, Awang Faroek also promote other archipelago in the Berau District of them and Maratua Kakaban. "The beauty of the sea on the island Derawan started in Indonesia and world famous. Many foreign visitors who have visited and praised the beauty of the underwater Derawan island like the former American ambassador to Indonesia and the visit of the Belgian royal guest, Prince Henry, "he said.Governor proposed that each activity should not be held in Samarinda, but to try to carry out activities on the island Derawan. "Try to hold seminars or meetings on the Island Derawan, for facilities and infrastructure to get to the location becomes available. Now Berau been able to accommodate wide-bodied Boeing aircraft which depart directly from any destination. Besides diving, if the island Derawan, we can swim with the turtle-turtle that appears to the surface, "he said.Meanwhile, the Head of Culture and Tourism of the Province of East Kalimantan, Firminus Kunum says, to better promote the Island Derwan in the eyes of the International, then the next June will be entered into the International Festival IslandDerawan which includes competitions diving, underwater photos and various other competitions.Derawan island, many activities you can do, especially activities related to marine tourism, such as:* Diving: you can see different types of fish such as Shark, Dugong, or Mermaid, arracuda green turtles, and so forth.* Swimming, Snorkeling, and fishing* Walking along the beach* Observe the green turtleIt is easy to reach this beautiful island. You can fly for approximately three hours by plane to Balikpapan from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Denpasar. From Balikpapan, you still have to fly to Cape Redeb dive one hour by plane Kal Star, Deraya or watershed. In addition, Cape Redeb can also be reached by sea, with boarded the ship from Samarinda Tarakan to Tanjung Redeb or followed by a motorboat hire.And certainly safer Indonesia. [...]

Tourism objects in Maluku Province

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 01:50:00 +0000

MUSEUM SIWALIMA The museum Siwa Lima has a collection of other objects of heritage, traditional houses and traditional clothing of Maluku.from this museum visitors can view the beautiful panorama around Ambon City. Dolan monument Doolan Kudamati located near the area and is a memorial to Australian soldiers who died fighting in this area COMMONWEALTH WAR Cemetery In the Commonwealth War Cemetery there Tantui which is the burial site of more than 2000 Allied nationals of Australia, the Netherlands, England and India who were killed in various battles in Sulawesi and Maluku during World War 2.This cemetery has a beautiful garden. MONUMENT PATTIMURANational hero who led a revolt against the Dutch in this area. Monuments are built on the edge of a field of this sport is the location where Pattimura whose real name is Thomas Matulessy, a son of Saparua and retainers undergo execution hanging MARTHA CHRISTINA TIAHAHU MONUMENT At Long Reef area there are monuments Martha Christina Tiahahu who also was a fighter for independence Maluku. Tiahahu father was a supporter of the struggle against the Dutch Pattimura. He was later arrested and executed on the island of Nusa Laut and Tiahahu exiled to Java. He protested to the Dutch action on a hunger strike to death, her body was then dumped into the sea THE OLDEST CHURCH in AMBON CITYTourists can visit Soya situated on the slopes of Mount Sirimau (950m). Here there is a very old Protestant church with a unique shape, reputedly built in 1546. MOUNTAIN PEAK SIRIMAU From the summit of Mount Sirimau tourists can witness the beautiful panorama towards the city of Ambon. In this place where there are jars of demons that are believed to give good luck to visitors NATSEPA BEACH Natsepa located in the Gulf region there Baguala Natsepa Beautiful Recreation Park has a beautiful beach location and pleasant waters for swimming.On holiday beach location is always crowded visited people. Not far from this place there Lunterse Boer Park which also has an attractive beach. PARK LUNTERSE BOERThis park is located near the beach Natsepa and also has a very interesting beach POND WAISELAKA Waai village located on the eastern coast of Ambon Island also has a beautiful beach location but this place is also famous for its swimming Waiselaka who became an eel and animal habitats mentioned can give good luck for the visitors who see these animals.Eel-eel at the bottom of the pool behind the rocks.Locals fishing eels in order to come to the surface by using the bait of eggs POMBO ISLAND Off the coast, northeast of Ambon Island, there is a small island of Pulau Pombo waters that have a very good location for diving because the water is clear and natural beauty of the underwater coral reefs and decorated with flora and fauna of the sea.This location is a nature reserve protected Pombo Island Park. NAMALATU BEACH Namalatu beach facing the Banda Sea, is located adjacent to the South Island of Ambon, in the Village Latuhalat, District Nusaniwe, exactly 15 km from downtown Ambon.Namalatu word itself comes from the word meaning Marine Names and Names and King.Latulahat village is brick production centers are traditionally made by the community and are already underway secraa hereditary. Craftsman clove boat, a typical cindramata Maluku are also found in this village. The village has a beach with beautiful sea garden making it suitable for swimming, snorkelling and diving. This location is also an ideal fishing spot.In March / April appears laor (lycde Oele) a type of sea worm drawn abuzz at night using nyiru and lit torches. Lighting the torch along the coast into a very beautiful night scenery. LELISA BEACH Lelisa Beach Village is located in Latulahat, adjacent to the beach Namalatu already equipped with facilities and cottage inns and restaurants. Lelisa beach has coral formations to the beach and p[...]

Karimun Jawa Island-Central Java

Sat, 24 Jul 2010 20:41:00 +0000

Karimun National Park is a cluster of 27 islands that have the type of lowland rain forest ecosystem, seagrass, algae, coastal forests, mangrove forests and coral reefs.Plants that characterized National Park karimunjawa namely dewodaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla) found in lowland rain forest. Groups of algae that can be found consisting of three groups: green algae, brown algae and red algae. Coastal forest and mangrove forest is characterized by the existence of almond (Terminalia cattapa), sea pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), teak sand (Scaerota frustescens), setigi (Strebus asper), sea hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus), and black mangrove (Rhizophora mucronata).Types of coral reefs in the National Park is a coral reef beach karimunjawa / edge (fringing reef), coral reef barrier (barrier reef) and a few taka (patch reef). Genus, species richness reached 51, more than 90 species of hard corals and 242 species of ornamental fish. Two types of biota that protected the roots Bahar / black corals (Antiphates spp.) And red coral (musica Tubipora).Other protected marine life such as goat's head (Cassis cornuta), triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), stone game (Turbo marmoratus), and six kinds of clams.Diversity of terrestrial wildlife in national parks is not very high compared with aquatic animals. Terrestrial animals which are common among other deer (Cervus timorensis subspec), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis karimondjawae); 40 species of birds such as Green Imperial-pigeon (Ducula aenea), white belly sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), trocokan / Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier ), parakeet (Psittacula alexandri), hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), and snakes edhor. White belly sea eagle is an endangered wildlife species in the world.Around the island there Kemujan INDONO Panama wrecks that sank in 1955, where at this time become suitable habitat for reef fish and dive sites (Wreck diving).From the group of islands totaling 27 units, five of which have been uninhabited island of Karimun Jawa, Pulau Kemujan, Parang Island, Mosquito Island, and Island Genting. Karimun Island became the center district, a distance of ± 83 km from the town of Jepara (center of the famous wood carving artisans in Indonesia).Karimunjawa name comes from the era of Sunan Muria is one of the leaders of Islamic spreaders. Sunan Muria see the islands of Karimun very faint from Java (kremun-kremun cornerstone Jowo). Sunan relics Nyamplungan / Amir Hasan (son of Sunan Muria), such as catfish (Clarias meladerma) without shaft, burying Nyamplungan, wood dewodaru, sentigi, kalimosodo, and snakes edhor, sacred by the inhabitants of karimunjawa.Some locations / attractions to be visited:Small Menjangan Island, Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Twins, Parang, Pines and Krakal. Maritime tourism such as sailing, surfing, water skiing, swimming, sunbathing on white sand beaches, camping, cultural tours, observation of deer and birds and diving / snorkeling. Package tours to visit these islands can contact a travel agency in Semarang, / Jepara (tours of one to seven days).Cultural attractions outside the national parks of Durian and th Festival in January / March in Jepara.The best visiting season: April to October each year.How to achieve location: Semarang, Jepara by bus for 1.5 hours, Jepara (Port Kartini) toward karimunjawa with increased Fery / motor boat with a long journey ± 6 hours, and only once a week there (Monday). From Semarang (Achmad Yani Airport) to the island Kemujan (Bandar Dewodaru) with the aircraft, once a week (for temporary flight path is not activated). [...]

Senggigi Beach -Lombok

Sat, 24 Jul 2010 20:23:00 +0000

If you ever imagine your body lying on the edge of the Indonesian coast, above the beautiful white sand, sprinkled with exotic all-natural scenery, and were showered with sunshine that warms the body, it would not be wrong if you took to recreation and tourism to the Senggigi Beach on the Island Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The beach is located 12 kilometers northwest of Mataram was indeed a famous tourist attraction for its beautiful beaches and natural significance.People often juxtapose the beauty of this beach with famous beaches on the island of Bali, like Kuta, Legian and Sanur. In fact, the beauty of Senggigi Beach is often described exceeds these beaches, because the condition is much more comfortable and quiet. Perhaps this is related to the arrival of foreign tourists has not been rampant in this beach.As the leading beach tourism area of Nusa Tenggara Barat Province, Senggigi is still relatively natural and clean. The beach is still beautiful, pounding waves not too big, and beautiful underwater scenery, the more confirmed that the beach that stretches about 10 kilometers This is the ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists for a moment forget about the daily routine and atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of the city.Senggigi Beach is now starting ogled by tourists, especially foreign tourists, because of the relatively virgin territory, and also has extensive information about its existence. With the increasing interest and enthusiasm of tourists to the Senggigi Beach, the local government and companies increasingly viable sewasta build and fix all the infrastructure, so that more tourists interested to visit this beach.Senggigi beachFeatureVisiting Senggigi in Lombok Island may need to be a separate agenda tours for tourists who love the beauty and tranquility of nature. Just imagine, when entering the beach area, travelers will soon swept away by soft-breeze that blows along the mansions of the West coast of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The atmosphere fresh, comfortable and beautiful as if to greet tourists at the beginning of his visit. We have been located by the beach, the eyes of the tourists will be served by the exotic charm background beach waves chasing each other, which extend the white sand, and thousands of small animals that spreads on a bed of sand, and the landscape of Mount Agung in the opposite island (Bali).Senggigi beach does offer a unique charm. Natural atmosphere that has not been overwhelmed by the many foreign tourists, as a marker of difference this coast with the beaches in Bali. This certainly gives nuance to the visitors. No wonder, this beach has become the new alternative destination for tourists who long for the reassuring atmosphere of natural silence.sengigigi beachThere are many tourist activities that can be done in this beach visitors, such as swimming, water play, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, and playing games create a sand castle. If the afternoon sun had begun to fade, travelers may also spend some relaxing time to just walk barefoot down the beach, sitting on a bed of sand with mangamati blue-green ocean water, or relax at the seaside hotel outlets while waiting for sunset arrived. For visitors who want to swim or just play the water, it is suggested to be more careful, because near the coast there are many coral reefs are quite dangerous pointy toe.For tourists visiting the Senggigi Beach, sempatkanlah observed Pura Batu Bolong. We walked along the edge of Senggigi Beach, less than about half an hour, travelers will find a temple built on a rock which lies on the edge of the beach. Pura is what the community was named Pura Batu Bolong. According to local legend, the ancient temple is often held at the sacrifice of a virgin, as a dish of food to Shark who live on the coast. Another legend says, the temple is also the place of women hurlin[...]

Batu Karas Beach-Ciamis, West Java

Sun, 18 Jul 2010 13:09:00 +0000

Maritime tourism object is a combination of Pangandaran and Batu Hiu Beach with the natural situation more calmly. This beach is visited by many tourists to surf and swim. Batu Karas beach located in the Village area Batukaras, District Cijulang, Ciamis regency, West Java, which is accessible by vehicle approximately 45 minutes away from Pangandaran.Perhaps, for those surfers who were in Java does not need to fly to Bali or Nias to hone his ability to dance over the waves. Because in Batu Karas beach, beside the sloping beach also has a small bay. So it is not too strenuous surfer when paddling to the point / starting point for the coming wave. For tourists who want to learn sufing, on this beach there are also a variety of surfboard rental, complete with instructors dyang coordinated by local youth organizations. They provide all kinds of surfboard models there, ranging from professional surf board to surf board for beginners or buggy board used while on his stomach. Magnate tutor is very patient and tablets help beginners ....!In Batu Karas Beach area there are also various places of accommodation and the price is relative. Or for you who come entourage have calculated one-room inn perkepala USD. 50 000. The atmosphere is calm, natural, and still this natural, can also be one where an alternative for couples who want to honeymoon. There was a seafood dish in this beach, such as squid, fish, crabs and others.Besides surfing, buggy, jetsky, banana boating and other water sports, this place is also ideal for those who love adventure. Batu Karas offers opportunities for camping and roaming nature. For those who are brave enough, can hire local residents to demonstrate the Coral Nunggal - secluded beaches with towering cliffs on the lips coast.Bulben (bulak about to), maybe if you create a surfer-surfer who already good at this place would be the place where favoritenya; in bulben we often get the waves that make up the fort is very long even the barrels can be found at this location. To reach our bulben haru use the boat at a cost of about 200 thousand dollars and the ship is not docked to the beach so the surfer will start looking for points by jumping from boat waves.Many foreign tourists who come to Batu Karas Beach. In addition to trying steadiness legs to stand and bend with the waves on the surfboard, the foreign tourist wants to feel the quiet beach while feeling the breeze. Indeed this beach is still quiet from the crowd, their reasons for travel menepuh far enough to route Pangandaran Beach - Beach Batuhiu - Green Canyon - Batu Karas Beach. However, if you've come to the beach at all this, these hearts certainly want to come back again. Remembering the fun of learning Surfing on the Beach Batu Karas.Not yet felt satisfied if the road is not the way to Pangandaran sea meal. That night we went to the location of Batukaras presents many fresh seafood in Pangandaran. Since the enchanted by the fresh sea biota (alesan actually still hungry), we also think about alias ga mesennya most. With 200 thousand rupiah we get 1 kg of crabs, 1 kg of shrimp (forget the type, just not the most expensive), 1 / 2 pounds squid squid. Types are ordered not vary but the numbers remain mostly for three people. [...]

Tanjung Tinggi Coast-Bangka Belitung

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Tanjung Tinggi Coast is a beach in the wedge by two peninsulas. Tanjung Tinggi Coast , which is approximately 2 km from the coast of Tanjung Kelayang, is a beach that can give birth to a "mystery". Visitors region as though it were filled with fantasy. The beach is shaped inlet approximately 100 m long, clean white sand with scattered granite boulders which are arranged beautifully. At the end of the east, there are piles of rocks that one loophole form a "tunnel" that can be passed. The air in the rock hall is very cool, air-conditioned room felt. Across the coast was also established "The Villa Lor in the Tanjung Tinggi" with complete facilities, which is the embryo of the largest resorts in the islands of Bangka Belitung.Also called the Port of Tanjung Tinggi stall. Formerly this place was the fishing port for the nearest village or Tanjung Tinggi Keciput. There are at least twenty simple seafood restaurants along the beach. This is a place for you to take a break, have coffee or lunch. The main menu is seafood. Just do not expect you get the same class of service in the mall restaurants. They are just ordinary people from the village who opened a simple restaurant. Do not worry, the people there are always friendly to all the guests, just like most people of Indonesia.Natural panorama which is owned beaches of Tanjung Tinggi Coast is so charming and exotic. How not, as far as the eye off the look, just a beauty, and beauty. Not to mention the added to the blend of fine white sand glistening in the sunshine mounting rack and granite boulders that stood stout and stately, make the Tanjung Tinggi Coast has its own character in the face of the beauty of beaches in Indonesia. In addition to having beautiful natural panorama, tourist area of Tanjung Tinggi Coast also make it unusual in the area as fishing, sport diving, jet skiing and playing other marine sports. For people who have a hobby of fishing in coastal areas also has a perfect ocean resources, ranging from various types of fish both for local consumption and consumption abroad.And for those who like diving, underwater scenery such as coral reefs are in the possession very beautiful. Coral reefs in this never touched the hands of ignorant so that its beauty remains eternal. Even the beauty of coral reefs can be viewed in plain view while we're on the ship and for those who have a hobby of playing a jet ski. Using a jet ski or motor boat, it only takes a short time we can stop in the islands and places of other attractions such as beaches of Tanjung Kelayang, Bird Island and Island lighthouse Lengkuas with sights of Dutch colonial heritage.Tanjung Tinggi tourism area does have a beautiful natural panorama and a perfect sea of wealth, not in doubt, if used as one pontensi tourist area to attract tourists from abroad. Moreover, if such maximum tilled the beaches in Bali. If we ever watch the film Laskar Pelangi, or never saw a video clip Nidji, a top Indonesian band, we will remember when curls with his friends ran-larian granite boulders in the area after school and stood in rows on top of a giant granite boulder. That is the tourist area of Tanjung Tinggi Coast , which in each year in a degree of ritual "Buang Jong", salvation ritual sea by fishermen who used to be in the title in the month of September is one of the customary events Belitong usually accompanied by typical art performances of other Pacific Islands.To reach the tourist area of Tanjung Tinggi Coast , there are two paths that can travel from the City Tanjung pandan, first passed by Sijuk Road trips through the Village Water District Tanjung pandan Merbau, and several villages in the district namely Sijuk Seruk Village Water, Village Water Selumar, Village Sijuk, and Village Keciput. Both through the village of Water Saga, Distric[...]

Alam Indah Coast-Tegal Sentral Java

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Alam Indah Coast (PAI), one of Tegal lokawisata kept clean. Now the addition of facilities and infrastructures in these continue to be a tourist attraction Tegal City Government. If during this tour that existing facilities such as playgrounds, pavilion, waterboom, and Marine monument, hence starting the beginning of Ramadan ingredients are equipped with a platform that reaches 250 meters in length and restoration of the ship named Lor ing Margi. Type the floating restaurant is practically the only one in Central Java.Of course that all aim to increase local revenue (PAD) of the tourism sector. The existence of the floating restaurant Lor Ing Margi and a new pavilion could become a magnet for tourists to pick up locally or from outside the area to visit the PAI. Thus, revenue increased by Tegal.Head of Culture Department of Youth Sport and Tourism (Disporbudpar), Ir HM MM Wahyudi, said the official Margi Ing Lor ships operate, Sunday (9 / 8). The mayor is launching Tegal Jaya, SE H Ikmal Ak. The ship is a cargo ship which is used to transport timber from Borneo. But since 2007, by PT Tegal Main Shipyard, the vessel has a length of 45 meters and 12.5 meters wide was transformed into a vessel restoration (floating restaurant).By Wahyudi, Margi Ing Ship Lor not only serves as a restaurant, but also can be used as a meeting activities, wedding and birthday party or shower event. Therefore, the ship also provides a restaurant with capacity of more than 150 people.Similarly, a meeting room at the bottom with a capacity of 100 people. In addition there are four rooms on the top near the wheelhouse.Wahyudi argued, his party during the month of Ramadan is also a tourist attraction improve oversight of the PAI. Efforts are made to anticipate the possibility of some people who use to place disobeying Allaah.He said the number of officers who supervise as many as eight personnel, consisting of police, Satpol PP, Navy and officers from Disporbudpar.According to him, in order to improve the comfort of visitors in the near future it will make parking arrangements. The reason for this condition is still chaotic parking. In fact, often found visitors to park a car or motorcycle to the nearby beach.Under these conditions, causing irregular PAI atmosphere. Therefore, the arrangement needs to be done to the vehicle visitors. As planned, there will be a parking lot in front of the mosque in the complex of PAI. In addition, there will be increased road that surrounds the park turtles. Such efforts to overcome the common pool of rob easterlies during summer and rainy season.Given these steps, order and comfort of visitors is increasing. The visitors when going to the beach on foot, so that the coastal environment was clean and orderly.To be sure, along with complete facilities and tourism infrastructure, such as the addition of the pavilion and a floating restaurant Lor Ing PAI Margi number of visitors is increasing. His part, is optimistic the target of Rp 1 billion per year can be met.Natural tourist attraction this year only one in the Maritime City will be widened about seven hectares. The total budget is prepared to reach USD 3, 3 billion. These funds include games for the disposal of children, the construction of roads in the park turtles, construction of drainage, construction of public baths and toilets flush, development Marine Monument second phase, construction of parking areas and construction of the wall circumference.By Wahyudi, development multiefek PAI will provide a good impact to the surrounding community. Because, with the increasingly crowded visitors can also increase the economic community. They could trade a variety of foods so as to obtain income.In addition to the development of infrastructure facilities it funds with the O[...]

Beach Tanjung Bira-South Sulawesi

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Peninsular tip of South Sulawesi offers a very romantic nautical tourism. Tanjung Bira Beach overlooks the crystal clear sea, white sand, with very adequate facilities. Come to the Cape of Bira. Feel the soft sand while enjoying a light breeze. Cape Coast is located in the village of Tanjung Bira Bira, District Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. The distance is approximately 40 kilometers east of the capital city Bulukumba or 200 kilometers southeast of Makassar.Location of Tanjung Bira who was right on the southern tip of South Sulawesi peninsula makes this place different from other attractions. Tourists can watch the sunrise (sunrise) on the eastern horizon and sunset (sunset) on the western horizon on a single line of white sand beaches lurus.Sepanjang spread so widely. Feels very soft. Many foreign tourists who would enjoy the warmth of the sun almost all day sun and a light breeze that melenakan, swimming, or just dip yourself feel the cool ocean water. Tourists can also play beach volleyball or working out there.The view out to the waters with a sea blue Selayar net nan. In front of the eye could see, looking Liukang Island and Goat Island is often visited by tourists. Fishing boats lined up in one part of the beach. The boats that can be used to deliver tourists to the two islands. Tanjung Bira area consists of coastal lowlands and highlands, or hills. From a rather high altitude, tourists can view the port activity ferry crossing to the island Selayar. Tonight is the night of a romantic day in Tanjung Bira. Lying on the beach, enjoy the sound waves, while watching the sparkling stars. Toward the middle of the night, tourists can mingle with the fishermen who had just returned to sea. Buy their catches to then burn and enjoy it.Cost of admission to the location of Tanjung Bira Beach Rp. 5000, -. Tanjung Bira Beach tourist area is equipped with various facilities such as restaurants, lodging, villas, bungalows, and hotels with rates starting from USD. 100.000, - till Rp. 600 000, - per day. In this place there are also diving and snorkeling equipment rental rates to USD. 30 000, -. For visitors who completed a swim at the beach, public restrooms and provided fresh water to clean the sand and sea water still clinging to the body. For visitors who want to tour around beaches, bike rentals are available at the rate of Rp. 65 000, -.Travelling from the city of Makassar Bulukumba can be reached by using public transport such as cars Kijang, Panther or Innova at a rate of Rp. 35 000, -. Furthermore, from the City of Cape Bira Bulukumba to be achieved by using a car pete-pete (microbus) with rates ranging from Rp. 8000, - to - Rp. 10 000, -. Total travel time from Makassar to Tanjung Bira about 3 - 3.5 hours. When visitors depart from Hasanuddin airport, straight into the terminal Malengkeri (Makassar) by taxi at a rate of approximately Rp. 40 000, -. In this terminal and then take a bus or a direct Bulukumba goal to Tanjung Bira. In the tourist area of Tanjung Bira, public transport to operate only until the afternoon. If the visitor must return to the city of Makassar on the same evening, there is chartered car (rental) rates to USD. 500 000, -. [...]

Tanjung Karang Beach - Central Sulawesi

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Tanjung Karang beach is 34 km northeast of Palu, Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi). Many who can enjoy the beauty of the coast is Cape Coral. One is white sand and coral reefs are very intriguing. Our eyes immediately fell on the white sand beaches that decorate the lips. From the street on the hill Donggala apparent hamparannya, also a collection of merchant ships and fishing boats in the port of Donggala. Beautiful and unusual! That's the right phrase to describe it. Approximately 20 years ago, Cape Coral Beach is only known as a temporary resting place of the tired fishermen after fishing. At that time, there is no entrance to the Beach of Cape Coral, whereas the white sandy beach was really beautiful. Coconut plantation owned by the community also thrives in the vicinity of this beach. But now, Tanjung Karang beach had become a favorite tourist attraction for residents of Palu and surrounding areas. In the holiday season, this beach is crowded with local tourists, and even foreign tourists.This beach is famous as a paradise of divers and snorkeling lovers. The trip to the Beach of Cape Coral does not seem boring because a lot of beautiful scenery along the road. On the shore of Cape Coral we can find a beach with a natural atmosphere. Without a row of shops and shopping centers. Cape Coral could be the choice for you who want to enjoy a vacation in the wild. Arrive at Tanjung Karang beach, feet straight up the white expanse of white sand. While staring eyes crystal clear blue ocean water was infected with sky reflection. Cape Coral beach has a unique landscape. On the one hand, there is a sloping beach with white sand with shallow water. On the other hand, there are high cliffs with the ocean deep enough. These sections became a magnet for divers and snorkeling lovers. They need not bother to dive to the bottom and swim up into the sea. Just walked three meters from the beach, snorkeling lovers can see the various collections of coral reefs that are still natural.Tanjung Karang beach has a unique landscape. On the one hand, there is a sloping beach with white sand with shallow water. On the other hand, there are high cliffs with the ocean deep enough. These sections became a magnet for divers and snorkeling lovers. They need not bother to dive to the bottom and swim up into the sea. Just walked three meters from the beach, snorkeling lovers can see the various collections of coral reefs that are still natural. Despite the potential for such a large store, attention and concern of the government has not seen a tourist attraction, visitor facilities, structuring, and management is still very minimal, therefore, Andi Anwar, one environmental activist in Donggala expect the government to give more attention large rock promontory on the development potential.Tanjung Karang beach is one of the greatness of God who is very beautiful. Its beauty is also not inferior to Kuta beach, because the Cape Coral can also attract tourists from various countries. For those of you who enjoy a vacation to the beach or snorkeling, Cape Make up the place. [...]

Sea beauty of Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya Barat

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A number of tourists looked fun dining and chatting casually as he looked off toward the ocean-dominated blue, green, and white. The colors that appear because of the influence of the stretch of coral reefs in the shallow sea bottom or inside. They were having lunch in the Papua Diving Resort, the waters of Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya Barat.Most tourists seem to walk on the beach of fine white sand. There is also busy on the dock getting up speedboats equipped with scuba gear. Some are already in the region for more than two weeks. They seemed tired of diving and sunbathing every day so that makes skin dark, almost burnt white tropical sun that stung.Hot sun and bright air makes grimly returning guests to dive and dive. Sunlight often through the cracks to the coral sea waves. Beauty landscapes and marine biota did make a deep impression for tourists. For lovers of coastal and underwater tour to a fanatical, Raja Ampat is very well known even considered the best in the world for the quality of coral reefs.Many international underwater photographers to capture the charm sea Raja Ampat. Even someone coming over and over again and make special books about the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota of this region. Mid-2006, a special team from the world's leading scientific adventure magazine, National Geographic, making coverage of the Raja Ampat which will become a major report in 2007.A total of 610 islandsRaja Ampat is the fractional Sorong District, since 2003. District has a population of 31 000 inhabitants has 610 islands (only 35 islands are inhabited) with a total area of about 46,000 km2, but only 6000 km2 of land, 40 000 km2, the sea again. The islands are unspoiled and beautiful sea is still making a direct tourists hooked. They seemed to want to explore all the waters in the "Bird's Head" island of Papua.This area had been the target reef fish hunters with firebombs and toxic cyanide. However, there are still many people who seek to protect the marine area so that wealth could be saved. Coral reefs in Raja Ampat is considered the most complete sea in the world. From the world's 537 known coral species, 75 percent were in these waters. Also found 1104 species of fish, 669 species of molluscs (soft animals), and 537 species of coral animals. Incredible.The World Bank in collaboration with global environmental institutions established as one of the Raja Ampat region of eastern Indonesia that have help the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (Coremap) II, since 2005. Raja Ampat, this program covers 17 villages and involve the local population. Fishermen are also trained to cultivate fish, grouper and seaweed.ExoticPapua Diving, the only exotic resort that offers underwater tours in the region, visited by tourists diving enthusiasts at home for days and even up to a month-ford the contours of the seabed. They seemed to not want to go back to their own countries because they get an "island paradise second to none on this earth."Its administrators could not easily prepare a place for tourists. Maximillian J Ammer, owner of Dutch citizens of Papua Diving Resort is also a pioneer drive marine tourism in this region, need desperately to set up various facilities to attract tourists from foreign countries. Since he started his business eight years ago, many of the funds must be spent. However, results were also satisfactory. Each year the resort is visited at least 600 special tourist who spent an average of two weeks.Lodging is very simple, only woven walls and thatch roofs that cost a minimum of 75 euro or Rp 900,000 a night. If you want to dive must pay 30 euros or approximately USD 360 000 was diving at a particular location. Most tour[...]

Singasari Temple Malang East Java

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The temple is located in the Village Temple Singasari Renggo, Singosari District, Malang district, approximately 9 km from the city of Malang in the direction of Surabaya. This temple is also known by the name of temple or temple tower cupola, a name that indicates that the temple is a temple Singasari the highest of his time, at least compared to other temples around it. However, this time in the region Singasari Singasari only remaining temple, while the other temples have vanished without trace.When exactly Singasari temple was founded is unknown, but experts estimate the ancient temple was built around the year 1300 AD, as an offering to honor the King of Singasari Kertanegara. There are at least two temples in East Java that was built to honor King Kertanegara, namely Candi Candi Jawi and Singasari. As Candi Jawi, Singasari Temple is also a Shiva temple. This can be seen from the existence of several Shiva statue in the courtyard of the temple.Singasari Temple is located in the middle of the yard. Body of the temple stood on the shelf foot around 1.5 m tall, without decoration or relief at the foot of the temple. Up stairs into the hall at the foot of the temple was not flanked by a staircase with ornate makara cheeks as found in other temples. Entrance to the room in the middle body of the temple, facing south, located on the front side of the viewer booth (a small booth tucked into the front). This looks simple entrance without a frame decorated with carvings. Above the doorway are carved heads are also very simple Kala pahatannya. There are several sculptures and reliefs is a very simple construction of the temple suggests that Singasari not yet fully resolved.On the left and right door cubicle door, slightly to the rear, there are niches where the statues. Threshold niche also without frame and Kala headdress. There is also a similar niche in the three other sides of the body temple Singasari. Niche size larger, equipped with the viewer and the chamber above the threshold there is a simple headdress Kala. In the middle of the main room there is a broken yoni top. At the foot of the yoni is also not there any sculptures.At first glance the building looks as if tiered temple Singasari two, because the bottom of the rectangular temple roof, resembling a small room with niches on each side. Apparently the original niches contain the statues, but today kempatnya empty. On top of each threshold 'door' there are niches with carved headdresses Kala is more complex than the one on the threshold of the entrance and niches in the body of the temple. Meru Peak shaped tiered roof itself, upwards increasingly smaller. Some top of the roof has collapsed look.Singasari Temple had been restored by the Dutch government in the 1930s, terlihatan of notes at the foot of the temple sculptures. However, it seems that restoration is done the results are not comprehensive, because the temples are still lined up around the yard a pile of stone that has not been restored into place.On page Singasari temple there are also several statues, mostly in damaged condition or has not been completed, including statues of Shiva in various positions and sizes, Durga, and Ox-Nandini.Approximately 300 m west from the Temple Singasari, after going through a fairly dense neighborhood, there are two statues Dwarapala, giant gatekeeper, in very large sizes. It is said that the weights of the statue weigh 40 tons, the height reached 3.7 m, while the circumference of the largest bodies reach 3.8 m. Location of the two statues is approximately 20 m apart (now separated by the highway).By Dwi Cahyono, an archaeologist from the State University of Malang (UM[...]

Temple Badhut Malang East Java

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Badhut temple discovered by archaeologists in 1923. The temple is also called the Temple Liswa is located approximately 5 km from the city of Malang, precisely in the Village Karangbesuki, Dau district, Malang regency, East Java. Temple Badhut allegedly been built long before the reign of Airlangga, namely the commencement of construction of other temples in East Java, and believed to be the oldest temple in East Java.Some experts argue that the ancient temple built on the orders of King Badhut Gajayana from Kanjuruhan Kingdom. In the inscription Dinoyo (Çaka 682 or 760 M), which is found in the village of Merjosari, Malang, explained that the center is in the area of the Kingdom Kanjuruhan Dinoyo.Dinoyo own inscription currently stored at the National Museum Jakarta. Posts in the inscription also tells about the reign of King Dewasimba and his son, Sang Liswa, which is the golden era of the Kingdom Kanjuruhan. Both kings are very fair and wise and loved by his subjects. It is said the King Gajayana Liswa whose surname is very pleased to be funny (Javanese: mbadhut) so that the temple was built at his command called the Temple Badhut. Although there are such allegations, so far has not found evidence of strong linkages with the King Gajayana Badhut Temple.In addition alleged age was much older, based on association with the Royal Kanjuruhan, there is another characteristic that distinguishes Temple Badhut from other temples in East Java, the sculptures that decorate kalamakara doorstep. In general, there is a giant head reliefs in the temples of East Java is made complete with the lower jaw, but embedded in the Temple kalamakara Badhut made without the lower jaw, similar to those found at temples in central Java. Badhut the fat body is also more similar to other temples in Central Java. This temple also has some similarities with Candi Dieng (Central Java) in the case of a symmetrical shape and relief. Badhut Candi Shiva temple believed to be, though, has not been found Agastya statue in it.Buildings made of andesite stone was standing on top shelf height of about 2 m. Batur is very simple, unadorned relief, forming approximately 1 m wide corridor around the temple body. On the right side front of the shelf there are sculptures made of Java (hanacaraka) that are not clearly the time of manufacture.At the foot of the stairs to the hall of the temple is located on the west side, right in front of the entrance to the main room in the body of the temple. On the outer walls are carved the ladder clamp is no longer intact, but it still looks the existence of spiral-spiral pattern which surrounds the figure of people who are blowing the flute. The entrance to the garba grha (space in the body of the temple) chamber equipped with a viewer along approximately 1.5 m. The entrance is wide enough to garnish kalamakara above the threshold.In the body of the temple there is room area of approximately 5.53 x 3.67 meter2. In the middle of the room there phallus and yoni, which is a symbol for fertility. On the walls around the room there are small niches that seem initially contains a statuette.Temple walls are decorated with reliefs of bird-headed man and piper. On the fourth side of the body of the temple there are also niches decorated with flowers and bird-headed manusia.Di outside the northern side of the body wall of the temple there are statues of Durga Mahesasuramardini looking is damaged.On the south side there should be statues of Shiva Guru and on the east side there should be statues of Ganesh. Both are no longer in place.This temple was renovated in the year 1925 - 1926, but many parts that hav[...]

Statue Makers Trowulan East Java

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Regions Trowulan Mojokerto East Java does have its own potential. Not only is the potential in the fields of tourism, Trowulan also has potential in the field of handicraft. One of these statues handicraft makers. Statues handicrafts artisans Trowulan sounded so foreign.That afternoon in one of Jl Raya Trowulan crafts gallery, a man was seen being serious attention to a statue of an ape that was covering his eyes with both hands. The statue seems only half finished."The statue was to be finished tonight. Because tomorrow should have been sent to France, "explains Deni Indianto, a crafter.By holding the tool with no hammer, he looked carefully sculpt made monkey faces. Making sculpture is necessary accuracy. Because, one-time mistake, the result could be fatal.In the gallery were many types of stone and black stone large sandstone rock which she used as raw materials to make sculptures. "The stones of this great I have to come from Malang. I originally bought in Ngoro, Mojokerto regency, but because it was not selling the place again, my message to Malang, "he explained, holding the chisel to shape the face of the statue.While making sculptures keranya, he tells the history of the commencement of business. According to men aged 27, before starting a business independently, ida-makers work to the maker of the statue for two years."It was the age I was only 21, I worked at one of the crafters of the statue. Well, that is where I learned to make a sculpture, "he explained.Feeling quite have the "science" chiseling, he ventured to make an independent business with the capital that he gained from working in other people.However, after its run a year, he had the misfortune. Which he built his business was bankrupt. "After that I realized that my work may not be good enough," he said.Feels his work is less satisfactory, he then returned to "learn" by working to the maker of the other statue. After one year of work, he re-emerged to start efforts to establish handicraft sculpture gallery.Within a month, he can send a homemade statue from Bali to a businessman as much as a truck. With that kind of delivery, any material that he acquired quite a lot. "Within a month, I can get a net gain of about USD 5 million," he explained.Each sculpture is made, he set the price range between USD 100 thousand to $ 500 thousand. Apparently, the statue was not only marketed his work in Bali. One of the French employers specifically ordered a statue of him.The business of making home Trowulan statue was already known in various cities. It is also not free from Mojopahit royal heritage. That said, Trowulan Kingdom central government Mojopahit, the atmosphere of deeply felt moment Mojopahit set foot in Trowulan. [...]


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Kuda Lumping is the art of dance that is played with a horse property in the form of imitation, made from woven bamboo or braids. None of the historical record can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next.That said, Kuda Lumping dance is a form of appreciation and support of the commoners against cavalry of Prince Diponegoro in the face of Dutch colonizers. There is also a version that mentioned, that the Kuda Lumping dance depicting the struggle of Raden Patah, assisted by Sunan Kalijaga, against the Dutch colonialists. Another version says that, this dance tells the story of the Mataram army war game led the lane I, King of Mataram, to face the Dutch troops.Regardless of their origin and historical value, Kuda Lumping dance reflects the spirit of heroism and military aspects of a cavalry or cavalry. This can be seen from the rhythmic movements, dynamic and aggressive, through the flick of woven bamboo, mimicking the movement like a horse in the middle of a war.Often in the Kuda Lumping dance performances, also featured attractions that demonstrate the power of magical supernatural smells, such as the attraction to chew glass, slashed his arm with machetes, set fire to himself, walking on broken glass, and others. Perhaps, this attraction supernatural force that reflects the antiquity of the Kingdom of developing in Java environments, and is a non-military aspects that are used to fight the Dutch troops.In East Java, is familiar with public art in several areas, such as Malang, Nganjuk, Tulungagung, and other areas. This dance is usually displayed on certain events, such as the welcome guest of honor and as a thanksgiving, the intent is granted by the Almighty.In pementasanya, do not need a special choreography, and the supply of equipment such as Karawitan gamelan. Gamelan to accompany dances Kuda Lumping is quite simple, consisting only of Kendang, Kenong, Gong, and trumpet, the flute with a shrill sound. Poems are brought in to accompany the dance, usually containing the human urge to always do good deeds and always remember the Great Creator.Besides containing the elements of entertainment and religion, traditional arts Kuda Lumping is often also contain elements of ritual. Because before the show begins, usually a charmer rain will perform rituals, to maintain a sunny weather remember to keep the show is usually done in the open field.In each pagelarannya, Kuda Lumping dance will present four dances that is two times fragments Buto dance Lawas, Senterewe dance, and dance Begon Princess.At Buto Lawas fragments, usually danced by men only and consist of four to six men dancers. Some young dancers riding bamboo matting and dancing to the music. In this section, Lawas Buto dancers can experience the trance or possessed by spirits. The audience was not spared from this phenomenon of demon possession. Many people around who witnessed the performances become possessed by the devil and come dance with the dancers. Unconscious, they continued to dance with energetic movements and visible bond with the other dancers.To restore the consciousness of the possessed dancers and audience, each show is always present in the progenitor, ie people who have supernatural abilities whose presence can be recognized through the clothes he was wearing all black. The progenitor of this will give bidders until the consciousness of the dancers and spectators recovered.In the next fragment, male and female dancers to join the dance brought senterewe.In the last fragment, with movements that are more relax[...]


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Ketoprak (Javanese: kethoprak) is a kind of performing arts that come from Java. In a pentasan ketoprak play interspersed with songs of Java, which are accompanied by gamelan presented.

The theme of the story in a variety of performances ketoprak. Usually drawn from legend or history of Java. There are also many stories taken from abroad. But the theme of the story is never taken from the repertoire of the epic story (epic): Ramayana and Mahabharata. Because later shows no longer ketoprak but become the puppet show.

Recent years, emerged a new genre; Ketoprak Humor aired on RCTI television station, an opera van java in Trans7 tv. In pentasan this type, many incorporated elements of humor.



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Ludruk is the art of traditional dramas of East Java. Ludruk is a traditional play that was exhibited by an arts group in gelarkan disebuah took the stage with stories about everyday people's lives, stories of struggle and many others are interspersed with jokes and accompanied by the gamelan as a musical.Dialogue / monologue in ludruk are entertaining and make the audience laugh, using language typical of Surabaya, although sometimes there are guest stars from other areas such as Jombang, Malang, Madura, Madiun with a different accent. The plain language used in ludruk, making him easily absorbed by the non-intellect (pedicab driver, patrolman, drivers of public transport, etc).A regular gig started with Dance ludruk Remo and interspersed with memerakan staging a character "Mr. Sakera", a master of Madura.Ludruk Kartolo was a legendary comedian from Surabaya, East Java. He has more than 40 years of living in ludruk art world. Kartolo name and distinctive voice, with an innocent and intelligent farce, known to almost all of East Java, even to Central Java.Different Ludruk ketoprak from Central Java. Ketoprak stories are often taken from ancient story (history or fairy tale), and the character of a particular message. While ludruk tells the story of everyday life (usually) among the grassroots. [...]


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Remo Dance comes from Jombang, East Java [citation needed]. This dance is a dance that was originally used as an introduction to the show ludruk. However, the development of this dance is often danced as a separate reception for state guests, danced in ceremonies of state, as well as in local arts festivals. This dance is actually a prince tells the story of the struggle in the battlefield. But in its development, this dance is more often danced by women, which raises other dance styles: Princess or Dancing Remo Remo female style.The main characteristics of the Dance Remo is a dynamic movement of the foot and dynamic. This movement is supported by the bells are mounted on the ankle. This bell sound when the dancer stepping or stomping on the stage. In addition, other characteristics of the movement of a scarf or sampur, nod and shake of the head movements, facial expressions, and the horses dance dancers make this more attractive.Remo Dance music that accompanies this is a gamelan orchestra, which usually consists of bonang barung / babok, bonang successor, saron, xylophone, gender, slentem siter, flute, kethuk, kenong, kempul, and gongs. The type of rhythm which is often sung to accompany the Dance Remo is Jula-July and Tropongan, but can also be gending Walangkekek, Gedok dynamic, gending-gending Krucilan or new creations. In ludruk performances, dancers usually insert a song in the middle of the dancing [...]


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cultural products that are considered a work of genius is a local batik. When the experts talk about batik, it means Indonesia or, more specifically, Java. The well-known designers from the West did not hesitate to pick up inspiration from batik. Emilio Pucci, the Italian designer of stunning the world in 1960 with a striking design motif, taking into one of batik cloth and clothing design (Pucci, A Renaissance in Fashion, 1991). The designer of the world's more now like Giorgio Armani, Kenzo and Paul Smith has long been impressed by the Indonesian batiks and woven fabrics. Humanitarian character who is also a former South African President, Nelson Mandela, always berkemeja batik made in Indonesia in every opportunity, including state occasions.As a decorating technique, batik not only in Indonesia. Define where the origin of batik originated may be too vain. Iwan Tirta mention, batik evolved simultaneously in different parts of the world. However, the world recognizes that the Javanese batik is the most delicate because it has a decorative pattern of the richest, most developed perwarnaan techniques, and technically the most perfect creation than batik from other regions.Batik is just one fabric decorating techniques developed in Indonesia. Indonesia familiar with other techniques such as that before the yarn was woven ikat technique. These techniques are often combined to generate wealth create decorative techniques are incredible. Those who now jump in batik and fabric industries such as Iwan Tirta, Josephine Komara of Bin House or Baron Manansang of Weaving Baron, both of us said, batik, tie, jumputan and weaving techniques such as songket and striated, giving an almost unlimited opportunities in producing decorative techniques and in the future is always able to meet the demands of the times.Although initially only one of batik making decorative techniques, but in its development, batik became very prominent compared with other techniques to make decorative.There are several reasons why more developed batik in Java. Iwan Tirta mentioned, one important reason is to be an alternative to batik cloth belt or a woven fabric like others who take a longer time in the making that can not meet demand. This happens especially when the fabric meets the need for religious ceremonies.Batik as a decorative ornament and began imitating formed through the weaving technique. The most obvious example is the imitation motive patola, which is a kind of double ikat from Gujarat, India. Binding motif generated refinement patola quickly drew the interest of the royal Javanese aristocracy (Central). However, the scarcity of supply, the artisans make batik motifs rapidly emulate patola. Thus was born the motive nitik and jlamprang in Pekalongan.Other evidence mentioned Iwan Tirta is in areas where developing weaving, batik is not growing. Batik then also started imitating decorative embroidery from mainland China, especially for altar cloths and wall decoration because of batik can repeat motifs are faster.Other reasons why batik survive and thrive is because batik get protection (patronage) from the palace in the past, the government of the Republic of Indonesia after birth, and an elite group of society when society increasingly dominant role. Best batik batik-batik produced by the artisans to the king in part because it is a manifestation of the artist's devotion to the Creator.Head of State is the patron when Indonesia had become independent. Star[...]

Borobudur Temple and its history

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The monument is very impressive and comes from Syailendra Dynasty is not a temple, but a mound of dirt in the pile of stones. It is a stone portrait of Mahayana Buddhist cosmic system.Based on the writings contained in the "foot" was closed to the Borobudur temple in the form of letters from the ancient Javanese Pallawa letter.Can be expected in the establishment of the temple, namely in the years before 850 AD, the island of Java at the time ruled by kings Sailendra family between the years 832-900.So old already more than 1100 years and about 300 years older than Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.Borobudur temple is the other side consists of 2 million, boulders of rock and 60,000 cubic meters, partly a wall relief in the form which tells the Mahayana teachings. The size of the sides 123 meters in height including the top of the stupa that no longer exists because it was struck by lightning 42 m. That there are now 34.5 m high living. This temple consists of two million, boulders of rock and 60,000 cubic meters, in part a form of wall reliefs which tells the Mahayana teachings. The size of the sides 123 meters in height including the top of the stupa that no longer exists because it was struck by lightning 42 m. That there are now 34.5 m. high livingThe discovery of BorobudurIt never crossed by the Dutch government that once the Archipelago will be ruled by England. Governor-General who take care of the colonies in the East, Lord Minto should delegate this power in the archipelago to the Lieutenant Governor General Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Raffles have a great attention to the eastern culture, so that when in the year 1814 received a report about the discovery of the ruins of the temple is expected, immediately sent officers to engineers HC Cornelius to Earth Segoro. That initial discovery of the buried Borobudur either since when and why. Mystery that until now has not been revealed.Unfortunately, in 1815 the British had to leave and return the land to the Dutch colony. For the Netherlands, the legacy of history is also not less interesting. In 1834 Hartman Resident Kedu named a new two-year cleanup effort Borobudur positions. Stupa which was top of the temple known to have dropped from 20 years previously handled Cornelius ..During the period of 20 years that there is no region that is responsible for invention. In 1842 Hartman doing research on stem stupa. In the culture of Buddhism, the stupa was founded to save the relics of Buddha or Buddha relics students who achieve sanctity. In religious language, called saririka dhatu relics, taken from the remaining physical form completed crystal cremation. If it has not reached the sanctity, the remaining material is not crystalline and is not taken. If a crystal is retrieved and placed in a stupa. [...]


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Keris is a typical Indonesian stabbing weapons. Based on ancient documents, a dagger in the initial form has been used since the 9th century. Strong likelihood that the dagger has been used before this period.Indonesian Culture Minister Jero Wacik has brought the keris to UNESCO and requested assurance that this is the cultural heritage of Indonesia.The use of the keris itself scattered in clumps community Malays. At the present time, a dagger commonly known in the area of Indonesia (especially in the areas of Java, Madura, Bali / Lombok, Sumatra, part of Borneo, as well as some of Sulawesi), Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and the Philippines (particularly in the Mindanao region). In Mindanao, the form of weapon which is also called the keris is not a lot of similarities though also a stabbing weapon.Keris has a variety of forms, for example, there are winding blade (always an odd they are many) and some are straight bladed. Javanese people assume different forms have different effects esoteri.Besides being used as a weapon, a dagger is also often considered to have supernatural powers. These weapons are often cited in a variety of traditional legends, like the keris Mpu Gandring in legend of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes.Procedures for the use of different dagger in their respective regions. In areas such as Javanese and Sundanese, a dagger is placed in the rear waist peacetime but are placed in front on the war. Meanwhile, in Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, a dagger is placed in front.In addition to a dagger stabbing weapons, there are a number of others in the archipelago, such as rencong from Aceh, badik from Sulawesi and West Java cleaver. Keris distinguished from other stabbing weapons primarily from the blade. Keris blades are not made from a cast in a single metal but a mixture of various metal layers. Due to this manufacturing technique, a dagger has a specific form of prestige on the blade.In the area known grouping called the keris which could mean tough period of manufacture or production style. This is similar to Javanese dance styles such as Yogyakarta and Surakarta. An understanding of respite will help identify the physical features of a keris.Some commonly known as tough: * Powerful Majapahit * Tough Pajajaran * Tough Mataram * Tough Yogyakarta * Powerful Surakarta. [...]