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Go Teaching Ladder

The GTL is a place where you can get your own Go games (Go/Weiqi/Baduk) reviewed by stronger players to improve your game. Anyone is welcome to submit their own games for comment. Huge game archive with comprehensive indices online. This feed l

Published: 2018-03-22T09:35:43+01:00


Review 10000 by drgoplayer ( 4k KGS / 1d US)
White: jpaarporn, Black: jguy (13k), Result: B+R, Handicap: none

Review 9999 by grimaldi (10k KGS)
White: Mandragor, Black: SpiderJ (22k), Result: W+48.5, Handicap: none

Review 9998 by finity ( 1k KGS / 1k FI)
White: Daniel (11k), Black: unknown (12k), Result: B+19.5, Handicap: none

Review 9997 by Cooper ( 2d KGS / 4d US)
White: Meolin (3k), Black: Aike (5k), Result: W+40.5, Handicap: none

Review 9996 by jusi ( 1k KGS / 3k FR)
White: Nilarof (6k), Black: sarmale (7k), Result: W+10.5, Handicap: none

Review 9995 by Juste ( 1d KGS / 1d US)
White: FlamingS (4k), Black: Buridan (8k), Result: W+5.5, Handicap: none

Review 9994 by gillessed ( 3d KGS / 3d CA)
White: horigome (2d), Black: Tilwen (1d), Result: W+R, Handicap: none

Review 9993 by Leinad ( 6k other)
White: ach3son (13k), Black: nixonQ (14k), Result: W+0.5, Handicap: none

Review 9992 by DrK ( 7k DGS)
White: pcesar22 (14k), Black: srsanchezt (15k), Result: B+T, Handicap: none

Review 9991 by rpablo007 ( 6k other / 7k US)
White: ach3son (13k), Black: jptexier (13k), Result: B+3.5, Handicap: none

Review 9990 by bouquetf ( 7k DGS)
White: jon (11k), Black: pcesar22 (14k), Result: W+38.5, Handicap: none

Review 9989 by Lebertran ( 3d KGS / 2d DE)
White: hkkmomo (1d), Black: zaphod (4k), Result: W+35.5, Handicap: 4

Review 9988 by astralos ( 8k KGS)
White: tux3 (22k), Black: Talia (22k), Result: B+4.5, Handicap: none

Review 9987 by IgoAggie ( 8k KGS / 8k US)
White: rpablo007 (11k), Black: pcesar22 (17k), Result: W+19.5, Handicap: 4

Review 9986 by chaptern ( 5k IGS)
White: TomasHK (12k), Black: Enrico (13k), Result: W+2.5, Handicap: none

Review 9985 by jojo ( 2k KGS)
White: bouquetf (8k), Black: conservi (8k), Result: B+16.5, Handicap: none

Review 9984 by astralos ( 8k KGS)
White: Anonymous, Black: Roido888 (17k), Result: B+R, Handicap: none

Review 9983 by rfmvad (10k KGS)
White: greg3 (22k), Black: fishboy728 (23k), Result: B+25.5, Handicap: none

Review 9982 by lakeland ( 2d KGS / 2d NZ)
White: qiumengwuh (3k), Black: adomasu (3k), Result: W+R, Handicap: none

Review 9981 by Elom ( 4k KGS / 2k UK)
White: thomaben2 (12k), Black: elbandido, Result: B+8.5, Handicap: none