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How To Start An Internet Business

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Attraction Marketing in 30 Seconds-2


Attraction Marketing in 30 Seconds-2

Having Trouble With Attraction Marketing?


If you're having trouble attracting the right type of lead, you may want to read this article I've just put up on ezine articles.Click here to see it. Hilary

New Driving Test Video ;-)


We've just introduced a new part to the the driving test over here in the U.K. Thought you might like to see this video of how it's going ;-) Click here to see it. Hilary.

My Personal Gallery For You To See.


Hey! I just thought I'd share some photo's. Check them out here at my Gallery. Hilary.

How To Start An internet Business - Winning Articles


Winning  articles on how to start an Internet business can be found at my main site which you can visit by clicking  here Hilary.

Recommended Reading For Success


These are a selection of the books I’ve read over time – actually, I acquired the list from my local library but could only obtain the last 6 months or so records. I’m still trying to dig a little deeper to include more, so watch this space. Robert Ashton / Instant Entrepreneur : the faster way to start-up success Dale  Carnegie /  How To Win Friends And Influence People T.Harv Eker /  Secrets Of

Internet Business Sting


Click on this to see my latest video ! - it's rather off beat ( or should that be syncopated? ) ;-)Hilary

Don’t Start An Internet Business In “Kes” Mindset


Midway through the televising of the election results over here in the U.K., I flicked between those and another programme where the film based on A Kestrel For A Knave was showing. Kes, as the film was called, struck a chord with me when I first viewed it all those years ago as I was of similar age to the central character and, also, in an educational background that favoured those who either

Is There An Ideal Business For Teachers?


A musing over the long standing argument that service and profit do not mix. In other words, do teaching and business mix? As I write, I am reminded of a speech that I attended at the Lowry Centre, Salford in the U.K. a few years back that was given by the lady who had just been appointed the unenviable task of managing the centre. Her opening line was one of the best I have ever heard - yes,



I thought it would be nice to share with you my experiences at a meeting held by my sponsor, Ann, in the UK, London - this August bank holiday weekend. We began in the way all the best meetings do by tucking into the food - very good it was too, I may add! This was followed by a photograph session with Ann ( or anyone else for that matter ) along with the chance to make a video. ( You can also



Using Blogs And Articles In Your Internet Marketing Business Plan In order to maximise web site search engines, it might be tempting to post pieces of writing to as many sites as possible. This may include your own blogs, article marketing sites, social networking sites as well as your own customised web site. All very well and good, you may think. Or is it? Quite apart from the fact that

Is Teaching The New Selling?


If teaching is, as I suggest, the new selling, then I might be in trouble running my own Internet business - not because I disagree with the concept, but rather because all those teachers out there may want to have a share in what I am doing! Allow me to explain how I have arrived at this theory. To do so, we need to go back almost twenty years when I was at a party talking with a chap who was

A Good Time to Start An internet Business


Is there really such a thing as a good time to start an Internet business - or, indeed, is it always a good time? A musing over this common area of procrastination.One question that is paramount in people's minds right now ( in just about every country in the world ) is, of course, whether it is actually very wise to start an Internet business in the current economic climate. To this query I'm

Can You Be Too Helpful A Helper When Starting Your Internet Business?


The problem with having people under you as you start your Internet business is knowing when to let go and allow people to learn by their mistakes. Does anyone else feel disconcerted by that phrase?I expect there are some parents ( of whom I am not one ) reading this who will have some idea of what I mean. There will also be people from other walks of life who are in professions where they have

Video - Just A Bit Of Fun


The Fundamentals Of Running An Internet Business.


There are three fundamental things to consider when starting an Internet Business though some would say four - I touch on that later - and we'll look at these individually in the article. These are :1. Your product or service.2. Your sales/marketing process.3. Book keeping.Let's take each point individually.1. Your own product or service.There are two ways of looking at this. Some would say

Writer’s Block - Cause And Cures


The problem with giving advice when people want to set up an Internet business is when you come to have a problem and you can’t actually follow that same advice yourself. Actually, that’s not entirely true because the advice to which I refer concerns an article I did about deciding what to write about when your chosen method of marketing was writing articles. It has to be said in my case that

What To Write About When You Start An Internet Business


I recently read on a forum that someone was about to start their Internet business and wanted to know a little about article marketing. They had absolutely no idea about what they should be writing. I gather they meant in both the technical and imaginative sense. For the purposes of this article, we’ll discuss each of these aspects. To someone who writes without effort, I found myself feeling

Finding Your Routine As You Start An Internet Business


When starting an Internet business, unless you are already self employed, you will most probably find problems ensue with regard to your own discipline. This article coves a few cheap and easy solutions to ensure the transition is as pain free as possible.We’ll assume that you have not been self employed before as you now start up in your own Internet Business. One thing that is likely to happen

The Holy Grail of Starting An Internet Business - Driving Traffic


When starting your Internet business, did you - or do you - struggle to drive traffic to your site? Driving traffic is rather like producing a cash flow in any business - without it, you are doomed ( trust me ). This article is designed to educate people on choosing a marketing and distribution method as opposed to actual content. Despite what you may hear from all the experts out there, and

A few comments about yours truly.


Hi, my name is Hilary Hughes and the reason I created this profile is because I used to be sick and tired of working well up until 9 o’clock in the evenings as a driving instructor. So, after a few false starts ( more of that below ) looking for something vaguely along the lines of mlm, became involved in an Internet Business that actually works!So, what's special about  this profile?Because I

Video - Start An Internet Business To Music


An Internet Business For The Young At Heart.


Are you feeling like I was - ready for a new challenge of generating an easier income on the Internet that actually seems like fun?In other words, are you searching for An Internet Business For The Young At Heart?Knowledge Is powerComing for a family background of teachers, I should probably have learned earlier what I believe now and that is that the answer to happiness and success is in

Video - How I Got Started In The Business