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Cricut Cartridge, Stretch Your Imagination


Cricut Cartridge, Stretch Your ImaginationBy Cricut Increase your creativity with this fun and whimsical cartridge! Stretch your Imagination contains a variety of images for themes as diverse as weddings, holidays, and seasons all in one place. With the wide range of images, this is truly a cartridge you can use all year round. Use the latest Cricut cartridges to create unique and engaging (image)

Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter 290300


Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter 290300By Cricut The Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter is an innovative die-cutting machine from Provo Craft. As the largest of the Cricut machines, the Cricut Expression allows cuts from a tiny 1/4 inch up to an impressive 23 1/2 inch tall. Its 6 modes and 4 functions offer greater customization of cuts, and new settings and menus add(image)

Handmade Holiday Decorations


Not just love the holidays, all decoration and cheerful mood, I know what to do. Every year I look forward to finding new and creative ways to decorate my house for all seasons and holidays. Yes, I know I'm one of those people who decorates the entire Forth of July, birthdays call it. One thing I noticed is that hardly any high-quality decoration found with a unique look for the holidays. My five(image)

Fiskars 95217097 45 mm Rotary Cutter


Cheap Fiskars 95217097 45 mm Rotary Cutter by Fiskars Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter is a superior rotary cutter that is ideal for cutting through heavy stock or multiple layers of fabric, paper, felt, vinyl, cardboard, mat board, cloth, leather, and fiberglass material. Comfortable, contoured handle reduces hand fatigue. Convenient handle loop provides secure grip and easy storage. (image)

Avery Printable Fabric for Inkjet Printers, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Pack of 5 (03384)


Avery Printable Fabric for Inkjet Printers, Pack of 5 (03384)by Avery Avery Printable Fabric for Inkjet Printers if crafting is your hobby, then these sheets of Printable Fabric are worth your time. Dress up a tote bag, pillowcase or quilt with your own custom-made designs using free downloadable templates and clip art on Then print creations from your inkjet printer for an (image)

Warhammer 40K Assault on Black Reach Starter Set


Warhammer 40K Assault on Black Reach Starter Set An ideal first purchase for anyone new to wargaming or existing gamers who want to begin playing Warhammer 40,000, the enclosed starter booklet has easy-to-follow examples and a step-by-step introduction to the game, while the rulebook contains all of the information you'll need to play the game proper. The two armies provided will allow you and(image)

Games Workshop Hobby Starter Set


Games Workshop Hobby Starter Setby Games Workshop Games Workshop Hobby Starter Set this paint set contains 9 0.4 fluid ounce standard paints, 1 paint brush, plastic glue, a pair of clippers, flock and a handy painting guide. This set is great for both those who are new to the hobby and those looking to expand their collection of paints and modelling essentials. Games Workshop Hobby Starter Set(image)

Essential Oils Soap Making - Is It A Sure Way To Earn Extra Income?


By Anne HenrySoap making is becoming to be very popular home-based business. I guess it is because it is fairly easy to do and you only need a small amount of investment. You don't really need to start big to get into soap making; small simple steps are all you need to take to succeed in this business.Soapmaker's Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques & Know-How (Natural Body (image)

How To Make a Basic Dried Flower Arrangement


By MaryAnne MathisIf you want a Class A decoration, do you need to have a Class A wallet (i.e., a wallet that's filled to the brim with cash)? Not necessarily.As far as floral ornaments are concerned, there are more affordable and, consequently, better alternatives than using fresh and exquisite flowers.One alternative is the use of dried flowers.Dried flowers don't just come cheaper than their (image)

Publish a Craft Book - A Win Win Situation!


By Bob Beacham If you've ever thought of writing a craft book and publishing it yourself there has never been a better time. If you though getting to publish a craft book was beyond your reach I have some very good news for you! The old barriers to publishing: printing costs, storage, distribution, advertising, have gone through a revolution. Today anyone who can has basic pc skills and an (image)

the Fabulous Felt Crafts Book of 50 Creative and Colorful Projects to Make


A Review of the Fabulous Felt Crafts Book of 50 Creative and Colorful Projects to Make By Steve Evans Every month a huge parcel of new services hit the internet marketplace. Many are just ho-hum repeats or rehashes of what is already there, however, many distinguish themselves by high user acceptance and therefore are worth an additional look. Among those which are in the business of say that (image)

Glass Mosaics and the Art Behind Them


When we utter about carpet the first thing that occurs to us is variety. Nevertheless do we actually understand a mixture? Glass Mosaic is the art of creating images by assembling small pieces of coloured gravel and pieces of flute or any other such pertinent. It is usually a method or a decorative art which is done generally as cubic pieces at several spaces. Mosaics are generally worn at holy (image)

T Shirt Vinyl - Making Great Shirts at Home


Whether it's for a kids ball team or the next family reunion making your own T shirts can be a lot of fun and save you a lot of money. There are many products available on the market today to help you make your own garments. One of the most common types of material available is vinyl. The vinyl for this is applied to a shirt by a heat process. These types of vinyl are made for high quality (image)

How-To Make a Bikini


How-To Make a Bikini, Renegade Craft Fair, Threadbanger (image)

Jewellery making


Jewellery making by Gill Clement (image)

Homemade Quilts


By Consollete MaeQuilts are beautiful handmade works of art. It is a special gift, one of love that can become a family heirloom for generations to cherish. It only takes a matter of skill and talent. If you are good in making quilts, why not start quilting and express yourself through this art?Homemade quilts are signs of love and care. It is done tediously and carefully, foreseeing an end (image)

Learn How to Quilt - A Fast and Fun Approach


By M Carmen GilM Carmen Gil Level: Basic M Carmen Gil has received many awards and recognitions for being a exemplary asset in building successful marketing strategies for many businesses. In 2008 she ...The art of quilting does not include a definite method to follow. The best method for you will be the one that fits with your personality and skills. Some people like using old methods such as (image)

Sewing a Small Drawstring Bag With Fancy Stitching


By Janna HaliorisUse fancy stitches to making a sewing project that is only one of its kind. And nothing is more satisfying than being able to create individual pieces for your home or as gifts for friends and family.Here are the easy to follow instructions to make a small drawstring bag. Or by using quilting you can make it a beautiful little evening bag. The bag becomes thicker as a thin layer (image)

What is a Candle Making Craft?


By Kevan ShandlerThe candle making craftA craft is skilled practice of some particular trade. People who perform a very particular type of skilled work are known as craftsmen or tradesmen. It usually takes several years to become knowledgeable and proficient at the craft or trade you have chosen.You can submit your hours and do a written test to the licensing authority of your area and if you (image)

Get All Your Fabrics and Sewing Notions at a Great Price


By Myrna Peterson-SchmidtAre you an avid sewer, knitter or someone who likes to crochet? Now supplies can be found all in the same place. What's better than this.What's better than having a 100% guarantee on what you need. With there is free shipping and handling. Free return shipping. If you are reluctant to buy with out really knowing what you are getting they have swatches that are available. (image)

Simple Easy Craft Ideas


By Henrika Van AardtComing up with simple, easy crafts ideas is not always that easy. Fortunately, with a little help many different kinds of crafts can be adjusted to become easy crafts. Always think of the most elementary items you can make with a craft and almost any craft will do.Examples of crafts that can be used:1. Making small objects with Fimo clayFimo clay can be used to make magnets, (image)

Using Handmade Crafts As Gifts


By Amit Kishore VermaHandmade crafts are not only a representation of your creativity; they make very good gifts for your lived ones. Here is a look at some of the ways you can use handmade crafts as gifts.You can make a bead necklace for an older lady or a small kid. You just need a solid thread with some colorful beads and some charms like an angel or a fairy. You can also add some initials to (image)

Make Your Own Christmas Cards With Royalty Free Images


By Billy Ford For a great personalized and home made touch, try making your own Christmas card this season. Being a great designer is not a big deal, you just have to look for ideas on royalty free images provided. First thing is to look for pictures that you think might inspire others on receiving your card. Images are great help to make people more comfortable on looking and reading at your (image)

Candle Making Fragrance Oils For Your Homemade Aromatic Candles


Sometimes we simply want to get a whiff of the aroma of a neighborhood bakery's warm lemon pie, or a cool breeze but cannot because we live in an urban area and there aren't many opportunities to smell these 'provincial' fragrances. How can a person create an air of sentimentality in a condominium unit on demand? The answer is closer than we think. We can simply get a couple of fragrance candles (image)

Creating Your Own Design on Fabric


By Trish DoornboschWith all the choices at your local fabric store, why design your own? Because when you're the designer you can personalize your fabric just the way you want it.Need a summer tote bag? White cotton fabric with a brushed blue wave design or a simple sun motif provides that touch of personalization. For inspiration take a look through your mail order catalogs or online at home (image)