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Web Analytics Tips for Future Success

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:38:00 +0000

Web analytics basically involves tracking down your website visitors and learning various things about them like how they found you, and how did they interact on your site. If you are trying to sell your products and services on the net through SEO techniques and PPC, then analyzing your visitor behavior is extremely important for your website’s success.

The best way to gaining success at web analytics is to have a better understanding of 3 main aspects:

1.Where your traffic is coming from?
2.What your visitors do when they are on your site?
3.What keywords do your visitors type in the search engines in order to find your site?
  • Knowing your Traffic Pattern: Do you know your users are? How they are getting to your site? Are they first time users or have they visited your site before? Install Google Analytics and you will find the answer to all these questions.
  • Knowing your Visitor Behavior: Once users get to your site, what do they do? Do they go to other, deeper pages or do they leave immediately? To ensure that visitors stay, you could add inline links, use better visual cues and simplify your site’s navigation.
  • Keyword Analytics Research: Do you know what keywords your users are using to find your site? Google Analytics records specific keywords and search queries that users use to find you.

SEO Content Writing - A Different Ball Game

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 08:50:00 +0000

SEO content writing differs from your average school essay writing. More so, the style that is implemented is extremely different. Present below is a list that highlights some of the characteristic features of typical search engine optimized content:

1.Firstly, you need to know that SEO content is nothing but content that has been written in a way that it catches the attention of the various search engines. Google, the king of search engines, follows certain algorithms that basically determine which sites are most relevant to the inserted key words and key phrases. These key words and key phrases must be inserted into the content. However, care must be taken to make sure that those selected words blend into the context. In other words, these words ought to be inculcated without really disturbing the natural flow of the content. For instance, if you have a site about 'wine', then most probably your key words will be something like, 'white wine' or 'dry wine' or even a phrase like, 'the best wines'. Bear in mind that your key words must have a relevant connection to your site. For example, your site about wines cannot have key words like, 'dog biscuits' or 'flea control'.

2.Next the SEO content must be written in short paragraphs, for web browsers often have a very short attention span. They simply hate reading long and boring epics. So you got to make your content unique, fresh and captivating.

Overall, you need to remember that SEO content is written with two motives in mind:
  • Firstly, it must work in favor of the search engine algorithms.
  • Secondly, it must also be captivating enough, in order to keep those customers coming back for more.
In Toto, SEO content writing can prove to be an extremely difficult task, so do a little research before really jumping in head first! For you will definitely drown in your ignorance.

Watch Out For Pirated SEO Programs

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 10:29:00 +0000

As a leading Michigan SEO company, we have come across numerous clients who have been caught in the trap of some spurious SEO firm who promised them the moon and didn’t even get them the reflection. Well, it is part of our job to untangle the mess but, it’s always better to avoid those pirated SEO programs rather than get into the clutter and waste a lot of your time and energy.

Let’s face it, there is always someone in the business who doesn’t mind trying to cut corners and make a quick buck. There are also some naïve customers who believe everything that these people tell them, and they eventually have to bear the brunt of their actions. Saving money using illegal methods and getting away with it may be profitable for them but to the customers, it can leave a big negative mark on their minds about SEO services.

Fortunately, the system on the Internet has improved to such a degree that it has become harder and harder to fool the search engines. The system can catch hold of anyone trying to take the shortcuts and if they do get caught, the consequences of taking such a big risk will be equally big.

Using unethical SEO is as serious as stealing or conning someone. It is illegal. For those who promise to easily get your site straight to the top search engine results, it is important to note that they are just trying to push their services towards you rather than worrying about your project.

Only legitimate SEO methods can bring your site to the top rankings. Though it may take time, the results can be long lasting. Don’t get yourself tricked by eager to succeed people. Be smart from the start and don’t look for a quick fix but rather for long-term success.

Web Analytics - Internet Marketing Made Easy

Wed, 17 Nov 2010 08:58:00 +0000

Do you know how to convert your online browsers into your potential customers? In order to accomplish such a task, you need to get yourself acquainted with the term, 'web analytics'.

Analytics can be defined as a strategy that will help you understand your website and sales performance more. Customized Web Analytics solutions usually keep track of the behavior of the site visitors, online sales, search engines and the market campaigns.

Web masters often neglect this aspect of the marketing campaign. Unfortunately, those experts somehow just fail to understand the impact that web analytics can have on the overall site and sales performance.

When it comes to analytics, you need to understand that it is all about measuring, collecting, evaluating and reporting the various types of Internet data, in order understand and optimize a websites marketing campaign and performance. In this process you can gain some important clues that will give you an insight into your sites performance.

Web analytics can prove to be a vital source that will boost your online marketing promotion. By knowing your visitors well, you can give them what they really want. By tracking and monitoring your visitor's behavior, you can get a glimpse into what they are and aren't interested in.

Web analytics can prove to be a big help for any online business venture. Thus failing to embark upon this journey can be extremely disastrous for any site.

Localized SEO content - Vital For Your SEO Campaign

Thu, 04 Nov 2010 09:43:00 +0000

Do you currently have an online business venture? Then listen carefully, from this very hour you ought to start including localized content into your website, for it will do wonders, with regards to your SEO campaign. It is a hidden secret that's been kept under wraps for a long, long time. This is the one and only way to boost you search engine optimization campaign.

So why is localized content so vital for any SEO campaign? Recently, the commentator of Search Engine Watch, Ray Comstock explained that Bing and Google have currently made localization an extremely large part of their ranking algorithms. Every web owner and SEO service agency needs to be in tune and in touch with this latest update.

Ray Comstock went on to say that, “this strategy is especially important if a company is appealing to users living in specific cities”. He even stated that,
"It's very important to create content and link connectivity that sends the right signals to the search engines, telling them your site is relevant for users in those geographies."

Just last month, Google launched the “Place Search”, a new service that highlights data about local businesses, which are related to a user's search query. Right now it is being rolled out across the world. So get in touch with a great SEO agency and do the needful to stay ahead of the game.

Web Analytics – On-site and Off-site

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:16:00 +0000

Web analytics basically refers to the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data. This is carried out for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage and trends. But this does not mean that web analytics is limited to only telling you the number of people who visited your site and where they came from.

This tool can be used for an extensive and powerful market research and can tell you a lot about your consumers. Likewise, it can gather a great deal of information regarding your web site and your product. On-site and off-site analytics are the two main categories of web analytics.
  • On-site Web analytics: In this type, the journey of a visitor through your web site is thoroughly monitored and mapped. This is done right from the page that the visitor first clicked, that is the landing page to all the pages visited after that. You can even find the amount of time the visitor spends on each page. Likewise, the total amount of time spent on the web site can be monitored. If your web site has been created purely for commercial purposes, you can use online web analytics to figure out which pages generate more income for you.
  • Off-site Web analytics: As the name indicates, this type is all about measuring how much your brand or company is being discussed across the web. In this kind of web analytics, you need to monitor all the blogs, social media forums etc. This helps knowing and understanding what is being said about your company. You can figure out if there is an opportunity to improve on some front or whether your web site is actually causing a stir in the market. Many online tools are available in the market to carry out social media keyword research. There are other tools also that have been released to meet specific needs of various users.

How One Way Link Building can get you Long Term Ranking Results

Mon, 27 Sep 2010 08:58:00 +0000

(image) One Way Link building is probably the best way to increase your visibility and your search engine rankings as well. These link types are far more difficult to get than any other traditional reciprocal links, but in the end, they pay off by securing for you long term search engine rankings.

In general, link building is an important procedure to ensure your site ranks high in the major search engines. Google and other big search engines include link popularity as one of the criteria to evaluate the web pages that they include in their databases. Links are generally considered to be positive votes, and reflect the quality of a web page. Each web page gets link popularity based on the other pages that link to it. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo also have toolbars that show the page ranks of the pages that you visit, and you can use these tools to an appropriate estimate of your own page popularity. It is very important to understand the basics of links and the types that are important. Acquiring links that point back to your site, especially those links that come from similar sites as yours, is very useful in the eyes of the search engine.

The most positive side to one way links is that you no longer have to worry about linking to a site that is bad. If your website contains links that point back to certain “link farms”, you won't gain anything, and in fact will lose a page rank. These sites are never focused on and have links from all kinds of sites. Since there is no relevant topic here, Google and other intelligent search engines understand that its sole purpose is to increase the number of links artificially just to be ranked high. These sites hold no value, from a search engines point of view and from that of a user, and they are not awarded any points. So stay away from such links.

Another big advantage to one way links is that they stay put in one place. A website that is linked to your site is done so because that site's owner probably feels that being linked to your site will benefit his visitors. So, instead of simply manipulating the search engine results, these website owners want to enhance the experience of their users. In this way, you will also benefit from having a long term link.

SEO Content Writing – Great Tips to help you Succeed

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 08:49:00 +0000

Firstly, sacrificing quality in order to create content that is search engine optimized, is one of the biggest myths in the SEO industry.

But there are a few guidelines with regards to SEO Content Writing:

1.Content matters: Always remember that irrespective of your subject matter, website content has the potential to reach out to a large audience across the globe. Hence, website content, articles, press releases and blog posts are ways to connect your company to relevant, up-to-date information about your industry.

2.Stay on topic: Business writing is definitely not similar to writing on your personal blog. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding some emotion to your business writing. Just make sure that you stay focused and avoid drifting into unrelated tangents.

3.Write eye-catching headings: The titles of web pages get the most visibility, hence they must be compelling enough to grab the attention of potential customers. Anything that is plain and simple is boring. In other words, your headings must be catchy and alluring.

4.Don’t stack keywords: Keywords must definitely not be crammed into your content. Cramming keywords simply looks unprofessional. Keywords must be spread throughout the content in order to look more organic.

5.Write original content: Duplication or plagiarism is a major no-no for search engine optimization. Make sure your content is always fresh, original and relevant.

These SEO content writing tips will help your site gain more visibility and popularity in this competitive web world.

Secrets behind Web Design success

Mon, 02 Aug 2010 10:18:00 +0000

The Michigan SEO Company helps numerous clients develop websites that generate extremely high sales through their web design and development services. Present below is a list of some of the secrets behind Web design success:
  • Change: Indeed, a website is never truly finished. You must continuously strive to add, redo and update the content of the existing pages, at least once a week.
  • General Writing Strategies: Visitors must be able to scan the pages and find whatever they want, quickly. One can follow the following strategies: paragraphs must be limited to 2-4 sentences, try to use Lists, Headings and Bolds, and write the way you would say it.
  • Pictures: It is true that, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” You can definitely add some pictures of your products. However, download time must be considered.
  • Graphics: Graphics can definitely work wonders for your site. But one should use it after some careful consideration.
  • Credibility: Your credibility is of grave importance when you design your site. Credibility can be achieved in the following ways: through guarantees, testimonials, a privacy statement and secure credit card processing.
  • Promotion: You must try to find different ways to promote your website. Some common promotional strategies are: online directories, reciprocal links and newsletters, etc.

Michigan Seo company – The web design mistakes they wont make

Fri, 23 Jul 2010 04:55:00 +0000

It is very common to find many websites struggling to reach the top search engine listings. Among these websites, very few achieve their goals, the rest face disappointment. One may think that luck plays a great role in this matter, but that is not true. It is all about choosing the right SEO firm to develop your website, for instance – Michigan SEO.

The Michigan web design services make sure your website attains the best spot on the search engine rankings.

It is very important to avoid several mistakes made while developing a website. Some of the common mistakes faced during web design and development are:
  • No author biographies: Simply put, anonymous writings have less credence than something that's signed.
  • No author photo: As stated above the photo provides a sense of assurance and reliability.
  • Nondescript posting titles: Descriptive headlines are tremendously important for representing a blog or a website.
  • Links don't say where they go
  • Classic hits are buried
  • The calendar is the only navigation
  • Irregular publishing frequency and mixed topics: Establishing as well as meeting user expectations is one of the most fundamental principles of Web usability. Thus, the users must be able to anticipate not only how but when updates will be launched.
Simply put, trusting your web development and design to a trusted SEO firm such as the Michigan SEO company and many more can guarantee the smooth functioning of your website after it is launched.

SEO Solutions from Michigan – How Effective are they?

Thu, 15 Jul 2010 10:50:00 +0000

(image) Michigan has for years been providing some of the most effective value added services for the IT industry. With so many small to large sized Michigan firms taking to the Internet to promote their business, SEO solution providers have started springing up by the thousands all over Michigan. SEO plays a key role in improving the online reach of businesses, and helps greatly in making them profitable. SEO companies in Michigan work keeping this aim in mind and provide excellent SEO solutions.

Having a website without the help of SEO will not guarantee profits. Increase in web traffic and thus in revenue can only be brought about by the application of effective search engine optimization. Currently, Michigan has a number of top notch search engine optimization service providers who offer affordable yet effective solutions. To ensure that their businesses get that added boost from the Internet, many of the Michigan business owners have started employing experienced and reliable optimization professionals.

Most of these SEO companies in Michigan have professional teams to cover all the aspects of optimizing a client's web pages. In addition they also come replete with a team of multimedia professionals, graphic designers, content writers and expert SEO professionals.

The SEO solutions offered by these Michigan Internet marketing companies guarantee to improve client's website rankings on all the major search engines. They do this using the latest and most ethical strategies. Apart from organic SEO practices, many of these companies also provide services like web redesigning, web promotion services, paid advertising, and online web marketing.

With many businesses in Michigan shifting to eCommerce, there now exists a healthy competition between the SEO providers here. Ultimately, the benefits are gained by all the companies who trust these SEO solutions and avail the services of web optimizing companies in Michigan.

Web Analytics Services

Mon, 28 Jun 2010 11:45:00 +0000

Online business nowadays has become highly competitive. Therefore, to be successful in this business, one should always be one step ahead of their competition. Just having a large number of visitors is not enough. Today's business owners are not satisfied by just getting more "hits" on their websites. They are more concerned about getting maximum returns on investment (ROI).

To get maximum ROI, you need to employ smart web analytics services that can only work to your advantage. If you are new to this field, then you might be satisfied with having more hits or visits on your website. But this in itself is not the whole picture when it comes to how your website is performing. What if your more hits are accompanied with high bounce rates and low conversion rates? This shows that web analytics needs to be done carefully so as to get all relevant and important information about your visitors.

Normal bounce rate of 10 to 15 percent is accepted because each site has some bounce rate but high bounce rates should indeed be a cause of concern. The reason could be that you are either attracting the wrong traffic to your website or that the content on your web pages is not good enough to appeal to your visitors. Research to find out what search terms are being used by the visitors who come to your site. If the search term is not matching the content on your web pages, then you are attracting the wrong traffic to your website.

If you don't have the knowledge to do web analysis all by yourself, then it would be a good decision to hire SEO services from professional web analytics consultants and get the desired result.

Why SEO Is Important

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 06:26:00 +0000

Online business has been spreading all over the world and people now want to cop up with this new trend for the facilities it offers to them. As the online business has been in the tough competition for its growing demand, the owners has been provoked to have the most effective one. For that , they need the best SEO services without which to continue a website is quite impossible. SEO stands for search engine optimization that means an SEO service can make a website that will become search engine friendly and will get the top search engine ranking. SEO services optimizes your website for the search engines which in fact make your website visited by the visitors and ultimately by your target customers. This is proved to be the fastest, best and least expensive way of achieving business destination.

SEO services can make your website indexed in the first page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In the case of online business, success is not constant. It needs to updated regularly with the present requirements of the customers and needs to be modified the designs for the fresh and new look and feel of the websites. An effective SEO in Michigan can provide the benefits to your website:
  • Higher search engine page ranking
  • Wider visibility and brand recognition
  • Increasing sales and conversions,
  • Greater website performance and feedback
  • Great flow of traffic towards your website
  • Higher ROI and
  • Low website promotional costs
So, keep aside your worries and take the help of Michigan search engine optimization which definitely can take you to the aim you want.

SEO Services In Michigan

Thu, 06 May 2010 08:37:00 +0000

Search engine optimization or SEO services in Michigan are provided by local internet marketing companies that specialize in helping small businesses / medium-size organizations to grow their businesses with the help of advanced Internet technologies.

In today's age of the internet, e-commerce sites are increasing each day with an eye to procuring increased sales and associated profit. Like various parts of the US, natural SEO services companies in Michigan have started extending their services locally with a goal to place websites high in the natural or "organic" listings of major search engines.

SEO plays a important role in internet marketing. So most of the business site owners who know the importance of optimizing websites, go for search engine optimization services in Michigan. Effective website optimization can give top rankings in search engine results. It is the natural tendency of internet surfers to choose to browse websites which are positioned at the top of the search engine list. The rest of the websites gets neglected most of the time. By making use of SEO services, sites can reach top positions and provide maximum accessibility for the users. Therefore the right customers whom the website focuses on will visit the website and help the site to achieve its business objectives.

To make web optimization service more effective you have to select the best SEO Company. Reputed SEO agency use the most advanced tools to provide efficient search engine optimization services in Michigan. Many of these firms also provide SEO consulting service. Website owners who have their sites optimized can avail themselves of these consulting services for improving the functioning of their domains.