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Teenage Diet Plan

Teenage diet plan is a blog I wrote to help teens lose weight like I did by finding the best program that supports a good teenage diet plan.

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A little more about me and my teenage diet plan.


My teenage diet plan was hard to come up with on my own. I've been chubby since I was about 14 and never really could do anything about it except be teased by others.

Now I'm 18 and it wasn't until last August that I decided to do something about my weight problem. Unfortunately I couldn't find much help and my girlfriend was bothered by the extra lbs I had been carrying around.

I tried a variety of things but nothing really worked well at all. Sometimes I'd lose a couple pounds, but I would gain it right back.

A big problem I had was that there wasn't much good information out there about a teenage diet plan. People just seem to think that all teens are thin, athletic people and totally didn't take my weight problems seriously.

It took about 8 or 9 months and about $1,200 but I finally came up with a teenage diet plan that seemed to work. Over the course of my senior year I lost about 40 lbs all together and I'm really happy about it.

Like I said though, I tried a bunch of different things and 3 programs stood out. They all worked in their own way but 1 really made a big change in how I looked and felt. If you are considering things something like lipo like I was, give some of these a chance before you do.

To make things easier, I rated the 3 programs for these-
Ease of Use

Hopefully you will be able to learn something and definitely get some of the same results that I did. Thanks for reading...


Teenage Diet Plan


Teenage Diet Plan

Hi Everyone. My name Is Brian Evans and I guess I'm what you would call another normal guy from Cleveland, Ohio - the great mistake by the lake, lol.
I started my senior year last year about 40 lbs overweight, and now as you can see... I've achieved my goal of losing weight before college. Thank god, because prom would have really sucked.

As you can guess, that's my girlfriend. She's going to help me put together what I did so that I can basically give everyone a run down on how I did it.

I guess that's all I really have to say for now...

I'll have more to say soon. I posted this just mostly to see if it worked. Time to click publish post and find out :)