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Epic Traffic Systems - What's Inside and Who's Behind it

Wed, 02 Jun 2010 13:42:00 +0000

Epic Traffic Systems is a new course being launched in June this year by Keith Baxter, Joey Smith, Jon Shugart & Don Bethune.

Each of the creators behind Epic Traffic Systems is a well know internet marketer with his own expertise. All the creators will benefit the Epic Traffic System on their own special way and according to every one of their expertise, and combining all of the knowledge and experience these four online marketers have, you truly get quality content that you simply never seen before.

Keith Baxter is by far the master in how to generate traffic in many different methods as he was doing this within the last 12 years with great success. Keith is going to be adding to the Epic Traffic Systems his ‘Self Contained Traffic System’ which includes all of the automation software systems he and Don use within their own personal businesses, along with step by step instructions on how to utilize it all, and strategy guides for applying the system to a number of online businesses.

Jon Shugart is a software engineer who centered on developing automated systems for the video conferencing world and has sold services to leading companies for millions.. Jon only discovered online marketing in 2006 and used his experience and background into this industry by creating "Keyword Rockstar", keyword research software that turned into a 7 figure business within six months. Jon's contribution to the Epic Traffic Systems will be his next generation of traffic automation software that will be able to automate media buying, CPV, PPC Social media and banner building. Jon will also include step by step instructional videos and several money making tactics for each aspect of this new software

Joey Smith is an internet technologist and a two time CIO of the year finalist in Georgia and has won numerous awards in the technology field including the 1999 Microsoft’s Project of the Year and the 2003 Microsoft Pinnacle award in Internet-based technologies. Joey also used his knowledge and experience with internet technology and provided consulting services to several fortune 500 companies about internet technologies. Joey embraced social media and he is an expert in this field and so he will add to the Epic Traffic Systems his secret tactics and strategies to drive massive amounts of traffic using social media. His methods include, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Social Book Marketing, YouTube and also the Automation of 'traffic-getting' through each of these channels.

Epic Traffic Systems is centered on generating epic amounts of traffic by means of free, social and paid traffic. These three methods of generating traffic will make up the 3 modules inside Epic Traffic Systems product.. However, this product isn't just about traffic and the methods for getting it. The most important factor of Epic Traffic Systems is the automation of the entire traffic generation process. You will learn how to automate the whole traffic generation process for building campaigns and capturing traffic and leading it to your websites, offers and promotions.

Epic Traffic Systems is planned to go LIVE on June 15th, '10.. Up until the day of the launch these guys will release four videos revealing a few of the product features. Although Epic Traffic Systems is going to be costly due to the truly unique content in it, I am sure you will also learn so much from watching these four videos so there is really nothing to lose and plenty to gain.