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Vintage Diamond Earrings

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Last week Friday I was in a shopping stores for buying some casual dresses, suddenly I met my close friend, Susan. I and Susan are close since our very first day of university. I remember the days when we share everything like fashionable dresses small jewelry accessories etc. Those days are sweet memories for me when we had a lot of fun in our trips and so on. Where we used to share everything like our ideas, our clothing personal problems. We met after 3years. She hugged me with great joy. We were bursting with happiness to see each other as the honey of our friendship was becoming sweeter and sweeter. We decided to go a cafe.

In our table the topic was changing with every sip of coffee. I got surprised when I listen that Susan was going to marry within 5 months. But she was worried about her marriage budget. Susan is very much specific about to show her personality. She was willing to show the individuality in her marriage ceremony day. She asked some suggestion from me about her wears. As she got a job of 3D Animation Technician and was not able to share time for her marriage plan. Susan said that several fashionable bridal costumes are available in New York’s best shops. But what about jewelry! There were several brands and she was mostly confused.

As we were discussing, it suddenly hit me that I had seen beautifully designed jewelries in some websites which would be suitable for wedding ceremony. After the coffee we were surfing internet in Susan’s office provided laptop and got brilliant ideas after going through several designs of bridal jewelries. Firstly we narrowed down the list of diamond jewelries because diamond was Susan’s first preference for her wedding ceremony. I suggested some delicate diamond earrings collections for her. lastly we settled down for Vintage Inspired Chandelier Earrings by 1928 Boutique at a price of $142.00. The intricate matter for choosing these earrings collections was the perfect blend of shape, design, clarity, cut, color and the pattern of setting diamonds.

As we parted to return in our day’s work. We decided to meet again for shopping in De Natale Jewelers jewelry stores with in 2 weeks. It was a great feeling that we meet again and I was happy too with the Susan’s marriage news. I have decided to gift a unique jewelry set to Susan and planed for wears in Susan’s marriage party. I also decided that I will provide the latest updates before shopping.