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New Singing Stuffed Toys

Tue, 05 Oct 2010 23:46:46 GMT

(image) New singing stuffed toys from Fisher-Price: Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. If last year the Zhu-Zhu pets on top of Christmas toys, this year probably the year of Sing A Ma Jigs. Unlike the Zhu-Zhu which only loved by kids, the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs will steal not just kids but parents/adults heart as well.

These singing stuffed toys aren’t expensive so it’s perfect in this time of recession, on toy are less than $20 for a couple of toys (which is highly recommended to buy more than one) are about $35. Buy at least 2 and you can hear the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs sing in harmony like a funny choir.

Right now, there are 6 collections, each of them has they own funny character, appearance and sing they own song. These toys have 3 modes: they will talk (actually  more like jibbers), sings, and in harmony.

Here are the songs Sing A Ma Jigs sing:
  • Red Sing A Ma Jigs sings “Where Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone”
  • Pink Sing A Ma Jigs sings “Skip to My Loo”
  • Teal Sing A Ma Jigs sings “When the Saints Go Marching In”
  • Yellow Sing A Ma Jigs sings “Home on the Range”
In a few months Fisher Price will launch another Sing a Ma Jigs collection for Christmas.

Can' Wait for These Movies

Sun, 18 Jul 2010 05:28:35 GMT


These is an A Team not B team and don't/never have B Plan. Never use cool gadget, just like Mcgyver with more action.
One of my favorite when I was at elementary school action  television series as there are not better series than this. "the A team" follows the awesome combined with interesting exploits of a uncommon unit of ex-Elite Armed forces soldiers who had been set up for a criminal case they did not do. Running “soldier of fortune", they exploit their multi expertise to attempt including clear out their names.

The latest version is a group of Iraq Warfare veterans looks to clear their name in the company of the U.S. armed forces, who assume the four guys of committing a criminal case for which they were framed, as a replacement for of Vietnam veterans which off course outdated.

The Last Airbender

The original cartoon movie is my favorite, the plot and situation make this series exceptional. Even better the graphic not just 3D candy gives more focus on the personality.

Harry Potter - The Last Chapter

I have little disappointment on the last movie - I thing among the worst among HP series. I hope this one as good as the book, at least. The director should understand more about the books and what make this books the best series ever!
Watch the trailer here (Apple site)


I'll buy the Hd version if these are cool.

I Like to End my Terrible Habits

Fri, 09 Jul 2010 07:37:11 GMT

I just found that heavy snoring could be dangerous, serious snoring will cause heart disease, unexpected cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetic issues, depressive disorder, memory damage and even erectile disorder. Snoring happens when there is a soft tissue or membrane blocking the breathing canal. The sound happens as loose parts inside our throat, similar to the uvula and flexible palate, vibrate as air passes on top of them. Snoring might turn into really bad when the muscle tissue in the backside of the throat are very relaxed this could be from some medication effect taken before sleep or drink alcohol.

Now I understood, it's time to stop. My snoring condition is starting to turn into larger concern and I’ve determined it’s now to discover how to stop snoring . Although I still confuse where to begin as I'm not overweight. They think being obese is one of the common general reasons in snoring.

Probably my eating habit is the most important reason. No rich or filled of fats foods and dairy products late in the evening. I often take a glass of milk prior to sleep and I thought it was good. But after I read more than a few researches, I have to keep away from a cup of warm milk before sleep. These are all stuff that can lead to blockage of your throat, and in the end snoring. A number of certain meals that physicians inform against eating right before bed include dairy, deep fried foods and chocolate.

Second most frustrating soreness I have lately is back pain. It is not too severe really but when it happens I actually want a lot Bio-freeze to relieve my pain!. I really don't identify what reason of my back pain; this could be from my running injury or my bedtime postures.

Several people said yoga made it easier for people with chronic lower back pain enhance their conditions and give courage to functions, and it eased their pain better than traditional remedy alone. I guess, I should to modify my regular physical exercises to yoga as well as have better sleep posture. They who were assigned to take yoga for a couple of months get a 29 percentage reduction in practical disability and a forty two percent reduction in pain. Is that something and worth to try? I really think so.

I really wish the entire pains problem to go as soon as possible. I also intend to buy an air purifier to develop my sleeping quality with extra clean air around me… I'll do some researches on this product later on.

Is There a Place for Motorola in Smartphone Market?

Tue, 01 Jun 2010 08:04:39 GMT

(image) The last time I heard about Motorola Phone is their V series hand phone 5 years ago, no product able to compete in the market after then; not a hand phone or smart phone. Until recently they announce the XT502 Android based smart phone.

The XT502 code name: "Greco" planned to be launched in June 2010. We can expect 320 x 480 pixels touch screen equipped with Motorola’s unique features is, MOTOBLUR Live UI with Widgets, tri-band HSPA setup working on the 850, 1900, and 2100MHz bands – should be capable to run on AT&T, Bell, Telus, Verizon and Rogers infrastructure with a little dash of Europe thrown in for good measure.

This device also equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, and AGPS; in other words, all the basics you expect on a modern Android device. The Android OS installed on the handset is Android OS, v2.1 (eclair), to bolster the capabilities of this device as a class of high-end handsets, it has invested feature Wi-Fi and HSDPA for wireless access.  

Great device for teenager since it has Social networking integration with live updates. Still wait and see whether this product will hit the buck in the relatively new Android market.

Dyson Ball Vacuum DC 25 All Floor

Tue, 20 Apr 2010 22:57:15 GMT

(image) There are two Dyson Ball Vacuum DC 25 types: Dyson ball vacuum DC25 animal, this Dyson Ball designed especially for home that have pets. The DC25 Animal is equipped with many of special features, such as: an advanced mini turbine head that works well for cleaning loose pet hair from those tight or small and those hard to get places such as couch, carpet, or stairs. This vacuum also provides a carpet care kit that helps to keep carpets looking like they are brand new.

The second type is the Dyson ball DC25 all floor. The only difference between the DC25 All Floors model and the DC25 Animal model are those kits. Those kits may be purchased separately for any model; however, when you purchase a bundle product like DC25 Animal model, you save quite some of money.


One main selling point of the Dyson ball DC25 vacuum is the ball that allows much great maneuverability than other vacuum brands thus vacuuming is very convenient and ease. The Dyscon Ball DC25 is lighter than nearly all dyson's other vacuums in the animal range and in fact this vacuum is the lightest full size vacuum. Overall, the product weight is about 23.9 pounds.

In addition, there are three powerful twister spin pet hair, pet dander, dirt, dust and other allergens out of the carpet. Has lifetime HEPA filter catches microscopic allergens such as bacteria and pollen, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance cost.

The downside of these product is the canister is a bit small and the cord is a bit on the short side as well, so many people tend to unplug accidently and re-plug it in a couple of times while cleaning. Dyson ball vacuum DC25 model is effective vacuum to clean all floor types; with motorized airbrush and telescopic reach wand.

Cheap Electric Water Kettle

Tue, 20 Apr 2010 17:02:39 GMT

Cheap electric water kettle has attractively housed in polished stainless steel, Aroma AWK 115S electric hot-water kettle will looks good on (image) any kitchen counter or buffet. The construction appears to be very solid. To open the top just push a button and it opens up automatically. It has glass center insert on top so you can see through inside.

Aroma electric water kettle quickly brings up 1-1/2 liters of water to a rolling boil only in a few minutes. This kettle ideal for making anything from coffee, tea, and hot chocolate or oatmeal. It has 360-degree swivel base for easy water filling at the sink or without the hassle of a power cord. The Aroma AWK 115S is cordless, the kettle measures approximately 8 by 8 by 9 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

There are several things that give easiness and stand out among other electric water kettle:
  • This electric water kettle has a function to avoid boiling dry, when the water boil this kettle will turn-off in about 30 seconds. I think this feature is a must for any water kettle, an extra safety factor.

  • There's a single "ding" alarm that it makes when it turns off. A soft and gently “ding” reminds you to your boiling water, you might not hear it from another room.

  • The water kettle actually comes up with a removable stainless steel mesh to keep particles from coming out. So when make some tea and put tea leaves into the pot, the tea leaves wouldn't come out since it's blocked by the guard and you won’t find any tea leaves in your cup.

  • It has insulated plastic handle that never hot, it feels very sturdy and looks classy as you pour it.

At less than $ 30 this electric water kettle is stealer, this stainless steel kettle is an great choice, has attractive looks, very fast boiling process, and cheap. It heats water as quickly as various plastic kettles used previously but better water taste since its stainless steel. Plus, this electric kettle itself is cordless, activated only when sitting on its separate base and manually switched on, very convenient.