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The Power of Gratitude

Thoughts, ideas, and quotes on gratitude, including experiments with the principle of gratitude. Author, teacher and WOW creator, Marnie Pehrson, highlights truth & talent & helps talented professionals deliver their message to the online world.

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The Blessings of Liberty


I've heard my father speak for years about liberty and freedom. One of the reasons I love writing about history is because I can transport myself and others back into an earlier time when life was simpler and there was...

I'm With the Government and I'm Here to Help You


I was at the gym this morning and the TV was on the 700 club. Pat Robertson was talking about how more Hispanics are becoming evangelicals and we need to teach them how important Israel is. They need to understand...

Why I'll Be Voting for Ron Paul in 2012


A lot of people say leave religion and politics out of your social media and/or your business. Back in 2000 when I started, people warned me that getting too "religious" would hurt my business. It didn't. In fact, it's...

Mark Your Calendar for the 12th Annual Virtual Women's Conference


I hope you'll join me for the 12th Annual Virtual Women's Conference coming up October 18th - 20th. It's all online -- no need to travel or even call into a phone line. Our theme this year is: "And...


FREE Teleseminar Training with @roseydow the Prospect Profiler. Your won't want to miss this informative interview:

2011-07-08T13:55:05-04:00 had a facelift! Check out the new site today for expert content or to add your own articles for free!

2011-07-08T13:55:04-04:00 had a facelift! Check out the new site today for expert content or to add your own articles for free!


Join me as I interview @RoseyDow -- "3 Steps to Reading Your Prospects' Minds so You Can Give Them What They Want!"

What It Takes to Create an Amazon Bestseller


Our recent Amazon bestseller launch for Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income has created quite a bit of buzz and questions about what it takes to create a #1 bestseller launch of this magnitude with no joint venture...

Collect People Who Transform Your Life!


Some people collect dolls, figurines, or baseball cards. I collect people! There's nothing I love more than meeting someone new with an amazing skill or talent and learning from them. That's why I'm thrilled to announce my new book, "Trust...