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Build relationships that last with your spouse, teens, pets, customers, and more. experts on mediation, marriage & family, pets, teens, online dating, and customer service bring you the best tips for relationships that matter.

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Seven Secrets for Spirited Single Mothers


Dr. Linda Miles, our official Marriage & Family Therapist Expert Although raising a child alone may not be ideal, it is an increasing reality. Some experts speculate that single moms now head half of all family homes. With the divorce...

Verbal Abuse In Marriage - It's Cognitive Dissidence and A Verbal Attack


Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D, our official Abusive Relationships Expert "Why do I believe what he has shouted at me over the years...even though a part of me knows it not to be true?" Men and women alike ask this question,...

Kindness in the Home


Paula Fellingham, our official Strenghtening Women and Families Expert "Kindness is the single most important ingredient in a happy home." This is the conclusion from a family study completed by researchers Dr. Ivan F. Beutler, Dr. Thomas R. Lee and...

Four Tips to Help Blended Family Problems


Paula Fellingham, our official Strenghthening Women and Families Expert I often meet wonderful people at my seminars who ask excellent questions. Here's one of the questions, and four solutions I shared with Karen and Jim. "Do you have any tips...

Friendship on Fire: Not Just A Good Marriage


An excerpt from Dr. Linda Miles, our official Marriage & Family Therapist Expert, new book Friendship on Fire. What is a friendship on fire? It is a compassionate and sensual bond that lasts because you find your soul's true home...

Legal Domestic Abuse - The Rape of Women by Their Divorce Lawyers


Dr. Jeanne King, our official Abusive Relationships Expert Affluent battered mothers and divorce attorneys are a receipt for rape in the rawest form--legal abuse in domestic violence divorce. Now this doesn't mean that divorce lawyers are rapists or that domestic...

For a More Powerful Presentation Use These Body Language Tips


Kirk Duncan, our Body Language Expert, shares 3 keys to powerful presentations - Presentation do's and don't's. Learn how to connect with your audience. Watch more of Kirk's videos.

Parents, Need Help Handling Teenagers' Curfews?


Paula Fellingham, our official Strengthening Women and Families Expert Mom watched out the window - she was worried and angry. Eighteen year old Jared was late coming home, again. Just last week Mom had talked to Jared about his curfew,...

How to Cope with Anxiety: Happiness Needs a Spark


Dr Linda Miles, our official Marriage & Family Therapist Expert An excerpt from Dr. Linda Miles book Frienship on Fire. "Do not seek perfection in a changing world. Instead perfect your love." --Master Sengstan Charlotte, a fifty-year-old housewife recovering from...

Improve Your Relationship Moves: How to Avoid a Destructive Dance


Dr. Linda Miles, our official Marriage & Family Therapist Expert If you and your partner are struck in a destructive dance, there are crucial steps you can take to create a positive and loving relationship. Both partners play a part...