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Get Started as a Coach or Consultant With A Sure-Fire, 10-Step Formula


Adam Urbanski, our official Information Marketing Expert "My guess is first I'll need some zippy flyers and a tri-fold brochure," said an email from Matt last week. Sadly, he is not the only one thinking that the first step to...

Attract Clients Like Crazy! Teach Don't Market.


Adam Urbanski, our official Information Marketing Expert In private, candid conversations many entrepreneurs and service professionals share with me that what they really want is to make a difference in the world by sharing with others what they have learned...

Free Two-Part Teleseminar: Big Impact Fast Profits for Coaches


Adam Urbanski, our official Information Marketing Expert Get More High-Paying Clients and Make More Money in the Next 30 Days Than You Made in the Past 12 Months! Adam Urbanski, founder of Marketing Mentors, Inc. will be hosting a free...

How to Make a Habit of Self-Discipline


Adam Urbanski, our official Infomation Marketing Expert Lack of discipline is what often prevents small-business owners from creating extraordinary organizations and having more meaningful lives. Discipline is the ability to continue doing things after the mood in which they were...

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover


Marcia McClure, our official Romance Novelist Expert I can’t even tell you when I first ‘noticed’ him, but I think it was during a dance our band played at in the Manwaring Center at Ricks College sometime around March of...

5 Reasons to Build Your Email List NOW


Adam Urbanski, our official Information Marketing Expert If you think that building a following on social networking sites eliminates the need for building your own email list, I say WAKE UP! Daily, we are bombarded with the massive amount of...

Beauty and the Beast Vs. the Bad Boy Syndrome


Marcia McClure, our official Romance Novelist Expert This is the "Author's Note" from Marcia Lynn McClure's romance novel, The Whispered Kiss. Yes, truly, one of my favorite fairy tales has always been "Beauty and the Beast." To me, the tale...

Does Your Business Blog?


Do you want to know what your company can gain from blogging? Visit our blog to learn more about online marketing tips and techniques! Download our free eBook!

An Essay on Judging a Kiss


Marcia McClure, our official Romance Novelist Expert The question that is most often posed within the innocently curious mind of a young woman blossoming into womanhood is this: "When a boy kisses me, how do I know if it's a...

Treasures in the Public Domain


The first thing entrepreneurs usually think about when dealing with public domain materials is text material, specifically books and reports. Most public domain dabblers already know that the US government has thousands of publications in the public domain and encourages...