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Preview: Passing Parade

Passing Parade


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watch this


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Ol Dirty Bastard - Dirty Thoughts (Documentary) from ChasinDatPaper on Vimeo.

unbelievable ODB documentary, great insight on this B-K monster.

all i do is shred pow



passing parade is coming at your from the rocky mountains this winter.
starting off with a couple remixes from Mount Kimbie:

these tracks are from the dynamic collaboration ZZT, real funky beats.




Jamie XX, producer extraordinaire esta en fuego with the remix of Eliza Doolitle's Money Box. If you haven't heard of The XX, I don't know what rock you've been living under but get familiar...

(object) (embed) Eliza Doolittle - Money Box (Jamie XX Remix) by pigeonsandplanes

all mixed up



New mix here from Drop the Lime, 30 minutes of that real shit.

finish twistin' up and throw this track on...




The untimely death of lead singer Charles Haddon at Pukkelpop, Belgium this August came less than 2 months before Camden, London's Ou Est Le Swimming Pool released their acclaimed debut album The Golden Years. The album features Haddon's crooning, whiney lyrics over a mix of uptempo and downtempo, retro electronic beats. Though with obvious influences from the past, Haddon's songs of heartbreak and rejection dance over undoubtedly modern soundscapes on The Golden Year's 11 tracks.

We've included 2 remixes of current single, The Key. The Dynamikk Remix could easily accompany any early 80s cocaine hustler speeding into a sunset in the port of Miami. He may be a gangster but he's got a heart, haha.

This Kill Ringo remix is electro-laced madness. Some futuristic astronaut partying encouraged
And lastly we have an Ou Est Le Swimming Pool dubstep remix, of Sirenna's Losers. More of an introspective, early 90s video game style than just straight up wobbling... but good nonetheless.

Extra Extra


Some smoking hot sex kittens are the extra eye candy in Chromeo's newest video Hot Mess from, Business Casual. The video stays true to their 80s infatuation, re: Night by Night video...

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All Aboard


Lexington, Kentucky's Amtrac is back on the map, with his Why? Ep available after the jump. Passing Parade has been keeping tabs on this one man electro funk machine for about a year and a half. Look for some big stuff from the Southern Gentleman in the near future....



Something fishy...


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NIKE78 - W+K Tokyo LAB | 'ABUKU -泡-’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.

the folks at Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo) seem to always be up to something creative..

Mershtron 3030


Fordo is really a beast... things have been busy in nyc trying to get that money$. Here's some support from the right coast.

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Juiceboxxx - 100 MPH from IHEARTCOMIX Records on Vimeo.

hip hop anonymous



"I don't do notin' but peel money & touch bitches"

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Wiz Khalifa "The Kid Frankie"

Bonus Beat:

oh awesome


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PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

In an Absolut World



For it's newest limited edition bottle, Absolut teamed up with Spike Lee to creat Absolut Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Vodka is apple and ginger flavored -- cop it at your local liquor store for 29.99...

Bonus Beats:



China's Ministry of Health has recently began to recognize HIV as a public health crisis. And what's a better way for the MOH to promote safe sex than a condom fashion show?

nice! job



if you don't use it, you lose it


It's that time of the year again...summer. Get ready for ice cold arnold palmers, the beach, and most of all road trips. Nothing makes a great road-trip like good mixtapes that require minimum iphone/ipod finangling while driving. Check out this Ministry of Sound mixtape mixed by the Bloody Beetroots:Destroy: Mixed by The Bloody Beetroots [CD 1]Destroy: Mixed by The Bloody Beetroots [CD 2]Here in Portland, the lady folk are ditching their sweatpants and emerging from their rainy-weather induced winter hibernation. It's about time for some sunshine and outdoor fun...Sneaky Sound System -- When We Were YoungBag Raiders -- Turbo LoveAccording to Passing Parade supporters in the colorful state of Colorado, ski season has officially come to an end. ditch the pbr sweater for a dank top and while your at it ditch the blue ribbon for a tecate, regardless...IAMX -- Spit it Out [Designer Drugs Remix]Guns n Bombs -- Riddle of Steel [Classixx Version]Look For the Woman [Fake Blood Remix]Not a huge supporter of remixing the Fugees, but this Wolfgang mix isn't to shabbyThe Fugees -- Ready or Not [Wolfgang Gartner Remix]And now, a little Dub Step for your ears...The Pixies -- Where is My Mind [Bassnectar Remix]Blue Foundation -- Eyes on Fire [Zeds Dead Remix]Seems to be an adequate travel companionHot Chip -- I Feel Better [Den Haan Remix]Keenhouse -- Ari-es [Grum Remix]Low tar. Camel taste. Don't go canoeing without your camel lights soft-pack. Herve -- Avenging AngelOcelot -- Beating Hearts [Blende Remix]Van She -- Changes [Gloves Remix] [...]

Chasing the Dragon



Russ Davies project, Cinnamon Chasers is a seamless combination of crisp electronica, pop structure and melodies and an authentic indie vibe. Last year's release, A Million Miles from Home was the perfect companion for dreamy summer afternoons. If you haven't already seen the video for Luv Deluxe, here it is. Over 1,000,000 views and SXSW 2010 video of the year winner...

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Sunset Drive, the new EP from the Cinnamon Chasers dropped about a week ago and will provide another summer of chilled out, synthy-pop grooves. Here are a few tracks not from the album, but will hold you over until you cough up the cash for the album.

Rage It the Bou



While my left-coast friends were out loosing their shit to raging music and loosing their brain cells to elicit substances I was in NY trying to hustle enough funds for this months rent (mildly bitter). In honor of all those serotonin squandered, dopamine depleted zombies around the country I've included a few tracks to jump start their engines...
A trusted attendee from LA relayed that Coachella was not a contest, but if he was to crown a champion it would go to Deadmau5. Here's some archival footage to support his case.

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However this source also opted to see David Guetta over one of Passing Parade's favorite artist Major Lazer, so the veracity of the claim is questionable. Not to mention before tearing down the electro tent @ Coachella, the same track from the Canadian superstar appeared on a commercial for Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance crew, now that shit is mersh.

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Hate aside, I'm a big fan of the tune and the commercial; 21st century dance moves complimented by Bladerunner attire and futuristic music, nice!

Japan technology so advanced


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The advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo) worked with Tomoaki Yanagisawa and Dalto Manabe to create Nike's 'music shoe'


This EP from digitalism was released in 2008 through a Japanese label. Initially only available in Japan, Passing Parade now brings you this collection of live & rare tracks...

Find The Foot


The experimental, pop-rock trio; The Foot (Denver, CO) have certainly been on their grind lately. Coming fresh off their official album release party this past weekend, the group will leave their comfy confines of the Denver rock scene and hit the road to storm the midwest like a twister in a trailer park. Recently I caught up with the group whose debut album Primary Colors is currently available for free d/l after the jump.The album showed your versatility on individual tracks, but was able to maintain a cohesive sound/perspective for the album as a whole. I know its hard to exactly characterize your sound, so how bout you name a few of your favorite artists or inspiration for your sound.We kind of come from different musical backgrounds, but there is definitely some overlap. As we've played and lived together we've really gotten turned on to a lot of the same bands and have been discovering a lot of music at the same time. As far as individual influences go, Noah really digs groups like 311, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Stone Temple Pilots. Like the '90s alt-rock scene. As far as more specific drumming influences, Noah draws his sound from drummers like Neil Pert, Chad Sexton, Matt Wilson, and Jojo Mayer. Jeff draws influences vocally from musicians like Paul McCartney, Bobby McFerrin, and Thom Yorke, and grew up on the Foo Fighters and 311 (being from Omaha), but these days is more into modern electronic rock pioneers like The Faint, Gnarls Barkley, and Radiohead. Phil started playing guitar because of groups like Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, then went had a really heady jam band phase, listening to groups like Phish, Umphrey's McGee, and String Cheese Incident. Now he's digging the non-pussy indie scene. Bands like White Rabbits, Hockey, and a new band he discovered last night called The Postelles, who coincidentally were playing with Hockey.What are you favorite tracks on the album?Favorite tracks on the album: Noah says Dreams, Jeff says Always Near, Phil says Andrew.I really like the "secret" track at the way end of the Andrew track. It makes me think of fast-forward the end of every new tape I ever had to see if there was any extra action. What were you guys thinking when you decided to include the final little jam?For the final "hidden" track, Jeff was in the electronic music studio and came up with this little snippet, he came home and threw it on the stereo and we felt like it would be a funny way to put a little bow on the package that is our album, just for the people who have the stamina to play everything all the way to end.What's next for The Foot?Well, we're pretty busy because all of the girls we've been getting since the album came out, but pretty much after tour we're trying to hit up some festivals around the country during the summer season and will be touring relentlessly starting in the fall. It's all about getting our name out there and spreading what we have. We're already writing a lot for the next record and we're really just never slowing down. Never ever. Ever. Ever.If you're in any of the mid-western cities stop what your doing and rock your balls (or tits) off with The Foot!4.16.10 - Kansas City, MOCzar Barw/ Cherry Tree Parade, The Noise FM, Life in Jersey4.17.10 - St. Louis, MO2720 Cherokeew/ Tim Reynolds TR3, Carpenter, DeWeese & Wehling4.18.10 - Louisville, KYHideaway Saloon4.20.10 - Bloomington[...]