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day in day out samples of the life of Godmachine

Updated: 2018-03-06T10:10:56.459+00:00


The Forbidden Knot


As a Halloween treat I'd thought I'd introduce you to the start of new things to come from me for this end of year. Sickness got the best of me though and I missed the date, but with a bit of reading I find that in ye olde days All Hallows Eve included 'samhain' , the new light..which was Nov.1.....or something. So technically, by the olde gods I am still within spooky guide lines. This box set of only 16 contains, 5 giclee prints of work from the years wrapped in black tissue and sealed with a secret, a steel pentacle measuring 5 cms in diameter approx in a black pillow case. The pendant is tied with vintage leather cord in the 'forbidden knot'. With some free stuff included it all comes in this foil printed luxury gift box. I will have a few separate extras of the prints to put up too as they are an edition of 20 each. Happy Halloween...I mean Samhain, comrades. Available Here Shortly: STORE


I could go on about how much of a fan boy I am, but I wont..... I will just say a massive thank you to Vice Press and Tharg at 2000AD for letting me have a crack at some of my fav' characters in the comic, and hopefully more to come. Available at 

Batman...or sorts


The first Batman I did was warmly received and I was asked to do another by bottleneck gallery. I always remembered this certain way people would draw him when he was out and about doing his shizney in town, all hunched over and menacing like. Really into bright red/pink backgrounds at the moment and have tried them out in a few pieces- its my fear of wide empty spaces and bright colours beaten. 



For a private commission group. Originally I was against drawing this guy for the sole reason that it was massively popular and it seemed everyone was enthralled by the new movie. But, I was slowly and brilliantly talked into it, so I decided to use it to try out some new techniques and ideas I'd been having. Hopefully it stands out in the crowd and I am pleased with my efforts. 



Dream job. Massive thank you to Justin and zombieyeti for getting me this gig. I have no idea how or why i came up with this idea- I saw someone draw some red inside a dark figure...then saw a picture of a nun...voila. Later I found out one of their tours was called 'the second coming', I think. I didn't know, this wasn't me being clever, just blind luck on that part. In the poster age of masses of detail I find myself moving towards a different branch and in love with big empty spaces....especially filled with redish pinkish cerisey. (Cerise comes from the french word 'cherry') Available from on Monday 26th Oct.



 I worry constantly that I will die having never been brave enough...I know I will die never having the courage I wish I had, I needed....once all the fears are silent, all the lights are snuffed out...will the birth day of my eternity be one of regret..... Here death asks that same question. The same question I hope you never have the clarity to even consider. But if you do, I hope you put this on your walls and it makes you decide one day to do the things you were always afraid of. Available to buy from the store STORE

City of lost Children


I was asked by Spoke Art Gallery to make a piece exclusively for the 35mm screening at the Roxy Theater. I had always wanted to draw the flea, I always love taking something small and dismissable and making it huge and detailed- I also aimed to make it look kind of like an old circus poster. The printing on this is excellent and the gold ink is perfect. Available through Spoke Art or my store.

'Soul Sucking Jerk From Downstairs', 'Heavy Potter', 'Dementors'.


I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of the Bottleneck show "when the lights go out 3". I thought for ages about what to do and searched for films I kinda liked, I really loved and some I just thought would work with the glow in the dark idea. Lucky for me I managed to cross a film I liked with a good idea. When you have to think of a piece that has a 'reveal' or a gimmick its more fun.

Under The Skin


Under The Skin...what a great film. Thoroughly enjoyed smashing the ol grey matter against the wall on this film. I love having to work to 'get' a film, so much more enjoyment comes from it I find. And that last scene freaked me out- spoiler alert. I did this for a private commission and a massive tip of the hat to my brother Belanger. I should have some for sale in the future- maybe



Originally for SPLASH and now beautifully printed by Hypergiant industries. A 18x24 screen printed poster, 4 colours and a limited edition of 90. Available now: SHOP



I was asked by FAMP posters to design a piece for La Haine and almost bit their arm off at the offer. This is one of those films that makes a difference in my life. It helped me think about film differently, think more about art and society and honestly, how I measure film from here on in. I really could wax lyrical about this amazing film and I really hope I did it justice. Read more at Famp and buy the super limited edition of only 50 here SHOP 

Death Shall Have No Dominion


For Disturbia. I took the title from a Dylan Thomas poem I have on my side. Its a great poem, I recommend you read it- then read everything else by Dylan Thomas. I did this tee because again I like tees with massive gnarly skulls on and never find any I like. you can get it from Disturbia: shop

Waiting For The Night To Fall


I haven't had a chance to post new work here for a while due to a number of reasons but tonight I am launching a new poster and I just love this photo of it.



I was so happy to be asked to join this project. I have always noticed about old horror films was the lighting: was always pink and green- VAMP, comes to mind, the predecessor to Dusk Till Dawn. Todays films it seems to be blue and yellow but then it was pink and blue and I had always said if I do make a film it would be lit in the same way. So, imagine my surprise when I found that others had noticed it too. Love it! Plus I got to do the Fly, I had this idea for a while after doing a piece on Kafka. Hope you enjoy it too. New Rule

Frankenstein: The first Godmachine


I was asked to produce a Frank', for a private collector. I had lots of fun watching the film again and it was nice to remember the real pain, well, not nice but it was good to shed the pollutants of hollywood and remember why it was written. Did you know Mary Shelly the author of the book nearly died from a miscarriage? The pain, I can barely imagine or want to. Losing something, someone, like that...... I have a few for sale here STORE



I was asked to produce a piece about Army Of Darkness for a private commission. Deadites!


I did this piece a long time ago, and while still experimenting with Beardsley etc I wanted to always make sure that I brough something new to the table- my own style as it were. I didnt want to be someone who just wanted to be Beardsley- I wanted to always be me. For this one I took the colours I have seen in so many old metal posters of the 70's and used them to make something I am very happy with and at a massive 38 x 12 inches its becomes a very striking piece. 4 colour screen print, signed, numbered, limited edition and with a free sticker. Available now: SHOP

Killer Klowns From Outer Space


Im not even going to talk about this film, you all know it, you all love it, its awesome, job done. Im not even gonna talk about Arrow Video, they are amazing, they are part of our culture, game over, they're brilliant.I originally did the artwork for, but time ran out on a license and they missed out on printing it, which was a shame but they were nothing but gentlemen about it. Later on my friends and awesome poster dudes: hooked me up with Arrow films. I sent them my artwork and their designers put together this awesome covers using what I gave them. Proud to be a part of this, now all I have to do it buy a blur-ray play...I know I know...but I still have a tape player and buy CDs.

The Earth Grew Dark


I really don't know about where the title came from or the idea. Someone at the show likened it to the kiss, I can see it somewhat. But basically in keeping with my negative space experiments and slightly imposing non-entities, there is this. This is one of my personal favourites for Disturbia and stull one of many that have yet to be launched.

New Valhalla


I actually drew this piece well over a year ago and it sat in a folder since recently being snapped up by an awesome record company: Basick Records. I actually posed for the shot as reference- I used to have long hair but the beard is still here.  I finally got to show it off at my solo show after all this time. A small limited edition of only 50 was made available here. BUY

My Book


I have just released a book of my work from the past 7 years...I think, I cant really remember how long Ive been doing this but I know its not long enough to have a book...surely? I have put together a compilation of most of my work spanning my entire career and a few bits extra. There isnt much of my earlier work in there but there will be a hell of a lot not many people at all will have seen. I was asked to include a load of snaps of my life and friends around me too, and a load of old sketches, some from 20 plus years ago. I have also asked a few of my friends to send in some quotes about me and my work (Time limits meant I couldn't get through everyone- I am sorry) . I tried to write about myself but its just too painfully awkward so I figured this was best. Also you will see a load of quotes that the publisher pulled from a load of interviews of mine- half of which I cant even remember saying :D. I'll shut up now except leave you with only this- thank you, sincerely- to all my family, my friends, my clients, my (I hate calling you 'fans' or 'followers'- you are more than that- so I'll say:) web friends, comrades, brothers and sisters- you are all nothing short of excellence.
Now go spend: BUY BOOK

The Bat Man


Another private commission. Its all about the cape, its always about that cape.

The Joker


For a private commission. I enjoyed this a lot; the drawing itself is relatively simple but the smashed mirror makes it something special. I bought 3 mirrors and tried to smash them so I could figure out how to get a great smash. Turns out you cant control the way a mirror smashes so had to make it up through trial and error. For me the Joker (and batman for that matter) are basically unhinged people, simply insane, and a mirror is a great way to show this, from Twin Peaks to Rollins, a smashed mirror is used to represent a myriad or fractured and intense emotions....yawn....It just looks cool. More to follow.

Disturbia Kiss Of Death


Doing work for seasonal drops means I get lost and forget what I have posted and what I haven't. It was only when I saw this fly past on someones tumblr that I remembered that I did it at all. Even as we speak I am working on winter pieces for companies.