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Updated: 2017-11-15T18:30:15-08:00


Out of Beta: Easily Add and Upload YouTube Videos to Posts and Pages


We are so thrilled to announce that all Typepad subscribers should see the new option to add and upload YouTube videos directly to their post. With the brand new Image Gallery's recent release, that's two...

Tweet this! Using Share Link Generator to embed custom tweets


We read blogs to be entertained and/or educated. When you read something funny, enlightening or disturbing you want to share it right away. With the holiday shopping season coming up, you want to make it...

There is no such thing as Writer’s Block


As a writer, you are presented with two choices, to either write well or perhaps not so well. The choice not to write is not a choice at all. The decision to lay your pen...

Out of Beta: A Brand New Image Gallery


We're so very excited to announce that the brand new Image Gallery has rolled out of Beta and is now available to all of our subscribers! To quickly recap, with this feature you can now...

Rolling Out of Beta: Easily Add and Upload YouTube Videos to Posts and Pages


A month ago today, we released to our Beta Team a brand new feature making it a snap to add and upload YouTube videos to your blog post. We're happy to announce that this has...