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Updated: 2018-02-20T08:47:12-08:00


Design Lab: View Collections


Choosing the correct colors and fonts can seem like an overwhelming task. What colors go together??? You want your blog to be easy to read, what fonts compliment each other? Today we are going to...

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week


This week we want to share some kindness to all our new and existing bloggers! New Bloggers To all our new Typepad bloggers we are providing an extended free trial to help you get your...

Interview with Greg Kieszkowski from Ten Minas


You may have seen Greg’s picture here a few times. He has written an amazing piece about the myth of writer's block and his blog was one of our featured blogs. We loved his blog,...

Featured Blog: Thoughts and Words


Where do authors get their ideas? What inspires them to spend all that time writing a novel? Robert John Goddard’s blog, Thoughts and Words, sets out to explore these questions and more. He shares the...

Design Lab: Blog Footer and Background


Have you refreshed your blog using our new Design Labs? We would love to see the progress. Post a link to your blog and let us know your favorite feature in our new Design Lab....