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Updated: 2018-01-16T11:25:40-08:00


Rolling Out of Beta: Sidebar Carousel


Last week we began rolling the Post Carousel out of Beta, the start of our releasing several Beta features to non-Beta subscribers. This week, we've started rolling the Sidebar Carousel out of Beta as well....

Featured Blog: Ten Minas


Tenminas is part motivation, part reflection on what is going on in the world, part personal experience. The blog is written by Greg Kieszkowski, who was inspired by Seth Godin's blog. He started his blog...

Design Lab: Navigation Bar


Thanks for joining us again as we explore more features in our new Design Lab. Previously we showed you how to customize fonts and add a banner to your blog. Now let's focus on the...

Rolling Out of Beta: Post Carousel


It's the new year, but that doesn't mean that we here at Typepad are done giving out gifts! We're releasing several features out of Beta over the next month and this week we started with...

Featured Blog: Fortuitous Foto


Fortuitous Foto is the blog to help you view the world from one blog. Weekly published photos will take you somewhere, anywhere, for a moment in time and thought. Take a break from your day...