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dr. sober companion is here to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. dr. sober companion can help with dui. dr. sober companion can help with drug addiction. dr. sober companion can help with alcoholism. dr. sober companion is dr. rob tencer dc, bsc

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Liquor branding mentioned in a song


You might not have noticed, but your children are being bombarded by liquor branding in the songs they listen to.While I don't listen that often to lil john, diddy, or any other hip-hop or rap artists, they are being paid big money to include brands in their lyrics.Petron, ciroc, hennesy and many other liquor branding Is in the songs your children listen to.If a radio station or even sirius sattelite were to edit out each time a brand of liquor was mentioned, there would not be much of a song left.What is the answer to this problem of branding? The parents must complain to the radio stations, complain to the FCC, complain to the record companies and stop buying the products mentioned and targeted to children. Stop buying music where the artist does not care what their lyrics do to children listening to their songs. It ain't cool and it ain't right.A pissed off parent Dr. Sober Companion [...]

Diddy makes millions getting you addicted to ciroc


How many millions of dollars did sean "diddy" combs make from pushing vodka ciroc? Was it fortune magazine who listed Sean Combs on their list of weathiest celebrities? (No, I think it was forbes) Was forbes magazine the one who said that most of his income came from his connection with ciroc vodka? To be precise, forbes said: Though music now makes up less than 20% of his revenue, he's made up for that with other business ventures like his deal with Diageo's Ciroc vodka, which brings him double-digit millions annually. Can Dr. Sober Companion stop your children from being sucked into hip hop moguls like Sean Combs and Jay Z? When I heard this, I was amazed that someone could make hundreds of millions of dollars, glamorizing liquor to a young and black community. Not knowing the cost of a bottle of ciroc liqour, my first thought was, Sean Combs is not one to be cheap, so the vodka must be on the expensive side. Another thought was that of the message that mr. combs was sending to his fans, and the african american audience who want to be like him. Was this a flavored alcohic beverage? What is the affect on children? what is the effect on children? what is the effect on mr. combs own children? how long will the ciroc vodka name be embedded into childrens minds? How many children will become addicted to ciroc vodka? How many children will become addicted to alcohol because of sean combs? sean "diddy" combs involvement in the alcoholic beverage named ciroc vodka, is an example of a role model using his name and image to gain an audience for the purchase and consumption of an alcoholic beverage called ciroc vodka. What is wrong with mr. combs making hundreds of millions of dollars, for motivating children and adults to drink ciroc vodka? The lifestyle images of mr. sean "diddy" combs, going out, dressed very well, flying in private planes, partying with other famous people, including actors who played gangsters, drug makers of crystal meth, appear to be having the time of their life while drinking ciroc vodka. Billboards depict mr. sean "diddy" combs, partying with 2 black women and a white woman, who just happen to be beautiful models. Where is his wife and children? In this fantasy lifestyle promotion, he has no family life, and only parties all the time. Sean "diddy" combs, also appears to be saying to us, if you are married with children, you can still go out and party with beautiful women, you are not married to. Does this post appear that I am jeealous? The 1 thing you should get out of this is the danger of making more people addicted to alcohol. Does mr. sean"diddy" combs succeed in getting more people to drink ciroc vodka, the answer is yes. Does the promotion glamorise and give approval to drink ciroc vodka? The answer is yes. Do you think the advertisements of mr. sean "diddy" combs cause children to want to drink ciroc vodka? I would say the answer is yes, to getting young drinkers to want ciroc vodka. Does mr. sean "diddy" combs target blacks (african americans) to drink ciroc vodka? The answer would have to be yes to targeting african american's to drink ciroc vodka. The answer is yes, because it has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to mr. sean "diddy" combs, and the promotions with him continue. While pitbull, Jay Z and others advertise and promote beer, mr. sean "diddy" combs, went for high end, much more expensive alcoholic beverages to target a black audience. Does pitbull influence a young latin community to drinking alcohol? The alcoholic beverage maker thought it would young latinos to drink alcohol. Does jay Z influence a young black audience to drinking alcohol? The alcoholic beverage maker thought it would influence young blacks to drink alcohol. I am more disgusted, then jealous that mr. sean "diddy" combs makes hundreds of millions of dollars at getting a young black audience to drink ciroc vodka. “Sean “Diddy” Combs has entered into an alliance with the Diageo liquor company and will take over brand management of the liquor brand Ciroc it wa[...]

lucy liu plays lori cerasoli in sherlock holmes TV show


Lucy Liu tackles addiction as a sober companionLucy Liu may have never been addicted to drugs or had an alcohol abuse problem, but she seemed to always be around sober companions throughout her career. If she did have an addiction, she kept it out of the press, and out of the public's view. Lucy Liu is cast as sober companion Jane WatsonLucy Liu has been cast with Jonny Lee Miller in CBS’s upcoming pilot, Elementary. This is a modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes, where liu plays a sober companion to Jonny's Sherlock holmes character, who has an addiction, and in recovery. Properly expressed as "Eccentric Brit" might be politically correct way to describe the Sherlock Holmes character who is a former consultant to Scotland Yard. His addiction problems have led him to a rehab center in New York City. Just out of rehab, Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with “sober companion” Joan Watson, a former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD. Hired by parentsAs part of the condition for accepting the job, or getting money from his dad, or some reason he must obey his father's rules, the lead is required to hire a sober companion. Johnny Lee Miller describes the sober companion character“She’s looking after Sherlock, initially,” Jonny said. “She’s the sober companion [who] has to accompany him everywhere, [and] try and keep him on the straight and narrow, but he’s got it in his head that he wants to start work as a consultant – a detective consultant — so he drags her along with him and he starts to see that she has some real abilities to bring to the table.” watch the Elementary promo trailer from CBS hereIn the brief promo click on youtube, it looked like lucy adds nothing to the curiosities of a wired sherlock holmes, and appears naive to the trouble that sherlock holmes draws her into, purely by being in close proximity.  While the "elementary" promo shows very little, there is much action to watch, car chases, car accidents, stints in jail due to reckless abandon. It appears that lucy as sober companion jane watson, is hired by sherlocks father, and it seems like she might not want to be there, especially when sherlock totals her own car. Another observation from the promo is that while many of dr. sober companion's contemporaries are changing their names to sober coaches, hollywood is sticking with the classic name of sober companion. It would be much harder to take lucy liu serious if she was only known as a coach, and their weren't any sports. dr. sober companion chooses to also remain with the classic terminology of sober companion, to describe the profession.Lucy, who most recently appeared on TNT’s “Southland” said her Dr. Watson has her own demons.“Don’t waste your time doing things you don’t want to be doing” says Liu. “That’s the one thing I’ve learned [is to say]: ‘That’s not something I would like to do, so I think I’m going to have to pass on that.’ Saying no isn’t easy, she admits, but doing so gives Liu more time to do the things she likes. “I don’t think my martial arts training is going to save me in this environment” Lucy Liu meets sober companion Lori CerasoliIn 2 charlie's angels movies with co-star drew barrymore, lucy liu may have worked side by side with sober companion lori cerasoli, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. lori cerasoli was Drew barrymore's sober companion throughout most of drew barrymore's adult career. Drew barrymore has had an addiction almost her entire hollywood career, or at least since she was a teen. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol was so bad, she needed to hire a sober companion, and thats where we speculate lucy liu learned much to draw on for her new "elementary" role as a sober companion jane watson, who tags along solving crimes.CLICK HERE: to purchase little girl lost - the addiction recovery book of drew barrymore Drew Barrymore was a star by the time she was se[...]

open knee surgery for torn acl requires donjoy knee brace


open knee surgery for torn acl may require donjoy knee brace Some people are born with bad knees, while others are reckless, and cause the need for open knee surgery all by themselves. donjoy knee braces are a popular choice for people with an active lifestyle.(please note: not all of the images of knee surgery are tiger woods, but are used as an artistic explanation of how serious and painful knee surgery is. knee surgery could have lead to the primary drug addiction of tiger woods)How did tiger woods become addicted after his knee injury?tiger woods open knee surgeries and pain medication addiction: Doctor sober companion rediscovered why my visitors need pain medication and the addiction it causes when I saw how much people took an interest to my tiger woods pain medication addiction article. People were as interested in seeing the actual knee surgery photos, as they were as to the effects on tiger woods children. You see, pain killer addiction effects more than yourself. It effects your children and ends marriages, or its used as an excuse by a cheating man like tiger woods. While pain killers and acl surgery did not end the career of tiger woods, he never recovered to the level he once had.Click here if you need a donjoy custom made knee brace for lowest possible prices Why is the cost of custom fitted donjoy knee brace so high?The cost of a well made custom knee brace does not matter, because most health insurance companies as well as medicare pay for most of the cost. To get your medical insurance to pay for the knee brace, they only need a prescription from a health provider or physican. The knee braces do cost from $500 to over a thousand dollars for custom made knee braces and the custom fittings involved, but much cheaper if you buy it online, and call the company about helping you with billing reimbursement and proper fitting directions on your own.. How much does a brace cost and where can I buy a knee brace?DJO products are sold through medical facilities and distributors. They could also be purchased online. knee braces are not only for senior citizens At first, I thought that knee braces were only used by the elderly, and that knee pain and knee surgery happen with a lifetime of use. Then I read up in forums, websites and learned from knee brace manufactures like: donjoy, ossur, asterisk, cti, breg, bearenfeld that knee braces are bought for many reasons, besides post operative, and that its not always to avoid re-injury. While there are knee braces for all types of injuries, this article is mostly for people requiring a functional knee brace. What is a functional knee brace?FUNCTIONAL KNEE BRACES such as donjoy's Defiance, Defiance III, 4TITUDE and Legend knee braces, all function the same. donjoy's 4 Points of Leverage applies to all of these functional braces. The Defiance and Defiance III are constructed of carbon fiber and is the strongest choice for contact sports. Why is the custom fitting so important to ACL, PCL and CI knee injuries?Because custom brace's are made individually for each patient. The customization results in an optimal fit, while providing protection and support. The donjoy Armor, 4titude and Legend are off-the-shelf or sized braces. These braces provide excellent support and convenience. Functional knee braces from donjoy and other knee brace manufactures come in three variations: ACL, PCL and CI.  What is the difference between ACL, PCL and CI knee injuries? The donjoy functional bracing line was designed to provide ligamentous control to the knee both pre-injury (prophylactically) and post-injury. The majority of product usage occurs post-injury.The most common ligament injury is a tear of the (ACL) anterior cruciate ligament. The second most common injury is damage to the (PCL) posterior cruciate ligament, whileThe third is a (CI) combination injury to both the ACL and PCL ligaments aka Combined[...]

Substance abuse and religion - why faith based?


Substance abuse and religion: What if you're not ready to turn to religion for your substance abuse?Dr. Sober Companion is a non-faith-based approach to saving your life from a dangerous addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling. Dr. Sober Companion is the answer to your prayers, for the perfect way to transition from the rehab facility to the rest of your life. If you're not quite ready to be on your own, and don’t want to get started with religious counseling or continue with a faith based approach. "Its your last day at rehab. You just made it 1 month or more at a faith based rehab facility." Congratulations on being sober for the longest time in your adult life. Follow up treatment is very important at this stage, because you're going to be on your own, making some good and some bad decisions. Substance abuse can kill youDon’t throw away everything you’ve just accomplished. Email dr. sober companion now, to continue the new and improved you, free of your constant addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Email dr. sober companion if you are uncertain about your future, and if you're nervous about the next 24 hours. Email dr. sober companion to keep you sober.dr. sober companion can keep you aliveEmail dr. sober companion to keep you alive. Your life is priceless and precious. If you love yourself, and your family still care about you, you might not want to turn Jesus Christ, or you might not be Christian or catholic. You don’t have to turn to religion for reconciliation, and you don’t need a faith based approach. Dr.sober is standing by to save your life from the dangers of substance abuseClick here to get help now! [...]

sober escorts are not that kind of guy or gal


why do people think sober escorts are working guys or gals who get paid by the hour? We use the term sober escort, because sober companions wanted to offer a safe option of transportation when leaving a rehab facility or leaving one safe environment free of drugs, alcohol and enablers and going to another safe environment, all while being supervised and kept away from drugs, alcohol and enablers. The problem is, while sober companions want to offer full time 24 hour supervision, most are not properly insured to transport their clients. We at dr. sober companion are not in the escort business, and instead recommend or refer to private limousine companies, or better yet a full time driver on call 24 hours a day. Limo drivers are properly bonded and insured to transport passengers, while they are not medically trained, or knowledgeable about our clients, we travel with you as a passenger, and not as an escort. For some reason, someone wanted to get cute, and gain the interest of the public, and make them sound different as an escort, but all people really thought was that they were working girls and guys offering... (my terms of service agreement with google doesn't allow for more graphic descriptions of what people really think sober escorts are, but you can guess) dr. sober companion is not an escort. This escort business was brought to our attention, when our other sober companion blog started pulling stories about domestic and european escorts, when we were trying to pull news feeds about sober companions. A sober escort is not a prostitute. All posts were deleted with the keyword escorts. [...]

Amy Winehouse dies under sober companions careless watch?


what if amy winehouse or someone young and in their 20's died under a sober companion's supposedly careful 24 hour watch? (because she said no no no to rehab) mentioned in a post from close friends of amy winehouse, that she was not using any drugs or alcohol when she passed away, but they did say she was very weak, and it was obvious she had a very poor immune system from heavy drug and alcohol addictions. What this means is amy winehouse did not die from an overdose, but can we blame her friends or her parents for her early death? What about the sober companion? This post is hypothetical, but could have just as well have happened in real life. If amy winehouse was clean and sober, but weak, could it be blamed on the sober companion, if she was under their supervision when she died? While things as trivial as dehydration, heat stroke, can easily kill someone, so can suffocation and drowning. But can you blame the sober companion if the client dies, while under their supervision? dr. sober companion believes the above scenario's fall under mistreatment, neglect of duties, to someone as vulnerable as an addict, regardless how short a time or how long they have been recovering, so we say YES, the sober companion is responsible for the death. dr. sober companion would also go as far to say, suicide attempts and a successful suicide attempt during a sober companion's care, is also a form of neglect of duties, when you know the person is vulnerable, depressed, and miserable without their drugs or alcohol. the job of the sober companion is to keep the client away from drugs and alcohol, and deny you access to them. the responsibilities involved are heavy, and suicide attempts are a real possibility that must not be overlooked. A sober companion is responsible for suicide of their client. Even if a client sneaks away, is killed while away, it is also the sober companions fault, for neglecting the client, even for a moment. It is also for this reason, that a sober companion sleeps close by, in the same room as the client, and never leaves your side. With the job of a sober companion, comes a very great responsibility, to keep you alive. That is after all what you are paying for. Your early death can be prevented, and dr sober companion is here to help you stay alive. [...]

Are you free of drug and alcohol use for 30 days?


dr. sober companion wants to know if you are 30 days clean? A 30 day's buffer, free of alcohol and drug use will give you: 1. a good chance to stay alive 2. a good chance to stay clean 3. your body after the withdrawl needs time to recover 4. time to get away from enablers 5. proof that you really want to get better perhaps there is a misconception between dr. sober companion and rehab facilities, that may confuse you about who we are. dr. sober companion would like to clear things up right now. When we at dr. sober companion say: "we recommend rehab facilities", we say this for the explicit purpose of keeping you alive. You must stay clean for 30 days, before we will accept you as a client. Before you can call dr. sober companion for help, you or someone who cares about you, needs to check you into a local rehab facility or one of our recommended rehab facilities. As mentioned previously, We require you to be clean and sober for 30 days, before we can begin. The natural transition from a rehab facility, back to your life should be with dr. sober companion, and not with AA or a 12 step related sponsor. The reason is, we need you free of all enablers. The perfect way to prove to yourself and to us that you want our care is going first to a rehab facility. While rehab facilities can give you the fundamentals you need to stay alive, they can make it feel like you are incarcerated and without freedom. While some rehab facilities are quick to take your money and even quicker, to throw you out for breaking their rules, we suggest you have a couple choices of rehab facilities, just in case, to help you get through the first 30 days, before calling dr. sober companion with the next stage of keeping you alive. [...]

supreme court places blame on parents for generic drugs killing your children


dr. sober companion interpreted the recent supreme courts decision on generic drugs as placing the blame on parents for generic drugs killing your children.If you agree with dr. sober companion, we welcome your comments.If you disagree with dr. sober companion, we still want to hear from you.If the supreme court says there is no blame on the pharmaceutical manufacturers generics killing your children, then the interpretation of dr. sober companion is that parents killed their children, because they ignored:addiction properties of the generic medicationside effects of the generic pharmaceuticalwarnings and dangers of generic drug useThe United States Supreme Court justices ruled 5-4 that generic drug companies do not share the same level of responsibility as makers of brand-name equivalents, to update their warning labels when significant new risks emerge. (even though most drugs bought are generic)Your children's killers include:Sonia SotomayorStephen G. BreyerSamuel A. AlitoElena KaganClarence ThomasAntonin ScaliaChief Justice John G. RobertsAnthony KennedyRuth Bader GinsburgThe U.S. supreme court were split along political lines."It is beyond dispute that the federal statutes and regulations that apply to brand-name drug manufacturers are meaningfully different than those that apply to generic drug manufacturers," said Justice Clarence Thomas. "Indeed it is the special, and different, regulation of generic drugs that allowed the generic drug market to expand, bringing drugs more quickly and cheaply to the public."In dissent, Justice Sonia Sotomayor countered, "These divergent liability rules threaten to reduce consumer demand for generics... Nothing in the court's opinion convinces me that, in enacting the requirement that generic labels match their corresponding brand-name labels, Congress intended these results."Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan supported Sotomayor.If a generic drug for the simple condition of acid reflux, causes permanent damage to the nervous system, how much more will the damage be to your children's brain functions from the poison's you consent to giving them?What is at stake?How about the life of your children?The claim is that inadequate warnings were provided about the long-term risks of taking the medicine. It was also alleged there was growing evidence of the dangers posed by the drug, but that the companies took no steps to change the warning labels.Parents need to take responsibility for the damage and the deaths to their children, for the mood altering generic medications that they keep refilling for their children. Dr. Sober companion stresses over and over again, of the importance to seek alternatives to drug use and alternatives from medical treatments heavily biased approach to helping your children. When money is involved, the only ones who win are the pharmaceutical companies that produce the generic drugs.Reduced price of generics is behind high use:If a generic drug costs less than half the price of the real medication it copies, than the demand will never drop, despite the fact that the generic may kill your children faster.If more than 70% of all drugs prescribed in the United States are filled with generics, than you should understand how big of a problem we are facing.There are no adequate warnings or dangers that you need to be made aware of, to keep your children out of danger.Parents must stop consenting to their children swallowing poison:Barack Obama is to blame for cheap drug epidemic:Obama's health care reform bill encourages greater use of generics, because of their low cost, and shows a reckless behavior of having no concern for safety.If a lawsuit against a doctor, pharmaceutical manufacturer or even the pharmacist is diluted or abolished, by the supreme court, there is nothing to stop the epidemic of your children's death,[...]

relapse aetv is about sober coaches who fail because 1 week is not enough


class="twitvid-player" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" title="Twitvid video player" type="text/html" width="480">Meet the sober coaches of A&E 'Relapse"Before dr. sober companion gives our point of view and critique the show, lets first read the press release about "relapse"A&E Network is in production on the new original Real-Life series, "Relapse" from the Emmy®-Award winning producers of A&E's critically acclaimed "Intervention." The series will follow sober coaches as they do whatever it takes to help high-risk addicts break the cycle of relapse and addiction. Five one-hour episodes of "Relapse" have been ordered and will premiere second quarter 2011. "Relapse" is an intense, emotionally charged series that follows the country's leading sober coaches as they work to save the lives of addicts who have turned back to drugs and alcohol. More than 50% of addicts who get sober will relapse, and addicts who continue to do so, generally need one-on-one help. Sober coaches are former addicts who have found their way back to clean living. They dedicate their lives to giving individualized attention to those who can't break their destructive habits. The coaches are often a last resort for addicts who have tried other methods to get sober but have failed. Each episode of "Relapse" follows two sober coaches over the course of a week as they work one-on-one with addicts to get them through painful withdrawal symptoms, face personal challenges and reconnect with family and friends who have lost hope. The coaches know the road back to sobriety and will do whatever it takes, no matter how drastic, to help the clients get sober. For the first time ever, viewers will be invited to ride along with sober coaches as they jump into the lives of their clients, forming a bond that is the heart of every episode, and make them face their demons head on. "Relapse" is produced by GRB Productions for A&E Network. Gary Benz, Michael Branton and Dan Partland are executive producers. Jeff Grogan serves as co-executive producer. A&E executive producers are Robert Sharenow and Jordana Hochman. Colleen Conway developed the series for A&E. After watching a few episodes of aetv relapse about sober coaches (sober companions), I saw some details about sober companions (sober coaches) that may be confusing to someone seeking help.Dr. Sober Companion wanted to clarify  a few issues:1. Dr. Sober Companion Rob Tencer DC, BSc was asked to appear on "Relapse", but turned the offer down, when I was told I could work on the addict for only 1 week.2. It has now become apparent that the addicts were still using, and did not meet the requirement by Dr. Sober Companion, that the addicts must be detoxed for at least 1 month, prior to dr. sober companion having any positive affect on helping the addict.3. Dropping an addict off at a recovery center instead of staying with them is an abandonment of the job, if done within the same time frame that they have paid for 24 hour supervision. (in fairness, with only 1 week to help an addict, dropping them off at rehab is better than the family identifying the body at the county morgue)4. Not searching the addicts body, clothing and other personal items for drugs, before accepting them is also inexcusable.5. Not removing the addict from their environment and their hidden stashes, and close by dealers is also careless and inexcusable. (the addict knows every hiding place in their own home. stash is always close by)6. Not removing ALL enablers, including family, friends, spouses, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, best friend is the same as doing nothing to help them.Neighborhood drug dealers (close to home)7. Not staying with the addict 24 hours a day, is also an abandonment of duties a[...]

Charlie Sheen and Jeff Rossen Spell anti AA message


Charlie Sheen's favorite interview was the one he did with Jeff Rossen.Charlie Sheen's favorite interview was the one he did with Jeff Rossen. This happens to be the same snake that has made it his passion to go after people he believes will die of a drug overdose.Dr. Sober Companion does not trust Jeff Rossen, because of the studio's heavy editing that he works for.How does Dr. Sober Companion know this about Jeff Rossen?Dr. Sober Companion first came in contact with Jeff Rossen after the Michael Jackson death was blamed on Dr. shopping, which means he looked for doctors willing to write him an unlimited amount of prescriptions. The other method was to find enablers that would doctor shop, tell them the prescriptions they needed and give it to the celebrity. If the enabler completed the task, they could remain part of the inner circle. If they did not bring back the prescription drugs they were out of the inner circle.Like Charlie Sheen, Dr. Sober Companion was also interviewed by Jeff Rossen. The interview with Jeff Rossen lasted about 30 minutes, but was later edited to a very brief statement against the use of drugs, and the harm it causes.One thing that Charlie Sheen and Dr. Sober companion have in common is that we are both anti AA. Possibly for different reasons, and quite possibly for more of the same reasons.Dr. sober companion is against the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (12 step) because it brings all the enablers to one room, causing the addiction they are trying to remove from their lives back to the center of attention.I applaud charlie sheen for speaking out against the 12 step and against AA. He has gone on record stating it was a waste of 22 years of his life. [...]

guess what I saw miley cyrus doing now?


miley cyrus seen using a bong, getting high, having fun and smiling, laughing is causing your young children to want to do what miley cyrus is doing.What should you as a parent do to stop your children from doing what they saw miley cyrus doing?At what age do your children need to be, for you to have a talk with them? Tween age that watches disney. Sit down with your children and tell them it is wrong and that miley cyrus is reckless, careless and out of control. She could have been raped, killed or a close friend of hers could have made a video tape.Guess what I saw miley cyrus doing now?The friends that your children hang out with will not protect them, and in fact will blackmail you to make the video go away, and yet the video was still made public.You have reason to be frightened.dr. sober companion is here to help you [...]

PainKillers - Killed your children. Who do we blame?


Who do we blame for painkillers, killing our children?Do we blame the doctor's who prescribed the medication? (recommended poison)Do we blame the pharmaceutical company that made the gun and the bullets?Do we blame the pharmacies for selling the drugs? (selling the guns and bullets)Do we blame the parents for supplying their children with the money or insurance to purchase the drugs?Blaming your children for dying because they took to many drugs you bought them, is an argument that should never have to be made.In my blog, I have previously wrote to you about, Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle, who was arrested for possible over prescribing drugs to his patients. Well guess what?  Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle is not the only medical doctor who prescribed drugs to his patients, that may have contributed to his patients over dosing and dying.You may or may not know about another MD in Kansas, who along with his wife ( a registered nurse) were responsible for the overdose deaths of at least 68 children, from pain killer medication. They call the duo "the doctor wife conspiracy", but prosecutors say no matter what you call it, what Dr. Stephen Schneider and his wife, Linda, did was against the law.Now appealing their convictions in a case highlighting the medical treatment of chronic pain sufferers and prescription drug abuse. If a jury does not know that taking prescription drugs may kill you, then they are already brain dead. Its like saying, I did not know a loaded gun is dangerous. (One potential juror was excused because he indicated in his questionnaire that he already formed opinions.) A jury sent the couple to jail for conspiring to profit from illegally prescribing painkillers at a clinic linked to 107 overdoses, 68 of them deadly.Dr. Stephen Schneider MD, 56, ran the Schneider Medical clinic near Wichita, Kansas. His wife Linda Schneider worked as a nurse.Linda Schneider's lawyer said this of his client, which is a great description of the epidemic."Most doctors will look at this and think ... 'I am board certified. I have been trained. I can trust all my patients,"' Byers said. "And then the DEA comes through kicking their door, in ninja masks, guns in their faces - and they go away for 20 to life." The Schneiders are involved in the blame game, which they are part of by default. While the blame could go to anyone of a number of guilty people such as the parents, the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmacies, the doctors. Take your pick as they are all guilty in my eyes. (We sometimes refer to them as enablers)U.S. Attorney Lanny Welch had little sympathy for the Schneiders."The abuse of prescription drugs is a serious national public health concern," he said in a statement. "The evidence in this case of patients suffering from overdose and death points to the fact that when prescription painkillers are unlawfully prescribed, they can be as dangerous as illegal drugs."Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Treadway said Stephen and Linda Schneider illegally prescribed painkillers that led to fatal overdoses of 68 patients. The couple is directly charged with contributing to the deaths of 21 people.Approximately 100 potential jurors have been summoned to the federal courthouse in Wichita, after completing lengthy pre-trial questionnaires. ( The problem is that the jurors are just as guilty as the parents who ignorintly get their children hooked on prescription drugs at an early age. While you may call it brainwashing, or misinformation of the public with billions of dollars in advertising by the pharmaceutical industry that their drugs are safe, we see that this is simply not true)U.S. District Judge Monti Belot is the Schneider case Judge.Lawrence Williamson, one of the Schneiders' lawyers asked:Would you automatical[...]

TMZ goes easy on drug pushing medical doctor criminals


Adderall and Ritalin for your childrenThis post is in response to the TMZ article "ADDERALL may have unhinged.."Dr. Sober Companion wants to know: Why is TMZ going easy on drug pushing MD's who make their prescription pad available to celebrity and wealthy addicts?Instead of coming right out to just say that MD's who prescribe ADDERALL for the catch all attention deficit hyperactivty disorder (ADHD), which makes addicts out of children, who are required to be using to attend school, they only used the celebrity tie in, which makes the epidemic seem isolated to the rich and famous.If Medical Doctor and teacher across the United States order it, they must know whats right for your children? Right?WRONG !!!While MD's keep a waiting room full of newly addicted children, the teachers just want an easy teaching job, where children are doped up on drugs, and made into young addicted zombies (yaz)Now back to TMZ, who went lightly on the mention of MD's misdiagnosing ADDERALL drug addict celebrity convict lindsay lohan.When situations like this arise, where the spotlight is shining on information that you are not supposed to know about; about the pharmaceutical industry coming up with ingenius fake diagnosis to push their drugs and make billions while addicting new customers every day.Its not a misdiagnosis, but it is a fraud on the American public.A fraud and negligence that turns your children into drug addicts while you pay for the doctor visit and the prescription that addicts your children.Snap out of the spell that makes you think that medical doctors and teachers know whats right for your children.The harshest reality that TMZ points out, and makes little use of, is that medical doctors know that ADDERALL is just a prescription version of coccaine or methamphetamine.TMZ continues to point out that medical doctors also prescribe AMBIEN, so the drug addicts high on ADDERALL can get to sleep.TMZ, you got it all wrong. Its not just an isolated bad medical diagnosis, its fraud against the american public.Some idiots still believe that marijuana is the gateway drug.Dear mom and dad,Open your eyes to this fraud against you and your children. Stop the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors from dumping drugs into your childrens mouths. You must put your foot down, once and for all.You may have gotten the message in time to save your children before its to late.Dr. Sober Companion is mad as hell, and needs your support against the pharmaceutical industry.While the medical doctors are the pushers in this fraudulent scheme, and very much complicent, its the makers of these drugs that need to be stopped.The fraud does not stop with drug makers and medical doctors.The FDA also needs a severe scrubbing and investigation into how the deep pocketed pharmaceutical industry bribed and paid the FDA to look the other way to allowing pharmaceutical coccaine and methamphetamineinto your local Walmart, Target and Costco pharmacies?Teachers unions as well as individual teachers are also part of the fraudulent scheme of bringing drugs into the school.Questions for teachers:Have you no shame?How can you sleep at night, knowing what you did to the children?You gave them an education in drug addiction that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.The media has kept quiet as well, because the pharmaceutical industry is so important to their budgets. Biased media is part of the fraudulent scheme against you and your children.Now think about scenarios like this:Yes, the pilot who crashed the plane tested positive for drug use, but he had a prescription.Yes, the driver that killed dozens was a drug addict, but he also had a prescription.Yes, the children who killed their classmates and then [...]

A celebrities father fights the medical industry for getting his child hooked


Finally a parent is fighting the medical industry, by demanding an investigation into medical doctors prescribing highly addictive drugs to his child. While it may be for the wrong reasons, the father is Michael Lohan, who appears to have a need to be in the press almost as much as his daughter lindsay lohan. regardless of his motive, THIS PARENT SEEMS TO STAND ALONE AGAINST MEDICAL DOCTORS.It disturbed dr. sober companion, that addicted inmates, could keep their prescriptions filled even when incarcerated. There goes the thought of going cold turkey.A couple months ago, Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle, was arrested for possible over prescribing drugs to his patients, something that was revealed in his case was very interesting to dr. sober companion, and that was that the state board had records of what doctors prescribed what medications and how much they prescribed. This information I thought, could be so useful to determine which medical doctor was a doctor feelgood, the kind that addicts shop for. This list would be so revealing, if it made it public. The question is, can the attorney general get this list, and start going after the doctors? Other questions might arise, what would be considered prescribing to much? A very good question, but the answer is much easier to determine. The answer is which doctors are on the top of the spectrum, of over prescribing. While Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle, was the number 1 prescriber of highly addictive drugs, who else is in the top 10 of over prescribing. Could we at least get the top 5? i would be a little hapier if we could even get the runner up, to the king of over prescribing Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle.Its said that the law of california is broken, when overprescribing occurs. The question for a long time has been will the medical board keep quiet about the list, or will they reveal the scumbags who are killing your son and daughter, by first getting them addicted when they are young, and then by continuing to give them their drugs. Mr. Lohan is right about this situation, and what it might do to stop these doctors from operating. Mr. lohan wants them to held accountable for their actions, and they should.Is your son or daughter getting their fix, legally through prescription? Isn't it time you join Michael Lohan in his fight against unscrupulous doctors who addic their children. [...]

Lindsay Lohan - prescription drug user for as long as she can remember


Lindsay Lohan - prescription drug user for as long as she can rememberIts not every day that dr. sober companion has access to a random drug test of a celebrity, unless of course they are clients of dr. sober companion. It is really unbelievable the access that the press and public have to peoples private information. Then again, you lose your rights if you are arrested and convicted.Isn't that reason enough to hire a sober companion, to keep your name out of the press, and to keep your ass out of jail? We think you will agree, that the information that websites like TMZ got on Lyndsay Lohan is way to much.We used to rely on drug addicts to supply us with the names of the current medications of choice, but now we know that celebrities like Lyndsay Lohan are being prescribed Ambien and Adderall, and Dilaudid -- an extremely powerful painkiller ... often compared to morphine ... and even heroin. The information that we are getting is from TMZ, who has various sources, including Lindsay Lohan's probation officer, who made a report that lists 5 drugs Lindsay Lohan is allowed to take, under the terms of probation. The 5 drugs are: Zoloft (antidepressant) Trazodone (antidepressant)Adderall (amphetamine stimulant to control ADHD)Nexium (acid reflux) Dilaudid (opiate pain killer) DENTAL PAIN?Judge Marsha Revel appointed Dr. Kaushal Sharma to evaluate Lindsay Lohan, and then make recommendations to the court. If you compare the drugs Lyndsay Lohan is allowed, to celebrities who overdosed, or just plain common drug addicts, the thing that sets them apart is access to prescriptions, ability to buy them or have someone buy for them, and ability to try and fool the public. Enablers of celebrities, like parents and friends, will not try and stop the addict if they want to continue receiving their allowances or whatever else they get in return for looking the other way. If you consider the statement "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember.", and you consider the fact that Lyndsay is still very young and in her twenties, it must have been her mother that originally helped her obtain the prescriptions and medical care. Any minor, must have their parents permission to be treated. Why would a parent allow their child amphetamines and opiates?Dr. sober companion will help our clients to test negative for opiates and amphetamines because we remove all drugs and alcohol and remove all replacement drugs which have the same properties as street drugs, but are much more potent. A parent must be fooling themselves if they are talked into accepting replacement therapy drugs as a way to help their children, by medical doctors. READ THE DRUG TEST! POSITIVE FOR AMPHETAMINES AND POSITIVE FOR OPIATES!Stop being so gullible to a medical doctors recommendations that you are helping your children. The only way to test negative for drug and alcohol use is to remove everything and totally abstain.Medical proof for prescription drug use, is a lie perpetrated by the medical industry, which is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry.Submitting your children to random drug tests that you know damn well beforehand that the test will be positive, is a cruel joke played on your children. Dear Parents, are you that cruel to your children?Are you that stupid? [...]

Did Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle kill your son or daughter or just get them addicted?


So they got one medical doctor out of thousands just like him, that killed your son and daughter, or got them addicted to drugs. Its not only the medical doctors they need to go after, but the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians that gave them a monopoly and immunity.Dr. Sober Companion is happy, that one more medical doctor is off the streets, but now the families of all the victims need to come forward and make a bigger case against the pharmaceutical companies for causing over doses, unneeded deaths and unstoppable addictions, that are fueled by the medical industry.Dr. Sober companion is hoping and praying that another medical doctor does not take the place of this criminal, that killed your son and daughter.United States Attorney's OfficeCentral District of California Thom MrozekPublic Affairs Officer(213) 894-6947thom.mrozek@usdoj.govReturn to the 2010 Press Release IndexRelease No. 10-065April 13, 2010 WEST HOLLYWOOD PSYCHIATRIST, OFFICE MANAGER ARRESTED ON CHARGES OF WRITING HUGE NUMBER OF PRESCRIPTIONS FOR ADDICTIVE DRUGS WITHOUT EXAMINING CASH-PAYING ‘PATIENTS’ A doctor who maintains a clinic in West Hollywood and his office manager were arrested this afternoon on federal charges of conspiring to distribute controlled substances for writing thousands of prescriptions for highly addictive drugs for “patients” he did not examine and who simply paid cash for the prescriptions.Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle, 37, of Hollywood, was arrested without incident at his residence by special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration and officers with the Redondo Beach Police Department.Antonie “Tony” Phillips, 28, of the Koreatown district of Los Angeles, was also arrested without incident this afternoon at Kuemmerle’s clinic.Both men were charged in a criminal complaint filed on Friday in United States District court that accuses both of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, a charge that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in federal prison.The arrests follow a joint investigation by the Redondo Beach Police Department and the DEA’s Tactical Diversion Squad, which is charged with investigating all allegations of diversion of legal drugs into the illicit market. The investigation used informants and undercover techniques to develop a 98-page affidavit that outlines how Kuemmerle received patients without appointments, wrote prescriptions for drugs like Adderall and Xanax during meetings that lasted only a few minutes, and took cash payments that he simply stuffed into his pockets.After analyzing Kuemmerle’s prescribing history and reviewing undercover tapes made at the medical clinic, a San Diego-based psychiatrist concluded that “there is overwhelming evidence that Dr. Kuemmerle is running a quintessential ‘pill mill.’” From the beginning of 2006 through late November 2009, Kuemmerle wrote 14,529 prescriptions for a variety of controlled substances, meaning that he averaged 15 prescriptions during his normal five-hour workday, according to the report by Dr. Steven Ornish, who is also an associate clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego.“Dr. Kuemmerle’s professional conduct has been egregious, grossly negligent, flagrantly incompetent, and dangerous, and this is not a close call,” Dr. Ornish wrote.The affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, where Dr. Ornish’s report is summarized, also notes that during 2009 Kuemmerle wrote more prescriptions for the largest available dosage of amphetamine salts – t[...]

sarah silverman is overprescribed mood altering drugs


sarah silverman is overprescribed mood altering drugs while still a child.will sarah silverman soon need a sober companion to save her life?A young sarah silverman may have become what she is today, because as a child, she could not fight everyone who told her she had to take medication.teachers, principle, school counselors, school psychologist, parents, medial doctors and pharmacists all teamed up against a little girl, and told her she had to take drugs. the more she complained, the more drugs they put her on."you're not going to believe this, but my shrink eventually had me taking four xanax four times a day. 16 xanax a day, for a 14 year old girl. she upped my dose every time. she should be in prison." - from april 2010 playboy magazine interview with sarah silvermanthis is normal, and dr. sober companion agrees with sarah silverman that her medical doctor should be in prison [...]

NBC today show drug addiction minus a sober companion spells disaster


NBC today show drug addiction minus a sober companion spells disaster. NBC was caught replaying the famous doctor shopping segment, minus dr. sober companion (Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BSc), whom originally appeared in the segment.Dr. Sober Companion on the today show, NBCDr. sober companion is once again compelled to set the record straight. It was recently brought to the attention of dr. sober companion, that NBC today show michael jackson doctor shopping segment, featuring dr. Sober companion and the under cover work of david lerman was replayed, this time in connection with the corey haim drug overdose from obtaining drugs from dr. Feelgood, much in the same way that was discovered and presented by dr. sober companion and his guest david lerman.This time though, the part about dr. Tencer wanting to save lives, was removed from the segment, while keeping david lerman's under cover dr. shopping segment.We at dr. sober companion wanted to correct a few errors in the NBC today show segment.First, the person described as working for dr. Sober companion and shown going under cover in dr. feelgood offices to gain the prescriptions was done not by an employee, nor was he ever a patient, but by a person named david lerman, who was so masterful at obtaining prescriptions from doctors, because he himself is an addicted alcoholic and drug addict, who was just showing his own technique of doctor shopping.David Lerman paid to score prescriptions by NBC producersMr. Lerman was not acting as an addict in the segment, and was not employed by dr. Sober companion, he was however compensated by NBC, either in promises or money or both.Dr. Sober companion was never compensated for appearing on the NBC today show,and did not ask for compensation. Dr. Sober companion is trying to reveal the truth, and wanted his message to be heard.David Lerman as a patient needing drug prescriptionsI brought david lerman (drug addict) with me to the segment to give the american public a reality of abuse of pharmaceutical drugs by addicts and to show that medical doctors are very involved in aiding drug addicts, with their drug addictions. (It did not turn out as I thought it would, as they removed almost everything I said, and only kept the drug addict scoring prescriptions.)Its time for the medical profession to bare the blame for killing children. Its also time for pharmaceutical companies to take the blame for producing killing devices, far worse than any street drug, gun or other means of killing.Its time for everyone who has been brainwashed to snap out of their spell, and seewhat is really going on with the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry, and the politicians who have been bought off, to look the other way. Its time to remove the advertising on TV, billboards and print that is far more life threatening than camel cigarette cartoon ads.NBC and other networks should be ashamed of themselves for accepting the pharmaceutical industry blood money, or they should also be held accountable for the deaths from drugaddiction and forms of murder such as overdosing.Its also time to rethink the fake research and testing documents or to place further blame on the FDA, for their complicity in the fraud of the medical industry.The killing must stop. The murderers must be brought to justice. Dr. Sober companion may have been silenced from his today show appearance, but the truth will always prevail. While mr. Lerman hides behind a vail, has his voice changed, or is seen in shadow, make no mistake, he is being enabled by greedy TV producers who care nothing for an addict,[...]

parents do not consider prescription drugs bad


There is a problem in America and other countries where medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed the public into thinking that illegal drugs are bad and prescription drugs are good. PARENTS ARE CLUELESSCould Dr. Sober Companion have saved Brittany Murphy from dieing so young? The answer is YES, But as a parent, armed with skepticism for ANY prescription drugs given to your children, you can also save your children's lives. Stop being so gullible to the medical industry, who are nothing more than glorified drug pushers.Many times, prescription drugs are just pharmaceutical grade equivalents for speed (cocaine effects), and similar street drugs. Because they are prescribed, they are seemingly harmless and non-addicting. This is farthest from the truth. Dr. Sober Companion would begin by removing all prescription drugs from your children's environment, and finding why they have been taking them. The menace medical doctor who prescribed them must be stopped, from poisoning any more children. While I don't talk about removing life sustaining drugs, I do talk about ADD drugs, and other seemingly harmless drugs, that even your child's teacher recommended.Parents who want the best for their children, send them to drug pushing medical doctors. The parents knowingly allow the prescriptions, and even pay for them, trusting the medical doctor who prescribed them wholeheartedly. Have you ever done this for your children?You have a problem and cannot completely be blamed, because of your trust of your family doctor. Please wake up to the fact that your medical doctors are really to blame, and all the fake medical research and the good looking (playmate quality) pharmaceutical rep, who lobbies the medical doctor to prescribe their meds. Dr. Sober Companion knows, that you, as a parent are bombarded daily, by advertising on supposedly ad-free satellite radio, television (especially NBC), and magazines and newspapers. In politics, the pharmaceutical companies spend billions on changing healthcare and inclusion of their drugs while excluding cheaper canadian imports.Dr. Sober Companion truly believes that Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack does not understand the concept that prescription drugs kill, more than illegal drugs, when he makes the foolish statement: “In all the time I’ve known her, she has never, and I repeat NEVER, done drugs. Not a line of cocaine, not a hit from a joint, nothing. She was anti-drugs. There are no drugs involved. If any were, I would not be on the phone with you,” the agent explains. (he does not refer to any prescription's)But if no illegal substances were involved in Brittany’s odd actions, then how can the hordes of prescription medication found in the couple’s bathroom be explained?Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, explains to the Daily Beast that her daughter was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, mitral valve prolapse, and suffered from hypoglycemia, but was only taking Sarafem for menstrual symptoms and Klonepan for anxiety. (what about the other prescription bottles found?)While Simon and Brittany's mother Sharon are not completely to blame, they were gullable at protecting Brittany from all the prescription drugs that Brittany Murphy consumed. Being on set and protecting a petite and frail actress from mean and obnoxious studio heads and directors was not where Brittany needed the most help.In the wake of young actress Brittany Murphy’s sudden death, her husband Simon MonjackI was never, ever drunk there… I was ‘difficult’ because I was th[...]

Can a book by the owner of rehab passages malibu be used for cure to addiction?


Can the Chris Prentiss book be used for cure to addictions? Every addict dreams of a cure or treatment for their addiction whether they need a cure for alcoholism, drug dependency, or some other substance abuse. They pray for the cure to come soon. As long as their dreaming, they also dream of a cure that is natural, and does not include replacement therapy. While watching TV, they are bombarded by a TV advertisement for "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery" Is this the answer to their prayers and dreams? How many TV ads do they have to watch, before they make the call to order it?It seems that most people feel that the book "the alcoholism and addiction cure", is nothing more than a great marketing tool for a very expensive rehab facility. The idea is that, instead of advertising Passages Malibu on TV, that most addicted people looking for a cure would be much more interested in a miracle book that is advertised on TV, then something they could never afford. This is a very interesting marketing angle, that ultimately directs people back to the very expensive rehab facility for the cure, but does so in a softer sell.Getting people to think about cure and recovery, instead of their addictions is a very positive approach.Many people were helped by this book, or the people hired by chris prentiss to write positive reviews of the book "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery", seem to swear by it.Even people who are now sober and in AA, seemed to say that the book can help them and others dealing with addictions, or trying to understand their life.While dr. sober companion is all for alternative measures to addiction as a cure treatment, or a cure that is natural and helps to maintain a new approach. Such as abstinence from drugs and alcohol, removal of enablers, chiropractic adjustments, massage, acupuncture, removal from the infested environments. dr. sober companion recommends this book as a different approach, that could be your cure for addictions. src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"> [...]

does tiger woods have a drug addiction after knee surgery?


Tiger Woods Press ConferenceTiger Woods will soon need to make a press conferencce to explain the misdirection and silence for lies and deceit to the public and his family. Tiger Woods cannot have a very private life and be a famous celebrity at the same time. Does tiger woods need dr. sober companion to keep an eye on him and remove the enablers from his life? Does dr. sober companion need to go on suicide watch for tiger woods?Tiger Woods Knee Injury caused drug addiction to painkillersTiger woods maybe a drug addict of pain killer pharmaceuticals, prescribed by another drug pushing medical doctor, who can't say no to a celebrity. Before and After the painful knee surgery, tiger woods may have never stopped taking the pain killers. dr. sober companion could have been called upon to help.Click here for help choosing best knee braces as alternative to painkillerstiger woods leads a very private life, when he is not being televised golfing, or endorsing a product. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and he must start coming clean to his addiction to pharmaceutical drugs and pain he has caused his family because of the drugs and bad decision making.(please note: not all of the images of knee surgery are tiger woods, but are used as an artistic explanation of how serious and painful knee surgery is. knee surgery could have lead to the primary drug addiction of tiger woods)How did tiger woods really injure his knee?The new york daily news first brought to the publics attention, the possibility that tiger woods might have been covering up for how is knee injury really happened, when they wrote:"There is not a lot known about ACL injuries in golf, because it isn't common," Altchek said. tiger woods claims to have injured himself while jogging in 2007, but experts say there could be more to the story. "You wouldn't normally hurt your ACL just jogging," said Dr. Rich D'Agostino, chief of orthopedic surgery at St. Francis Hospital and a Yankees assistant physician. "You would have to have a fall or twist."Was tiger woods lying about his knee injury? What really happened in this cover up? How long has tiger woods been taking pain medication for the knee pain?Mark Steinberg is an enablerOne thing is certain, and that is tiger woods agent at IMG Mark Steinberg is an enabler, who became one of the tiger woods entourage. Could Mark Steinberg, who saw his golden boy client struggle to walk and grimace with pain have taken charge and advise his client against continuing to play in pain? Thats when Mark Steinberg became an enabler, however it could have started much earlier.The PGA are enablersIt is a known fact, that without tiger woods competing, more than half the audience won't watch. "Tiger Woods is an enormous attraction, there's no denying that". The PGA's decision to keep tiger woods playing, was the wrong decision for their super star. The PGA knew that this was tiger woods third surgery in five years on his left knee. The whole world watched tiger woods in the PGA tournaments. Tiger Woods revealed he has been playing for at least 10 months with a torn ligament in his left knee, and that he suffered a double stress fracture in his left leg two weeks before the U.S. Open. Tiger Woods didn't say anything about the torn ACL or the stress fractures, even though we all watched him limp and in clear pain. Tiger Woods wouldn't say how he was treating it, only that it was more sore as the week went on. Could this have been an indication that he was treating the pain with pharma[...]

parents and teachers are behind their childrens drug addiction


dr. sober companion must say shame on parents in america!You, the parent are responsible for your young child's drug addiction, and you may be unaware.Treatment for ADHD is done with powerful drugs like adderall, concerta, ritalin and they all have the same affect as cocaine.You are responsible for starting the uncontrollable addiction to pharmaceutical drugs that your young children now have. You may not have acted alone, but you have the ultimate responsibility to say NO, when an idiot teacher thinks your child has a behavior disorder, and recommends an equal idiot pediatrician medical doctor that prescribes without informing you that the schedule III highly addictive pharmaceutical medication may start your childs addiction with meds that cannot be stopped. You have the power as the parent or guardian to say NO!Instead of listening to your childs idiot teacher or idiot medical physician pediatrician about a made up medical diagnosis that makes the pharmaceutical companies millions and billions of dollars by addicting children to meds, think of spending more time with your child, and if need be the following disciplinary suggestions:1. curfew2. remove TV from bedroom3. no texting and no cell phone4. no internet access at home5. eating dinner with the family6. no sports or health club7. time out8. home schoolingmodification of diet:1. remove sugar from diet2. remove food with coloring and additives3. remove soda pop (coke, sprite, mountain dew, dr. pepper)4. remove coffee from diet5. check for food allergies that cause side effects of unwanted behaviorremove enablers:sue the teachers and the doctors who addicted your children.Because of childrens services and political correctness, it is no longer considered good parenting if you discipline your child with a good smack on the ass, or other forms of punishment that lead your child to think about their actions before doing them again, regardless of the immediate and lasting results for behavior modification without the use of addictive drugs.Please think of alternatives to addictive drugs, because you or your child's teacher don't want to deal with your children in a more work intensive time consuming method.dr. sober companion cares about your children, and wants the parents to understand that it is sometimes their fault for their childrens addiction to drugs. [...]

If famous and weathly addicts only want Lori Cerasoli to be their sober companion will celebs die waiting?


Lori Cerasoli is a sober companion that has been written about numerous times as being associated with alcoholic and drug addicted celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate Olsen.There have even been articles about celebs fighting over Lori Cerasoli, and who should have access. From the articles about Lori Cerasoli, we learn that a female sober companion like Lori Cerasoli, works best with females, while a sober companion like dr. sober companion's rob tencer, works best with males.Please remember that dr. sober companion works on the principles of total abstinence of drugs and alcohol, and complete removal of the enablers that are ruining your life. Sometimes, enablers include family. Also remember, that Lori Cerasoli was a recovering alcoholic herself, unlike dr. sober companion rob tencer, whom never had a drug or alcohol addiction. Please keep in mind that dr. sober companion also employs female sober companions, so you can have someone like Lori Cerasoli when you really need it. [...]

enablers don't just look the other way. they help you die.


enablers must get out of your life, while you still have a life to lead. it does not matter if your enablers are family, friends, cleaning lady, cook, driver, sponsor, or someone you met at a 12 step meeting.the medical doctor is also an enabler.can you count on a medical doctor (to save your life)that keeps giving you the prescription drugs that you are so addicted to? did the medical doctor get you addicted?dr. sober companion is disgusted once again at enablers ruining the life of another person. Even though anna nicole smith has been gone longer than michael jackson, it's only now that the enablers are getting their sentencing and punishment in court.we have much to learn about the wicked enablers, entangled in your sons and daughters lives, and are thankful to learn how wicked and evil these people really are.can enablers really be punished enough for killing someone? can you live with yourself for not helping your son's and daughter's? hire dr. sober companion to watch over your children, before an enabler takes the job.(New York Post) Thursday, October 15th 2009, 4:00 AMLOS ANGELES - A former bodyguard for Anna Nicole Smith testified Wednesday that he saw Smith's lawyer-boyfriend Howard K. Stern cook a crushed Valium pill on a spoon and suck the liquid into a syringe for the Playboy pinup in October 2006 -- four months before her fatal overdose.Maurice Brighthaupt said the episode unfolded in Smith's Ba More..hamas bathroom as the tragic model rested naked in the adjoining bedroom. He said Smith had been "begging" for drugs to help her deal with the shocking overdose death of her 20-year-old son Daniel three days after the birth of her daughter Dannielynn on Sept. 7, 2006."I saw him drawing up liquid from the spoon that was being cooked," Brighthaupt testified during a preliminary hearing for Stern, 40, and two doctors facing drug conspiracy charges."She couldn't swallow," Brighthaupt said. "Anna and Howard felt if they put it in the blood system that it would get into her system quicker."Brighthaupt said he saw Stern inject Smith with medications "four or five" times in the period between Daniel's Sept. 10 death and Smith's own lethal overdose on Feb. 8, 2007, at the age of 39.The bodyguard, who tried unsuccessfully to revive Smith on the day she died, said he saw Smith's neighbor Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, 61, deliver chloral hydrate to the Bahamas and inject Smith on at least one occasion.Prosecutors allege Stern, Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor supplied Smith with excessive amounts of powerful prescription drugs knowing she was as addict. They pleaded not guilty."Prescription medications were never injected by Howard K. Stern," Stern's lawyer Steven Sadow said outside court. He said Smith got regular B12 vitamin shots and that Brighthaupt changed his statements after receiving money for media interviews."Howard K. Stern loved Anna. He was concerned about Anna's welfare. That's why he wanted to make certain that the doctors prescribed the right medication," Sadow said. "He was always with Anna, and it was his hope that Anna would take the medication as she was supposed to to control her pain. She needed to manage her pain."He said it hard to help Smith after Daniel died."Anna had gone into such a state of despair and depression that people wondered about her mental well-being and her physical well-being," he said."Khristine cared deeply about Anna and would never do [...]