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Maverick Philosopher

Footnotes to Plato from the foothills of the Superstition Mountains Motto: Study everything, join nothing. Selected for the The Times of London's 100 Best Blogs List (15 February 2009)

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The Problem of Consciousness and Galen Strawson's Non-Solution


The problem can be set forth in a nice neat way as an aporetic triad: 1) Consciousness is real; it is not an illusion. 2) Consciousness is wholly natural, a material process in the brain. 3) It is impossible that...

Bob Dylan and the Devil at the Crossroads


Make of it what you will. Did Dylan sell his soul to the devil for name and fame? As a Dylan aficionado since the early '60s, I can tell you that Dylan is never quite straight in an interview. He...

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Varia


Mike Bloomfield, Carmelita Skiffle A bar or two is all it takes recognize the signature sound of Michael Bloomfield, Jew, who exemplifies cultural appropriation at its best. My second guitar hero. My first was Dick Dale who, though not a...

California Schemin': Why Democrats Protect Criminal Illegals


Theme music: California Dreamin' Too bad the dream is dead, killed by destructive leftists. And you are still a Democrat? Why, because you think the rule of law does not matter? You don't value what you have, and you don't...

The Left's Misplaced Moral Enthusiasm


Among the leftists who profess deep concern over the effect on children of the President's salty talk are leftists who endorse the killing of disabled unborn children. I call that misplaced moral enthusiasm. Which is worse: mocking a disabled reporter...

'Liberals' Against Free Speech



Beware the Ides of March


"They are come, but not yet gone." Thus spoke the soothsayer to Caesar when the dictator perpetuus said to the soothsayer that the Ides of March had come and he was still alive. Dictator perpetuus has an overly confident ring...

Stephen Hawking and Bad Philosophy


With the passing of physicist Stephen Hawking, the encomia are rolling in. Hawking no doubt deserves most of the tributes and accolades he is receiving. But a bit of balance is in order: we should not forget the bad philosophy...

Strange Reasoning from David French


Here: When I look back at my worst and most excruciating public statements, they most often suffer from a lack of proportion and perspective. For example, I once told a conservative gathering that the “two greatest threats to America were...

3/14 is π Day


My best π day post

Hillary Clinton


Pride of Radcliffe

The Czech Canary in the Cultural Coal Mine


At Rod Dreher's place: A reader who grew up under Czech communism, but who now lives in the US: Hi Rod, A thought about comments like this one: “Creating an equivalence between a poster in an American high school promoting...

From Peralta to First Water: A Tribute to Lloyd Glaus


This morning I received the news that my neighbor and fellow hiker Lloyd Glaus had died. What follows is a redacted entry from an earlier pre-Typepad version of this weblog in which I reported on a memorable trans-Superstition hike we...

Sick of Politics?


Then I invite you into the serene precincts of Maverick Philosopher: Strictly Philosophical.

The Rachel Dolezal of American Politics


Here You say you've forgotten who Dolezal is is? Too much Twitter! A weapon of mass distraction. Soon you'll be a tweeting twit with a mind fit only to flit. Related: Rachel Dolezal, The Black White Woman. I make a...

A Mark of Intelligence


One mark of intelligence is the ability to recognize intelligence in others and ignorance in oneself.

Four Notes on the Gun Debate for the Reasonable


This post has a prerequisite: a modicum of rationality and a little bit of good will. The irrational and ill-willed should head for their 'safe spaces' now lest they be 'triggered.' 1) Is anybody against gun control? Not that I...

Why Do Asian Americans Continue to Support Liberal Candidates and Policies?


One might think that, given the superior intelligence of Jews and Asians as groups, members of these groups would not support destructive leftists when it is fairly obvious that doing so is not in their long-term best self-interest. We read...

David P. Goldman on Condoleeza Rice


Here: Should we assume that every people in every land is equally capable of shaping its own destiny? The notion that largely tribal Muslim societies can march to democracy on the same path as Americans who elected their own pastors...

John Locke on the Right to Self-Defense


Let's go through the drill one more time. You have a natural right to life. This right to life entails in others a moral obligation not to harm you. Should anyone attempt to do so, you yourself have a right,...

Double Indemnity, 1944


I took a welcome break from the cable shout shows and the gun 'conversation' the other night to watch the 1944 film noir Double Indemnity, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, and Edward G. Robinson. The Stanwyck character talks an insurance...

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Bob Luman


Robert Glynn Luman (15 April 1937 – 27 December 1978) was an American country and rockabilly singer-songwriter. (Wikipedia) He is best known for his 1960 crossover hit that made it to the #7 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Let's...

Hollywood's and the Left's Fascination with Freaks


The denizens of HollyWeird love the freakish, the 'transgressive,' the grotesque, and the unnatural. And being leftists, they celebrate losers and screw-ups, from the legendary La La Land 'motorist' Rodney King to the shotgun murderer Tookie Williams. A characteristic of...



Ugly in a man, lust is uglier in a woman.

A Warning is Not an Incitement to Violence


Dana Loesch

Another Argument for Gun Rights


Terror in Budapest And another. Leftist thugs threaten Jordan Peterson.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a U-Haul Van?


Well, it depends on the terminus a quo and the terminus ad quem. If you're going from San Francisco to Las Vegas, the rental fee is $2,000. But if you're going to San Francisco from Lost Wages, it will set...

Kant on Suicide


Is suicide ever morally permissible? Cutting against the Enlightenment grain, Kant delivers a resoundingly negative verdict. Suicide is always and everywhere morally wrong. This entry is part of an effort to understand his position. Unfortunately, Kant's treatment is exceedingly murky...

The Contribution of Hollywood Cultural Polluters to Violence


Our contemporary media dreckmeisters apparently think that the purpose of art is to degrade sensibility, impede critical thinking, glorify scumbags, and rub our noses ever deeper into sex and violence. The liberal fetishization of freedom of expression without constraint or...

Misattributed to Socrates


I am a foe of misquotation, misattribution, the retailing of unsourced quotations, the passing off of unchecked second-hand quotations, and sense-altering context suppression. Have I ever done any of these things? Probably. 'Suffering' as I do from cacoethes scribendi, it...

Gray Flannel and the Matter of Money


Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit appeared in 1955 two years before Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I never finished Gray Flannel, getting only 80 or so pages into it. It's a book as staid as the...

On Relative Poverty and Status


I have a little disagreement going with the Dark Ostrich. He asserts, "Relative poverty is all about status." In an earlier entry, I quoted him as maintaining that We are born with a natural inequality which soon turns into economic...

Jordan Peterson Throws a Wild Punch at David Benatar


Philosophers have been known to advance extreme theses. David Benatar's signature anti-natalist theses are not only extreme, but extremely unpalatable to almost everyone. This makes him a target of vicious attacks. I don't agree with him, but I admire him...

Bergoglio Bows to Beijing


Here: POPE FRANCIS HAS EARNED a reputation as a man of the people, making [it] his mission to advocate for the poor, the downtrodden and the persecuted, particularly those of Christian faith. The Vatican's reported deal with China, to effectively...

Did I Watch the Oscars?


Of course not. I don't watch garbage like that. Part of my motive, I suspect, is that I do not want to be reminded of how sick we are collectively becoming. I now hand off to Rod Dreher, Triumph of...