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Maverick Philosopher

Footnotes to Plato from the foothills of the Superstition Mountains Motto: Study everything, join nothing. Selected for the The Times of London's 100 Best Blogs List (15 February 2009)

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Sanctimonious 'Liberal' Hypocrisy, Death to PC, and the Destruction of Obama's 'Legacy'


El Rushbo explains, in his inimitable style, the appeal of Trump to his base. The (intellectually) attractive Myron Magnet details how Trump spells death to political correctness drawing on recent columns by Peggy Noonan, Shelby Steele, and Andrew Klavan. The...

The Lapse of Laïcité: Cause and Effect


Alain Finkielkraut: Laicity is the solution that modern Europe found in order to escape its religious civil wars. But contemporary Europe doesn’t take religion seriously enough to know how to stick to this solution. She has exiled faith to the...

The Religion of Archeological Preservation


If Islam is the religion of peace, then it is also the religion of archeological preservation. Modus tollens or modus ponens? Images here.

Shakespeare on the Fire Down Below


My favorite Oregonian luthier, Dave Bagwill, sends this for our delectation: PROSPERO (to FERDINAND) Look thou be true. Do not give dalliance Too much the rein. The strongest oaths are straw To th' fire i' th' blood. Be more abstemious,...

Abortion and the Wages of Concupiscence Unrestrained


The 'pro-choice' movement, to use the polite euphemism, is fueled by concupiscence. Not entirely, of course. To what extent, then? One naturally wants the pleasures of sexual intercourse without any consequences. One seeks cost-free indulgence in the most intense sensuous...

Why a Journal?


I keep a journal to remember, but also to remind myself of how much I have forgotten. Related: Why Maintain a Journal?

What the 'Dreamer' Fight is About



Don't Pathologize Political Differences


This is the excellent advice of Alan Dershowitz (emphasis added): But psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have no more right to pathologize a president or a candidate because they disagree with his or her political views than do prosecutors...

Age Quod Agis


Age quod agis is a well-known saying which is a sort of Latin call to mindfulness: do what you are doing. Be here now in the activity at hand. Legend has it that Johnny Ringo was an educated man. (Not...

What is the Quran?


A 'racist' screed by James V. Schall. Do not click on this link!

Trump's Real Sin? He Speaks Taboo Truths


Why the bipartisan preening outrage over the President's craphole comment? Roger Kimball: Everyone, near enough, knows that he was telling a home truth. It was outrageous not because he said something crude that was untrue. Quite the contrary: it was...

Immigration and the Obstructionist Congressional Crapweasels


Here: A great deal of the justified anger of the immigration patriot community is that we are told again and again by the media and politicians that we’re not allowed to care that say, the average El Salvadoran immigrant may...

'Diversity' is Not a Dirty Word


Contrary to what some alt-righties of my acquaintance seem to think, 'diversity' is not a dirty word. To quote from my old entry, Diversity and Divisiveness: Liberals emphasize the value of diversity, and with some justification. Many types of diversity...

No Enemies? Then No Spine


No one with a spine passes through this world without making enemies. So, while one must not multiply enemies beyond necessity, it is not possible for one with character to avoid them entirely.

Word of the Day: Conurbation


"An extended urban area, typically consisting of several towns merging with the suburbs of one or more cities." See here. You weren't taught Latin in high school? Then you were cheated by 'progressive' idiots. But if you were taught, then...

Trump Speaks the Truth and Snowflakes Melt


Here: Is there any question Haiti is a s***hole? Who’s offended by that? If it wasn’t a s***hole it wouldn’t be one of the most prominent recipients of American charity aid on Planet Earth. And it isn’t like this country...

David Benatar on Death and the Challenge of the Epicurean Argument in its Hedonist Form


This is the sixth in a series on David Benatar's The Human Predicament (Oxford UP, 2017). We are now in Chapter 5. I will need to proceed slowly through this rich and detailed chapter. There is a lot to learn...

The Walls of Red Wing


A bum knee sent me to the hot tub yesterday afternoon for a long soak. There I struck up a conversation with a 20-year-old grandson of a neighbor. He hails from Minnesota like seemingly half of the people I meet...

Word of the Day: Cack-Handed


British. 1. Left-handed; 2. clumsy, awkward. See here. Example: “Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or cack-handedly, is not – nor is men being gentlemanly a macho attack,” said the letter published in the newspaper...

Antagonize Parsimoniously


One is well-advised to follow the prudential analog of Ockham's Razor: Do not multiply enemies beyond necessity. Case study here.

Making Good People Better


Good people are even better in small doses. Enjoy their quality in moderation for best results. If familiarity breeds contempt, reserve builds respect.

Motherly Advice


Examples of Outfits Not to Join


"Study everything, join nothing." I am sometimes asked for examples. Here are some from Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary under the entry Regalia. (Borrowed from Gilleland the Erudite): . . . Knights of Adam; Visionaries of Detectable Bosh; the Ancient Order...

Anti-Natalism: Jordan Peterson versus David Benatar


A lengthy podcast. (HTs: Paolo Juarez, Paul Craddick, Karl White, et al.) I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I have heard enough to know that Professor Peterson is out beyond his depth and no match for the super-sharp...

From Resistance to Nullification


What next?

A Defense of David Benatar Against a Scurrilous New Criterion Attack


By a defense of Benatar, I do not mean a defense of his deeply pessimistic and anti-natalist views, views to which I do not subscribe. I mean a defense of the courageous practice of unrestrained philosophical inquiry, inquiry that follows...

Julien Combray


This just in from Julien Combray who writes in reference to How Cold Is It? So cold that exhibitionists were actually describing themselves! Thanks for your mix of commentary, Bill. Your cogent thinking on a range of topics has served...

Friday Cat Blogging Three Days Late: A Puzzling Image


When I travelled in China, I saw not one pussy cat. But I had a Chinese student at CWRU who said that the Chinese eat anything with four legs except the kitchen table. And now I recall eating something in...

How Cold Is It?


Answer here. Trigger Warning! Do not (Melissa) click on this link if you are a snowflake or otherwise p.c-whipped. Seriously politically incorrect content! Weather is not the same as climate. We all know that. But some seem to think that...

Whittaker Chambers on Beethoven


Whittaker Chambers on the Third Movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: . . . that music was the moment at which Beethoven finally passed beyond the suffering of his life on earth and reached for the hand of God, as God...

More on Immigration as the Central Issue of Our Time


Just over the transom from a U. K. reader: With respect to this post, I agree with much of Douglas Murray's book as well; in fact the only parts I could argue with are his somewhat lenient stance on various...

A Basic Liberal Assumption: Every Political Party is Tolerable


George Schwab, in his Introduction to Carl Schmitt, The Concept of the Political (University of Chicago Press, 2007, p. 13, bolding added, footnotes omitted), writes: In his endeavor to strengthen the Weimar state, Schmitt challenged a basic liberal assumption then...

Of 'Whither' and 'Whence'


I had a teacher in the fifth grade who, when one of us inappropriately wandered off, would query, "Whither goest thou?" alluding, as I did not realize at the time, to the Gospel of John (13:36): Simon Peter said unto...

Black Crime Rates


Here are some facts that 'progressives' ignore: Who is killing and shooting black crime victims? Overwhelmingly, not whites, not the police, but, tragically, other blacks. The high black homicide-victimization rate is a function of the black homicide-commission rate. Blacks commit...

Woody Guthrie's 1943 New Year's Resolutions


Here. #3: "Wash teeth if any." Last year a man asked me what my resolutions were. "I don't need any," was my joking reply.