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Easy Card Tricks For Kids

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Card Tricks For Kids

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Start Learning Basic Card Tricks For Kids with Cops and Robbers!

Card tricks for kids do not have to be complicated so as to get results. In reality free magic tricks are simple to perform. They're ideal for kid's just learning magic or for magicians providing opening acts at kid's birthday parties. Even teachers are beginning to use card tricks as a nice way of teaching kids maths talents. The best card tricks don't require any props simply a full deck of 52 cards.

Probably, the most popular of all card tricks for kids is the cops and robbers trick. Start this trick off by taking out the jacks, jokers and kings from the deck. Discard the jokers but the kings and jacks will be used. Set down one of the kings you have removed, then a jack and then another king ; add this combination to the base of your card deck. Take one of the two remaining kings and set it on the top of the deck. Place the 3 jacks on show beside your deck to line up the story for the fans.

While performing free magic tricks, explain the story of the 3 robbers. One goes into the front door ( one jack on top of deck ) one goes into the side door ( place jack in the middle of deck ) and one goes into the back door ( place final jack on the base of the deck ). Then display your final king ( the cop ) to the audience and explain he realized the bank was being robbed and called ahead for help before he rushes into the bank ( place this card at top of deck ). Split the deck in half, explaining the commotion in the bank is stirring things up. You need to place the apex of the deck on the bottom, bringing the kings and jacks together. Alternatively, let an audience member cut the deck to help enhance the performance.

Eventually spread out the cards and show the 4 kings have apprehended the 3 robbers. Even though you placed one jack in the middle of the pile, this jack isn't part of the apprehended jacks. Instead, this jack is just part of the slight of hand, helping you to trick your audience. The jack originally placed between the 2 kings is the final jack caught.

After mastering the basic set up you can start practicing fun variations of cops and thieves card tricks for kids. In the most well liked difference, the thieves get away with the crime. Rather than taking out the jacks and the kings from the deck, take out the jacks and three other random cards. Show the cards to the onlookers, but hide the 3 random cards behind the last jack. When you lay these cards on top of the deck, these 3 cards have to be on top.

Tell the story the same as before but this time the robbers landed on the roof. One goes to clear out the vault in the basement ( place near bottom of deck ). One goes to the first floor to steal the tellers ( near middle and bottom ), next goes to top floor ( place near the top ). Last thief acts as a lookout and stays on the roof. Then you reveal that the last jack saw the police coming and issued a caution, causing all the other robbers to come up to the roof and leave away by helicopter. Turn over the top 4 cards to bare the four jacks. The trick is that the three random cards were shuffled not the jacks. After learning these fun card tricks for kids, you'll be prepared for floating, vanishing and other free magic tricks.