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Nursery Decoration Hints and Tips

Tue, 11 May 2010 07:58:41 +0100

Decorating your little one's nursery may seem difficult and stressful.  After all, there are many decisions to make and lots of work to get done before your new little one arrives on the scene.  However, the process of nursery decoration doesn't have to be a difficult one.Here are some tips to help you end up with an attractive nursery that's just perfect for your child. 

Most of the time, regardless what color scheme you choose, you'll want simple walls.This helps keep the room from feeling closed in, and you'll save cash in the long run.Toddlers sometimes want to have their rooms decorated according to their personal tastes.  If the walls aren't the best shape, you can use wall decals or wall stickers, which are removable, to add interest and cover up damage.These can easily and inexpensively be replaced at a later date with ones your child prefers. Alternatively, some parents choose to use childrens wallpaper on just one wall, for an interesting feature wall.

Choose curtains that are lined with blackout material to create a darkened room for napping, and make sure that you choose pattern and color carefully.If you are unsure of the sex of your baby, stick to a neutral color scheme.Even parents who do know whether they're having a boy or a girl often choose less gendered decorations, so they can reuse their nursery decor again for the next child.  Pink is cute - unless you have a boy unexpectedly, or your little girl has a brother.Avoid using dark or bold colors - light shades are best for a baby's room, especially if it's small. 

Soft furnishings are less difficult to change around than wallpaper or paint, and make it easier to add a theme that you won't be stuck with.A simple change of blanket or curtains can create a whole new nursery if you stick to neutral colors on the floor and walls.  Common themes that are gender neutral include jungles, toys, ocean scenes and wild animals.For girls, princesses and fairies are often popular, while boys seem to like sports and cars.Bear in mind, each baby is different, and once yours has his or her own preferences, it's difficult to tell what will be best.That's why a nursery that's easy to change is usually best.

It's fairly simple to create your nursery and finish with one that looks cool.All you need to do is plan with care and pay attention to your budget.Some creativity in decorating your nursery will allow you to have reusable items, in case you're planning to have another baby, and it'll help you save money, too.Take a look at your house, and exactly what you need from a nursery, before you begin.Then price compare and plan ahead.You'll end up with a well constructed, attractively decorated nursery that'll be a safe haven for your new baby.